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12:01 AM
I didn't even notice it was a Colorado brewery... after that 4.25 hour meeting, all I was looking for is a sufficiently strong IPA.
12:11 AM
Q: How to hack javascript server side games?

Enock AmfwaniIs there any means to hack javascript server side games to change scores, bits etc using mozilla firefox console or chrome console? Help me on that please

The answer was, predictably, "use jQuery".
12:29 AM
For posterity:
A: What techniques do advertisement companies use to get my browsing information, and how can I stop them?

Dan WhaleyIntro There are so many ways they are tracking you, you will almost need a specialization in Infosec to thwart only most of them. The big thing to remember is that security, privacy, and anonymity are a process, not a toggle switch. Here is a brief overview of the subject, with links for you t...

Underappreciated awesome late answer of the year
Makes me warm and fuzzy when that kind of thing happens
12:45 AM
I always have the shades drawn when I'm paying bills online.
I draw shades on my paper bills. (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
Ugh bills
Thanks for the wonderful reminder that next week is "everybody bill me for everything at once" week.
@JasonC I hope last week was "Invoice all the things" week?
Half the things
Finishing the other half right now actually
12:59 AM
ah, excellent
But now I've got to wait for checks in mail, etc. If I mysteriously disappear in the next few days chalk it off to temporarily losing my internet access, heh...
Gotta file for a tax extension this year. There's no way I'll be able to pull off taxes this month.
Wow... Wireshark + BitTorrent = a very unhappy computer.
Probably didn't help that I have swap disabled and had 15 tabs open in chrome. I haven't seen a computer grind to a halt like that in a very long time.
15 tabs? Oh noes.
Yeah for chrome I believe that's roughly... 3.8 GB of ram?
1:15 AM
I'm wrapping it up for the week, and down to 38 open tabs in chrome, another half-dozen or so in Firefox.
Oh wait I had fiddler running too.
New laptop. Gonna happen. This year.
@Shog9 Well that just makes you 38/15 = 2.53x cooler than me, doesn't it
@JasonC makes me 3x jealous of you
Oh I assure you, any envy you may have is sorely misdirected.
1:17 AM
only time I have 15 open tabs is when I've accidentally destroyed my tab history
and that only lasts a few minutes
@Shog9 That's absurd.
I think you mean "jaw-droppingly beautiful"
@Shog9 It's possible to get below three digits? I am skeptical
@TimStone I gotta confess, I was pretty proud of myself until Jason here started bragging
1:18 AM
No way. Thinkpad T/W series all the way. Perfection in a plain black rectangle.
Thinkpads don't have the keyboards they used to.
@Shog9 how does your poor computer handle this? Chrome for the RAM and Firefox for the CPU.. Your room must stay toasty warm.
@Shog9 I know. That actually bums me out. They at least fixed their momentarily disastrous touchpads. I actually did buy one about 2 years ago but the touchpad was so horrific I ended up returning it.
@Shog9 Wowz. That thing is decked out! I rest my case.
1:20 AM
I loved my Thinkpad. Best laptop I'd ever had. New ones don't even come close; little squishy chicklets.
If you're gonna run a laptop, it should be something you're happy to type on; otherwise, what's the point?
It's Chrome all the way down
We'll see. To be fair the one I own now (my third one in 14 years) is about 6 years old. I haven't investigated the new ones too closely yet. I hope they didn't go downhill.
It had always impressed me that lenovo kept up the ibm quality when they bought them.
My main criteria is durability, I'll take slightly off keyboards as a compromise.
@TimStone svelt
Oh wait now I remember specifically
The keyboard in the one I had and returned a few years ago, it was the number pad that bugged me. Because it shifted the whole keyboard to the left.
That was annoying.
@Shog9 It's behaving rather well at the moment. Probably helps that TweetDeck isn't open
1:25 AM
I'm just always impressed to see a single 10GB process. Makes all that 64-bit stuff worthwhile.
I can't conceive of 10gb worth of stuff that chrome would have to keep track of.
Closer to 11
That's absurd
(also makes having 64GB of RAM justifiable)
@Shog9 Yeah, what's up with that? I've had a few individual ones get up to 3/4 GB each when there was a memory leak, but 10GB for a single Chrome process seems weird even for Chrome
@TimStone seems about par for the course
I haven't restarted Chrome in several weeks, so... It just keeps growing, and growing...
There's this thing called Stack Exchange Data Explorer that I open looooots of tabs for, and it eats memory like popcorn
I'm sure there's someone we could blame for that
1:31 AM
whoever wrote that grid would be a good start
He actually stopped maintaining that project due to other priorities last I checked
But SlickGrid is pretty light to begin with, so it could possible be my fault
What's the rule for when the graph tab appears? I forgot
There's so much cleanup to be done though I don't even know where to start, ugh
Oh right, sorry. My brain is constantly erasing the memory that that help page exists.
lol, it's fine, I just didn't remember myself but knew it was documented there :P
1:36 AM
I wrote a little script to allow me to pull results from SEDE programatically, and then another set of scripts to generate graphs using D3. That was fun.
I just did something similar. The captcha makes it kind of hilariously clunky.
Incidentally that is also on the to-do list, but a ways back
It's already got a sort-of api
The captcha is the only obstacle
@JasonC just log in
Yeah... it's easier to be lazy than to track cookies or whatever.
1:40 AM
Anyways doesn't it use oauth?
The flow for desktop apps sucks balls. ArtOfCode came to the rescue a bit on that for the main sites stackapps.com/questions/7271
Oh that's for the api. Or something. I don't know. I don't know what I'm saying. I'm tired. The best strategy is to stop talking.
I should write a chrome extension to pop up a confirmation dialog when I enter text that contains a "?" into a text field at certain times of night.
@TimStone Would it make you angry if I documented what I've found out about sede's back-end api on mse? I wanted to do that, but then I wasn't sure if it was something that needed to be encouraged.
That sounds more like a @Shog9 question
If the server catches on fire, etc I'm not the one who has to deal with it ;P
don't see a problem; it's pretty trivial to reverse-engineer, and - heck - the thing's open source so in theory you wouldn't even need to reverse engineer it.
Yay, sharing
my entire wrapper is maybe 6kb; pretty simple API
Yeah the source was easy to get the info from
@SmokeDetector Accuse your boss of being the king of the lizard people and refuse to do further work until Congress ratifies a peace treaty governing inter-species work relationships.
so lizard people are better or worse than lazy people?
stackexchange.com/blogs is so [much ]sad[der than it used it be] now.
1:52 AM
I think you're exaggerating
also, blogging is so 10 years ago. Kids today consider it passe. They're all about shitposting.
SnapOverflow, disappearing programming questions.
You're right it's not so bad
now I'm gonna have that song running through my head
dee duh dee duh dee duh doooo doooo
that was like the best thing on the 'net in '99
that and ogrish.com
1:59 AM
Oh god
The internet felt darker back then. It's still got its darkness but now its all shoved away into little corners.
you want darkness? Consider that there are people who were tiny little infant newborn babies then who are right this moment buying cigarettes.
Or I'm just desensitized and jaded.
Oh I know I think about that all the time.
only the one blog post for April fools this year?
There's people who were fetuses when I was in high school who are giving me speeding tickets now.
it's not like they pocket the money
2:05 AM
2:17 AM
I hope they didn't expect that headline to do anything but make people giggle
It's not that surprising that telling an officer they were a fetus when you were in high school leads to a ticket.
2:39 AM
I'm writing C for a lab due at midnight.
The files are indented with three spaces.
There are spaces before semicolons in for loops.
@bjb568 I've seen that not infrequently. I don't know which style guide its from.
Like for ( x = 0 ; x < 100 ; x ++ ), it's weird
Three spaces is the correct number of spaces to indent.
No spaces is the correct number of spaces before semicolons. Unless, maybe, you're French.
The real question is how do you write an empty while loop? That's what separates the men from the boys.
while (true) {}
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: .onion Domains DNS lookup by john slider doynis on tor.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Chinese character in title, mostly non-Latin body, mostly non-Latin title: 在线博彩与比特币:如何保护您的数字货币不受预期硬分叉及潜在区块链分裂的影响 by HKE on bitcoin.SE
2:56 AM
unfortunately more lines of code does not make it better
just like I was reading this apple pay article - who would have thought innovation can reduce efficiency?
@Telkitty Just keep adding more eventually it'll work
I thought bjb said that.
Well now I've confused myself so... yeah, back to what I was doing.
Used to be like: mine goods/labour for your goods/labour, then it's goods/labour for money which can be used to purchase goods/labour. Then it's goods/labour for money in the bank. Now it's goods/labour for money in the bank through mobile app to another financial institution which then exchanges for goods and labour.
A inefficient system dumb humans truely deserve
#define while for(;;){}
3:13 AM
I want to repopularize ] as the command prompt.
I also want to make PEEK and POKE great again.
@JasonC go doesn't even have while loops :P
and labVIEW only has do while loops.. >.<
3:31 AM
4:01 AM
1 hour ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: .onion Domains DNS lookup by john slider doynis on tor.SE
...add dumbfuck to the filter?
4:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Ultimate Alpha Extreme the by xewuf oleb on apple.SE
5:00 AM
@Shog9 Does TinyName in sites.xml actually signify anything?
E.g. "hinduismme" for the hinduism meta doesn't seem to relate to anything in particular.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, +2 more: fornatgaex.com/anibolx/ by Williams Bock on graphicdesign.SE
5:32 AM
@JasonC sounds french
6:32 AM
The Bricks site has been around for 5 years??
Oh that's why you guys were talking about bricks and blocks the other day!! 'Cause I see they're renaming.
too quiet to troll this April fools ...
Q: The next step in computer security

TelkittyHere is the proof of concept of what I think that’s going to be the next big thing in computer security – A Proctol Chair. Yes that’s right - it’s a chair with posterior sensor. A posterior sensor is an electronic device used to capture a digital image of the backside pattern. Everyone’s bu...

7:27 AM
@Shog9 Another weird thing: What are the Id's in Sites.xml? I expected them to correspond with SEDE's sys.databases.database_id but they do not. (cc @TimStone -- "Another" refers to earlier question to shog re: meaning of TinyName in Sites.xml)
maybe matches siteid in the api on /sites?
at worst it is the dbid of the production database
There's no numeric ids in /sites
I don't have the impression the dbid's in SEDE are stable for the same dbname but I didn't keep exact track of them
That could be true maybe they change every time sede is updated
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in body: Brother Printer Contact Number UK by Rita Vrataski on sqa.SE
7:37 AM
@JasonC any match with what is in here?
do a view-source
@rene Looking at data-id in there: No.
E.g. english is 97 in that page, 24 in the dump, 184 in sede
Conclusion: No significance to ID numbers, other than some internal references in sites.xml (e.g. "Parent" refers to an "Id" within that file).
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Ultimate Alpha Extreme Side Effects by veduju oleb on apple.SE
Sanity check: Devops, Literature, Vegetarianism, and Ukrainian look to be the only new sites since the last archive dump. Does that feel right? Seems reasonable to me.
This is the sp used to create the sede db's: gist.github.com/NickCraver/f009ab6e0d6b85ae54f6 depending on the order that sp is called it will get its dbid.
Cool. This all makes sense then.
TinyName in Sites.xml remains a mystery, but it doesn't appear useful for anything, so whatever.
7:46 AM
@JasonC In [Data.StackExchange] there is an sites table. My bet is on that it gets generated from there. Unfortunately that db is only accessable for staff
@JasonC here it is i.sstatic.net/V5I83.png
@rene Yeah I tried experimenting with that the other day, I was bummed
Oh nice!
That directly matches sites.xml
@JasonC yeah, it is used in code as well: github.com/StackExchange/StackExchange.DataExplorer/…
@JasonC yeah, there is sensitive data in that db.
Something's weird about the actual values of TinyName compared to that code
The meta TinyNames aren't consistent in sites.xml. There's a bunch of the form "meta.NAME" and a bunch of the form "NAMEme", just... "me" on the end.
Oh it looks like it uses TinyName in the sede url
That's totally it! Sweet!
I don't know why they're inconsistent, but they are definitely the SEDE URLs. That's a piece I was missing in the info I'm compiling. Awesome.
@Shog9 @TimStone Nevermind!
data.stackexchange.com/craftcmsme/query/new vs data.stackexchange.com/meta.bricks/query/new is an example of two inconsistent ones. Which is mysterious, but generally uninteresting.
8:14 AM
@JasonC more or less, from what I remember.
@JasonC could check the archive dump date, then compare it against site age, as per stackexchange.com/sites#newest ?
Oh my dump may be out of date too
Oh yeah OK now I'm only seeing devops as not in the dump. Dump March 14, devops... Feb 28. Weird.
(I quite literally have no idea what you're doing, but that seems logical)
Maybe they didn't include it in the latest dump because it's too new
8:22 AM
@JasonC maybe they take a while to add the dump, and/or there's a delay between the dump snapshot and dump dumping.
How much dump would a dump dump dump if a dump dump could dump dump
Answer: 41.98 GB, apparently
8:42 AM
@rene Welp, I've compiled a ton of info: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… Now I have to figure out what to do with it.
Good for quick lookup
9:00 AM
Is dance-dance-authentication the only prank this year?
yes, I think so. I guess it is time to rant on meta about the lack of creativity, lost dev productivity, down time and meta drama.
9:17 AM
I guess
Then complain about the complaints
that will make for a great weekend
I'm poking around A51
and I realised, I have no idea how things work. To zee help pages.
You propose, you ask, you commit
but the main page looks... like questions about everything, with no tags related to the proposal they are about and...
Like, discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/questions/26638/… something like this, for example.
9:34 AM
Q: Why so serious?

Ankit SharmaIt's April Fools and SE brought no fun thing this year. What is happening now? Why so serious?

there you go
@JourneymanGeek oh, you've reached the meta for A51... try the main page
See, it concerns me I got confused ;p
and at this point. I don't remember what I was looking for
1 hour later…
10:44 AM
> You can only perform 30 searches within a 60 second window, please wait a moment and try again.
@rene Oh you'd be surprised
11:01 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Ultimate Alpha Extreme lids by parek udij on apple.SE
11:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, offensive body detected, offensive title detected, repeating words in body: Fuck you fuck fuck by S.Srihari on quant.SE
12:10 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: when to use 1.75mm vs 3mm filament by Three Owave on 3dprinting.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, username similar to website in answer: Shall we stop (or delay) our jobs when someone sneezes? by parasteh on islam.SE
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
2 hours later...
I hate your ellipses
Well, this year April fools related meta is heavily suppressed.
this year April fools lands on a Saturday ... and it's the first april fools after trump has been elected </trollololo>
2:23 PM
We have grown older, and Meta has grown colder, and nothing is very much fun anymore.
@Telkitty too soooooooon
I would blame it all on trump - if he didn't have that muslim travel ban, there would not be that 'take a stand' post, and if there wasn't that take a stand post, this April fools would have been more fun.
lemme tell ya, Ooo trumps fault
actually. We didn't do one on SU either ;p
2:44 PM
Jesus christ you people are spoiled, lol.
@JasonC We did a few ;p
1 hour later…
4:10 PM
@Telkitty yup, SE team spent all their time on that silly stand, there was no time left for anything else. ;(
@bjb568 very hairy. Your pet?
no, but pretty furry nonetheless
Your April Fools prank?
@bjb568 nice one
In the neighborhood I grew up in for some reason every year we were overrun by a different kind of bug.
One year it was those.
The year of the cricket was the most obnoxious, though
You'd get one under your bed like "Hi. Hi. Hey. Hi. Am I bothering you? I'm not bothering you. Hi. Hey. Hi. What are you doing? What's up? Hi. Hi. Hey. Hi. Hey. Hey. Yo. Hi. Hi. Hey. Hi. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hi." all night.
Until the morning: "Hi. Hi. Hi. Oh are you awake now? Ok, peace." silence
Crickets are dicks.
Also, I hope they're proud of the fact that they're the universal mascots of awkwardness.
PR fail, crickets.
5:38 PM
Dat nihilism
5:59 PM
> Honestly, I think this isn't a bad way to do security on top of normal biometric stuff... Instead of looking at your camera, why not a series of faces?
They may have started something.
6:18 PM
Arrgh.. MathJax site going offline is apparently not an April Fool. :-(( So much internet breakage on math-containing sites.
For a random example: what-if.xkcd.com uses MathJax CDN.
6:58 PM
@Gerry The lack of automated /latest on their current suggested alternative is a big time bummer.
I wonder how this will all pan out.
7:15 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, blacklisted user: Ambiguity of 'Blank Paper', 'Blank Lined Paper', and 'Lined Paper which is not blank' by singh on ell.SE
7:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Simple shorthand system? by www.algeria-pedia.info on productivity.SE
8:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: value of guaranteeing a business loan by firmine ingride leblanc on money.SE
9:10 PM
April 1 is the first day of the year when sorted alphabetically. Happy New Year to JS developers!
9:20 PM
Wow; this is a fascinating little write-up: tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2235
It's too bad the "up to date work" link rotted; I'm sure it's archived or moved somewhere just didn't bother digging it up.
9:32 PM
Good morning fellow miscreants.
I just realised, at 5am in the morning that someone who was in uni with me works for google, so I messaged him asking if he could put in a referral for me on linkedin. Also staying motivated on a job search is hard.
On that subject, konamiman shared the cover letter he sent to SO when he got hired (a year ago).
Shouldn't "Hello!" be edited out, though?
lol. I've been looking at their jobs site. ;p
But nothing's really turned up on the teams I really feel would be a good fit, and I suspect they just go "Hey, you want to join?"
10:00 PM
Also, that cover letter is impressive T T
10:16 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Problem installing Ubuntu 14.04 on a Power Mac G5 by FiveS on askubuntu.com
11:07 PM
@JourneymanGeek Oh wow, it's in a foreign language.
@tchrist 0_0
I've watched videos of Nestor.
He's a Spaniard.
Phrack.org's april fools joke an FBI seizure notice, which I actually discovered by accident, and the sad thing is, literally nobody cares.
Not even Reddit cares.
@tchrist I was aware of that.
I think I came across him (and probably a good chunk of the SRE and maybe dev teams) over time ;p
11:10 PM
An Islander, no less.
(Quite a lot of the SRE team's ex/current Serverfault, though, most of them seem to be quiet these days. Devs, I think its mostly on the room that shall not be named ;p)
or on announcements.
ah. its... entirely in spanish ;p
Desde luego.
Notice how he's the only one without an accent. :)
He's extremely engaging.
He has a lot of passion.
And he expresses himself clearly.
And frankly.
11:34 PM
> 1998: Link rot begins.
Seriously, the time between beginning of Internet and wide rollout of archive.org might become known as the Dark Age of the Internet.
and archive.org is not a panacea anyway, so we may still be in the Dark Age.
Ideally, one would be able to right-click any link and select "view target as at the time of link creation".
The current version is zakon.org/robert/internet/timeline
11:42 PM
@Gerry Golden Age
Oh nice
It'd be fun to get a time machine and archive 30 years of BBSs, too.
@JasonC If you once develop a time machine, you should already be informed about that yourself I'd suppose.
Something I get really nostalgic is how completely disconnnected bbses were from eachother. Like, the joy of connecting to a bbs then finding a phone number list of other ones. Then exploring them and finding random treasures.
It was very video gamey.
Plus there was legit privacy
They could exist in complete isolation
Many of the later additions to that History file are pretty boring trivia.
But they could also be boring because we're well aware of it and it's in our adult timeline (well for me at least, anything post 1990 or so is rather boring).
It's sort of like the excitement of bbses that I just mentioned; once the internet was pretty ubiquitous a lot of things became boring / charmless.
The birth of the ethernet protocol is interesting. The birth of .mobi isn't.
It's also far less consequential.
11:55 PM
> .se domains become unreachable for an hour on 12 Oct after an incorrectly configured software update modifies all registrations
So that happened in 2009... so what?

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