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12:00 AM
@TimStone Yeah :/
I was unaware of that. :[
@JeremyBanks Silence?
@JeremyBanks So you're not a victim of tinnitus ;-)
Most of the time I can manage to hear silence.
I was referring to the death of Michael Petrotta‌​.
@JeremyBanks These are my fav days. The other ones I have to bother with unsolicited noise.
12:14 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ Impressive. From the website it looks like a good way to grow some beautiful flowers.
@JeremyBanks Yeah, it usually worked very well. I'm varying strains all the time when it's set up ;-)
@JeremyBanks I've also got a grand terrarium, but that's not the same controlled environment, and aims for a different purpose.
Heh, reminds me that I've got to get a new one for my snake. He's a little cramped these days.
@JeremyBanks What kinda snake you're keeping? I was keeping madagascar geckos, but they're gone now :-/. Some of the equipment (and me) failed :-(
Nothing too exotic:
The ball python (Python regius), also known as the royal python, is a python species found in sub-Saharan Africa. Like all other pythons, it is a non-venomous constrictor. This is the smallest of the African pythons and is popular in the pet trade, largely due to its small size and typically docile temperament. No subspecies are currently recognized. Life expectancy in captivity is as much as 47 years, though such outcomes require regular care and a clean, well-maintained living environment. The name "ball python" refers to the animal's tendency to curl into a ball when stressed or frightened....
12:26 AM
I adopted it from a relative who became vegan and was no longer comfortable feeding whole mice to the snake.
@JeremyBanks Beautiful creature! I always was eager for geckos. I'm feeling so bad that I didn't manage to keep them in long term.
@JeremyBanks Well, kinda ridiculous denies of nature of nature ;-)
Don't try to treat your pets going to be "vegan" if you decided that for yourself. That's just cruelty to animals (and totally screws up your intends).
@πάνταῥεῖ Yup, that's why they found someone to take it off of their hands.
They had continued to feed it appropriately, but weren't to happy with the situation.
@JeremyBanks You're a real samarite, honestly!
@JeremyBanks Ball Pythons are awesome
12:40 AM
Vegan people are quite confused most of the time. Their view simply doesn't meet reality well. It's too eerm let's say esoteric. Doesn't really help to evolve :-P
They're really good starter snakes since they're docile and comparably easy to care for
@Magisch Did you keep some?
friend of mine did
@Magisch All kinda reptiles are interesting for me. I'm addict for geckos though. Those madagascar day geckos especially. I'd like to give that a second chance. But I have to fix the environment setting first.
he has various snakes now
12:46 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ If you want to be vegan, don't have a carnivorous pet
@JourneymanGeek For heaven's sake I'm not vegan at all. Enjoyed two good steaks today ;-)
You can have snakes as a pet then ;)
I'm vegan and I have a carnivorous pet
I feed it meat
like you should
you can not have a cat be vegan
@Magisch you're not a proper one then. Or something. And they'd judge the shit out of you and kick you out and...
@JourneymanGeek I'd bet that counts for carnivorous plants as well?
12:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek well I'm not because of any beliefs of mine
I have a digestive disorder that makes me unable to eat many types of meat
We're vegetarian. Dog isn't ;p
Cats are carnivores
(though his food is vaguely outside the apartment.)
they can't survive without meat
@Magisch There's some famous song from Helge Schneider, isn't there?
@Magisch @Telkitty might want to say someting about that.
@Magisch We can, but it's at the edges.
12:53 AM
you can have a vegan cat, but it will be one unhealthy, unhappy cat
it would be dead.
IIRC much like the raptors in jurassic park, they lack the ability to produce some amino acids.
Also are deadly predators
Last time I asked, the vet said I absolutely must feed the cat meat or meat containing catfood
due to the fact that cats are strictly carnivores
@JourneymanGeek Rather a Schrödingers cat than certainly dead, but well :-P
contrary to dogs, which are omnivores
@Magisch Dogs consume every shit (literally) :-P
@Magisch Primates (like us) do the same. I think we've trained them (dogs) ...
12:59 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ wolves are opportunistic omnivores too.
@Magisch Nice to meet you in the diaspora here BTW ;-)
@JourneymanGeek C'mon dogs are descenants of wolves aren't they?
Wolves are inherently lazy
I mean, they team up cause its less effort to hunt that way, and will happily scavenge whatever the heck they can.
wolves are hardworking compared to cats, especially domestic cats
@Telkitty Getting domestic is subtle. Especially about the question Who's going to rule ;-)
Cats are unbeatable about succeding in the Who's gonna rule sucker? game. Dogs (and wolves) are a bit retard about that.
@πάνταῥεῖ The most committed or vocal of any movement are often somewhat misguided. I have debated certain vegans where I was dissatisfied with the person's overall ethical framework. But I think the gist of their beliefs is admirable, and am gradually moving in that direction. (Rarely eat mammals any more, because they're probably capable of greater suffering than something like a fish.)
1:12 AM
Let's start with cats will puke at the well known places that hurt you, while dogs are simply innocious :-P
@JeremyBanks Fish have eyes and a face?
Not sure I follow.
@JeremyBanks Me neither TBH ;)
If you're making a reference to a moral philosophy based on cuteness, then I'll recognize that as a problem but don't think I've fallen for it.
@JeremyBanks probably?
coz self cheating makes you a more ethical person?
1:15 AM
@Telkitty I hedge any philosophical statements unless we've already established vocabulary and premises because things are confusing.
@JeremyBanks It's certainly not your fault, to be clear.
@JeremyBanks of course fish feels pain and suffering, that's nature's way of telling creatures what not to do
@Telkitty Are we sure that plants have no such feelings?
I am not - I have not been a plant my entire life
@Telkitty Okay, but to what extent do we need a sensation to be perceived consciously for it to be considered pain? Does pure autonomous non-brain nervous activity count? What's our heuristic for consciousness?
1:19 AM
There's ambiguities I like to resolve before making firmer statements.
pain is the uncomfortable feeling that prevents you from doing the same thing
you will avoid doing such a thing because you don't feel the pain again
Like when we teach smokey to stop flagging the wrong things?
that's it's purpose
From the philosophical POV we should ask ourselves what the original sin really means. Since I'm claiming to be a buddhist, I think that's just an aspect of samsara.
@Telkitty That comes very close to my POV.
1:23 AM
@JeremyBanks If you put a large enough piece of iron cladding on top of rectangular walls, it can prevent some sunshine and rain to land on you, yes. It does not make the iron cladding willingly helping you.
look things in your body are mostly created for a purpose, it's that simple
pleasure is to encouraging you do something, pain is to prevent you from doing it
@Telkitty But what about donuts? They are delicious but if I eat nothing but Krispy Kreme I'll end up in a diabetic coma
Not to mention 40kg overweight
have you tried to eat nothing but donuts?
after the first 200 in a week, people probably have to pay you for you to eat more
1:27 AM
Does a miserable flight from Sydney to Perth where there was no other food count?
please read up on this:
In economics, utility is the satisfaction or benefit derived by consuming a product, thus the marginal utility of a good or service is the change in the utility from increase or decrease in the consumption of that good or service. Economists sometimes speak of a law of diminishing marginal utility, meaning that the first unit of consumption of a good or service yields more utility than the second and subsequent units, with a continuing reduction for greater amounts. Therefore, the fall in marginal utility as consumption increases is known as diminishing marginal utility. Mathematically: MU1>MU2>...
Primates are omnivores for a reason, and evolution had proven that so far. Nevertheless, we'be gotta reached a turning point when that nutricion patterns come to an unhealthy, and unbalanced point, that never was forseen in our evolution (or just makes the difference to get succesful in future). Wetware is going to take over control, or you become extinct.
Read Rudy Rucker!
@πάνταῥεῖ the awareness something is not right, and doing it anyway.
Or if you took a more literal viewpoint, sentience is the original sin.
Incredibly exciting fact of the day: On SO, out of 7.7 million questions, there are 4900 unique combinations of upvotes and downvotes.
The most common is 1 upvote + 0 downvotes, by a landslide.
1:41 AM
@JourneymanGeek It's our nature? And even God confirmed so? Silly belief.
For answers there are 8314 combinations.
@πάνταῥεῖ If you think about it from the "social" point of view, guilt is a pretty good motivator for control.
"You're all sinners, and only god can save you from being a side dish in an eternal barbeque"
yes religion is a very good tool to control people
I like the idea of reincarnation myself. If you're bad, you could get reborn as a cat.
I am pretty sure you need to be semi good in order to reincarnating into a cat in buddhism
1:44 AM
@Telkitty if you're inherently a good person, its a good framework for life.
good and bad are relative
But in a sense, it comes down to the people. The weakminded allow themselves to be controlled. people who want control over others will find a way.
If not religion, politics.
Sometimes both
@Telkitty That's why I'm staying away from that. I don't consider Buddhism being a classicall religion in these regards BTW.
@πάνταῥεῖ Buddism as it is evolved very organically
@JourneymanGeek if an eagle kills a rabbit and bring it to it's chicks, is it good or bad?
1:46 AM
In a sense "original" Buddhism was a reaction to perceived excesses of hindu/indian culture.
@Telkitty It is its nature.
But that's why I say sentience is the original sin.
sin is a human concept as well
human only consist a tiny part of universe or even solar system
We have the ability to decide what's "wrong" and "right", both as a person and as a society.
1:48 AM
@Telkitty Well, I'd aim to be reincanate as the nyan cat
@Telkitty I mentioned samsara
@JourneymanGeek you should go to wildness more often
@Telkitty why?
@Telkitty Wrong, we're representing the whole system as even the tiniest part does as well.
@JourneymanGeek Just do it. That's good advice!
because then you can learn to think like nature not just as a human
Singapore has no real wilderness ;p
@Telkitty nature does not think ;p
Nature is
The wind has no intent, no goals. The wind blows
1:53 AM
I am not going to explain what I have just said, I'll leave you to interpret that :p
@JourneymanGeek Is your overall feeling consistent with that?
@πάνταῥεῖ yup
@JourneymanGeek Lucky guy. I'm still struggling day after day :-P
@πάνταῥεῖ I used to hang out around some strange, spiritual folk ;p
and I had a odd, very mixed set of influences growing up
@JourneymanGeek Same, same. But don't simply ignore things after you think being settled. The conditions and terms are achaniging quickly.
1:59 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I never said things that are are stagnant
Even rocks change, given time
@JourneymanGeek Sure they change, and the time they need to is neglectable regarding eternity (whatever this actually is)
Assuming eternity exists.
That said, I feel "now" , tommorrow and yesterday is more important than "forever"
@JourneymanGeek I'm in doubt, seriously.
but things that are are really part of more complex systems
The concept of time might be the most serious constraint of our brains to build up a real vision of the universe we're living in. I think it's some kinda hard- (wet-) ware flaw. Just being able to think about that, proves that the software works fairly well (said a software developer).
Not to mention the ideas that we're perceiving a hologram instead of a real universe building up in higher dimensions.
2:26 AM
Time isn't actually a functional constraint though
@TimStone FYI I feel like I've been running into a lot of "query processor ran out of resources" messages with magic columns lately. Maybe nothing changed and I'm just doing more queries. But simple queries like select id as [User Link], reputation from users.
It is a constraint to us, existing within and percieving only 4 dimensions and all
I don't think eternity is something thats even necessary for us to grasp
we all end
@Magisch Well, time just bites you in your ass sideways, not certainly being expected backwards.
@TimStone It seems weird because I can do things like select displayname, concat('site://users/',id), reputation from users, which gets the same data I'd need to get to generate user links, with no issues.
@Magisch That's for sure!
2:51 AM
I was AFK for an hour and things got very philosophical.
continued to get, I guess.
is this the Tavern or Welbog's hideout? o_O
@JeremyBanks You started it
I like to watch Jason's attempts to throw himself at Stackoverflow
For every job they open there must be thousands of people that do
2:55 AM
Wait, what
3:32 AM
@Telkitty throw new JasonException()?
I still am confused.
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user: Allow guests comments on single post by Zop Zoop on wordpress.SE
3:50 AM
@AndrewT. how about StackOverflowException()?
@Telkitty nah.. too mainstream..
that's better
@Telkitty What are you talking about?
4:05 AM
4:41 AM
@Telkitty You should put some more effort into curating your cat GIFs :P
4:54 AM
Lol, burn:
Deleted (as it technically should be) but I love seeing smackdowns like that.
Awww did you get a screenshot?
Much obliged
Oh man, I just randomly stumbled on meta.stackoverflow.com/q/258159/616460
What an epic showdown
At first I was totally on board with the OP, then that Water Cooler guy ended up winning me over in the comments, and the OP turned into a total weenie.
5:38 AM
Holy moly: This guy gave away 10k rep in bounties stackoverflow.com/users/875317/b-clay-shannon?tab=profile
@JamesENL If by 10k you mean 22.8k: stackoverflow.com/users/875317/…
Well, not the highest, but certainly generous
56.1k offered in bounties, highest on SO, at least of people who still have accounts
5:55 AM
data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/650116 - largest reputation rank changes if bounties were added back in to rank, for users currently (or who would be) in the top 5000.
B Clay Shelton wins the medal on that one
@JasonC heh. That's ... stylish
I'm impressed.
I've been getting lazy with my sql lately... my average subquery depth per query is increasing, lol
@JasonC actually, I'm in the same space as you in terms of work/lack of it and motivation, and I'm wondering...
Dude I don't know what it is. It's like some form of long-term burn-out. But like...
You have a pretty clear idea what you want to do, and working for SE's something you want. Why not pop in a speculative application?
5:58 AM
It's really bad. I feel like I'm always on the edge of a breakthrough but never quite there.
lol. I kinda feel like that. Been unemployed most of a year and I can't even be arsed to send resumes some days
then someone calls and you're like WHOOOO! and then... they don't
Because I don't actually have a clear idea of what I want to do. Every other day I imagine myself doing something different and lose interest the next day.
heh. Different from me then.
I want to do somewhat oldschool systems engineering. I can do desktops.
I mean, to be honest, I almost view applying for SE as a cop-out. It's the least amount of work I could possibly do looking for a job. No idea if I'd get it. But the HQ is right there. The application would be easy to fill out. Anything else would require effort on my part and, ew, effort.
I seem to have a good hand in handling people in online communities (but quite literally, this is the only place where I see a job doing that ;p)
shrug getting a job is both the hard, and easy part
6:02 AM
My Plan B is a cop-out too. Go back to Pittsburgh, work for the company I used to work for, they always ask me if i'm coming back. And after that, I'm out of ideas.
and no harm in trying no?
Sure but tomorrow I won't be interested.
Tomorrow I'll be seriously considering getting a pilot's license and training to be a pilot.
Then I'll go through a forest ranger phase.
I've had a terrible experience with indian IT firms
6:03 AM
Then I'll be like eh whatever maybe I'll just deliver pizzas.
but that's where the jobs are. I apply anyway.
Then I'll be back on the SE kick again.
For how long? ;p
I mean, here, having a break in work immediately ends up having people ask why
(Took me a year after my first job to land my second. And that company shed people, then closed down ><)
Who knows. Plus it's depressing as hell. I'm 35. Why am I still in the "When I grow up I wanna be a ..." phase?
It is!
6:05 AM
I thought about going back to school and becoming a professor. A few weeks ago I was about to enroll in med school to be a veterinary surgeon. Last year I wanted to be a therapist.
Oh man
I spent basically my entire 20s trying to be a professional geek.
Dropped out of uni twice
And so what do I do? Sit around and play old video games that I know are easy all day.
I want a job where I get to mess with hardware all day. Or one where I can afford to do so every year or so ;p
With $18 in the bank. Not because I don't have work, but because I've procrastinated writing invoices for three months.
My only solace is that some day, we'll all be dust.
@JourneymanGeek That'd be cool.
@JasonC my job before that was that.
last job was mostly that too.
heh, I play semi recent games and try to reach arbitrary high scores on internet Q&A sites ;p
6:10 AM
An SE job would be a last ditch attempt at a change of pace. If I stayed in development I love R&D. My first job (the one in Pittsburgh) was all medical R&D and computer-assisted surgery. Tons of hardware, tons of applied research, and the structure of the company was sort of like, you'd get assigned a project that was entirely yours.
Not even assigned so much as "oh oh gimme gimme that one sounds awesome", start to finish. I love that.
And it was all brand new, at the time.
Port Engineering (though mostly desktops, and one random teleradiology server), VFX (I'm credited in ant man), Casino (mostly moving stuff)
Like, hurry-up-so-you-can-get-the-patent-application-in-before-the-other-guy new.
6:12 AM
Oh neat
I want to move into being a sysadmin but singapore seems to be all about developers not operations ;p
and apparently I need more certs, which is a pain when you don't know when your next paycheck is
(Could be worse, I am single and live with my parents so at least my expenses are low)
This stuff: ryortho.com/2014/08/did-blue-belt-just-flip-tables-on-mako -- Blue Belt is one of the forms of the company we started. I love that kind of drama.
damnit, and me without my popcorn
> Unilateral Amputees Fare Better Than Limb Salvage Patients; and More!
smith-nephew.com/professional/microsites/navio/overview/… - that was my first project out of college, it was all me and this other guy. It's evolved a lot since then under other people, but that kind of stuff. I miss that. They got bought my Smith & Nephew a few years after I left, too. Wish I would've been in on that $, lol.
@JasonC as someone who studied cyberforensics, lawyers scare me ;p
6:16 AM
Oh yeah
Actually, I think I get why everything seems boring to you ;)
It was rough in the early 2000's in medical tech, too
Software patents were just becoming controversial
And it was sort of the golden age of medical robotics
@πάνταῥεῖ hmm? What trigger?
You'd have so many cases of like, GE's team of 100000000 lawyers trouncing the little guy with BS patents that nobody could afford to fight.
@JasonC when its new enough to be wonderous, but old enough not to be dangerous? ;p
@JasonC ugh.
We have that here too!
WIth the military nontheless
6:19 AM
@JasonC nice! I think Den got days with more messages (busy WAG days), any chance to run your script on the Den? ;)
I once read a patent from Siemens, I wish I could dig it up easily, that was something like "Means and method for confirming a user action" and was essentially a patent on an Ok/Cancel dialog box.
It even had a flowchart like "Prompt user to confirm action -> Yes? Take action -> No? Do not take action".
@JasonC sometimes I think they should get a 5 year old and a software engineer to examine these things.
@JourneymanGeek Oh man
If its obvious to a 5 year old...
(e.g. @Frank had ~900 words in one day, which means ~1800 messages just on that.)
6:19 AM
Well the SW patents are still rough but not as bad as they were 15 years ago at least, we can be thankful for that. I think people's eyes opened up a bit at the patent office.
@JasonC yup
The internet and computers advanced ridiculously fast in the late 90's. I think it just caught everybody off guard. Nobody knew what to do about anything.
My thesis was about data mining in the stock market, the project that we (three of us + a lecturer) started got bought by a global bank, the lecturer went to work for the bank. Some of my friends and I used to be very jealous of the lecturer and the other two friends who went to work for the global bank on their automated trading system based on thesis research results. But in recent years, I stopped envy them, I think my life is more exciting. Others might not agree but I don't care.
Same fundamental reason that like, the RIAA was suing 14 year old kids for millions of dollars for sharing MP3s. Nobody knew how to handle anything.
RIAA did it with... Mp3 players. Maybe cassettes...
6:23 AM
@Telkitty Cheers to that
@JasonC whoa... wonder what happened that day? probably the chat was down.
@JourneymanGeek It was around eff.org/wp/riaa-v-people-five-years-later, when the RIAA starting suing Napster users to set an example.
@JasonC they knew exactly how it worked. They just wanted to keep control of the means of distribution
Now you've got companies embracing that model, like when the iTunes store came out with pay-per-track that was groundbreaking. But there was that long period of time where the old dogs couldn't find a way to take advantage of the new way and so they just lashed out in courts. Because the landscape changed way more quickly than e.g. Sony could keep up, and like you say, they wanted to maintain control.
My horizon was broadened, I mean I still might be interested in quant finance given the chance. But there are so many other things as exciting. I actually found out that I like to design and building houses as well :x But unfortunately nowadays all I do are maintenance development of houses and apps which we & I own :p
6:27 AM
@Telkitty See I wish I had that kind of passion for something.
I pick up a new hobby every month and love it. Then just... lose interest. My life is the opposite of exciting.
@JasonC or they could have gone the steam model earlier and buillt a compelling simple distribution network to start with
@JasonC I have a backlog of things I want to do ;p
I always got the feeling that they thought it was just a fad at the time, and didn't expect all that stuff to stick.
@JasonC ... historically? They just seemed to hate change
6:28 AM
Like shut down napster then back to business as usual, is what they expected.
Urgh the RIAA and the MPAA both are disgusting organisations
Haha, they really are
People don't talk about it as much any more
Oh man and all that Metallica crap, I forgot about that
@JamesENL as someone who worked in the movie industry? You have noooo idea of the sort of bullshit they do ;p
Please enlighten us
You start with passion and end it with consistency - no matter it's construction or software, passion only last at most half of the project, then there is pain & suffering. Sometimes I think I am lucky to be given the endurance, so no matter how much pain or suffering, I still manage to finish most of the projects that I started.
6:30 AM
I'm not talking about the secret NDA stuff
I'm sure the worst of the bullshit hasn't hit Australian news
Essentially, where work happens depends on where there's the most subsidies, and is the cheapest.
Considering our press is under Murdoch's stranglehold
and a lot of the workforce is disposable.
So most VFX employees are essentially nomads
actually, not that different from the IT/support industry
But yeah, you can walk into work and find they just dumped half the workforce, get told they have no plans to leave and everyone's job is safe. Then get fired the next day. Then find out they started firing people left right and ceter and are closing down ;p
And a lot of these guys worked unpaid overtime to get things done, and the pay wasn't that great.
I had a friend who was a professional production assistant here who used to tell similar stories.
6:38 AM
(and its all really boring? ;p)
I did learn a pretty important lesson though. A lot of management people are full of it, and you can't trust anyone you've never really met, and your boss having a hangover all week is a good reason to start applying for other jobs
Haha oh man
That's a really good warning sign
Yeah I've run into that with clients too
Also our top two people left
@JasonC Yeah, that's a bug on my list. I know what the fix is, just haven't implemented it yet
6:42 AM
and we were like "Don't tell anyone N and E left."
The overly-casual, constantly hung-over bro type. I have dropped them mid project before.
@JasonC oh, he wasn't constantly hung over
and EVERYONE was hung over after that announcement
I think most of the office was drunk at work all that week
Oh oh I misinterpreted
Yeah word, I get it
twitter.com/VFXSoldier/status/644911765692682241 a good chunk of this is public and this is hardly information a competitor could use)
Oh god. I feel like I'll get angry if I read this.
I just got distracted by old RIAA lawsuit articles when we were talking before and I'm already angry going into it now, lol
6:45 AM
What's the point? ;p
Oh, this write-up was surprisingly full of hope.
Lol, hope.
Hence it being more effective when you read...
Don't get me wrong
I worked with some very lovely people, and at the very least, it was interesting work
"... said the firm's managing director Alex Hope."
No pun intended, or realised.
We saw alex about once.
6:50 AM
I'd gladly work with anyone on the tech or production team again, just not in VFX
This article really downplays it
> "The closure will result in the redundancy of the majority of the staff in Singapore,"
Is one way of putting it.
@JasonC I'm sure I can find something a bit more emotional
But this is more about the wider system being somewhat messed up than my former employer. As a business, they certainly made the choices that benefit their long term survival the most.
However, I'm not going to be too emotional when PFW (the indian company they merged with) or they close down eventually
It's crazy
And its the industry, not the company in particular
especially as an independant VFX firm
6:54 AM
What I'm waiting for is the general angst that's going to result from Amazon switching to delivery drones and killing UPS/Fedex jobs.
and heh. This really sounds like my experience with indian support firms.
Race to the bottom, going for cheapness...
Basically cornering the whole market...
It's like that in every industry
Oh, I had a place contact me about a job with a pretty good salary, training and a bond, then the client vanished... and they were trying to flog me on a 1000 dollar, shift work, "system operator" job
(that place is on my list of places I will be very happy to see crash and burn)
I'm going to force myself to get some sleep
Sorry for keeping you up ;p
6:57 AM
Because I have to get these invoices done tomorrow. I want to wake up super early and do them. If I don't, I might lose my apartment this month, which is just depressing given that I have 5 figures of unwritten invoices to write.
Lol nice chatting. Later.
go go go. If this was on main chat, I'd kick you ;p
@JasonC or you can do the invoices now :p
@Telkitty Eh, I'm falling asleep typing, and one of the invoices involves a missing time log, I don't have it in me to reconstruct the hours right now. But they will be done in the AM. It's time to scratch this off my to-do list.
7:16 AM
crying over missed pings to @Jason D:
What is really asked here?
7:42 AM
@rene see my answer :)
Is that question itself on-topic?
@AndrewT. if I'm correct then yes, i.e. user asks how much is costs to store all the permalinks.
(e.g. disk space, memory)
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