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12:09 AM
I was quite surprised to see a valid chat flag for once.
12:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: can we learn ethical hacking from SO by Malcom Willis on meta.stackexchange.com
sd k
> Vlad Bogdan

Senior Front End Developer - Coolest Company for Women…


Modern Tech Stack (React, Redux, Webpack, Ruby/Rails) & established, growing dev team Exciting…

Posted on Stack Overflow Careers on June 30, 2016

Just tack awards on to your job title why don't you
@Quill vladhackworld is a very legitimate email address.
A Kik account? I'm almost tempted to message them for shits and giggles
12:53 AM
@Quill, if they are on kik they must be moonlighting as a rentboi service
> Flexible Work (most people work from home up to four days per month)
Very flexible. Up to 4 days a month.
I didn't know the Programmers queue got so big
I wonder whether Vlad has a "montage training" option where you get all the experience through a quick little montage
Aww, poor Vlad's post was deleted.
1:00 AM
Maybe all this spamming of SE was a really elaborate way for them to get a site dedicated to their content (Metasmoke)
if the idea of spamming is to get it on the internet, then they're succeeding
But it's not indexed by Google, so unless you find the URL...
1:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL-only title, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, link following arrow in body: divinenutrions.com/probiotic-america-reviews by zainamalik on webmasters.stackexchange.com
Gahd, we haven't accomplished anything in 2 days after trying to merge the react and non-react codebases.
I'm silently switching master branch back to vanilla. I'm going to work on the project myself. My colleges have fully demonstrated they are incapable of creating functionality.
That's dangerous
They can't do a thing.
I'll be fine.
Famous last words, along with "Hold my beer"
ffs, my superior just assigned me a form fix on a page, and then went and redesigned the entire page layout and structure right before I made my PR
2:05 AM
on a side note, I'm probably going to get told not to come to work for some of this week because my colleagues won't assign me issues
...intentionally or what?
Kinda, there's work to do, but they want to do it all themselves, so I get all the small shit tasks
2:07 AM
Talk with your boss, ask if you can do more cool stuff
Or even worse, I end up getting assigned a really broad task with no spec that's supposed to take anyone who doesn't have "senior level experience" a few weeks
@QPaysTaxes he's one of said "people who want to do it themselves" and the only other bosses I have don't really understand the development processes
So post on Workplace.SE
About the only response I'd get from TWP would be "politely tell them to fuck off"
I'd really like a decent job where I don't get shit on
A: How to politely decline a job responsibility?

Richard UThis is a great case of being your own worst enemy. I've done everything from clean graffiti off of road signs to project management at a prestigious financial firm. If you want to get off what you consider "grunt duty" or some other derisive term, here is my advice. Work hard Work well Work ...

> If you want to get off what you consider "grunt duty" or some other derisive term, here is my advice.
- Understand that as the newbie, you WILL be disrespected. Suck it up, toughen up, and get the job done
Just when I want to say "suck it up".
I don't expect that I'm magically going to get good jobs, I just get annoyed when my work is treated with such insignificance that I have to redo hours of work from scratch because someone thought they'd change it
2:18 AM
Talk with the person who did it then?
Or push your commit anyway and say "I was explicitly told to make this change by [x], please talk with them"
it's the same person
...So ask them what's up
"You told me to make this change, then before I could commit it you totally wiped everything I was working on."
Happens every time in real life.
2:23 AM
Never happens to me
The benefits of being the only developer :)
I wish that too :)
2 hours later…
3:59 AM
Made a 10oz burger with cheese, bacon, fried onions, tomatoes, homemade mayo and fry sauce! https://t.co/uYSwd5ViDh
4:10 AM
sd k
4:20 AM
@Quill That's... just too much.
Your elections are weird, @Quill.
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sd 2k
@hichris123 In what sense?
@Quill That the results aren't even known days afterwards.
I suppose that makes the government lazy
4:30 AM
And I still don't understand why the election occurred -- it looks like it wasn't a regularly scheduled election.
@hichris123 it was a regularly scheduled election?
@hichris123 it occurred because the guy in charge wasn't happy with the Senate that wouldn't bow down to him, and made his job of offering the 1% an easier life, actually difficult. So he called an election to try to get rid of them, but then forgot to notice that half the populace hated what he was doing.
So now we're in the situation where neither major party has a majority, and an even worse senate, because now Pauline Hanson has a platform to spew her disgusting agenda from
you sound like my mother
See, this is why I said weird, @Quill ^^. :P
@hichris123 and Donald Trump is any better? ;p
4:35 AM
Eh, this is just a normal election circus. It's called silly season for a reason. :P
@bjb568 You aren't a very nice person, are you?
@tchrist Ninjas just work alone
Because they have already taken everyone else out.
He just sounds very frustrated.
Well, bjb is a vanilla kind of person. So when you introduce libraries... bjb would be frustrated.
4:44 AM
silly SO bloggers, they don't seem to understand commit histories :)
sneaky ninja cat is sneaky
@Quill Next podcast... hmm... I notice I haven't gotten an answer to my live-streaming question. :P
> recorded Tuesday June 28th at Stack HQ!
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4:54 AM
sd k
sd k
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sd 2k
sd k
5:26 AM
sd k
5:43 AM
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[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Get Wonderful Shape with Forever Bust by markasrobison on askubuntu.com (@kos)
sd k
@SmokeDetector k
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, blacklisted website in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: fornatgaex.com/muscle-science/ by graycehagoyas on askubuntu.com (@kos)
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[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: www.trycrazybulks.com/ by user334500 on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector k
5:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Messaging number in body: Student transcripts diploma diploma loss agent by fengyingxi on mathoverflow.net
sd k
no site milestones :(
oh hey @Bookend, your review audit detector doesn't remove the colour of the audit once you finish that audit item (On Programmers, at least)
[status-wont-fix] I don't even use it...
6:14 AM
@Bookend alright
6:32 AM
sd k
sd k
Whoop whoop break the pattern!
6:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, blacklisted username, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body: work with your body fats in an effective way by burning your body by Najar juriya on superuser.com
sd k
I saw that. It's shit like that that make me cry
So pointless. Just throw your vote away
The other three I saw probably aren't acceptable for chat
I saw one voting Jon Snow as King
7:00 AM
yeah, I also saw that one
FFS...... outinperth.com/bernardi-calls-go-slow-move-plebiscite/… How the hell did this guy get returned?
I would love to see Bernardi thrown out
@Quill what's that?
8:05 AM
@Telkitty Tom and Jerry
Jerry is a mouse not a dog :p
There was a dog in Tom and Jerry.
Mouse, chihuahua, close enough
8:08 AM
Clearly Altair Cat in training.
Physics is awesome. http://bit.ly/29jySdq https://t.co/EuoZJ47ipz
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in body: Duplicated content in Google after updating my urls by Santinuro on webmasters.stackexchange.com
8:41 AM
@SmokeDetector f
9:09 AM
Now I wonder why @bart is salvaging images of unicorns ....
Saw that link in the side-bar, noticed the image was gone, and it was easy enough to salvage ... OKAY OKAY, I'M PROCRASTINATING. SHUDDUP
I broke the glasses ...
Counter-Procastination: it is really needed to post carton-like gore for illustrating an answer to "Why did I just gain +70 rep?" or can I flag that as offensive in the first place?
@rene tis but a scratch
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Creating Multiple iPhone encrypted backups by Struble on apple.stackexchange.com
9:16 AM
sd k
@Derpy you can flag however you want
@Bart Oh, trust me... I am aware of that. What I am also aware though is that probably no one else care (Oh, look! Blood! Funny!), mods included , and I prefer collecting ponies plushies over declined flags.
So, I will annoy you with my rants instead
9:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Mechanics of magical attacks by DrLight on rpg.stackexchange.com
9:49 AM
@Derpy yay
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10:10 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: Risks and taxes for Non-Qualified Stock Options? by alexisella on money.stackexchange.com
@Derpy but declined flags are cheaper....
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: amazingly simple person's have skin problems by luriano on drupal.stackexchange.com
10:28 AM
@ShadowWizard Can you hug the declined flag?
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: What happens after an iPhone has its data auto-erased? by Kyile rey on apple.stackexchange.com
10:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer: Emtrac Plus Battery by Utah Hofman on mechanics.stackexchange.com
My eternal nemesis... fish -_-'
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Huge Creating Arm Muscle Exercises by graycehagoyas on superuser.com
11:28 AM
@Derpy nemefish?
Are there any meta posts about avoiding the problem of people being bored by site content, particularly in relation to seeing the same crappy questions on SO
Sounds like eternal September
11:45 AM
@Derpy of course. Bit rough on the edges, but when you come to know him it's really fun. :D
@Quill you mean incentive for high rep users?
@Quill Not that I know of. But there's a relevant chat-monologue from not long ago.

SO wants fewer questions

May 28 at 2:03, 18 minutes total – 83 messages, 5 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 40 secs ago by Bookend

@ShadowWizard yeah, kinda
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: male power get And The Chuck Norris Effect? by teddy bonita on arduino.stackexchange.com
@ShadowWizard I think I will keep the Fluttershy one.
11:59 AM
@Bookend meh, it's somewhat relevant but not what I'm going for
some of the regulars on Code Review are suffering from no longer having graduation as a goal
they aren't motivated to answer any more and voting is down which makes that even worse
The cure seems to be: do something else.
They're trying to find a goal instead I'm arguing we don't need a goal
Finding a goal is a good idea. Mine is collecting Marshal and Constituent badges.
Finding individual goals is fine, but they want a group goal
that they can feature on meta, and all talk about and star in chat
and that they can mentally correlate to their rep inboxes
Get N pageviews in a month on Quantcast?
12:05 PM
Meh, they want N% of unanswered questions (it's posted in our chatroom daily by the bot)
in The 2nd Monitor on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 51 mins ago, by Quill
for most groups to work, they need an enemy. they need an enemy to rally against and to work together to defeat. Our enemy was bad site health blocking graduation. We defeated that enemy, and now our group is bored without a new enemy
Having an immediate enemy is only going to win their attention and motivation in the short term
CR power users indeed seemed fixated on graduation more than anyone else on the network.
There's an overlooked post, hidden by the question having -13 score...
A: Place answers into demilitarized zone instead of 5 minute grace period

Shog9Growing up, a good portion of my summer (and spring, and fall...) was spent helping out in my family's rather large garden. Most of this involved rather tedious, repetitive labor. So to stave off boredom, we made up games to go along with it. "Fastest to finish hoeing a row of corn", "Most peas ...

That is a very nice answer
12:25 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How to export “Messaging” from Lumia 930? by atheompson on windowsphone.stackexchange.com
But generally, I don't think there's a cure for boredom better than "do something else". I got bored of [matlab] questions and dropped that tag from my filter; then got bored of [google-apps-script] and dropped it too. Same with sites: nowadays I answer math questions only occasionally. Perhaps CR regulars would like to contribute to PPCG for a change?
maybe just stay in chats like me
we parasites are happy
hy guys
is there a chat room where I can talk about Q&A proposals?
I have an idea but wouldn't start a proper A51 proposal until I get responses
12:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: How to block a person's number and send automatic responses to its call/text attempts? by melissa on android.stackexchange.com (@meatball)
That said, most successful proposals bring audience from outside SE, so asking SE users about them is neither necessary nor sufficient.
I must repent - I keep on thinking about hotline bling song with a really fat lady singing 'I feel so much love, bench, when you hold my butt.'
I got double 5s on AP Physics, after taking a total of less than a semester of Physics classes in my life. You proud of me, @book? :D
I know it's not complex analysis or differential geometry, but I'm moving in the right direction anyway.
12:55 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question: Why does my girlfriend's vagina smell like onions? by user5118 on health.stackexchange.com
Not sure why specifically I would be proud... Physics does lead into differential geometry eventually, with curvilinear coordinates arising already in analytical mechanics and then all the curvature stuff in general relativity
But the AP stuff is mostly algebra with units, isn't it?
> The broader Stack Exchange Network has expanded to cover topics as diverse as Mathematics, Home Improvement, Statistics, and English Language and Usage. stackexchange.com/about
Choosing four sites to show how diverse the topics are, they included both math and stats.
1:11 PM
high school maths and physics are easy
1:22 PM
If you compare high school maths to a chicken, then uni maths, especially advanced maths stuff (I was always on advanced level) must be like a T-rex. They are related, just one 10000+ times more deadly and furious than the other.
@Bookend Physics C is physics with calculus.
The test wasn't that hard, but the actual course material scratches into describing the world in the language of algebra and changy stuff. So there's basically the dumb version (Physics 1 & 2) which is algebra with units, and the less dumb version (C) which is basically an intuition on systems of differential equations with units.
Specifically, we covered forces and fields and potential and stuff (with Calc III vectory stuff basically), circuits with LTI system sort of stuff, energy, maxwell equations.
I think my Physics teacher went pretty far beyond what is needed for the actual AP exam, which isn't a lot. So it's good that I took the class and got a sample of interesting Physics stuff.
@bjb568 That's nice. Both Calc III and the potentials/fields stuff make a lot more sense when considered together.
Especially nice since I didn't bother to take Calc III by itself :p
1:38 PM
starter calculus goes hand in hand with distance/velocity/acceleration
Yeah, we did a lot of that when I took calc.
2:24 PM
So, Area 51 gives 50 rep for verifying one's email address, and that's enough to chat in all SE rooms. Don't let the spambots find out...
That's a very intelligent thing to say because this is a public chat
3:14 PM
@tchrist One of them thinks so declaratively that he thinks he can solve the halting problem by "looking at all the variables and what will happen to them". "Can't humans solve the halting problem?" "No, it's literally impossible." "Oh, the variables can be really complicated." "Yes." "So a computer should be able to figure out what all the variables do." "Sigh".
I declare that the answer to the halting problem is a function class that solves the halting problem.
He also visibly appears disgusted when I talk about randomness.
"No, it's fine, the probability of that thing happening in gameplay where little would happen and likely nobody would notice is negligible." "Uuuuuugh, but then it's all random. What if it happens?" "The chance is like really low. Look, I'll show you the math. [something like 0.4^30 chance of bad thing]" "But it's all random! Why don't we just use my version [made in React] that doesn't do that?"
It was about the time an animation would fire. The probability of the power going out and our game ending is greater than the probability of a small animation failure.
Kids these days…
Yay for workplace rant
3:34 PM
bjb's colleagues must love him dearly ...
Just as much as we love him.
Writes @BJB a love letter
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Is OpenDNS safe to use? by Aaliyah Carey on security.stackexchange.com
I remember there was a virus/malware email with title 'I love you'
@Telkitty From 16 years ago
3:50 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: How to show XSS popup without using alert and script keywords? by Aaliyah Carey on security.stackexchange.com
4:15 PM
4:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: Shipping my car from Europe to Canada or the U.S by Casey Jackson01 on travel.stackexchange.com
@bjb568 How lucky he is then that he is yet to experience the bliss of enlightenment when he finally comes across the proof. Think of this like you would the pleasant opportunity to introduce someone to one of your favorite authors, one previously unbeknownst to that person.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: Two intersecting prisms (typed and with diagrams) by user7139 on engineering.stackexchange.com
5:12 PM
@ppperry - you edited most of the other answers' code to include information from my answer below. If you want to add code here, please write your own answer. I have rolled the edits back. None of them are community wikis - only the original authors should edit code in them. "When should I make edits to code? Don't change the code logic or functionality".Aaron Hall Jun 30 at 23:35
Abby T. Miller on July 5, 2016
Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast, recorded Tuesday June 28th at Stack HQ! Today's podcast is brought to you by Eugene McCarthy for President, as well as by IBM. Try the new IBM Cloud Tools for Swift. New this week: one of those two sponsors is a real live sponsor. Bet you can't guess which one! Anyway, your hosts today are joined by Daniel X. Moore and Gareth Wilson from the HyperDev team at Fog Creek Software.
@Shog9 I'm picking several cups of black raspberries a day now; it's their peak for me, right on schedule. And I have a potted heirloom tomato on the upstairs balcony that's 78" tall which I got on Memorial Day.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: Why not have an identical session cookie for different user's devices? by Abba Kent on security.stackexchange.com
@Feeds So Podcasts are still a thing?
@AaronHall uh, I'm not sure that ping reached that said user, because the question had never been edited by them.
@Feeds Should I start listening to the podcat from the beginning?
5:27 PM
I was wondering why I didn't have tab completion on him.
@AaronHall Editor (and close-voter) is not included on the tab completion, but still can be pinged on that post.
Thank God close voters don't show up in autocomplete.
This is yet another instance where I provide a new, better answer to an old question, and earn upvotes at a rate much higher than even the accepted answer, but my answer remains buried because of votes that took place 6 years ago. In this case, this (well-meaning) goofball decided to edit my answer into the other answers. :(
It's a problem that will only be exacerbated over time.
Votes need to age out.
A new vote is a much stronger signal than an old vote.
Entirely unrelated, I just got a text that says this:
5:40 PM
> when you get home from taco bell and you realize it was a mistake youtu.be/vOs8giC8hGk?t=35m16s
I don't recall ever having a taco bell "mistake".
I've never been
I mostly frequented Taco Bell as a teenager. It was a franchise owned by some local doctors. To tie it back in to the current discussion - my information, like those votes, is very old, and perhaps a weaker signal.
Actually I was trying to change the subject
So if you chose to visit Taco Bell, you could provide new information, which we might weight more than my prior experiences.
5:45 PM
What is Taco Bell? Does it ring?
The problem with weighting votes differently over time is that while old votes represent old information, the new information might well be identical, and there's no way to say "I still like this answer the most"
@meatball Taco Bell
If we still like the old answer as the best answer, it will get more votes over time anyways, and still be ranked higher.
But then you have to correct for the fact that questions lose visibility as they get older, and people aren't likely to scroll down to read more than a certain amount, and it gets really complicated really fast
Hi all
5:48 PM
I tried to do something like that once and... failed.
Did I tag this right?
@Tuvia Hiya!
Q: The ads for StackOverflow jobs are misleading

TuviaI just saw this ad on SuperUser: And it directed me to http://stackoverflow.com/jobs/why-jobs?utm_source=superuser.com&utm_medium=ad&utm_campaign=candidates-add-cv&utm_content=sb-launch-yourself This is not the first ad I have seen that looks like an ad for Stack Overflow, but misleadingly ...

@QPaysTaxes Hi hi
@Tuvia If you didn't, the tags will be misleading, which fits the theme quite nicely.
@QPaysTaxes ???? please explain the problem.
5:50 PM
@Tuvia I don't believe they are community ads
@AaronHall ...Servers are limited in their capacity and adding functionality that doesn't actually improve anything would be a waste of resources that could otherwise be directed towards [insert better things here]?
I dunno if that's valid reasoning, hence the ?
They might have server power to spare
@QPaysTaxes April fool jokes
@JonEricson You mind if I bug you for input on that wall of text ^
5:52 PM
@TIPS And hats
@rene tag fixed.
@meatball yep, you write an answer?
FUD about SO's resources is pretty lame. crunchbase.com/organization/stack-exchange
@rene nah... no clue what to answer.
@QPaysTaxes I don't like weighting new votes heavier than old votes. I'd prefer something like Wilson score ranking which better accounts for downvotes.
5:55 PM
@JonEricson why are old votes as important as new votes?
@AaronHall That system doesn't say that.
The gist of it is that, based on the early voting pattern, you predict how many votes it'll get over the same amount of time as the other has been around
So if, say, yours is predicted to get more votes than the other if it happened to last that long, your answer goes above it.
Why are votes made when a Question was "hot", 8 years ago, as important as someone's vote who is carefully reading all of the available answers today, and upvoting a lowly ranked new answer?
At the same time, if it's predicted that you'll get 10 more upvotes but 20 more downvotes, yours goes below, because the overall score is lower.
5:57 PM
@AaronHall I don't know if they are or not. But that's a much more difficult problem given the wide range of questions. Sometimes an answer might get new downvotes when it really should be edited. ("Before version 1.83, you had to . . . ")
@AaronHall Because as soon as you start trying to correct for popularity biases, you run into a statistical nightmare hell
You need a way to elevate great new answers.
'least it was hell for me when I tried. Admittedly, I don't have the resources of SE
@AaronHall Bounties?
Bounties are nice because they make the answer stick out (if a reader cares to pagedown enough), but they are so infrequent as to not even matter.
6:00 PM
They'll also attract more attention for the question, though
And with the reason "I'm rewarding [this] great answer" it tends to draw some attention there :P
Again, so infrequent as to not even warrant discussing.
How do you elevate great new answers?
@AaronHall Do you have an example?
@AaronHall I was suggesting you use bounties with a custom message pointing out the answer. Unless its your own answer, in which case... I dunno. Hope people see it?
6:03 PM
Most of my posts with upvotes > 10. I found a new user that seems to be following my strategy better than I am, but I don't recall at the moment.
@meatball I tried, waiting for better responses
I'm at the point where I rarely use SO for Python, though I usually do read all the answers when I'm earnestly searching for one - but I never bounty the Question to reward the answer, and even if I did, it would do little to help those who don't like to pagedown (and I sense most don't).
Not sure if my memory serves right, but SO Careers ads were easier to distinguish than SO Jobs'.
The premise of the site is "The Best Answers Rise to the Top" - and this is in the vast majority of cases untrue in the case of new answers (see my top two answers for counter examples, but they are the exception, not the rule, and the prior accepteds were egregiously inferior).
Also, they are the exception because the original Asker (OP) chose to unaccept a prior answer. Expecting OP's to stick around for the life of the site to reassess accepts is unrealistic, and places too much power in the hands of a single user whose content is intended to be the canonical target for duplicates.
That sounds like two different issues though. If the community has selected a question as the canonical dupe target, they should be picking one with an answer they agree is good. If they are picking questions with bad accepted answers, that should be addressed.
6:16 PM
My opinion is that after a year, the accepted answer should float with the rest of the answers, and users should be able to rank by recency of votes.
The other issue is your aging votes
What happens if an answer is the best one at the time but becomes outdated?
My answers were as good before they were accepted as they were after they were accepted, but the rate of upvotes increased as much as or more than 10-fold.
@QPaysTaxes That's a major reason we should rank by vote recency.
Sorry, meant to reply to Andy's point about picking a good canonical answer
Ranking by vote recency will allow new current answers to supplant old ones.
Spolsky's and Atwood's ideas about pinning the accepted answer and ranking by total votes was good when the site was a year old. But now the site is approaching a decade in age.
6:21 PM
@QPaysTaxes Update it? Make it a wiki and update it? My assumption here is that it isn't the target of a handful of dupe questions but is a true canonical target, so it's been maintained by either the original author or the community over time.
Oh, I see
@Andy we stopped converting heavily edited answers to wikis for good reasons. We're not going back in that direction.
@AaronHall We stopped converting to wikis under some circumstances for good reasons.
Community wikis are still good for things that should be managed by the community.
Trying to get in the conversation but I have no idea what we're talking about.
6:23 PM
I'm not saying make it automatic. I am saying, pick canonical dupe targets that are maintained over time.
@QPaysTaxes show me a great example of that. Here's a counterexample - python can barely keep this one up to date: stackoverflow.com/questions/81584/what-ide-to-use-for-python
@TIPS it's about Taco Bell.
@meatball Oh
Taco Bell is a nice guy.
@AaronHall That one about PHP syntax errors.
I can't find a link offhand
6:30 PM
The problem with community wiki's being the top answer, and why you don't see them, is no one owns or has an incentive to own keeping it up-to-date.
Except, you know, wanting to help people
My unaccepted answers, I have an incentive to curate them and continue improving them. I only curate my top two accepted answers because that's what got them accepted in the first place, and I don't want to lose that.
@Shog9 I didn't realize this was a reply at first and wondered how this related to the discussion XD
Perhaps a parable about curating gardens and the tragedy of the commons would be good...
6:36 PM
Well @adam thanks for your answer... because the OP is not going to give you that appreciation I guess....
What was the question?
something about saying thank you to the community ...
"Where can I provide site feedback?" because grateful...
Whatever you do, don't delete your question ....
6:41 PM
@rene Screenshot pleasepleaseplease
@TIPS there you go i.sstatic.net/4oyoB.png
That's pretty funny
@rene The other day I spotted "thanks on advanced". Very tempted to thank the SO team with that phrase.
BRB heading to "contact them".
@rene @Adam isn't pingable here :/
@TIPS well, I prefer "thanks in adventure".
@ShadowWizard yeah, still the credits are due....
6:56 PM
@ShadowWizard Thanks of advice
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