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12:22 AM
12:40 AM
I have android phone & tablet
they are awesome
1:20 AM
Huh, SO is advertising with AdChoices now.
@zaq Seems more like user error than anything else... if you want a good product, read the reviews before you buy it. If you want support, check to make sure that you'll get it before you buy it.
Yes, I saw those AdChoices things too. As for "read the review"...
Well, there's reviews and then there's reviews. Like ones from CNET, etc -- places that make it their job to review stuff.
I have been using the S6 from which I'm typing this for quite a while, and see zero reasons to upgrade.
Especially given the associated incidents and accidents, threats and allegations.
1:32 AM
But Kasra seems to buy new releases out of principle.
You really need parentheses for those prepositional phrases. "I have been using the S6 (from which I'm typing this) (for quite a while)"
Maybe but you know, a mobile keyboard.
Although maybe you were typing that sentence for a while, I don't know...
go on a diet - have thin fingers!
At least the new mobile chat is good now. Except you can't move messages from mobile...
Maybe I'll just kick someone randomly if I can't move Smokey's messages.
Speaking of...
1:35 AM
Here, the buyers protection law is pretty good. I become less and less of a fan for online shopping the more I do it.
seriously, it's just not worth the effort to spend 15 minutes reviews when you only spend $30 on a kettle
1:52 AM
Someone just asked a question offering $100 to someone who will do their homework for them.
Q: earn usd hundred by writing a chess program in racket

craigsteri am offering usd 100 to anyone who can create a fully functioning chess program in typed/racket for me using the data types and structures i provide. it is not a very complex task and should take around two days of programming. please comment with your contact information if you are interest...

I am not even sure how to respond to this.
wait ...
@AlexisKing Well, do you want $100? If so, the answer is pretty obvious.
2:09 AM
Esso /ˈɛsoʊ/ is a trade name for ExxonMobil and its related companies. The name is a phonetic version of the initials of the pre-1911 Standard Oil (SO = Esso), and as such became the focus of much litigation and regulatory restriction in the United States. In 1972 it was largely replaced in the U.S. by the Exxon brand after it bought Humble Oil, while Esso remained widely used elsewhere. In most of the world, the Esso brand and the Mobil brand are the primary brand names of ExxonMobil, with the Exxon brand name still in use only in the United States alongside Mobil. == History == In 1911, Standard...
Rebranding again already, @Shog?
2:28 AM
Older hen doesn't lay eggs much any more, but she likes to sit in the nesting area. This morning, the hen sat there for 2 hours, still, no egg. My mum pulled out an egg from the fridge and put it under her and said 'there you go'
The rebranding of Careers as Jobs feels like a downgrade, now you get just a job, maybe for a month or two... Maybe a premium form of that service could be Careers...
And symmetrically, a premium form of Talent would be Genius.
In my opinion, a genius is someone who can create things that can massively improve humanity, single handedly
people with low standards ...
Or maybe lower the standards much, much further, a genius is either someone who spend 10% of the effort required by an average person and getting the same amount of rewards or spending the same amount of effort and getting 10+ time more rewards.
2:37 AM
A genius is not an average person
3:07 AM
Ah, good old programming questions on meta: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/286992/…
3:53 AM
> Stack Exchange Q&A communities are different. Here's how: Speech bubbles. Expert communities. Each of our 161 communities is built ...
The snippet that Google shows with the top search result for "Stack Exchange"
4:14 AM
5:29 AM
@zaq lol, Hebrew has no word for "trolling". We do have the noun "troll" in a way (טרול) so they made up their own word which doesn't really exist. Why it translates to "Waterloo" is really beyond me though...
6:15 AM
Bot idea, if smokey posts 10 spam links without a reply, autopost a cat picture to break up the monotony
2 hours later…
7:51 AM
SPAM: meta.stackexchange.com/a/286995/245360. Code is for SalesForce, not SE.
@JamesENL smokey is an unicorn. If a picture has to be posted, it should be a MLP pony
8:55 AM
@JamesENL Noo ... don't take my job :p
And also, smokey's messages are constantly taken to the bin. So you might end up with a string of cat pictures here or a lot of cat pictures in the bin.
9:54 AM
@Telkitty !cats
10:07 AM
11:45 AM
41 messages moved to Chimney
That leaves the cat pictures
@rene Don't you like cats?
1 hour later…
1:25 PM
Q: Can SO please stop spamming their user's Facebook with their ads?

Kuba OberI've just got an ad for SO Talent on my Facebook feed. This seems to be triggered by visiting SO Podcast. It is yet another case of spamming people who already know about you and your features. Can it stop? It's exactly like the nonsensical ads for things I've already bought, or looked at and de...

Yeah, that was my impression too.
Not on Facebook, but same trend.
The best way to deter hackers is to re-install your machine every month, the best way to not to be tracked is to never use social network & clean cookies every 2nd day. I take that back, the best way to not be hacked or tracked is not to use computer or phone and stay away from internet
also SO is paying facebook for advertising, interesting
"SO is paying facebook for advertising" .. wut?
1:35 PM
so why is SO talent ads coming thru facebook feed?
What's that in English?
Gibberish is currently world's more fashionable language
1:52 PM
I have a user on Meta you'd like to talk to
only 1, I am disappointed ...
@Bart sock?
Q: Account compromised or timeout suspension?

guest271314I was logged out of Stack Overflow earlier, which hasn't happened to me before. When I logged back in I was informed by a moderator: We are suspecting that your account has been compromised. To clarify, we got flags on a post you made, that looked suspiciously bot-like in nature. I'm t...

surly he has more than 1 sock ...
Just 1. The other one disappeared somewhere in the laundry
2:02 PM
'You seem to be a bot' - is this some sort of bannable insult now? Because when I used it on someone here, I totally just meant 'you seem to be bot'
@Bart looks like I missed most of the pop-corn worthy part of the comments ...
@rene I did do a request before ...
Q: Alert me when the fun starts!

TelkittyI would like some kind of notification when a good question gets started on meta. When I noticed that I just had missed this wonderful party, I was devastated. You see I didn't get to mention that 'there is no scientific proof on getting married makes you love your partner more' or 'now gay marr...

@Bart heh, apart of just being weird and posting low quality question can't see anything wrong.
why can't you just admit it that you feel the same!!!
2:11 PM
@rene a lot of comments got removed ... it was ... botlike
I am attracted to ... ~cough~ ... excellent questions like a hungry piranha to the fresh blood. When there is a flock, I want to be there!
Deep down I know many people feel the same way too.
@Telkitty about one month remaining.
when you eyeing the meat & your mouth drooling, it's very hard to convince me that you are not craving for the meat
-22, just now it was just -20
2:16 PM
the leaderboard is down.
@Telkitty that is called the Tavern effect.
@Telkitty chat effect
@Derpy umm... you OK?
@Derpy what leaderboard? Reputation Leagues? Appears fine to me...
wait.. you mean hats?
2:33 PM
@ShadowWizard that was a sheep. Sheep go in packs. Some say that if one sheep jumps down a cliff, others will follow. You may figure why I beehhhhhh/meeeehhhhhh on your own, I think it is pretty clear.
@Derpy oh, I see. Was afraid you were choking..... ;)
will they finally remove Eureka this year? Will the salt production continue unhalted? Wait and see my subjects. Wait and see.
yes, and wat?
2:44 PM
Hey bluefeet
salt production = people complaining on chat because "this photo I have here clearly demonstrate I got it before him so I should get the hat instead but he is a member of the illuminati and shog is to so balpha must have awarded the hat to him to appraise the almighty eye"
no blue feet here
@bluefeet I see blue feet though
@bluefeet replied to a "question" about hats. Does it mean this year we are finally getting socks too?
@Derpy did I? I was just saying yes
2:47 PM
@bluefeet too late, we have witnesses. Eureka is gone.
I will say that Eureka is extremely time consuming, so it is most likely gone
What is Eureka even
@bluefeet I expect a secret blue hat this year.
guessing secret hats correctly
2:48 PM
Or maybe a blue secret hat?
Not sure, nothing has been decided
@bluefeet If that is an argument we might as well prepare for no winterbash ...
I'd like a winter bash :(
I'd like a winter bash :(
@rene pfft you have little faith
2:50 PM
Oct 27 at 9:30, by Derpy
@JonEricson I hereby suggest that this year the tradition of boat hats (started by the Hairboat one in 2014 that required pinging Abby and then continued in 2015 with the Hairboat's Revenge one that required pinging you) lives on with a new installment called the "Sunkboat". This hat will feature a boat wrapped in the tentacles of Cthulhu and will require pinging SHOG9
just saying....
Maybe hat when you get kicked from chat?
@ShadowWizard how does that differ from what I just proposed?
@bluefeet call it little faith .. some call it me being grumpy ...
@Derpy pinging Shog will result in chat ban, not just kick. ;)
@rene it's still in the works
2:51 PM
... or worse ....
Or suspension if it's pinging on a site... :D
@bluefeet \o/
I pinged shog once before
I imagine Shog creating a "BAN THEM ALL!!!" button...
You do not ping shog without reason
Hell hath no fury like a wrongly pinged shog
2:52 PM
@Magisch did you enjoy your suspension after that?
@ShadowWizard I could just send him the script for the Scold button.
He could reskin it in a "To the moon" button

Result of pinging @Shog

Mar 19 at 16:24, 2 minutes total – 10 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 22 secs ago by Shadow Wizard

in Shadow's Den, 3 mins ago, by FOX 9000
Bot restarted after crash.
Wonder if Smokey keeps crashing too?
@ShadowWizard Running since 14:50:55 UTC (4 minutes)
yup, same as FOX
Smokey last died of a websocket error
2:57 PM
Yup, probably remnants from whatever Nick did yesterday...
Nick didn't turnoff the test script?
Maybe it broke more things than he expected, dunno
FOX crashed a lot since yesterday
Nick: We proved we can't handle millions of connections, no clue how to fix that
@rene easy: handle as much as you can, block the rest with "server busy" message... better than crashing the whole thing down. :)
Sure, if I have to implement it I would just Stack Overflow
3:02 PM
Who needs web sockets... winter bash.... let's give @Bart some cookies and all will be good in the world!
I'm currently eating strooigoed because it is that time of year ...
This? @rene ^
yeah, but mine doesn't have kruidnoten
kiddo at the <3
3:07 PM
And I have no כח to keep Googling... ;)
the brown ones
90% are brown
it is only the sugar/sweet ones
No chocolate?!
No, not at the moment, I'll buy a letter later on
3:09 PM
@ShadowWizard I am somehow hoping to be able to go for socks bash this year...
and avatars are all feet?? >_<
feet fetish!
which I totally do not understand ...
@Derpy what is it?
@Telkitty there are worse...
@ShadowWizard simple: reference to another game. Stack has hats, they have socks.
3:17 PM
@Derpy real socks? Hope they are clean. :D
3:31 PM
@ShadowWizard I like that
@rene damn you
Looks like a riot, I'd expect police to arrive shortly.
@zaq given the current discussion around this children's event you're spot on
3:38 PM
What are you two talking about... ? @zaq @rene
What did I miss?
About riot-inciting candy
@AaronHall's primary score (13565 as of now) is the highest ever. Two other candidates with 10K+ were Martijn Pieters (10893 in Spring 2015) and Ed Cottrell (11927 in Fall 2015). Naturally, the number of voters grows... but still, the jump is real. The current 2nd place score is below last election's 2nd place.
@ShadowWizard it is around this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas but there is an issue with Zwarte Piet, and the emotions around that caused Amnesty International to publish a news item about what happened saturday (only in Dutch)
3:55 PM
Before we had computers, legacy code was called "a tradition".
@zaq I was wondering how I would compare historically.
Need a reasonable way to normalize the scores to adjust for inflation. Dividing by the sum of scores of the top 10 seems a reasonable one way to do this. Using the total would run into the issue of there being very different number of candidates (from 12 to 55).
If you could get the number of eligible voters at that point in time, that may be a fair comparison.
Of course, there's attrition from the site too.
Logged-in eligible voters?
The system may have that - it tracks what days you've been active on the site.
But that may not be accessible information.
> 316,201 voters were eligible, 155,296 visited the site during the election, 78,198 visited the election page, and 27,321 voted
^ This information is available (example from previous election). But not for the current one until it's over.
4:10 PM
There we go.
Also, this refers to the final round, not the primary.
I think the ratio of votes to the last three figures makes the most sense.
The first number is fairly meaningless.
I normalized by dividing by the sum of scores of the first 10, since this is likely the best measure we have for the ongoing election.
oh, yeah, that makes sense.
I upvoted everyone but one downvote (and can't vote on myself)
Aaron Hall: 0.250
Brad Larson: 0.222
Bohemian and Martijn Pieters: 0.213
Ed Cottrell: 0.206
4:20 PM
You're the most supported primary candidate ever.
Cheesy grin
The only unresolved question is whether Samuel Liew will overtake deceze (my forecast: no).
The primary phase is generally too long. Would be better to spend more time in the final round.
The votes are coming much more slowly.
Exactly. There is probably a difference between super-early voters, normal voters, and late voters.
5:10 PM
So zaq, is it a coincidence that your name approximates, "sock?" :)
5:23 PM
You can answer that your self in a few days ...
5:39 PM
Assuming I won't delete my SO account by then.
What's the equivalent to "moving to Canada" for Stack Overflow mod elections? Code Review or Software Engineering?
What are the best alternatives to Stack Overflow? - first Google hit is a Quora question.
Apparently, I can't order answers chronologically?
Naturally, most of them are not answering the question, but are explaining that they, too, hate SO and want to find an alternative.
> At the moment, there's no good programming community (I'm aware of) on the internet that can handle medium and advanced level questions. Stackoverflow used to be that community, 5 to 7 years ago, but it no longer qualifies.
For "jump-starting" a newbie beginner programmer, any forum with programming section would do. For anything above beginner, there's nothing.
5:50 PM
@AaronHall But seriously: I like codeproject.
I have many nice, highly intelligent friends and coworkers who are deeply intimidated by Stack Overflow and are afraid to ask or answer anything on the site. Whether or not SO is “functioning as intended”, it has a real accessibility problem.
I, for one, am too intimidated to ask anything on SO. Which is probably for the better, SO-wise.
I think that's by design. A better Ask your Question page will help, when we get it.
As someone who has indirectly seen both sides, I think there’s more to it than educating new users. There is a fundamental conflict between people answering and moderating and the deluge of people who don’t do their research and want people to write code for them. It means that SO needs strict rules to work, but it means that when people come along with decent (but not perfect!) questions, our patience tends to have already run thin.
I think it might be worth finding better ways to lessen the blow for new users who need coaching. It is probably terrifying to feel like you’re asking a good question, then to be downvoted twice, given short, blunt comments, and have your question put “on hold”.
> I'm starting with Python and my program has "'int' object is not callable" error, please help.
5:56 PM
I’m just not sure how to do that, because the burden on people moderating is already high. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect us to be nice and encouraging all of the time.
There are only so many times that one wants to see that sort of question ^^ ..
Q: A SWAT team of nice

Pekka 웃As the comments on the summer of love blog post have shown, there is much discussion about civility on Stack Overflow. One particularly important sub-set of the issue is what is called "accidental rudeness" - seasoned Stack Overflow users pointing out newbie mistakes in a curt way bordering on ru...

@zaq The trouble with these questions is that it’s really hard to figure out if the OP legitimately wants to learn or if they are trying to avoid doing their homework. To me, that would pretty significantly change my attitude, but it’s impossible to know. Most of the time, it seems they aren’t interested in taking suggestions to heart and improving, so people tend to assume the worst.
@Shog9 Part of the “accidental rudeness” from me comes from not having the patience to type out a warmly-worded comment for every single sort of question in existence. I think having a nice complement of auto-comments for different situations that are already worded kindly would help, since it would mean I could sound nice even if didn’t feel it, but I don’t want to deal with managing the browser extension and writing & syncing canned comments across all of my computers.
On the other hand, giving a set of canned comments to all users, or even users with a certain amount of rep, would almost certainly be a disaster. The auto-comments in the LQP queue are terrible; people use them even when they clearly don’t apply. I recently worked in that queue, and it drove me nuts how many times answers were actually answers, just bad answers, but people didn’t just downvote and move on.
Apparently, people really like slotting everything they see into a bin with a vaguely-related comment attached.
wrt the auto-comments: SOCVR maintains a set here
FR: remove canned comments from LQRQ.
6:07 PM
FR: let me vote in the LQRQ.
I don't remember last time I used them. With those posting questions as answers, my sincere hope is that they'll go away and forget about the existence of SO.
Far be it for me to suggest pressing Ask Question button.
@AlexisKing There's a userscript for that.
@zaq I figured. I used to maintain a bunch of userscripts but lately I just haven’t bothered. :/
@rene This is a good list.
That too, is a solution.
6:10 PM
@AlexisKing there are a few around on meta as well
@rene I’m not sure the “gimme teh codez” comment is the most constructively-phrased, though.
No, they are not maintained consensus based ...
I guess we wait till someone gets suspended when using one of those and then we adapt ...
But seriouslY: yes, they need constantly adjustment and not the rudeness and/or humor we use on meta
If humor even exists
One thing that I read somewhere lately was that you don't want to use the word we in those comments.
Unless you use it in a way that includes the recipient of the comment.
@rene says who
@M.A.R. we
6:20 PM
@rene ಠ_ಠ
@rene Meta humor is an excuse to stop crying at the way the current SO quality issues are being handled
> If SO doesn't change their pointlessly unfriendly ways of treating newcomers I expect Quora to take over the number 1 position in the code question market in the next couple of years. Posted in 2013
there still is a possibility that the current care-takers (with a long-standing meta history) actually have it all wrong and that the fresher generation has a much more healthy idea how quality should be managed.
Of course, couple means ... xkcd.com/1070
> Meta is the most clique-y and ruthless in enforcing the principles espoused by SE leaders. This site, as SE's customer service/gateway to new users, should be the MOST embracing of any of the sites, not the LEAST. -- What are Stack Overflow's biggest weaknesses?
That's a pretty good answer there.
For example, "There are WAY too many low value, brand-diluting SE sites. These sites dilute recognition away from the key SE property" is hard not to agree with.
For a topic different from a few familiar ones, I expect to find Stack Exchange site to be a near-ghost town.
@zaq Well, we just have to agree that unlike programmers, mathematicians and physicists are much less likely to try and get an answer to their question online
Really, only programmers looks for pro questions' answers online.
Math and Physics are fine, I was thinking of sites like Pets or Music Fans.
Do we have a Pest.SE?
We should have one.
It should be for insecticide enthusiasts.
6:39 PM
@AlexisKing then you get that thing where you call customer support and get a very polite person telling you that 1) they can't possibly fix your problem without a service call, which will be an extra fee, and 2) would you like to upgrade to premium service (which also won't work for reasons they cannot comprehend), and 3) if you cancel service, you'll be charged a $300 fee for breach of contract.
It doesn't actually make you feel any better, it just provides a fig leaf against criticisms of terrible customer service.
Those are not insecticide enthusiasts
Although I admit they might go nuts on the DDT
@M.A.R. I hope the use of DDT is regulated where I live ...
@Shog9 There is a difference between being nice at all costs, even when it’s completely fake, and attempting to not slap people’s hands before they understand what they did wrong. I mean, look, there are a lot of people who don’t want to learn, and I have no problem with downvoting them into the ground. But there seems to be a large class of people who would be willing to learn, but are too intimidated by the culture of intimidation many people fear exists around SO.
Even something as simple as hiding a negative vote score for new users a la Reddit might help to reduce the feeling of “oh god I made a terrible mistake everything is awful”
7:00 PM
What are the areas in which copy-pasted material has value? Programming is #1, of course. Math homework. To much lesser extent, other sciences (not taken by as many students). And writing classes.
The prevalence of essay writing spam shows how big that market is. And SE doesn't serve it at all.
Well, there is Writers but they don't do much in the area.
There should be essaywriting.stackexchange.com with requests for paragraphs on various topics, available to be combined into a sort-of own essay.
8:14 PM
Just wanted to agree with @AlexisKing - I'm often leery of posting because of downvoting. I've been a long-time member, but have never managed to earn much reputation. Every point is precious, and even when I post something I think is helpful, when it gets downvotes it causes me to second-guess myself and avoid participating in the future.
Posting can be scary, even when you have a few 1000 points.
But there's nothing to do about that. If you want more rep, at one point or another you're going to have to post.
Anyone have a good idea of a text based game I can make with Typescript/Javascript?
But I thought part of the goal of SO was to encourage and be positive.
@end-user The purpose was to build a repository of knowledge. Being encouraging and positive is one of the tools. Downvoting and closing is another - carrots and sticks.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA How about a school for reviewers?
Like, 10 sample edit suggestions that you must Approve or Reject.
I've been thinking about that for a while.
I guess it just feels like the sticks get a bit persecutory.
I reached 7000 rep on SO without getting a single downvote.
@S.L.Barth Yeah; but these three all appeared within the last two hours.
@end-user A key for earning reputation and not getting downvotes is to shift the focus from "post something I think is helpful" to "write a detailed answer to a decent question".
@zaq Your rep there is 511, and you haven't offered bounties. Was it Documentation?
8:26 PM
@S.L.Barth Another account now.
I see.
Looks like the Documentation reviewers are finally learning the difference between Documentation and a question: stackoverflow.com/documentation/review/changes/110570
A new error message from SEDE: "unknown job being polled!"
If my answer to Uniformly distribute x points inside a circle was written as "try the sunflower arrangement", it probably wouldn't be very well received, even though it may still be helpful.
@zaq Pretty pictures and diagrams also help to get upvotes.
8:48 PM
@S.L.Barth What do you mean?
Well, when people start reviewing, they're pretty much thrown in at the deep end.
There was a question on MSO to give them a training first.
It would be a "game" where you got, say, 10 review items.
They could be made up, or taken from actual reviews.
Either way, it's like a quiz - you have to judge which of the 10 should be Approved and which ones should be Rejected.
Adding code to existing answers, random boldfacing, putting product names in code markdown, adding meta-tags... I see people Approve such things all the time.
But, I think for a number of them, it's because they're thrown in review at the deep end.
So, I think it would help if we had this quiz, this "review school", to train our reviewers.
...Ah. Found the original question: Obligatory review tutorial per each queue?
1 hour later…
10:00 PM
@cpx This sort of promotional content should not exist in a comment, either. Feel free to flag it as spam. — zaq 51 secs ago
Imagining a bot that replies to every comment that says "this should be a comment" with "NO IT SHOULD NOT."
10:11 PM
The blocking message "Comments cannot contain that content" (e.g., for "What have you tried?") is an okay example of alliteration, but otherwise looks like a missed opportunity. It doesn't explain anything.
I would assume the reason is so people don't change 1 character just so they can post it...
Although I guess that kind of happens with the +1/-1 one.
I suggest: "Comments cannot contain that content. Either leave a specific comment suggesting an improvement, or downvote and move on."
realistically, it just means I didn't enter a custom message when creating the blacklist
Mostly I want an invitation to downvote in there.
never attribute to stupidity what can be adequately explained by laziness
10:13 PM
So many 0-answer requirement dumps are hanging there with 0 score and two comments of the above variety.
@Shog9 How about attributing intelligence?
hmm... I created those blacklists in 2013; not sure we had custom messages back then
ok, someone propose a better message
I did, above.
BTW, the two relevant expressions have been hit a combined 13,749 times since 3/21/2013
Shorter: "You can either suggest a specific improvement, or vote on the question, or simply move on".
10:15 PM
Without bias for "down".
Try it now
The use of "he" might be controversial.
good point; force of habit
Okay, how long do we have until an angry reddit thread with a screenshot of that message?
I don't read reddit, so...
10:19 PM
But I like it, reddit or not.
Is that the actual message? o_0
I'm sure DevDoodle will have an even better one.
When is the early MIT decision happening?
Or is that early action, I confuse them all the time.
@zaq early action, results come mid Dec
I've... sorta given up on hyphenating vote types over the years; it didn't take.
@Shog9 New people make new words. No need for any in-between-ed-ness of hyphens.
new-people and their crazy new-speak.
neophytes, us all
10:30 PM
Let's see: upvote, downvote, closevote, reopen-vote, delete-vote, undelete-vote... I think this is how I'd write each. Hyphens wear off from frequent use.
I'd just abbr it to delv and undelv.
reopenv too
Yeah, but upv and closev?
10:42 PM
You could, but those are already pretty short.
The top Area 51 proposal is Internet of Things... maybe not a bad idea in general, but the name. :/
Is there a Serverless Architecture proposal yet?
FR: 1) tarball Area 51. 2) Launch a new "whatever doesn't fit elsewhere" site on January 1 of every year. 3) Extract whatever is viable at the end of the year, and repeat.
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