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12:00 AM
+24 rep just from edits
@bjb568 Y U advertize
Online homework = sthoopid
@Shog9 Whatcha eatin'?
pub mix
Some kind of snack?
12:15 AM
> a modest but self-sustaining business
I suppose they did that
@StackOverflow account should have occasional #tbt tweets with a link to an ancient blog or meta post.
@NormalHuman Are you volunteering to provide those?
Not hard to pick at random and try again if the pick isn't suitable.
E.g., using normalhuman.github.io/randomquote but for user #1
@hichris123 I'm still 22 flags short
12:26 AM
hazy morning...
@AndrewT. same
Hi James
Whole of singapore is ~= 300
<-- being unusually social today; possibly too much coffee
Can someone pin Balpha's message?
It's getting annoying.
12:28 AM
Let's not laugh but I always thought ᔕᖺᘎᕊ was some Indian dude.
Pushing back other things
@chmod711telkitty He's from London
I thought it's someone who's try to impersonate Shog (no, really)
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica huh?
@Undo You'll get there soon enough. ;)
The stop pinging shu message
It keeps going up because more and more people see it and star it
Uh... yay?
12:31 AM
I spoke to the cute boy on the train today, today was a good day
@JamesENL You're a girl?
he just likes trains
@hichris123, post your comment as an answer, please
Are the warning signs "two-factor auth not enabled" a new thing on GitHub team pages?
Don't remember seeing them before, at least. Not that I'm on many teams...
12:33 AM
I don't see it
On the page with the list of team members. Charcoal is remarkably consistent regarding 2FA...
@NormalHuman Been there for at least eight months
@Shog9 Yeah, done. I forgot how to answer, it's been so long. ;)
12:42 AM
Yo Shog
It happens every night. So?
@hichris123 Indeed. First answer since May 10.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: How do I use the Playstation 2 multitap? by Jimmy on gaming.stackexchange.com
Who's answering questions on meta-Earth, then?
@SmokeDetector tpu-
12:44 AM
Beef used to be cheap here, because cattle are literally everywhere once you drive out of the city. But nowadays, China, Indonesia, even the U.S. want a piece of Australian beef, so the beef price here has skyrocketed to something like $20-$35 a kg
With 25 stars, balpha should be getting a Good Message badge.
There's a Good Massage badge?
School E-learning site went down
Just like before
@chmod711telkitty $20 for what? Ribeye? Chuck?
that's pretty high for chuck
Those aren't real dollars.
12:47 AM
still high for chuck
Wai blame @bjb568?
stop eating all that kiwi beef, bjb
darn delete button
Chat needs an undelete button
When will teachers ever learn to use .pdf instead of .doc?
12:48 AM
Six bucks and three bits a pound.
Chuck roast seems to be going for $5.99 somewhere or other.
.pdf is problematic when copy-pasting from.
Should be cheaper.
Just referring to it
Not copying or pasting
12:51 AM
Yes, but later someone will want to copypaste... this semester I'm posting my HW solutions as read-only links to www.overleaf.com (and matlab code as gists).
The teachers in my school don't know a clue about GH
They store previous revisions of code on a thumbdrive
Ground chuck averaged $4.22/pound during August (last month) per some US federal statistics something or other.
Can this go to cooking.SE?
Have a nice walk.
I can't chat in cooking.SE chat
12:54 AM
What happened, leave a bad taste in their mouths?
@NormalHuman Not many questions there... and typically by the time I see them (a few hours), someone's already answered fairly well.
Suspended on arqade remember?
Ooh Seasoned Advice got a design update.
12:55 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore-
No more bold italic everywhere.
sd tpu-
Yep, well known Canadian University.
Today we're exploring higher education of Canada.
12:58 AM
Wouldn't do them any good to use other than well known ones.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: What is the proper word for "man boobs?" by Youssef Smaili on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu- spam
Just noticed that the footer of our new website has my email in it... making me officially the web stuff guy of the department, it seems.
You know, if we Protected ELU, new users would need to have 5 edit suggestions approved to post. How ironic is that?
1:06 AM
@tchrist Maybe this could be useful for ELU too? Show "how to ask" advice before a new user asks a question by Normal Human on meta.math.stackexchange.com
The comments there are quite focused.
@Shog9 Kiwi… beef?
@NormalHuman Aren't you afraid of being unfriendly to one of those six hundred daily askers? :)
1:12 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Some visitors cannot access my website by Keith on serverfault.com
@SmokeDetector naa
@NormalHuman huh.
More seriously, I honestly do not know how to improve question quality on a site. So many first-timers with no idea what it means to write an SE-quality question. I can see how the intercept page might be worth a shot; I'd be very interested to see before-and-after data if you put it to use.
I have 3 working days to renew my drivers license & app store license
@bjb568 Don’t believe everything you read on Kiwipedia: they all taste like chicken, you know.
function IsUserOnMobileDevice() {
    if ((navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') != -1)
            || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPod') != -1)
            || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPad') != -1)
            || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Android') != -1)
            || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Windows Phone') != -1)
            || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('BlackBerry') != -1)
            || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('PlayBook') != -1))
        return true;
Wat shit code?
if block is unneeded
Can do this
function IsUserOnMobileDevice(){
  return (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPhone') != -1)
           || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPod') != -1)
           || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPad') != -1)
           || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Android') != -1)
           || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Windows Phone') != -1)
           || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('BlackBerry') != -1)
           || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('PlayBook') != -1)
+1 from CodeReview.SE
@chmod711telkitty Those Kea's a vicious birds
1:45 AM
I like clever, voracious birds
2:04 AM
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica This is the kind of thing my CS teacher teaches.
Or worse, with an accumulator variable.
Fire him/her
So it's null at first, then if (whatEver) { make it true } else { make it false }
Anyway, I just do navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mobile') == -1
That's not my stuff
It's the school stuff
2:06 AM
The BlackBerry PlayBook is a mini tablet computer developed by BlackBerry and made by Quanta Computer, an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) It was first released for sale on April 19, 2011, in Canada and the United States. The PlayBook is the first device to run BlackBerry Tablet OS, based on QNX Neutrino, and runs apps developed using Adobe AIR. It was later announced that the BlackBerry Tablet OS would be merged with the existing BlackBerry OS to produce a new operating system, BlackBerry 10, that would be used universally across BlackBerry's product line. A second major revision to the...
2:26 AM
If I plot A vs B, then is A the y-axis and B the x-axis?
My homework is trying to make me download some webpage
It's chinese homework
With horrible things in the name
@bjb568 They don't have to be labeled x and y, but yes: "A vs B" is understood as A being vertical.
503 Service Unavaliable
> I keep getting HTTP 503. What's up?
Can't send feedback
> Error code 32
The proxy failed to connect to the web server
2:36 AM
@NormalHuman then my chem teacher screwed up the homework assignment
@bjb fire all your teachers
@bjb568 Convention does not have to be followed every time. As long as the plot is clear...
2:52 AM
And the prize for weirdest NAA of the day goes to...
A: App Won't Load After Link /data/app to 2nd SD-Card Partition


@NormalHuman But the instructions is for us to draw it. And if we follow them then the conclusions don't make sense.
Can you post the problem?
So you get slope = composition ratio = 47%
3:00 AM
Yes, here you are measuring the yield of copper, so it's natural to think of (copper) = function(chloride).
Stalking websites
Stalker s = new Stalker("http://lms.asknlearn.com/");
s.addCallback(new StalkerCallback() {
    public void stalked(HttpURLConnection connection) {
        try {
            System.out.println("HTTP response code for askandlearn: " + connection.getResponseCode() + ": " + connection.getResponseMessage());
        } catch (IOException e) {
eww, Java
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted user: With enough rs3 gp ,What’s the top choice for Double XP Weekend? by Bob Niu on stackoverflow.com
Now, next teacher to bash.
@SmokeDetector tpu- spam
3:04 AM
My statistics teacher said covariance measures strength of a linear relationship, which made me confused for the whole class.
But it measures direction, correlation measures strength.
Correct him/her?
That's some spam
@AndrewT. Well, it's too late now.
Correlation is just the covariance with normalized units.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: With enough rs3 gp ,What’s the top choice for Double XP Weekend? by Bob Niu on stackoverflow.com
3:06 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu- answer to the spam question
@NormalHuman well, I like my @norm s
> 1 match - 1057 steps
Lol that's some regex
This one:
3:22 AM
Logging in to maths site gives me 20 rep there
Should I write a script to refresh once a day?
This may be the most confusing way to explain the problem possible.
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in body: bbvcvbcbvcvcbcvb by Tylurr on stackoverflow.com
It makes sense if you actually read the whole thing, but textbooks shouldn't expect that.
25 more rep to top of class
Does 3 more maths questions and writes cheating script
You don't need 4 sig figs if it's multiple choice.
3:27 AM
I know
I chose the advanced level
Think its +20 per question
[ SmokeDetector ] Chinese character in title: 这里有中国人吗?好多英文我都看不懂? by Hello kiwi on stackoverflow.com
I could just sit here all day until I get 2krep
3:30 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore- but close...
oh whoops, flagged spam
> What is the meaning of this? This is my first time on this website, I feel it's very big. (Even if I don't understand it)
and shtooped thing doesn't allow retracting flags
Flag to close as no related
Or vote
@bjb568 If you ignore everything except "expected" and "density function", the problem makes more sense.
3:32 AM
I don't think my chinese is that good
Yeah, these word problems…
It's like 3rd grade math all over again.
Sorry to hear that. — Normal Human 20 secs ago
> Are there China people here? I don't understand a lot of English words
If Jonny buys 49 cabbages at the grocery store and each costs $1.29, how many can he expect to drop on his way to the car?
With 49... all of them.
upvote on -16 question
That the store floor will have a cabbage density function.
@NormalHuman Lol
> Excruciating pain shot through me, setting me on fire.
@NormalHuman Then we can find the correlation between the mass of cabbage distributed over the x,y grid of the floor tiles vs the height of the cabbage from of off the ground!
This will help determine if cabbages are dark matter.
3:38 AM
Too easy
Doing great at keeping a lot of crap off the homepage, not so great at feeding middling questions to helpers, @Jyrki. Still working on that last bit. Kinda different goals from this though; this is more... "What misconceptions can we fix right off the bat" than "what lost souls can we save" — Shog9 ♦ 2 mins ago
... which I suppose benefits those who use Stack Overflow homepage, should such people exist.
Still no effect on tag pages, right?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica 403s for non-logged-in users (i.e. we can't see the image)
3:41 AM
can see it now
You are literally doing 1st grade math. Why?
Because that's what the system is giving me
what even is that thing?
@bjb568 E Learning
3:42 AM
(with a hard g)
I almost answered 3250, since I remember rounding to the nearest even number. I dunno why.
145 rep above everyone else
Maths page has CSS bugs
sd tpu-
970 rep
30 more to go
That's like double of second place
3:58 AM
Congratulation! You are now an established user.
I wonder how much more I need to get other avatars
48 mins ago, by bjb568
user image
wat even is this
You have X, a random variable. You have a function g. Applying a function to a random variable gives you another random variable, namely g(X). You are asked to find its variance.
The variance of thrice the square of the proportion or responders plus four?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, pattern-matching website in body: Acnevolution - A Revolutionary Solution To Beat On Acne by jamesmonta on stackoverflow.com
4:13 AM
As mentioned earlier, the stuff about respondents and proportions should be ignored as pure distraction.
The variance of g(X) is, of course, E[g(X)^2] - E[g(X)]^2
yeah, I know that part
So you'll be integrating stuff like \int g(x)^2 f(x) dx
Which looks moderately ugly, a 5th degree polynomial.
4:16 AM
test: $\int g(x)^2 f(x) dx$
:D mathjax bookmark is gewd
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica cleanse your soul
A regex with ^ in the middle? And $ at the beginning.
Looks valid
Lemme test
4:17 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Howto Reduce The Inflammation Acne Causes - Three Things You Can Do by hazelaruiz on superuser.com
sd tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Preventive Care Of Your Skin by paulderson on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, url-only title: http://loseweightgarcinianow.com/neuro-clarity/ by danarecinos on askubuntu.com
No longer need to do homework
4:39 AM
4:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Anti Aging Skin care Products by josephdixon on drupal.stackexchange.com
5:10 AM
xkcd simplewriter may be helpful when writing answers to certain questions.
I should try to write my next blog post like that.
Come to think of it, my English vocabulary isn't much larger than 1000, so passing the checker should be easy.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, email in answer: Why is Namor part of the Illuminati? by Jeff Baker on scifi.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Sigh. What do you do when a person on an SE site with way more than 10k encourages others to break the law (the answer explicitly says it breaks the relevant laws)? How do you escalate this further?
5:22 AM
Does it have to be escalated? Having a disclosure "what I suggest is illegal" is better than not having one. The readers, being so informed, can decide what they want to do.
You may decide to downvote the answer, for example.
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: What is the correct way of creating backlinks and anchor text? by Katie Mccracken on webmasters.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: WordPress plugin is not work properly by Dasangam Rahul on stackoverflow.com
5:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, url-only title: http://loseweightgarcinianow.com/neuro-clarity/ by chelsmart on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: How does Google's "No Captcha reCaptcha" work? by Lamborghini Aventador on security.stackexchange.com
6:15 AM
sd 4tpu-
@JamesENL I've only posted 2 messages since the latest reboot; that's not enough to execute all commands.
sd tpu-
the only way that might work is to starve yourself for two days, then run a marathon
it might kill you, but you would lose the weight
Hm. There is some nontrivial SO activity on that account.
6:20 AM
@NormalHuman maybe account hacked, I don't really care.
spammer should be stopped first, then if the team want they can investigate.
hmm, can't see any reason why this user is blocked. removing
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported question: Buying Volume Things From an Electric Wholesaler by AleciaHurley on serverfault.com
It's rmblu
6:22 AM
@ShadowWizard User removed from blacklist (84080 on electronics.stackexchange.com).
6:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: rich in E and B vitamins that are complex by user454488 on askubuntu.com
6:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ARRAYFORMULA + FILTER by Enzo on stackoverflow.com
I remember that some time ago someone asked for a feature to hide accounts from the network profile page (useful if someone create multiple account just for flagging). Any info about that?
It will probably happen when the network profile is redesigned to align with the site profile redesign (which introduce said feature there). But when that will happen, nobody knows.
i've never heard they were redisigning se.com?
A: Will the stackexchange.com network profile get an update that corresponds with the new profile?

JaydlesProbably! But not very soon. As it happens, the project lead for this and I we were just discussing the network profile, and for this exact reason - letting people see their aggregate people reached. We'd like to see this happen, but it's lower priority than getting a bunch of other stuff done,...

6:51 AM
sd - tpu-
@SmokeDetector this is still alive
7:10 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: World's Most Popular Webmail Services by gmailhelp on webapps.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: Displaying all the variables declared in a sh file by lê thuý on stackoverflow.com
Apparently this answer didn't get caught by smokey
A: Why does the Google Maps app need my phone call permission?


(NAA btw, not spam)
7:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: A Hard-Luck Farmer by Ashley Thomas on puzzling.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: PHP PDO Simple Insert Script Does Nothing, Shows No Errors by Proxy Master on stackoverflow.com
@CRABOLO yep, should be that one.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Do Testosterone Supplements Work by Helenmihel on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, blacklisted website in body: SAP SUCCESS FACTORS Online Training by mail567 on stackoverflow.com
8:12 AM
sd 2tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MY DLINK ROUTER WAN by akshay y on superuser.com
> My question would be, how can I make the (Android) system to boot in at least 6-8 seconds?
I doubt it will boot later.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website in body, pattern-matching website in body: how Cogni Lift consult your doctor first? by frakydoasy on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Anti Wrinkle Facial Cream - Everything You May Not Know by user501661 on superuser.com
9:17 AM
9:29 AM
@chmod711telkitty brews coffee for @chmod711telkitty
@chmod711telkitty I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
I'm not b\'rkedat all!
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected in title: WINDOWS SCRIPT HOST , ERROR:8000040005 by rajeswari on stackoverflow.com
9:33 AM
@chmod711telkitty brews a cup of earl grey tea for @chmod711telkitty
@chmod711telkitty Brown!
Brown ...
9:34 AM
I wanna cookie like thingy <3
9:56 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Online INFORMATICA Training in INDIA by snehitha12 on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in body: Not receiving data from BLE device by apheniti on stackoverflow.com
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