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12:07 AM
OH: "Just do LSD"
This explains the new user profile.
good advice -1
Q: What is this question asking me to do?

user237893The question is: Recurrence $T(n)=10^{\log n}$ to base $10$, show the order is $n$.

-1 too meta
What is this question asking me to do? — bjb568 8 secs ago
12:29 AM
(considering the username(
Either remove the carpet or clean it up with chemicals. And unless you're shining a really bright laser at the carpet to move it, you'll need chemicals to remove the carpet. So you'll have to use chemicals. Sorry, welcome to earth. — bjb568 8 secs ago
Your comments are quite useful and informative, oh, and totally constructive.
They'll need jesus physics!
brainstorming: what do we do with pedants?
12:40 AM
Elect them as mods?
Is Parenting close to graduation?
nah, Q's per day is still rather low.
@2mkgz no, at some point most just give up
It's a forum.
12:47 AM
a Q&A site for self proclaimed expert parents, bad parents that want to suck less, and anyone who has an opinion
@hichris123 Can we have a Pedants.SE?
yes plox
@Roombatron5000 a "expert parent" includes someone that can make pre-teens do his bidding?
@AlexisKing Already got a few dozen of those, thank you very much. :)
1:03 AM
@Braiam Is that my shot?! :)
@tchrist maybe >:)
I really want to know the geolocation for that pic.
Because I know exactly where to stand, and when, to take one indistinguishable from that one.
@tchrist check if WP had that metadata
@Roombatron5000 Parents who want to suck less need to stop emitting so much hot air. That would plug the leak.
> A freshly baled round bale in Montana
Ahem... spam on Patents is still at -1, and that was my flag.
OK, -2 now.
1:15 AM
ExifTool Version Number         : 9.90
File Name                       : Roundbale1.jpg
Directory                       : .
File Size                       : 73 kB
File Modification Date/Time     : 2013:10:05 07:51:28-06:00
File Access Date/Time           : 2015:05:04 19:11:42-06:00
File Type                       : JPEG
MIME Type                       : image/jpeg
JFIF Version                    : 1.01
Color Space Data                : RGB
Profile Connection Space        : XYZ
Profile Date Time               : 2003:07:01 00:00:00
No geo data, though.
It’s best read from bottom to top.
Shot in 2007.
A bit under 25 mm² sensor.
Why in the world he shot it with that high of an ISO and shutter speed given that much light, we'll never know. But it doesn't make any sense.
Hey, @tchrist, you should participate more on Parenting. You seem to have lots of opinions!
@AlexisKing “Suck less”.
@tchrist for moderator, anyone?
glares witheringly
We should somehow elect tchrist moderator on Lifehacks just to make him angry.
1:30 AM
How about @tchrist for Windows.SE mod?
If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve.
^ To preserve the sharpness? I heard that too low ISO can make edges softer
@AlexisKing The good news is you’ve just been elected moderator for life. The bad news is it’s a two-week term.
@tchrist Okay, new plan—don't make tchrist a moderator, give him a position writing action movie one-liners.
1:34 AM
True fan of small caps
@AndrewT. He used ƒ/8 on a sensor so tiny that you start to get diffraction blurring by ƒ/2 or so.
@2mkgz Not only can you not do small caps with Google Docs, you cannot even do proper kerning. It basically sucks.
@tchrist It's google, what do you expect?
@bjb568 Evil.
> marked as duplicate by [...], Martijn Pieters♦ ●
mod + gold badge ftw
@AndrewT. Was this marked before he became a mod?
1:37 AM
I enjoy being the fifth close-voter in which the gold medallion still shows. You realize what that means, right?
@2mkgz Mar 3, yes (link)
Normally the medallion disappears.
It only shows if superpowers were actually used.
So you overruled the majority with a binding vote.
If you sided with the majority, it does not show.
1:51 AM
I am dubious of the proffered small-caps solution on that question.
I bet anything it doesn’t work. After all, it’s Google.
Unless this translates into using the actual small caps in the font by resorting to CSS font-feature-settings: "smcp" 1 calls, this will not work. Instead it will be a mere caricature. Which thing occurs? You cannot use font-variant: small-caps, nor can you simply resize it. You must use the real one on the font. — tchrist 2 mins ago
If you feel entitled to an answer, you will never learn. — bjb568 40 secs ago
heh, perfect response to his comment, except I managed to post it before his.
@bjb568 parodies != paradise ↠ “Thickening, shrinking, and squashing the full caps with digital modification routines will only produce a parody.”
Um… that's kinda a messy time representation ^^
2:05 AM
Wait wait wait, people will go to skewl at 6:30?
Also, Dr Gordan is weird.
Must be all that Java getting to his brain.
> Here’s Amazon Echo hitting my home web server with voice commands via IFTTT thinking I’m WordPress via DNX on OS X. pic.twitter.com/K4VphI9EoD -- Nick Craver at 6:57 PM - 4 May 2015 via Twitter
@bjb568 The sun has already been up: no reason to burn daylight.
... again more slowly please?
@2mkgz Nick's making his Echo think he's Amazon.
@tchrist We're not cavemen.
@2mkgz srsly?
That wasn't jut an april fools joke?
2:08 AM
@bjb568 And of course the problem with that time representation is that you cannot tell whether it’s May Fifth or the Fifth of May.
Cinco de mayo!
@tchrist ISO 8601
@tchrist I've used both indistinctly
@bjb568 That’s right: we have this wonderful modern invention called home fenestration to magnificently announce the daystar’s return. Troglodytes did not.
@2mkgz How the ironing coming along anyway?
> What If updates are temporarily on hold, and will resume on July 14th, 2015 at 7:49:59 AM EDT.
2:11 AM
What!? And Randall didn't even use ISO 8601 here.
@Braiam And for good reason. :)
I'm voting to reopen.
@2mkgz Wait wait wait nevermind, Nick's making Amazon think his computer is his Echo.
What's that from?
2:16 AM
I wish he'd put a new one up
One more anatomically correct?
@bjb568 xkcd.
Unlike Stack Overflow, What If runs MathJax.
2:19 AM
Oh, that reminds me: I finally got the book from the library.
By that you mean electronically?
... ugh no.
Ooh, apparently it's an iBook, poke me after the exam to get me to buy it.
@2mkgz He was originally going to resume on July 14th, 2015 at 7:50:00 AM EDT instead of July 14th, 2015 at 7:49:59 AM EDT, but then that horrible thing happened on June 30th, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC.
2:24 AM
This is a fascinating question; I keep trying to figure out what is the thing at the bottom center.
And... invalid MathJax?
Try to use brain. Brain is much help in math. This problem is pretty fundamental in that you should use some theorem that is of calculus. — bjb568 22 secs ago
some numbers inside square root? or shoe?
A shoe is visible on bottom right.
2:36 AM
Wearing jeans, apparently.
I'm writing PHP
I feel dirty
this one is awesome what-if.xkcd.com/134
kicks @James for being dirty
!!/blame who made me dirty
Where is smokey?
Gentlemen (and ladies, and all non-binary gender assignations) Smokey has collapsed under the weight of overwhelming spam.
We should hold a memorial service, or alternatively just restart smokey
Smokey is ded.
2:46 AM
since yesterday
No, since ~4 hours ago.
His last words:
4 hours ago, by SmokeDetector
@2mkgz Registered question as false positive, but could not add title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Followed by me comforting the dying hero.
The search result says otherwise, but I can live with caching.
Or UTC. Yeah UTC.
I'm stupid.
2:51 AM
So, since yesterday but still not for very long.
Sometimes I see camera or compression artifacts with my eyes and then I try to convince myself I'm a robot.
Going to bed early now....
!bjb is a robot?
iz a robot? [translated]
Gah, does someone have a list of the LQP review comments?
Or did you mean the built-in comments?
Yeah, the built in ones.
I don't really like the pro-foma ones.
@hichris123 this one?
> Registered question as false positive, but could not add title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
3:05 AM
@hichris123 or do you need the link too?
A: Explain Pre-Teens and Teens the problems of a surveillance state and internet privacy

Atsby I want to present an audience, consisting of mostly teens and pre-teens, the problems of a surveillance state, [...]. That leads to an internal scissor in your head, i.e. you forget words and therefore actions if you are not allowed to use them, and it changes your thinking. When I Google "i...

I was looking for the links too, but I can just add it in manually.
Thanks @AndrewT.!
Night BJB
!BJB Night
...it's case-sensitive!?
3:07 AM
The only link there is "Ask question", which is {site}/question/ask
A: Does the climate have any effect on plate tectonics?

Tom JonesSo, is there a relation between increasing stored energy due to either higher surface temperatures or increases in ultraviolet radiation, and higher intensity of movements, pressure between plates or viscuous changes?

Trying to decide if this is a comment (so convert to comment) or another question (leave auto-comment).
I think this is a question.
Can you flag it as NAA and then review yourself?
I could, I guess...
Because then you wouldn't have to search for comments.
3:10 AM
Did they earn informed or not?
@2mkgz yeah. Only reason why I'm asking is since I'm on mobile.
@hichris123 caching
For 49 minutes?
Vote counts are cached for hours.
3:14 AM
@2mkgz actually, those are to prevent inferences of the vote-time
Welcome to Earth Science! This appears to be a new question; if you have a new question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. Include a link to this question if it helps provide context. If this was meant to be a comment, you can only comment on your own posts until you earn 50 reputation. — hichris123 ♦ 14 secs ago
Okay, good enough.
Comparison of monthly uniques.
Heh. We're much newer than them. I guess it helps that there are a ton of HNQ you can get regarding ES, but Astro is more complex.
3:19 AM
At my university, both Astronomy and Earth Sciences are the things you study when you have to meet distribution requirements in Natural Sciences and can't do Physics/Chemistry/Biology.
What is this forum thread... all saying the same thing to solve the issue. :O
I forgot I suggested this edit
50 close votes spent in 3.5 hours.
A: Extract information from a colon delimited file - C++

Charlescs 202 UNR,I have this same project for the last assigned project by Dr. L

3:44 AM
@2mkgz find any new auto-nukes? I was thinking "reputation" should be a good one to add. Most comments with that are "not enough reputation to accept an answer" , "congrats on 10k reputation points" , etc.. cc: @shog9
I didn't look for them. I don't normally flag comments (outside of strategic flag-farming to earn Marshal back in the days, which wasn't really necessary...)
oh, you're a bad explorer
I'm trying to be better at getting-things-done-in-RW thing.
Hey look, animuson has new ASCII art in his profile
I should add animuson and JNat to my CM-stalking script, they write more recently than most CMs.
3:51 AM
for sure
this should really be on woodworking diy.stackexchange.com/questions/65673/… , seems like reoccurring problem of some sites not migrating b.c they want the question count higher
but diy is already graduated
If it's on topic there, it shouldn't be migrated. Migration is a sub-option of "off-topic".
4:07 AM
any change on bringing Smokey back up?
@bjb568 Clear sign of sleep deprivation.
he's dead
@2mkgz Suicide due to terminal depression over his sudden inability to add title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
oh no, did the doc get too big?
gone ^
@2mkgz tp
Q: JAVA :- Beginner

PRASHANT MAROTHIYAIm New In JAVA Im Learning SWING.. Friends Tell Me Do We Have to Create RADIO Buttons DROP DOWN list CHECKBOX and all GUI COntrolles Through CODING in JAVA ??????????????? Cant We Create These GUI Controles Using DRAG And DROP Jus Like We Do In VISUAL STUDIO in .NET??? Is There Any IDE Avail...

^ for @tchrist's collection of ransom notes
4:26 AM
Clearly she has an aversion to typing.
Answered now.
There may be a stegagraphically hidden pattern in the capping.
Which when extracted reads "use /bin/ed for Java coding".
@2mkgz tpu
4:44 AM
@2mkgz do you have a user-stalking script?
yay , employee asked question on so stackoverflow.com/questions/30044488/…
he has more rep on area51 than any other site, simply amazing!
@bjb568 Go easy on the cinco de mayo; I suggest stopping at una or at most dos.
Una mayonesa.
Just as it would be uma or duas in Portuguese. Gender matters.
In any event, all that grease can't be good for your spots.
5:17 AM
@Roombatron5000 This one. It simply grabs the network activity pages, merges and reorders chronologically. Omits reviewing activity and badges earned. I used to run it from stackexchange.com as a bookmarklet before I bundled it into a Chrome extension.
All-caps title: CALENDAR STANDALONE PROGRAM CODE on Code Review. also OT: no code.
@Jamal, you there? Is Braiam
its so quiet with no smokey
@Braiam Jamal mod-hammered that question
5:33 AM
@2mkgz yeh, I know... that's why I'm sending him heartbeats
that sounds weird....
@2mkgz gone
^ there isn't even a link in that question
@James There is now. They sometimes edit it in later.
ahh I see
6:32 AM
blacklist candidate solarmoviesonline.com
even an answer :)
@bummi gone
A: oil for tabletop working dough

SenemallGet a less discriminating girlfriend.

6:50 AM
Mythology is shaping up nicely.
Unlike another private beta that's hardly worth mentioning.
@bummi gone
where is smokey?
@bummi gone
7:00 AM
@bummi Smokey is dead
for some reason
probably, sentience
7:32 AM
exhausting to AGF superuser.com/q/909883/172747 , even not able to edit
@bjb568 hi Hero :-)
bjb ... hero?
What is he? Speech impediment cat during the day, grammar Nazi at night?
@Bart yes :D
8:03 AM
@yushi are you a sockpuppet? ;)
Indeed. Good morning!
8:09 AM
^ rude/offensive
@bummi gone
@AndrewT. don't worry there will be more :/
@Bart yes ofc.... of bjb :xD
8:21 AM
^ Spam.
blacklist candidate technologypartner.in
Low Quality Q (TPA'd by Sam): GENERAL TOPOLOGY, by STEPHAN, on math.stackexchange.com.
8:37 AM
@Pham answered by... wut?
... and upvoted???
Humans are weird.
dammit. Edit already pending
btw my last three posts are somehow related
8:44 AM
unclear. inappropriate?
I CV'd as unclear.
@Pham gone
@Pham gone
> Show code snippet
Uhh, not that button...
9:00 AM
lol what an edit. :P
9:57 AM
Spam Q (TPA'd by Mooseman): Machine dresses that want, by john, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
Spam Q (TPA'd by Mooseman): people to get people on, by Jennifer Lyons, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
Machine dresses that want? OMG, the singularity is coming!
The second one is just NSFW
Hiya @Unihedron
Hiya @Mooseman
I believe we already have a game open on lichess?
10:08 AM
@Mooseman And me too :p
@Sam How about lichess.org/kk1IMJcY ?
Lemme find the link...
@Pham no, they attract spam flagger
@Pham gone
10:13 AM
@SilentKiller Access denied (this incident will be reported).
@Pham gone
>>add-user 177257
@Sam User added!
@Sam :P
@Pham memory loss BOT :P
10:15 AM
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 3 hours ago, by Sam
I'll start an old instance of Pham, seeing as Smokey's dead.
in Low Quality Posts HQ, yesterday, by Sam
Dev progress update: Phamhilator Network v2 is now actively under development. (I can't guarantee the current network's stability; i.e., pham will most likely remain inactive whilst under development.)
@Sam why an old instance ? what happen to new one ?
@SilentKiller Because the new instance of Pham has dependencies that aren't ready.
@Unihedron ok sir
Yam, unfinished modules, a proper energy transformer, intelligence cores, etc.
Yeah, what Uni said.
10:22 AM
new official SE t-shirt proposal:
user image
^ offensive
@Pham gone
Some moderators seems to handle them differently but I thought for just random characters etc then officially it's just NAA: meta.stackexchange.com/a/58035/203972
It's an abuse of the system
@PeterJ Messages like this have a history of "abusing the system". cough stackbot cough
A: Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Shog9 I'm assuming that's not what "abusive" in this reason is referring to You know what they say about assumptions... ...they say that they're often wrong. Like you are. In this case. If someone is abusing the site by posting gibberish, flag it as such. Any combination of 6 spam or offensive ...

Spam Q (TPA'd by Sam): Absorbs resistance chain don't wan, by Ruth Marks, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
10:59 AM
> If someone is abusing the site by posting gibberish, flag it as such. Any combination of 6 spam or offensive flags will delete and lock the post along with imposing various penalties and restrictions. Which is good, since spammers and other ne'er-do-wells often "test the waters" by posting nonsense before embarking on their campaigns of evil.
cc @PeterJ
spam ^

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