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8:00 PM
@AlexisKing Then it sucks by default.
@Sam I don't know. I can get whatever version that works though.
@Jefffrey Hey, I like static typing, but most statically-typed languages have terrible type systems.
Such as?
Java, C#, C++, the usual.
Rust has a good type system.
8:01 PM
I like terrible languages. for example, I enjoy writing JavaScript
Java has broken generics and inner inheritance.
it is a sickness
As do Haskell and ML, but those are on a different level.
@rlemon /me vomits.
Do you agree that weak static type systems are better than dynamic type systems?
8:02 PM
@Jefffrey Likely.
@cky I can enjoy writing CoffeeScript. ;)
@Jefffrey Depends on your intention, but usually no.
@cky your gag reflex goes away after the first successful node deployment
@AlexisKing Sorry, Whalesong is where it's at. ;-)
This discussion is boring though
@cky I hate Whalesong, and I'm basically a member of the Church of Racket. :<
8:02 PM
@Jefffrey agree
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 19 hours ago, by AstroCB
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 6 mins ago, by animuson
@AstroCB Happens every election. People crawl out of the woodwork for a chance at being mod and then when they don't get elected disappear off the planet again
@AlexisKing ;-)
@rlemon Where's @nicael to file a bug report? ;D
@Jefffrey true
8:05 PM
@cky Whalesong is some weird amalgamation that pretends to be a Racket-like language but actually isn't at all.
@AlexisKing undocumented feature ;)
26 candidates in the first 24 hours.
We're definitely going over.
@AstroCB nonononono we were just getting over that conversation
@AlexisKing That room is dead silent.
8:08 PM
I almost forgot
Oh yeah elections
@AstroCB It wouldn't be dead silent if you started talking in it. :)
@AstroCB please don't throw me out please don't throw me.out please :p
Half of the transcript is bjb and Benjamin Gruenbaum arguing.
@AlexisKing It wasn't really necessary to quote Astro there.
Just let the bjb/ben thing die in peace.
@JasonC I was just trying to give context to that reply is all.
Otherwise it'd be really out of nowhere :p
8:13 PM
Well, the election thing is boring too. So I'll head back to the C++ room.
Q: Oneboxing a onebox from a different chat server generates a weird URL

hichris123So if you try to onebox a onebox from a different chat server, this weirdness happens. Basically, it generates this URL: http://chat.stackexchange.com//stackoverflow.com/questions/25609915/php-sql-match-against Now, obviously that isn't right. I've also tested this here, and I'm assuming it...

@hichris123 +1
(Now to wait for Shog to murder me)
@hichris123 I think that's called a twobox.
Where does the term "onebox" come from, anyway?
I'm not sure I've ever really considered that.
8:22 PM
(I win)
@AlexisKing Too bad. I was hoping for JS macros without having to pull out sweet.js.
especially since Scheme macros are insanely awesome.
@AlexisKing The one box to rule them all.
^ I think his rage quit is over, but because of SE rules he can't change his name back.
@AstroCB Kind of a polite looking rage quit, lol
8:26 PM
Either that, or he's trying to make some kind of point. Either way, he's commenting on nomination posts, so he's still here.
> has problems with character limi
It's been a pleasure.
Tip: if you have URLs (particularly long Stack Overflow/Exchange ones) in your nomination post, removing them or using URL shorteners saves you an unbelievable number of characters.
I don't have charcap issues.
But thanks!
I was able to add on an entire paragraph.
@tchrist link?
8:39 PM
A: Request for aggregate data regarding deleted questions with subjects containing CORRECT, GRAMMA, or RIGHT

Jon EricsonIncluding deleted answers: Deleted Closed Open Cl/Op% Del/All% ------- ------ ---- ------ -------- CORRECT 938 1513 1687 47% 29% GRAMMA 250 341 333 51 37% RIGHT 111 17 294 38 24% Any 1299 2031 2314 47 30% If...

(Maybe. ;-)
@JasonC At least you got some engagement; mine only has four comments, two of which are mine...
Lol, I was also expecting more intense questioning in the chat room.
Nice username. Almost as if they're trying to say something
> Also if anyone helped you, why voting is important and how accepting answers works
8:45 PM
I kind of really like when people criticize me, it's super satisfying to fend them off. I'm a little jealous that bjb got an entire chat room on his case.
@Unihedro he hangs around JS room
@JasonC Another thing to star if I had any left.
kewl, no experience; saw them posting on main site.
@AstroCB got you covered ;)
@Unihedro he had a bad answer and we discussed it in the JS room and he entered complaining about the downvotes :D
he's not actually that bad tho, just a funny username
8:47 PM
@JonEricson Thank you, sir.
(Still waking up.)
@rlemon That's interesting.
I agree, ? ^
9:03 PM
@rlemon you dog! fancy seeing you in here
Ironically I came in for the same topic you are talking about, I was about to look for something here in the transcript I remember
j/k btw I <3 rlemon
Client to me: "You're hard to get hold of. I'll call you at 10AM". At 11AM: "I'll call you at 3PM." At 5PM, "Sorry, I'll call you tomorrow." Rinse, repeat. Every single time.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Pushing back a pointer inside a vector in a struct by davidoke on stackoverflow.com
That is really common. Hanselman even wrote an article on his complaints about a client doing that last month.
I can find it if you want a link.
@TravisJ Yeah actually, if you can dig it up easily, I'm always interested in reading about those types of things.
9:13 PM
@TravisJ Sweet, thanks.
> I'm on Lync, Skype, Slack, Twitter, and my cell phone is published in the company directory. And you just literally said with a straight face, "I couldn't get ahold of you." O_O
Oh man.
Yeh, that line was what triggered the article when I read your comment
Q: Who would you like to help moderate this site?

Robert CartainoIdeally Moderators are elected by the community, but until this site reaches a critical mass to hold an election, we will be appointing some provisional Moderators to fill that role. We need your help. Please nominate some folks you might like to see become the provisional moderators for this si...

This is somewhat unusual... typically users start a discussion of possible candidates on their own.
I don't remember seeing a call for candidates by Cartaino, except for unusual situations/sites like Patents.
9:31 PM
Heads up, we will be spinning up the BGP session with our provider that had issues this morn. You may see some issues as routes re-converge
@JonEricson If you don't mind answering: what's SO's close rate?
@pizza The SE staff does it at the beginning of public beta if the community hasn't already.
Oh wow: public beta started 28 days ago.
@hichris123 10%, which is #104. The deletion rate is at 20% (#43).
@JonEricson How about Math? SO & Math tend to have the most low-quality questions, so it'd be interesting if they're both in the bottom quartile.
shakes fist at @Shog9
@hichris123 9% and 16%.
9:43 PM
not enough
@rlemon DMCA @ you
I avoid all takedown notices by throwing pizza parties
@rlemon You've got competition, animatedpizzagifs.com (yes, apparently that exists)
9:52 PM
Seems I need to step up my game
Warning, sameless self advertisement of a meta post incoming:
Q: Add link to Recommend deletion guidelines directly in the Low Quality Queue

durron597All the guidance the Low Quality queue offers is this, for deleting answers: Recommend Deletion to recommend that this answer be deleted That's not guidance at all! After much searching, I finally managed to turn up this post: Reviewing low quality posts: when to delete Which is really gr...

I think there are no drawbacks to doing this and it should take only minutes to implement.
Okay, I regret coming in here now, as I am blinded by pizza.
6-8 minutes, precisely.
Also, you're welcome.
If elected moderator, I pledge to make all visitors to the Tavern regret their decision to enter within 6-8 minutes.
@JasonC You mean, 6-8 minutes?
@durron597 Nice. Can I hire you to be my publicist?
@JasonC You could, but you probably couldn't afford me.
9:56 PM
I can pay in animated pizza GIFs.
@TimStone Now just get hired, please? :P
@JonEricson interesting, thanks.
@JasonC I want gifs of you eating pizza. cam2gif.io/cam2gif (shameless self promotion)
@JasonC Why do I need those when I already have this?
@durron597 This is not a battle you want to start, my friend.
@bjb We need you!
Later guys.
Battle of the userscripts...
@rene stackpverflow really? :P
10:03 PM
@hichris123 please, I had a long day, OK?
It is way-past my bedtime
@hichris123 I'm game.
@rene Go to bed then. ;)
@Undo 4 to go
10:04 PM
wanna what?
it is solved.
@hichris123 I will, night...
yeah, I somehow managed to vote for it to be closed as a dupe of the wrong thing and had to retract my vote
@Undo "as mod, I pledge to close all duplicate EC2 questions"
@rene cya in the morning. :)
@hichris123 inline webm/gifv and visual hex codes are my more recent kinda useful scripts
ignore the innerHTML.replace mess, I got lazy
10:10 PM
@rlemon Make @bjb568 use the first one -- he has a habit of posting 100 MB gifs.
it doesn't fix people who don't gifv
but I could write one that does...
but would only be able to consistently target imgur links (I know they are also gifv's).
@rlemon that would be nice.
Next step: figuring out how to get it on bjb's computer...
I replace them for you
hopefully before the load bothers
you are a stock. livestock
10:24 PM
I'm not a farm animal, and I don't get it if that's metaphor
that's not a farm animal?
i'm a wobbuffet
that's just one of my sheep
> And you prefer tabs to spaces at a ratio of 4:3.
@Doorknob that's so 8 hours ago.
10:27 PM
> Who are “we”?
“We” are a small company (~5 people) called CrispBit. I am the CEO.
8 hours ago, by Sam
> And you prefer tabs to spaces at a ratio of 4:3.
Raising the follow-up question.. who are you? :)
Hey, I picked a random number out of the air and was right! \o/
Nice, Rust is pretty high up on the "Most Loved" list, which I'm sure Manish will be happy about ^.^
10:29 PM
@pizza I'm a wobbuffet. Doesn't my site look terrible atm? :/
Vim > Emacs :D :D :D
"Only 48% of you have a degree in computer science" 52% of us are kids
@Doorknob the only reason people learn vim is because it takes a few hours to figure out how to just exit it the first time around.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Group sharing photos without registration? by user38975 on photo.stackexchange.com
10:33 PM
@rlemon the first time i used vimtutor
@SmokeDetector tpu offensive
@hichris123 Blacklisted user.
Do you guys think there will be 30 candidates and I will be kicked from the election?
i don't think i'll win but i'd like to get as far into it as possible and see if i get last like last time. That tells me how much I need to improve
@rlemon pssshhhh, the only reason the Emacs stat is so high is because of all the people whose pinkies have fallen off who can't reach the ctrl key anymore to exit. :P
10:37 PM
my ctrl key is sticking :(
I spilled a drink on it
need to open it up and clean er out
i exit with :q
ZZ/ZQ for life
I've been using Vim for about 2 years now, mostly because I can't figure out how to exit it.
@hichris123 hah, seen that before :P
10:50 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's about using a Google service. This question would be better suited on Web Applications SE. — Mooseman 9 secs ago
CiviCRM reach public beta. Got a custom logo even, like Craft CMS
@Mooseman The tag description says it's for the html5 canvas, so isn't it correct to delete it on that question?
@SmokeDetector fp edited
@pizza Registered answer as false positive.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Why do my stored cashews smell like fish? by davop on cooking.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Undo Blacklisted user.
@hichris123 voted on both
@SmokeDetector @AstroCB can you translate?
11:13 PM
is anyone in the chat allowed to tell the smoke detector if it's a tp or fp?
@Ixrec We have a list of privileged users just so someone can't mess the bot up.
@Ixrec Happy birthday. :)
11:18 PM
it's not my birthday but thanks
@SmokeDetector fp? looks like a stuck caps lock key and lazy writing rather than spam
@Ixrec Smokey picks out other non-spam things too. You can tell from the start of its message, "All-caps title" is just one of the filters. Means we still may want to give it attention, even if it isn't spam.
You can't really tp/fp the all-caps filter, since its objective, although you could tpu/fpu to blacklist or whitelist the user if there's a bigger [non-]issue happening.
I'd definitely have down/closevoted if I had the rep on those sites
ah, ok
does it have a manual somewhere? the github page didn't explain anything
11:33 PM
It's uh... a work in process. Not sure what the latest state of the wiki is, let's see...
@JasonC I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
^ Yeah, that just has a brief summary. Best we get right now.
The details you can usually figure out pretty quickly just by hanging out here for a while.
Everytime I go to bed, I get a ping. Current score: 3 today, 2 in close succession
Haha, sorry. Turn your volume down, man!
11:43 PM
or I could just ignore them. But I always think they're important :-)
Customize ping sounds depending on who sends the ping, so that you can quickly identify pings from me as unimportant.
Should not be too hard: turn off built-in notifications, replace by custom ones via a userscript.
I hope it's not the same troll we've had a couple weeks ago. :/

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