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3:03 PM
I work with lasers
Laser pointers.
...and @bjb chases them.
People still use Notepad++? Eeek.
Why Eeek?
It's... Notepad++...
yeah, why Eeek?
A bit on the ugly + not easy to use side.
> Upon closer examination of the data, a trend emerges: Developers increasingly prefer spaces as they gain experience. Stack Overflow reputation correlates with a preference for spaces, too: users who have 10,000 rep or more prefer spaces to tabs at a ratio of 3 to 1.
3:08 PM
I don't see how it's not easy to use. And plenty of nifty plugins as well.
I guess I can't vote for you as a mod then @hichris123.
^^^ this
I retract my earlier statement then.
Notepad++ is the reason there can be great software.
3:09 PM
@hichris123 flip-flopper
PRESS RELEASE (for immediate publication): hichris123 is accepting of all text editors.
@bjb568 I think what happens next depends on how serious you are about running for moderator. Most criticism of moderators isn't removed from sight whether it is fair or not. The position demands that you respond to complaints directly and honestly. So it feels awkward to remove pointed comments even if rooted in past history.
^^ wise words
@bluefeet I have Notepad++ installed on one computer. So I guess I don't hate it that much. :P
@bjb568 I don't think mods can moderate the election page; that's for CMs to handle. Election room chat is one way to bring stuff to their attention.
3:11 PM
Interesting: PHP developers always had the lowest salaries.
@hichris123 PHP is an effect, not the cause.
wait wait wait -- the survey summary page was built with unicorn tears? I think we need HR to look into this!
@Mooseman huh. As you become more enlightened, you move away from PHP? :P
@Bart You haven't used it recently!
I don't like the vague "well known history of abuse" in that comment, however. Comments aren't really the best place to ask questions of candidates. I'd recommend updating your nomination if you have anything to say about how you have grown as a user, @bjb568. I think that's the issue Benjamin is trying to draw out of you.
3:14 PM
@hichris123 your Notepad++ statement got me pretty close.
lol @TimStone broke elections.SE: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/289554/…
@hichris123 Bad developers are PHP developers, but PHP developers aren't bad developers.
@hichris123 Uh oh
@Bart I love all text editors, including (but not limited to): Notepad++, Emacs, Vi{m}, Sublime Text, and Atom.
3:16 PM
> Uncaught ReferenceError: StackExchange is not defined
@TimStone yeah maybe you need that feed for the [elections] tag...
@hichris123 I can't vote for a developer who cares so little about his choice of tools.
Notepad++ is by far the best text editor, imo. VS is a good IDE.
@JonEricson I'm accepting of all though!
I never said I would use them all, however. :P
Feb 16 at 18:02, by Doorknob
@LynnCrumbling One does not simply mention Vim and Emacs in the same sentence (and/or group of messages)
3:17 PM
@hichris123 a sign of weakness
@hichris123 Vim and Emacs in the same sentence? -10 charisma :(
@Bart What, I can't be accepting of both glasses and cats, hmm? I see how it is!
@hichris123 glasses. Simple choice.
How about spectacles?
Everyone likes a good spectacle.
3:19 PM
@Sam Higher rep users use spaces, therefore spaces are better
@Unihedro @ProgramFOX I mentioned Emacs & Vi{m} in the same sentence. There's a difference! :P
@Undo Yeah, I saw the paragraph.
@hichris123 nah, that matches Emacs & Vim :P
@Undo my tabs auto-convert to spaces ...
@Undo spaces r truth
3:21 PM
The only correct indentation is four spaces followed by one tab
@minitech has spoken
@minitech With tab width set to 2 in the editor preferences. You are a monster.
Really, though, it’s the best of every world. Two spaces in there? Check. Four spaces? Check. A tab? Check. Eight characters wide? Check.
@PatrickHofman closed
3:28 PM
While we're at it, go close stackoverflow.com/questions/9767114/… too :P
@hichris123 thanks. my possible soon-to-be-favorite-mod ;)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's about installing/using Ubuntu, rather than programming. — Mooseman 1 min ago
@Mooseman You might want to work on your wording.
@PatrickHofman I might agree with that
3:34 PM
Q: Should we close bug reports that are tagged [status-completed]?

AntonyI came across this bug report that was closed after it has been tagged status-completed. It looks like a perfectly fine bug report to me, but somehow it was closed as off-topic. Take a look at the close reason: The problem described here can no longer be reproduced. Changes to the system or ...

My answer: No
@PatrickHofman lol thanks. :)
@Mooseman tl;dr cv-pls [tag:ubuntu-*]
@Mooseman you technically could have voted to close that as possibly being on-topic on SuperUser instead of a custom close reason
3:38 PM
@bluefeet I was considering that. But wouldn't it be better suited for Ask Ubuntu?
any clue how to recover my sidebar?
This is why I can't ever have a datacap
Does anybody have a link to the data.se query to find posts eligible for reaching the sportsmanship badge? Thanks!
@Mooseman Just a second
lol thanks
based on the user name, this seems spammy: stackoverflow.com/a/29495465/189134
3:46 PM
> You haven't voted on questions in a while; questions need votes too!
> 10000 rep Stack Overflow users earn 35% more than average stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2015pic.twitter.com/Rl46ij3qiG -- Joel Spolsky at 8:01 AM - 7 Apr 2015 via Twitter
@bjb568 Ah so that's how Shog lost his body, see: hat testing.
@hichris123 That one is familiar from Twitter, this is previously unreleased material. (As in, I haven't seen it elsewhere).
> A younger sister commented, " you look Amish, except you have ears" (apparently Amish men tend to have shaggy hair covering their ears... which would have described me over winter).
3:53 PM
so is it 2 new mods for election? if so, i think it should be 3 , since animuson won't have the same role/time on SO anymore. So if only 2, it's net effect of like 1 or even 0.75 new mods if they aren't as good as animuson. 3 new mods it should be
It's 3.
@Roombatron5000 They're all replacements.
The Replacements are an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1979, and are considered pioneers of alternative rock. The band was composed of the guitarist and vocalist Paul Westerberg, guitarist Bob Stinson, bass guitarist Tommy Stinson and drummer Chris Mars for most of its career. Following several critically acclaimed albums, including Let It Be and Tim, Bob Stinson left the band in 1986 and the band experienced several line-up changes; Slim Dunlap joined as lead guitarist and Steve Foley replaced Mars in 1990. Towards the end of the band's career, Westerberg exerted more...
So I'm wondering now, @Shog9: did you grow up in Minnesota?
what makes you wonder?
3:59 PM
oh great, we've moved on from stalking bjb to stalking shog
This will end well
@Shog9 Well, for instance flickr.com/photos/shog9/60234784 + what you just linked.
that's some fine detective work there
@hichris123 ? so more than animuson left/is leaving?
in fact, I was born in that bridge, and spent the first 30 years of my life living under it
@Roombatron5000 Hired.
4:00 PM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@Undo Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@Shog9 your head, like tumbleweed, blown across the country ...
just like that
@Shog9 So you were the Grumpy Old Troll, eh?
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 20 hours ago, by bluefeet
two mods have left and one will be announced after the election
4:05 PM
Does the last one know?
@Shog9 Well, it all depends on your definition of the midwest...
let's start simple: what's your definition for "the"
^ I guess we've established the "troll" part ... now as for grumpy and old ...
@Shog9 We should let bjb's bot define it!
!comp the
determiner | definite article; used before a noun to denote one specific, unique, or outstanding instance of that noun
4:09 PM
in that case, I'm from "the midwest" insofar as I'm from "the best" midwest.
Sam Brand on April 07, 2015

Every year we ask our users to tell us a little about themselves. This year we asked our users to tell us a lot.

For 2 weeks in February 2015, we ran a 45 question survey. We asked where you live, what programming languages & frameworks you use, how much money you make, how much coffee you drink, and whether you prefer tabs or spaces when writing code. More than 26,000 of you responded, making this year’s survey quite possibly the most authoritative developer survey ever conducted.

A few findings: …

@Shog9 Yes, but what is your definition of midwest? See, that's where we get into trouble...
not at all east, and not at all California
How about the great plains?
how 'bout them great plains?
pretty great, eh?
pretty plain too
4:13 PM
Are they now?
Are they in the midwest, @Shog9?
some of them are
Is this NAA?
Hrm, we need a Maps.SE site so I can ask "What states make up the midwest?"
Basically every answer which contains "I would put this into comment if I had enough reputations" looks like NAA to me
@hichris123 Let's just ask Google
It presents a nice picture for you too
4:17 PM
!comp What states make up the midwest?
hm, botling doesn't know
Google > @bjb568
Why is this year's election so much fun?
4:19 PM
I want to move to Hooters!
@Roombatron5000 Man, PA should have gotten Heinz.
@Andy Yeah but people (and floating heads) are irrational. My definition of the midwest would not include ND, SD, Nebraska, and Kansas.
wait, Iowa?
My sidebar appears when i load the page, then immagiately dies
4:20 PM
SVGs don't one-box :(
@Unihedro Extension(s)? Userscript(s)?
websocket listener & Madara's script that embeds pics in the starscript in a bar, I've tried disabling them
And lemon's chat plugin doesn't work on chat.meta.SE yet
A: Change Chat Oneboxing to recognize SVGs

balphaFair point, and easy enough. Added to the next build. Of course (as with the other image types), this only looks at file extensions, and just assumes if the URL ends with .svg (or .jpg etc.) that it's an image.

[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: Web To Lead is not creating Leads in Salesforce by Nandhu on salesforce.stackexchange.com
4:24 PM
@SmokeDetector del
Oh yeah, it's because I'm retarded.
No that was a png
Yeah, but that's an SVG ^, and I'm still a retard.
Parameters break it.
Unless you use the ! anyways:
I was linking to the wikipedia viewer page (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midwestern_United_States#/media/…), not the image itself.
4:27 PM
But that's enough unicorns said no one ever.
No one ever said "but that's enough unicorns" and then no one didn't?
4:45 PM
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶) on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Hakase
Site Exchange could be users from site A telling users from site B what they know and how topic A connects with topic B, basically listing all possible points of interests users B can have in A (the opposite happens simultaneously)
anyone like the idea?
Is there a way to get the count of answer votes vs question votes for a user from SEDE? The stat that's display under "votes -> by type" on the profile page.
Spam A (TPA'd by Mooseman): Please contact me @ pickett@conwaycorp.net JCP, by JCP, on stats.stackexchange.com.
@Pham gone.
4:58 PM
@SmokeDetector gone
@JasonC No, this information is not in SEDE. Is user's breakdown of votes per Q/A available on Data Explorer?
5:13 PM
@SmokeDetector gone
Low Quality A (TPA'd by Undo): I've the same problem, if someone have any solution ..., by Brice, on android.stackexchange.com.
@JonEricson no chars left…
@JonEricson I guess it's a difficult situation. So the comments won't be removed?
@bjb568 unless you withdraw the post.
not doing that
Then the comments will stay, fair or not; The only way to override it is with your goodwill :)
5:23 PM
> I think we have a clash of rhetorics here. While one side takes a more lighthearted approach, the other side takes things more serious. As a matter of fact, I can live with both. Some people who need some guidance need a (more or less friendly) kick in their behinds to move to the right direction, others need benevolent, calm and/or polite advice. So my question would be: Granted you have a history and granted it is past, by which signs would you distinguish those two types I mentioned today?
WTH is he asking?
@bjb568 Whether you're the kind of person who needs a kick in the right direction or you work better with benevolent, calm and/or polite advice.
@bjb568 So I think part of the concern with your nomination as it stands is that it doesn't help us know what sort of moderator you will be. You used a lot of your characters to, well, make jokes. It would be a lot stronger if you cut that stuff out and told us more about your platform.
If you want more than that, you'd have to try to understand the entire thing.
BJB definitely needs to be kicked
@Unihedro "don't kick the kat"
@JonEricson come on I got a C in English 2nd quarter
5:25 PM
@bjb568 He's basically asking what Uni just said, but in a more meta way. Instead of directly asking "which type of candidate are you", I think he's asking "how would you tell the difference between those two types of candidates" and hoping to judge what type you are based on your response to that.
Ah ok
It's kind of an indirect approach.
That's just a guess though.
Yeah. ^
Such confuse.
@bjb568 It has nothing to do with the quality of your writing. It's about being clear about who you are and what you hope to accomplish. (Though good writing skills help both with writing a compelling nomination and being an effective moderator.)
5:27 PM
Me sux
n can't type
Will update when home
Hey Jon can I get your opinion? I feel like my nomination post was full of a lot of "I believe"s but not a lot of platform or plan, in reading it now. Is this an accurate assessment?
@JonEricson (and also communicating with your peers after getting the position, which helps with carrying out your tasks.)
It wasn't my intention but I think it needs some work for next year.
I wrote about the making of StackEgg, the Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange April 1st game: http://balpha.de/2015/04/the-making-of-stackegg/ http://t.co/dAyf3RlL0Y
Wow. It takes a lot of scrolling to find an individual nomination. Let me see...
5:29 PM
Mostly blex's comment kind of bummed me out.
7 hours ago, by Unihedro
You're late :D
@JonEricson I edited a link in, ha. But stackoverflow.com/election/6#post-29479047
@JonEricson I always just cmd-F for the candidate's name, works fairly well for most of them
^ Except for bjb, he's all over the place.
5:31 PM
@Undo Nah, there's comments and comments and more comments.
@Unihedro >:(
You have to go through a couple matches, but it's still better than scrolling IMO
You can kind of spot where they are with the highlights on the scrollbar, on chrome at least
@cky I was really confused who you were for a second... why not ckjy?
5:33 PM
^ looks pretty spammy due to the link
Total mom spam.
It's a spam attempt..
> The average developer is 28.9 years old. He or she was born in April 1986, just as the Chernobyl meltdown was taking place.
5:35 PM
Maybe this explains the mod election, and generally things about SO.
@JasonC That's a really great comment, though. I like your nomination and I think writing one is a difficult assignment. As you say the character limit is rough.
Little known fact: The average developer was actually born in Chernobyl.
@ProgramFOX no definition, it's whichever you want
It might explain BJB's nomination
5:36 PM
Low Quality A (TPA'd by Undo): where did you get a new iphone 4s with ios 6 ?, by Naveen Jayaprakash, on apple.stackexchange.com.
Fact: Pham finds more LQ posts than Smokey
@Unihedro Fact: most of those don't need more than one flag, i.e., don't need a chatroom.
@Unihedro Mostly because Smokey is set up for spam. ;)
^ that
@hichris123 cky was my initials back in 1998, when I first started using that for my username.
Jester-Young is my married surname, and I got married at the end of 2006.
5:38 PM
@cky ah.
Meta-fact: Pham gets (heaps!!) more fps than Smokey.
@Unihedro Pham also gets more tp's xD
False positives, not frames per second
@JonEricson Thanks; if I write one for next year I'll have to think a little more about what's important in a summary. Writing that and reading all the nominations is good experience in general.
@Unihedro Haha, I was trying to figure that out.
@SmokeDetector NAA
And the second answer there too.
That thread is the epitome of Android.se.
@JasonC I'm reading the uncut version now. I think some of the more personal stuff at the end (what you do in your job, for instance) would improve your nomination. (It strikes me that this is an exercise in writing a micro-resume.)
@JonEricson Oh god, I can't believe you submitted yourself to that torture.
Choosing what to sacrifice to add personal stuff is pretty tough.
5:47 PM
What do you mean, sacrifice?
I suppose I could put it in my user profile.
@Unihedro To stay under the character limit.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Variable Questions with a Graph Figure by user3373360 on math.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@hichris123 Blacklisted user.
5:50 PM
@hichris123 User removed from blacklist (226056 on math.stackexchange.com).
We'd be faster if we weren't batching requests
@Undo 9651
I kinda wonder if we could get away with not batching
5:52 PM
@Undo it's also just time.sleep(60) due to the API caching.
@hichris123 oh, we're doing that too?
we could scrape the page like Pham does, but I really don't like the idea of that.
Use ChatExchange.Net ;)
@Unihedro We already have the original ChatExchange, which works perfectly for chat.
The issue is API caching for getting answer bodies
Q: Add a realtime answers tab to stackexchange.com

UndoWe already have an awesome realtime questions tab for every question that comes in over the whole network. But in the spirit of Optimizing For Pearls, Not Sand, shouldn't we also have a realtime answers tab? It'd be really neat to see the answers coming through for each question in the network,...

I mean, what we're doing works, and it really works quite well, we can afford the 1-2 minutes (120 seconds) for a spam answer to live
6:17 PM
17 hours ago, by AstroCB
3 hours ago, by AstroCB
It's a tad sad that there are a few candidates whom I've never heard of who barely participate in moderation at all yet have rep way higher than me and are going to end up shoving me and other lower-rep-but-more-active-with-moderation candidates out simply because of that.
Just saying.
Meh I agree
A lot of these high-reppers have little to no Meta participation, which concerns me.
They say they don't want Meta police, but really, to be an effective mod, you have to know what the site policies are.
@JanDvorak I will try not to kick bjb during the elections because he is a mod candidate :/
vba4all requested account deletion? stackoverflow.com/users/2140173/its-been-a-pleasure
@InfiniteRecursion you're not a candidate, so he's still fair game
6:22 PM
@pizza again?
@inf They won't win, you have nothing to worry about revenge ;)
@pizza It has been like that ever since the MSO post. I guess they forgot to use "contact us" and request deletion.
A: Can we use something other than reputation as the bottleneck for election primaries?

Tim PostI almost proposed merging the nomination and primary parts of the election after almost not making it through to the primary in 2011 myself. Had a curious passer-by not dug through my history and noticed that I dropped a 500 rep bounty (we used to toss in +50) on a question that really belonged ...

6:24 PM
@Inf You need to set up a bot that does nothing but allow the Tavern to vote to kick BJB. :)
Make Smokey an owner and I'll I might make it happen
@Unihedro Not worrying, just a mark of respect for potential mod candidate :)
> It's about goddamned time. – Will 2 hours ago
On Martijn's nomination....
Low Quality A (TPA'd by Undo): I love cricket i am right ha d batsman, by pratik r ghadi, on sports.stackexchange.com.
6:26 PM
@rene Yeah, well, Martijin's always been a shoe-in, should he have decided to run.
@AlexisKing I'd star this if I had any left – this is important.
@AstroCB Ok, pinned it.
Inf ... :D
@InfiniteRecursion :D
6:29 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: About Oscilloscope Probing Philosophy by alex on electronics.stackexchange.com
> I AM TEH BATMAN - Some Spammer
@SmokeDetector I'm actually not sure if that is spam...
@AstroCB I don't think it's spam.
@AlexisKing It appears to answer the question, but the entire question seems like spam...
@AstroCB It's a product recommendation, but I don't think that makes it spam.
6:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THALES QUESTION by MAHDI on math.stackexchange.com
> Look at the picture Very necessary!!
@AlexisKing I think this is what makes me nervous:
> Tektronix’ or Agilent’s measurement performance standards
Well, all websites using highcharts' CDN should be a little faster now -- it wasn't giving 304's previously, but now it is.
@jonericson My nomination post is a battleground now. Could you please purge comments? As predicted, benjamin is in flaming mode again at the site of me.
6:43 PM
4 hours ago, by Jon Ericson
@bjb568 I think what happens next depends on how serious you are about running for moderator. Most criticism of moderators isn't removed from sight whether it is fair or not. The position demands that you respond to complaints directly and honestly. So it feels awkward to remove pointed comments even if rooted in past history.
I think questioning your past is fair. own up to it, answer the questions showing that you're not the same person he's describing and move on. purging the comments everyone has already read makes little sense imo.
@bjb568 Benjamin wants to know how your behavior has changed in the past year. I'm confused how that's flaming.
I'm with @rlemon - I think his comments are constructive.
someone is now transcript flagging in the JS room.
ohh the joys
6:49 PM
@hichris123 He didn't ask that. He said a lot more than that.
Ben does seem to be going oddly below the belt there. Well, maybe.
@rlemon someone flagged that
because it isn't obvious at this point?
6:50 PM
In any case @bjb how you handle his criticism is a good test of moderatoriness.
@rlemon flags Your arms are offensive to me. ;)
@JasonC quite
@JasonC it's not constructive criticism
@bjb568 It doesn't matter, it's probably mild compared to what you'd get hammered with as a mod. Think of it as a learning experience.
Night, and don't let the greed of power get over you :)
6:51 PM
@rlemon Okay, then your face... is spam? shrugs
@hichris123 I can agree my face is spam
@bjb568 Are you sure? There are a few comment that are concerned about your past behavior. To me, it looks like they are asking for input how if/how that has changed
@hichris123 mmmm SPAM burger
@bjb568 Really, it is. I know it doesn't feel good, but let me tell you something: I think you can do it, but you have to prove to people that you can be trusted with such power. Again, I honestly believe that you can do it, but the vast majority doesn't share that sentiment right now. You just need to show folks, over the next year or so, who you can be. You can do it :)
(fwiw, I went through much the same thing a while back)
6:53 PM
@bjb Take nonconstructive criticism with confidence; you'll be fine, and a better person at the end of the day. Even the most nonconstructive comments come from somewhere that seems valid to the poster. Figure out where that is, and look at it from that point of view.
funny story; a web marketing firm a friend of mine works for snail mailed their clients a physical can of SPAM with the letter "sick of getting SPAM?"
@rlemon And then I wonder why the post office is too busy to deliver my packages on time.
@hichris123 flagged
Wow. Just wow.
@rene but but spam!
6:56 PM
@JasonC I don't get it at all.
> This guy is doing a great job in Java forum. Most of the time is available and ready to reply. – Jude Niroshan 10 mins ago
um... s,forum,chat
i'm tempted to run for moderator to see what people would dig up on me lol
> An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages
@Unihedro fits the description
@SterlingArcher don't, it pushes off low-rep candidates
6:59 PM
Namely, me :P
@SterlingArcher if you wanna run for mod, brother you do it!
I probably won't vote for you.
but don't let the man get you down!
It doesn't push low rep, it's a FIFO order, no?
^^^^ rofl
6:59 PM
@SterlingArcher Nope. Lowest first
@SterlingArcher no
@rlemon probably because I can be snarky and I cuss too much lol

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