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4:03 PM
> I am very new to ubuntu and I love to work on it because it gives me a nerdy feel.
I love this guy already.
@Frank I thought about the pancake challenge this morning but, in a shameful moment of cowardice, decided to make steak and eggs instead.
Maybe tomorrow.
@JasonC don't. forget. the bacon.
I ate it all last night.
I wrapped some chicken in it.
I hate vegetarians, by the way.
that escalated quickly
4:12 PM
backs away
... I like fuzzy kittens?
You do?
@InfiniteRecursion feeling ... weak ... must say ... something funny ...
Do you consider bjb fuzzy?
4:15 PM
@hichris123 in every sense of the word.
I always imagined bjb being a bit more... nappy.
Q: How to make money on my javascript library?

pashaigoodI`am wrote library, and i think, how to make money on it. What better way to do this? Can someone share their experience in this regard? How much I can earn? How to make it the main source of income? UPD. So strange, why do you put a minus to the question? I wrote open source library, and i want...

"I`am wrote library" I like the contraction
I've you've ever heard me rant about how people use the tag, here's a good illustration (besides being crappy in a dozen different other ways).
4:19 PM
Why is a tag anyways?
That is a fantastic use of tags.
What was the point of that flag?
okay, who flagged that?
Double misclick
Meant to star, then pressed "Enter", then the right arrow
@JasonC eh, protein is \o/
@bummi lol
Aaaand... It's gone
@Bart There you go...a star for you
Andrew's question also merits deletion if you can.
@AndrewT. I'm out of votes, but that's a bizarre question.
well, yeah, browsing on will find some.
4:45 PM
could be a livehacks question? superuser.com/q/891982/172747
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Method help in Nims and why the stones reset by Bball12 on stackoverflow.com
@bummi no. lifehacks questions must present a problem, not the materials.
@Mooseman just kidding ;)
@bummi phew
4:50 PM
@SmokeDetector not useful, but at least there is code and proper grammar
stackoverflow.com/questions/29171700/… the-one-about-the-code-not-working
@JasonC It does have a problem description
@JanDvorak Well, proper grammar because that part was more than likely copied and pasted from the assignment text. It's just a small wall of code with no debugging effort or minimal example.
Q: The new profile editor (only on MSE currently) doesn't ask for confirmation before saving changes to all the accounts

nicaelI realized it when I tested my answer to be sure it really works (you know, just in case) using the profile editor on MSE and then I had an edit suggested showing the confirmation dialog... and then I remembered that the profile editor on MSE used to ask for confirmation to save the changes I mad...

May be you should confirm yourself and click on the button instead of the system asking for your confirmation — Bionic Meta user 5 mins ago
always dangling between NAA and abusive on those :/ webapps.stackexchange.com/a/75182/45867
4:54 PM
True. The code isn't the shortest necessary.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: cloud init fails on instance by Chirayu Patel on askubuntu.com
@bummi always flagging those as abusive without hesitation
Is that a bot ?
@BionicMetauser One goal of a good UX is to reduce the need for people to change their natural behaviors. We'll just see how the votes go on that one. Your opinion may be in the minority or it may not, but instructing somebody to change without giving a rationalization of why isn't very constructive.
@BionicMetauser Yeah, smokey is a bot.
4:56 PM
Who knows, it could just be pure fail. What a strange thing to end up in an answer.
Yeah and that is why I commented "
May be you should confirm yourself and click on the button instead of the system asking for your confirmation "
wait, wat? I did vote 30 comments already today... How can it be? Smells like a bug...
It's a rolling window
Post it in MSE ..
4:59 PM
About the Meta link
Well, instructing somebody to change without giving a rationalization of why isn't very constructive.
Are you talking about my comment ?
@JasonC feels the power of the chat-meta-effect after receiving 3 down votes in 2 mins :D
@BionicMetauser No, I'm talking about the totally different thing that I linked my chat reply to.
@JasonC What did you link to ?
5:03 PM
@BionicMetauser Your complete inability to follow basic trains of conversation makes continuing the current one impossible. Sorry. We'll just have to post pictures of cats instead.
You can review the chat history by scrolling up if you'd like.
@JasonC Oh I just entered the chat few mins ago...
Sorry for the unintentional confusion
Is he somekind of spam
I'm not sure. It could be cleverly disguised. If he is spamming, he's using a fake name that isn't associated with tokbox, so there's no easy way to verify. Personally, I suspect he's just misguided. In any case those questions won't last long, and neither will his account if he keeps it up.
hey guys... can some meta veteran point me to a feature request to add voting buttons to LQP queue? I'm sure this must have been requested before.
ah just found something
5:12 PM
He is a new guy
@MartinBüttner There is a somewhat related point at meta.stackoverflow.com/a/284627/616460, at least.
thanks, I found this
A: (Up)Voting on Low-Quality Posts in Review tasks

Shog9From my answer to the question you linked to: A concern with allowing voting in the Low Quality queue specifically is that you're not viewing answers in the context of other answers, or a question in the context of its answers. You're never able to vote in these circumstances normally - it's ...

okay, that makes sense
next step: finding out why I can accept an answer in the LQP queue
ah okay, that's also been asked
Looks like every one has disappeared from chat
Sorry for my bad english
5:18 PM
nono, it was a reference to an old post :P
Q: Reputation flaw for new users

Matthew0898I noticed a flaw that applies only to new users or users with few to no upvotes, and low reputation. By exploiting the fact that reputation doesn't go below one, one could theoretically get undeserved reputation. There are many variations that could be applied, but one of them is this. A user ask...

That flaw has been reported before.
MY god what the heck is that
Whoa, I didn't realize bookmarks were oneboxed. That's way more attention than I wanted to give it, sorry.
Hmm thanks !
5:20 PM
Ooh, you can still see the suggested edit even though the post is deleted. :) askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/386050
Bug ??
or feature ?
I think [status-bydesign]
Feature, definitely
Didn't Nicael have an article about this too? meta.stackexchange.com/q/251734/201151
Q: Gaming system with accepts

nicaelWell, it is not really efficient, but gives some reps (tried two days ago, only 41 reps :-) ). I have, for example, 50 accepted answers. And 101 reps (because of some bountying). I offer 100 rep bounty, unaccept and accept answers again. I am again at 101 reps. Yoyo. Actually, aim of this post...

Currently sitting at -28 for some reason. I'm guessing this is going to change that at least a little bit. ;)
And @nicael just edited it, so if your vote was locked...
5:25 PM
Forgot to downvote it the first time...
You can do it now ;)
Lol, back to -30.
But... downvote faster! I didn't expect such... tiny reaction! — nicael Jun 23 '14 at 13:12
You guys are just playing right into nicael's evil plan!
5:29 PM
@AlexisKing lol, probably because I actually said I tested it :D
@nicael brb, flagging user as abusive, mods pls ban
now it's getting to be spam webapps.stackexchange.com/q/75183/45867
From now on forever ahead I have a video called "the dong of destruction" stuck to my recommended panel in Youtube. This is why you don't watch certain guys' videos, kids.
Haha, awesome.
@JanDvorak On the other hand, YouTube may know you better than you know yourself, haha.
5:48 PM
A: Reputation flaw for new users

EmrakulI'm not sure this is that much of an issue. It requires a significant level of investment on the part of the site abuser, and it's not really all that much reputation anyway. While the potential is there to create sockpuppets for voting purposes, that's something moderators can catch and deal w...

wat. Really not a serious exploit...
@SmokeDetector fp
@AlexisKing Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Oct 17 '14 at 12:08, by Jan Dvorak
@Unihedron @InfiniteRecursion oh. Sure. Three inbox notifications, and all of them are tavern kids trying to annoy me.
^ random kids quote
Q: Can I live on an unoccupied island?

PotterSuppose that I am going to unoccupied island in Oceania, the Carribean, or somewhere else. Suppose I find an island where nobody is there, and nobody knows about it. If I invade it like a pirate (maybe alone or with friends)— and of course I am a rich guy, and have money to build a house, or buy...

@nicael edits post to add stealthily to the very bottom so it looks like an actual mod tag
5:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Textual replacement macros to wrap environment by Vittorio Romeo on tex.stackexchange.com
Q: Triage and Help & Improvement review queues at sites other than Stack Overflow?

gnatTL;DR Does it make sense to establish (or at least test) new review queues at sites other than Stack Overflow? As far a I understand, answer to above question is not quite straightforward: This is all pretty much tailored to the needs of Stack Overflow... Not that this precludes using it els...

@SmokeDetector fpu Might want to check the blacklisted site filter.
@JasonC Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Warm for a week then snowing again. If there is a god he is definitely trolling us.
6:07 PM
There's your fix, @JasonC. And it was indirectly your fault. ;P
@hichris123 I almost made a comment on the pull request about how that's a common variable
@hichris123 Haha, I blame @Roombatron5000.
I'm going to start posting questions with variables named trustmyessay and axsoccertours.
If you don't mind -100 penalty from indiscriminate flaggers...
6:17 PM
Hm, what if spammy product placement was made in the form of variables, embedded in actual code?
best_skin_care = our_product;, and so on.
It would still be caught.
... but not with underscores
I imagine it being a part of legitimate code.
Or snippets that generate the spam as output.
If it was effective, it'd be flagged pretty quickly, no matter what form it's in, though. Although I guess subliminally spreading your brand through variable names in otherwise legitimate questions could work.
Maybe I'll start naming all my example classes and functions DongOfDestruction, and look out for sudden rises in the view counts of Jan's favorite video as an experiment.
6:39 PM
@Doorknob You are going to remove sick hichris with that command. :O
Instead of removing class .sickness from him.
Both work.
Quarantins yay
6:50 PM
OP posted answer without any context to a question
^ voting as "general computer"
7:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Receiving jpeg photos from Arduino on PC in binary format by Reves1992 on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector NAA
stackexchange.co ... This domain is in pending delete status and will be dropped from the Registry on Mar 31, 2015 and available for Registration by the public
7:47 PM
Also smoke.co -- hey, a good domain for Smokey!
Re: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/288440/… I guess my concerns were more like curiosities because I don't really observe any serious problems at the moment. Some observations include what seems to be a steady increase in the flag count on SO, that the issue was raised by another mod in how to
handle the VLQ flag at the moment, and also that the VLQ flag seemed to work as intended previously? I know you mention this in your diagram post, but for the most part it seemed to have an understood functionality, but now that functionality seems to have been slightly redefined.
The refinement seems to either indicate that the name VLQ to enter triage could perhaps be renamed, or that the VLQ flag could retain its original functionality and a new flag for triage could be created (this could also possibly help disambiguate the amount of triage flags in the recursive diagram versus entry into the diagram)
@Shog9 ^
8:02 PM
Perhaps the triage queue entry should be decoupled from YOUR FACE, @TravisJ (um, why? I don't really have a response here, because I don't know what your concerns are. chat?) — Shog9 ♦ 5 mins ago
@TravisJ so... first off, the VLQ flag didn't really work all that well for questions.
They're relatively rare, and we never really got the Low Quality queue working properly for them.
Q: Why does this question show up in the Frequently Asked Questions list if it isn't tagged [faq]?

Alexis KingCurrently, the Frequently Asked Questions list on the Meta homepage looks like this: But the very first question on that list isn't tagged with faq at all! Is this a bug, or can questions without the special tag appear in that list?

@Shog9 - From what I remember, they were intended for posts which would require deletion by a mod and were beyond even closure.
I do remember a decent amount of confusion on meta from the differentiation between those aspects though.
How many VLQ flags were being cast on average before the triage queue / improvement queues were implemented versus now?
@TravisJ Regardless of the intended use, they mostly served as a vote-intensifier: flagged questions stayed in LQ review until they got (some number of) Looks OK reviews or were closed, so the actual effect was that flagged posts got double the exposure (LQ review and Close review) while a bunch of LQ reviewers burned their precious reviews on mostly-worthless Recommend Close flags.
So we had two choices: make LQ review work for questions, or use another queue that was already designed to work for questions.
We'll face that choice again, eventually... But until then, let's see how well this works for SO.
8:09 PM
I probably should have waited 6-8 weeks to make that comment :P So perhaps I will wait until then. I just worry by that point the review indicator will be in the ten thousands. Is that a caching issue, or is it actually increasing at a semi-alarming rate? I still remember the 6 figure close vote review queue
Not a native speaker. Please check this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/29174943/…
^^ English native
> I would like to keep track of a .... of nonces.
What does he mean? Nonce seems slang
Nonce is a thing, but the ... is confusing.
In security engineering, a nonce is an arbitrary number used only once in a cryptographic communication. It is similar in spirit to a nonce word, hence the name. It is often a random or pseudo-random number issued in an authentication protocol to ensure that old communications cannot be reused in replay attacks. For instance, nonces are used in HTTP digest access authentication to calculate an MD5 digest of the password. The nonces are different each time the 401 authentication challenge response code is presented, thus making replay attacks virtually impossible. An example is in ordering products...
It is used in oauth
8:12 PM
@PatrickHofman Nonce is not slang but I think he substituted "...." for "collection" or something.
Either way it isn't reasonably answerable. It would likely vary greatly by situation and current framework.
I'd cv as too broad or off-topic.
(If I had any votes left.)
Mine is the too broad one
Ok. Thanks guys. Google doesn't always have a first hit that is useful.
@Shog9 Is it considered poor form to use the mod tools list of questions with high numbers of close votes and just go down the list and close them all? Obviously paying enough attention to make sure it's valid, but with 4 votes, it almost always is.
8:16 PM
That's the purpose of the CVQ
@AlexisKing if you actually think about it and dispute the closure if you disagree, sure. Just don't neglect the other lists on that page...
@JanDvorak I mean after I've done the CVQ.
@Shog9 - So, just to clarify, all triage queue entries are to go through me now (Fully FACE COUPLED)?
yeah, get on that
when I'm done with the CVQ (rarely) I don't really have the motivation or the votes to do anything else
8:20 PM
@JanDvorak - I feel like if I max out in one aspect of the site it dominates my time. So if I only rep cap, or only deal with flags, or only edit, or only participate in meta, or only chat, then I don't get to do anything else. Finding a balance is definitely important.
this was supposed to be the point of things like rep and voting caps
and review limits
We made some of those caps too high
Since I hit 10k on SO, I've stopped answering questions on SO except in my niche tags.
Doesn't get much rep, but all the other tags are too awful to wade through.
same here... except I don't have niche tags
@AlexisKing - I try to do 1k/month or else I spend too much time answering, and it can be easy to get too caught up in all of it.
I could watch Haskell, though...
8:26 PM
@JanDvorak high five
@JasonC high five
I have one goal and one goal only now, and that is to get a Marshal badge on drupal.se while staying at 101 rep.
@JanDvorak - Still a few short of generalist ;)
@JasonC How close are you? I'm on the verge of deputy.
@Mooseman Not even close. I just got deputy yesterday.
8:28 PM
@JasonC It's a race then ;)
You're on. Winner gets bacon and/or cornflakes.
Ooo hey @Shog I got another great April Fool's idea. You guys should disable all the spam filters for a day. It's such a good idea. Right? I know! Aw, thanks!
@JasonC Ooh, I can get Marshall on every SE site in one day! :D :D :D
Just make a user script for it :P
I would make a script to automate spam flags from smokey, but every once in a while he gets one wrong.
I'm going to just kick Jason C for April Fools'. All day. I'll make up a plausible rationale for it later.
8:34 PM
@Shog9 I called Doorknob DORKnob earlier, it was rude and offensive. You could use that as a starting point for leverage.
Gonna miss April Fool's day here. So sad ;)
Perhaps you could make meta SO look like a geocities site
@JasonC ne bis in idem
They should bring back the SE 1.0 theme as part of the "design overhauls".
Needs more <marquee>
I think @nicael would have a field day.
8:37 PM
Maybe those new designs are the april fools joke....
@TravisJ And some reflections in a lake.
@Shog9 Speaking of which: a certain cat ahem hasn't been kicked in a while. The room owners & moderators are really slipping!
@JasonC - Oooh, canvas work :)
lol that github page
"No license, do what you want as long as it involves some Cool Ass Lakes."
"Cool Ass-Lakes"
8:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: mysql database got corruption by costingoldis on dba.stackexchange.com
^^ can't tell if spam or just terrible answer
@Shog9 Oh, you could say you banned me from the network for a day because my repeated "-1" comments were quadrupling your support email workload.
"too many pings" always works
@AlexisKing - Me either. It seems to partially address the answer and then in closing it goes south quick.
@AlexisKing spam. The website is blacklisted
8:45 PM
@JanDvorak Which one?
the answery part is probably copied from somewhere.
@AlexisKing the one linking to FRF
Really? The other one seems much spammier.
It is verbatim
8:47 PM
Yep, that's it.
I find it slightly ironic that the tag excuses is a 404 page not found.
9:08 PM
Q: Flag dialogs for grayed-out posts are also grayed-out

ThisSuitIsBlackNotWhen flagging an answer that is grayed-out because it has a score of -3 or lower, the flag dialog is also grayed-out. If you drag it over a non-grayed-out answer, it appears semi-transparent. The same is true when you flag a comment on a grayed-out answer. This looks like a regression of The ...

It must be the child of a transparent element
Hello Room.
How can I check my progress for Copy Editor badge?
Is Users -> Editor -> All is realistic monitor for that?
@Farhan Not really, since that monitor includes edits to your own posts, I believe, which Copy Editor excludes.
@Farhan - You should be able to click on "choose what badge to track" in your profile and select Copy Editor
But that is only for MSE at the moment
Don't quote me on this but I don't think there is an easy way to check progress. On the new profile page (like the one on MSE) you can track it, but it hasn't come to all sites yet.
^ Yeah what he said.
9:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Ipod plays music 10-20 seconds and after stop playing by user118950 on apple.stackexchange.com
I could give you a user script to change it on your MSE page, but from your profile I am assuming that you are going to be wanting to see it for aviation
That answer is bad
Has no rep on that site though
The "next badge" dialog needs a click through to the actual badge page
Actually it appears the endpoint exists on sites that don't have the new profile page yet, e.g. stackoverflow.com/users/activity/…
You can go to /review and enter any queue and it has the indicator.
@Farhan Try visiting aviation.stackexchange.com/users/activity/… it'll show your progress for all the badges, not the best formatting but the info is there.
9:23 PM
user image
^ my cat
A: Did anyone else get an attachment from the Super User newsletter?

MattThe PDF in question is linked to from this question in the form of a drive.google.com link. Judging by the sample newsletter, the question was included in the newsletter you received. Gmail autodetects Google Drive links, and adds them as friendly attachments*.. which causes crazy in this...

lul, that's actually a good investigation :)
Mkay @bjb568: so a company is evil because they get something wrong? That's a new one.
I didn't say because.
9:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: How do I dribble using the keyboard while playing FIFA 12 on PC? by user106009 on gaming.stackexchange.com
Oh, so this is "bjb the Axe Grinder" then.
the wot?
@SmokeDetector tpu
@AlexisKing Blacklisted user.
9:49 PM
@hichris123 - That is a well written article. Sometimes Jeff articulates difficult topics as almost an art form, and that post is one of them.
@hichris123 meh
@TravisJ No it's not, that article sucks. I created this chat account just to let you know.
@JasonC - Yeah, but I know that isn't true. You are too much of an asshat to go that far out of your way just to come tell me. I bet that is your account, and you just waited for me to join.
On a related note, it seems really hard to enforce some of the rule-bending described in the article.
I take it all back @JasonC ! Don't haunt me forever <3
@TravisJ Many studies have shown a strong link between irritability and GMO foods, I suggest you take your diet more seriously, as your symptoms are obvious.
I am taking my ball and my doritos and going home.
9:57 PM
10:11 PM
What is the ideal number of answers per question?
Depends on the question
Somewhere between 0 and it depends.. that makes sense.
The ideal number is such that no information is duplicated or incorrect, and all information is equally useful and relevant.
Imagine that all of the answers are combined into a single big one; the ideal collection of answers makes that big one the best possible answer.
10:15 PM
That is a thought experiment :)
See, flowers aren't evil
@JasonC - That flower just looks misunderstood.
Yeah; I think most "evil" things are.
@JasonC - You would think that. Most "evil" things are probably understood very well for being evil.
10:28 PM
Yes, but most understandings of evil things are probably misunderstood as being understanding; understandably, of course.
(Please note that I do not know what I just said.)
I fear someone will read this without understanding the beginnings.
Of course you do not know what you just said, if you did then you would be understood and therefore not evil.
Please don't misunderstand, but I believe that if a reader can't understand, then they will never understand (not that I blame them, as I can understand why). Understanding, you see, is the root of all misunderstanding.
While trying to understand I unfortunately googled nobody understands. Now I think I understand why nobody understands but not necessarily what was supposed to be understood in the first place, as we seem to be talking about a misunderstanding.
Oh, wait. I understand now. Sorry about that.
Oh wow. Worst advice ever:
Sounds like somebody's parents could have benefited from a few questions on parents.se, or a therapist.
Yeah, the results of that search were kind of bad
10:39 PM
Its scary to think how many times that was probably shared on Facebook.
@AlexisKing Sadly, 100 flags/day limit will get in the way; and on most sites it will actually be about 10/day.
Seriously. I think that would only make sense from my cat's perspective, he seems to get more and more upset the more he meows.
Ok one good thing came of that search:
Feynman FTW again. (see also)
I gotta go though, off til monday #weekend ;)
10:44 PM
@TravisJ Peace
On the subject of VLQQ (VLQ on questions) my concern was: the HIQ->Triage arrow relies on reviewers casting that flag. But then they will get it declined by a mod (one hour is unlikely to be enough for the question to pass Triage and collect 5 votes in the Close queue). So there will be some unhappy people doing what they were supposed to do in HIQ and getting declined flags as a result. Not to mention pointless flags for a mod to handle.
But I understand that the current crazy patchwork of question lifecycle is crazy.
Is text on images the next big thing?
With 4k and all, esp?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NEED A PASSWORD TO DECOMPRESS NOOBS by Harvey Krieg on raspberrypi.stackexchange.com
Beware compressed noobs.
11:02 PM
@Woodface I think that if any issues do arise, I'll decline the HIQ.
@JanDvorak I know why I'm always dangling, declined :)
@bummi Needs a meta post on webmasters
@JanDvorak not sure, I think it's a point which is seen different by different Mods/Sites ... I know Shogs post (would have to search it) but even I'm on my own often unsure if the user might be just clueless (mostly use the name as indicator) I think I'll go for NAA in doubt
How's that an honest mistake?
@JanDvorak not a mistake, a clueless user using an answer as sandbox and accidentally posting it? I know it's a bad example, sorry
11:18 PM
Is it worth a mse post? As in, "is it an abuse of the system if..."?
I think it would be a duplicate, somewhere is Shogs guiding answer , but I also think there are just too many possible limiting cases for a clear answer
I'd like to focus on that limiting case of someone copy/pasting a part of the help section into the answer box
@JanDvorak just OT IMHO
@JanDvorak Any Mod is human and might have a different point of view too?
Flag handling shouldn't be a case of personal opinion
@SmokeDetector fp
11:27 PM
@AlexisKing Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@JanDvorak difficult with soft cases and humans as flaggers/mods :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in body: why i can't update eclipse? by Mohamed Nageeb on stackoverflow.com
How about we use meta to put mod actions into public shame so that said mods get shogified?
SE: brainwashing people into becoming Shog since circa 2008.
Yes, please!
11:35 PM
I don't want to be a shog
I can' complain in general, Mod's are a good guide in general, sometime I would not agree and like to respond to a decline, but these are rare cases ....
even if the new spam flag with comment will come it'll get better I think
unless mods start treating no comment = no need to look further
inb4 canned comments for spam flags FR
@JanDvorak Just so you know, MSE is moderated by employees. (Mostly CMs. I've handled the most flags so far this year.)
@JanDvorak the things, I abuse Other as spam flags for, canned comments would not be useful, the are showing external resources or posts on other Sites
11:45 PM
Have I just been double serial downvoted???
4x-4, 1x-2
@JanDvorak Yay! fun...
different from the regular +10, +10, +10, +10, +10... ...
What is "IMO" full install. — Brandon Bootz 2 mins ago
@JasonC bahaha!

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