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@SmokeDetector Not sure what to do with that one.
It's sort of an answer: when you have this problem, run this tool and send the results to this email.
The site is consumer oriented, so for many of its users this is about the limit of what they can do, anyway.
@Cupcake true, auto complete works only for users who actually left a comment. It doesn't work even for some valid cases, e.g. editors.
Autocomplete works for everyone mentioned on the question revisions page, except non-binding closevoters.
12:07 PM
You can ping a user who set a bounty there five years ago, and never commented.
Q: Expand the username auto-completion to everyone who can be notified

lunboks@username auto-completion for comments was recently implemented, and is already active on MSO. However, it only seems to auto-complete the usernames of people who have commented on the post. According to this topic, the list of users who can be explicitly notified also includes: The post autho...

That pre-dates dupehammer, which is a common use case now.
"Here's a user who single-handedly closed. We'd like to tell you that they can also reopen if needed. But we won't let you draw their attention to your edit."
@MiceElf well, that request does say "everyone who can be notified" :)
IMO adding one and not the other would be wrong
12:33 PM
@Mooseman pizza
hmm... no bot here :/
Bottom of the C is too close to the A.
Yes Yes report it
So many people to flag...so little time...
For me to know, and you to not find out :P
@SmokeDetector hmm, rather sort of self-promotional, but the OP is not a commerical spammer
TP, but I don't think it warrants blacklisting, at least not this time.
12:43 PM
@SmokeDetector tp
@Cupcake true/tp cannot be used for answers because their job is to add the title of the question to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'. If you want to blacklist the poster of the answer, use trueu or tpu.
@ShadowWizard Right now we have autocomplete for one group (commenters) but not the other (dupehammerers). So that's wrong.
12:44 PM
Technically, it's still a true positive.
"Here's my opinion on this writing style, by the way my book uses that style, you can buy it here, or I can email you a free copy!"
@MiceElf feel free to start a new feature request, but personally don't think it will be done.
sd tpu-
12:51 PM
thought this was fixed?
What, the Chinese spam posts?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DATA STRUCTURE OF QUEUE by abhishek jaiswal on stackoverflow.com
Maybe ask balpha what's up.
feel free
12:53 PM
Close SD's latest report as too broad?
You poke him, I don't want to.
Because I don't actually need an answer, and I feel bad whenever I poke a dev.
Every time I needlessly poke a dev, an angel loses its wings.
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Probably unclear would work too because it makes little sense
12:55 PM
I don't have enough reps to be able to see the deleted question any more
For the Chinese post?
come on, don't be shy
Ohhh clever
They stopped on travel after @balpha put the chinese block
12:56 PM
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica huh?
Balpha put a chinese block on travel.SE because we were out of flags
he blocked some Chinese character strings
12:57 PM
So now they're trying to spam other exchanges.
Sep 29 at 9:21, by balpha
user image
I don't understand this behavior though.
Why spam only one exchange?
@Cupcake be glad
12:59 PM
But I mean, spamming Travel with Chinese sort of makes sense.
Maybe you get a few clicks from people interested in traveling to China.
But it makes less sense for SO.
maybe the spammers reckon people who play too much games would end up with low grades and have to buy degrees?
chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/4058880#4058880 far less sense, and the spam disappears faster, because of more eyeballs.
@Cupcake eyeballs alone are useless, you also need brains
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica now you're a deputy you should be polishing my boots, fetching me a beer or something...
Idea for commands in bot
Brains aren't enough ... it's like you Vs. your neighbourhood birdies in regards to the suger plum on your plum tree in summer - you might be more intelligent, but the birdies would have way more time during the day, always ready to steal a almost reap fruit
lose a few fruit doesn't mean you are not smarter, just like lose a few rounds to the spammers
@PeterJ I rather polish knobs!
1:08 PM
Boom done
def polish(args, message, event, room, client):
    if args is None:
        return "Syntax: !!/polish something"
    return "Polishes @" + message.owner.name + "'s " + args
!!/polish my knob
!!/polish skills
Bot coming up
Bot started.
1:10 PM
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Yup
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Duh
!!/polish doorknob
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Polishes @United States Of America's doorknob
There you go
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Brews beer for @United States Of America
Now leave me some peace while I work on my stuff
!!/polish chicken
@chmod711telkitty Polishes @chmod 711 telkitty's chicken
Not sure that having such bot here is good idea, @Uni
1:14 PM
This is a polish chicken :p
@ShadowWizard Why?
People here don't really like fun
Tavern is for reporting spam and stuff to close
1:17 PM
May 18 at 3:44, by Infinite Recursion
Apr 20 at 13:12, by Infinite Recursion
@AstroCB I kicked @xkcdBot for bot spam. Please add an appropriate invocation sequence. Random oneboxes are bot spam.
@Uni ^
And @Inf is room owner, so better listen to her :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep by Kenarlomany on superuser.com
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica [:4059049] Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
1:32 PM
What is AP?
1:34 PM
@Cupcake It's just a problem. Don't worry about AP.
404 Understanding Not Found
Android ________?
Heh, we're doing a lab in CS on a word problem.
He had already given out the problem 3 weeks earlier for introduction to strings
I had already completed the lab 3 weeks before it was assigned.
1:35 PM
in Shadow's Den, 7 secs ago, by United States Of America
user image
Facepalm 101
Back when I was learning Java (my first CS class, intro to programming), I would do the labs lessons back in my dorm the day before.
Then I wouldn't show up to the lab the next day.
Computer lab.
1:36 PM
In school we have like absolutely no computer lessons
So boring
No one knows programming
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica but you have computers?
(that would be quite silly)
@ShadowWizard Yes
The boring bits like MS word, powerpoint blah blah
Why am I using mac keybinds on ubuntu?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica … same here
@Cupcake @S.L.Barth looks like the problematic user from yesterday was dealt with by mods
I've been going through his posts, he's been doing a lot of plagiarism.
1:50 PM
7 days is a light suspension in my opinion.
He's been caught for self-promotion before, back in July.
The revision history on this answer is very interesting.
It also happens to be plagiarized from this.
@Cupcake smells of spam actually
trying to promote a blog faking it as something else
That user just has so much <facepalm> :P
1:58 PM
22 mins ago, by United States Of America
in Shadow's Den, 7 secs ago, by United States Of America
user image
Moar facepalm
(That's enough onebox)
Thank you.
Look at sandbox
It's a mess
This is spam, because it is totally not relevant to the question and advertising your blog. Flagged. — Shadow Wizard 12 secs ago
He's already suspended
9 mins ago, by Cupcake
7 days is a light suspension in my opinion.
2:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How to supplement object function from outside by user192196 on ru.stackoverflow.com
How to handle?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica he should be suspended for much longer. At least a year.
It's not spam.
Just looks like a crappy question.
I know
It's just posted on wrong site
2:03 PM
Also, English on Russian Stack Overflow.
Like, how do you even make that kind of mistake?
Just noticed that lol, probably SO banned
2:04 PM
@PeterJ no account on SO
Hide! @Inf is here! :D
^ that's what asking a question there looks like.
2:04 PM
User might be so low rep and stuff that the account can still be deleted
@Cupcake what about it?
Just still amazed that he asked a question in English there.
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica but if he deleted it then re-created, he won't be post banned anymore
@Cupcake oh, true. Most likely extreme case of clueless person
Is that a thing?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica anti-recidivism system.
2:08 PM
A: No one likes quitting cold turkey

Tim PostQuestion blocks worked well enough at the scale that they were introduced. Those that could be helped were able to get out from under them, those that couldn't generally just left. They're not working very well today. Because they're so difficult to get out from underneath (voting is much heavie...

A: Why have I been barred from posting questions?

Tim PostThis happened because you had an account that was blocked from asking questions, and returned after requesting deletion of your account, which we obliged. We're happy to give you an almost clean slate, but we must also protect the quality of the resource that we're building. To this, we just ask...

@UnitedStatesOfAmerica basically, when a post-banned user deletes his account, then creates a new one (from the same IP address?), the new account is significantly rate-limited, and will even inherit any previously remaining suspensions.
@SmokeDetector fp
@Cupcake Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: How do I put the removed word into a variable? by Your mum on stackoverflow.com
2:18 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: How do I put the removed word into a variable? by bitch on stackoverflow.com
@josilber 8 months ago? I'm sure I don't remember anymore. If I had to guess, I'd say "not constructive" didn't really fit - it's a reasonably specific question about a technical (albeit misguided) need.
2:35 PM
I didn't touch that one earlier when it popped up.
3 hours ago, by Mice Elf
It's sort of an answer: when you have this problem, run this tool and send the results to this email.
3 hours ago, by Mice Elf
The site is consumer oriented, so for many of its users this is about the limit of what they can do, anyway.
It's a place for you to "be a part of something" in a professional context. Isn't that what LinkedIn is? — Qix 18 mins ago
2:42 PM
@Qix In some ways—yes, though Teams are bigger than just companies. LinkedIn is mainly about you. Your resume. Your network. A rolodex of people at a company. Teams is about people sharing about themselves. What do you build (or what are you working on)? What's the team culture like? What do you love about this team? — Hynes ♦ 15 mins ago
So it's Glassdoor, then. — Qix 12 mins ago
yeah, useless turd polishing in there. Already voted.
But ... shiny turds ...
2:53 PM
It can be done
@Andy that's just disturbing.
It's awesome
@Bart not everyone got those.... :D
3:15 PM
> pick a number between 1 and 1000, (sic) and please don't pick 69
Who asked?
- English teacher on textbooks
I know 69 is something sick, but that's all.
3:16 PM
You're better off not knowing.
Wait until you're in college.
Or even later, even.
in Shadow's Den, 11 secs ago, by United States Of America
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica 69
@bjb, I must say the bot's in a bad mood today
Giving another one
Oh wait
in Shadow's Den, 12 secs ago, by United States Of America
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica 580
@uni how old are you?
3:23 PM

@Uni's age

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Sup @inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M
don't believe
@PraxisAshelin Why don't you believe it? Because he's 13 and can code?
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Light bulb
Plot twist: @UnitedStatesOfAmerica is the son of @BoomsPlus
3:30 PM
@ProgramFOX it's like that meme when ppl go "I'm 12 and what is this"
just seems awfully young
@ShadowWizard Boo Indian drama.
@uni if you really are 13, then mad props for already being able to code so well. definitely continue doing that
I could code when I was 10 years old, so why couldn't a 13 years old code? :P
@ProgramFOX note the "so well"
3:33 PM
@ProgramFOX Because a 16-year-old here can't code.
I started coding when I was 12, but it was mostly crap, and I wasn't writing OO javascript
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M You?
Unless you count TeXing as coding.
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Uh-huh.
I started when I was 11
And you don't want to see the code from that time
3:35 PM
@uni your bot is in OO javascript right?
You don't want to see my HTML pages from when I was 10 years old -- those eye-straining colors... xD
@PraxisAshelin His current bot is Python 3.
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Don't tell me it wasn't printing 'hello world'.
@PraxisAshelin What do you mean?
I just use client side JS
No need for nodeJS on this project
OO = Object Oriented
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Object Oriented Javascript. From the code snippets you showed I supposed you were doing that
3:36 PM
I know what OO means
Java is OO
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica I don't think you do
Javascript can be OO too, without node
@ProgramFOX Hehe our HTML project background in school was striped olive and pink and bright blue.
@PraxisAshelin I guess so, with so many objects:
                var messageList = $('.message-list');
                var main = $('<div>').attr('class', 'messageWrap message-in');
                var innerMessage = $('<div>').attr('class', 'message');
                var bubbleText = $('<div>').attr('class', 'bubble bubble-text');
                var messageText = ('<div>').attr('class', 'message-text');
                var selectableText = $('<span>').attr('class', 'selectable-text').text(playgroundInput.text());
Wai is whatsapp like that? IDK
yeah you definitely don't know what OO is ^^
@PraxisAshelin Yes
3:36 PM
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M O_o
tbh it's a really hard concept to explain too
do you have multiple javascript files for your code, or just put it all in one?
@PraxisAshelin I have 1 for the whatsapp API, and another for the main stuff
3:40 PM
@uni well tbh I can't code OO Javascript properly either. So I'm not able to explain u much about it
Well someday I will get it
Hopefully soon
but the code snippets you posted do look like you've made it OO. which is very good.
it's high quality code :D
3:41 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Ever seen Brainfuck?
@uni where are you learning to code?
And then you figure out OOP is all horrible anyway
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Looks like that.
@PraxisAshelin On my own
3:42 PM
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica any sites you're following?
@Bart In the end, there's only . . . chemistry.
@PraxisAshelin No, besides the occasional stack overflow
Yay, I got more flags resolved!
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica not even any javascript tutorials to get your bot going?
3:43 PM
Now if I could only tell which ones they are :P
Q: Require at least one true moderator to close a question deemed duplicate by a privileged user

syntaxerrorThough this suggestion might be way over the top with questions that are ''blatantly off-topic'', there may be easily some bias involved with duplicate ones, shown as follows. Just look at mine: How to handle spaces in path names when variable contains multiple paths This is so evident that a pa...

-21, not too bad.
@PraxisAshelin Javascript syntax is so similar to Java, so I don't need much learning for JS
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M -22 now
3:57 PM
@Cupcake Yay! A number of my flags are still pending. Including the one against our now-suspended friend.
@UnitedStatesOfAmerica Flamebait.
JavaScript != Java, and rather different IMO.
Today's xkcd comic (Food Rule):
But if I wanted to start a language war, this would be one way to do it.
(Another good one is to say that Java is superior to C# or vice versa).
Hi guys...
4:01 PM
@xkcdBot Fruits don't have faces . . .
@HackerKarma \o
Hello @HackerKarma!
Does anyone has a SO Careers profile?
Hi @S.L.Barth
Looks like 'OPEN SOURCE' section is missing from 'my profile'
Got a link?
4:04 PM
@Bart I mean to say 'OPEN SOURCE' section is disappear from 'my profile'
@Bart if you go on you 'my profile' at SO Careers
What sections you see there
I do see an open source section. Though I had content in there already. Do you? Or was it empty?
@S.L.Barth Java is to JavaScript as Car is to Carpet
cc @UnitedStatesOfAmerica
4:07 PM
@Bart Thanks. But, I never added anything but I used to see that. Now, it got vanished. All I see below Personal Stmt. "JOB STATUS" "TECHNOLOGIES" "EXPERIENCE" and "EDUCATION" sections
@Cupcake Saw Shog's answer on that before
@Cupcake Something like that. Question is, is it a normal carpet or a flying carpet? :-D
Okay, so there may be an issue with it not appearing in the editor if it's empty? That might warrant a bug report @HackerKarma
yesterday, by Cupcake
C# is Java 9.
Been there, done that.
4:08 PM
@Bart that's what I think but can't confirm
Just report it I guess. If it's a no-repro, no harm no foul.
@Bart Okay
@BradLarson o/
@BradLarson you didn't want to do anything about stackoverflow.com/a/32283214/456814 ?
@Cupcake - Hey, just wanted to drop by in response to a few recent flags, in case the responses aren't read for a while. For users that have a past history of serial votes being invalidated, we generally already know about them and it's been dealt with. It's only where you see serial voting after that point that hasn't been reversed that we might want to know about, and even then if it's fairly strong.
4:12 PM
Several of the flagged users that had votes invalidated months ago had those votes invalidated because we found them and warned / suspended at that time. We care more about targeted votes that haven't been invalidated, because that's something we need to stop or clean up.
Ok, I understand, I'll be more selective about my flagging.
@Cupcake While the code does indeed appear to be sourced from that other answer, it was expanded upon and additional wording was added. People copy and paste code snippets all the time, so I generally don't delete in those cases. At best, an indication of where the code was sourced from could be added, but that wasn't as blatant as the other examples.
Their rollback of your citation in that other answer was a dick move, though, and they've been sternly warned about that.
@BradLarson yeah, I caught someone else doing that too actually.
4:17 PM
So Fail. Much <facepalm>
I'm going to bed.
@BradLarson thanks for taking care of those flags!
@Cupcake go dream about Schwarzwälder kirschtorte ....
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M not really, neither of them is Indian. @Uni is from Singapore, dunno where @Boo is from ;)
Based on the gravatar somewhere near Area51
4:27 PM
@ShadowWizard But the thing that I'm gonna suddenly realize @Bart is my older brother who I thought was dead but actually managed to come back to Earth from Mars is so Bollywood style.
Dad is that you?
Best is Jollywood style
4:45 PM
I really don't get how that attracted another upvote..
@inɒzɘmɒЯ.A.M I think the idea is that they don't, and Randall knows it without googling.
A spooky coincidence with yesterday's discussion of eating a tongue or other organs...
decided that it is spam and I've flagged accordingly
4:52 PM
Not convinced that it's spam.
@MiceElf see the link. no way would a user legitimately put that
> My least-hated, favourite fish would be sole. That way you don't have to see the eyes. Sole has no eyes.
might be genuine, but IMHO it's a spam seed
I don't think that focusing on the face of what he's about to eat really helps Randall with anything...
@MiceElf look at their other question also. seems that they're trying to get help with creating scam websites, while spamming said website

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