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12:02 AM
What happened there over the New Year's.. O.O... new beta is coming up, Engineering.
~50 people in under a week looks like, maybe some real life engineer was at a engineering xmas party and told everyone to join
Or lots of sockpuppets...
inb4 the site deflates again
Most likely, people wanted to know if there is a secret hat for committing to a proposal.
12:07 AM
There seem to be a lot of 51-rep default-Gravatar users in the "most recent" list.
~41 out of the last 50 are like 51 rep users, that don't seem to have an account on any other site but area51 , strange indeed... so that proves the secret hat theory wrong, but xmas party still a possibility
So their rep comes from posting 5 questions to the proposal and getting an upvote on each? I wonder why 51.
@Behaviour huh
@Sompuperoo Or maybe it was shared somewhere?
@Behaviour I think they start out at 51 rep there? so if you have assosciation bonus you start out with 151 ?
But if they have no other SE account...
12:13 AM
@Sompuperoo No, there are plenty of 1-rep users on Area 51.
> What is a stack exchange?
> There are so many smart people, it's sometimes demoralizing after the awe wears off.
> You'll earn your first 50 reputation by confirming your email address.
> It's like Reddit but different.
12:15 AM
> I wish there would be a SE site just for any question...
A lot different.
@Sompuperoo Thanks, never knew that.
bounty expiring. meta.stackexchange.com/q/229764/237813 should I award it?
@bjb568 yea, no point in waiting
!comp newyear
12:30 AM
¥1109.00 ($9.25) (3622 | TSE | December 25, 2014)
> Input interpretation: Netyear group
12:51 AM
postfix no work
!comp new year
I can send mail, but not receive it.
!comp new year
Thursday, January 1, 2015
Email client doesn't error, but after sending s u p p o r t at d e v d o o d l e .net mail, nothing shows up. cat /var/spool/mail/support spits out nothing.
I hate email.
you can't send emails to yourself...
12:55 AM
Just don't implement support email at all. Do you want to spend the rest of your life digging through it like some CMs we know?
My New Year's resolution for 2014-54-12/30/14 Dec:12:1420001642 is to learn these stupid time formatting strings.
@Braiam Sent from my personal email account to DD support.
I can somehow send emails from DD support via sendmail via nodemailer-sendmail-transport via nodemailer via node for account confirmation and from the mail client via SMTP things or something
@bjb568 ugh... that's a mess, it goes from DNS to firewall/ISP crap
Sounds complicated.
Wait a sec, I opened up a connection doctor thing and everything is borky.
Including gmail
@Behaviour anyone on history.SE? interested in seeing how common place it was for adults to send nude snapchat faxes to eachother back in the day..
1:09 AM
if you use cloudflare that only adds a layer of headaches @bjb
Never heard of that.
So probably not.
> Give us five minutes and we'll supercharge your website.
No you won't.
you could outsource DD's email support to gmail or yahoo mail?
@Sompuperoo How?
Not yahoo tho.
Google is somewhat tolerable.
@bjb568 if you still want to have the support@dd address, you can log into google and add a email alias/whatever it's called, and they'll send you an email to support@dd , and then you confirm it, and then you can just email from your gmail caccount as devdoodle, send and receive, but maybe it won't work until your email is unborked
@Sompuperoo What's the point of that? If I could access support@dd, I'd use it!
1:14 AM
lets just say this... your DNS settings/provider sucks
which is the most likely cause
err... is .net right?
Well, the port isn't blocked or anything.
And I think this is right…
yeah, it is
just digged
Username and pass for email is the same as for the linux account thing I created, right?
uhh.... no
@Braiam Then what is it?
1:22 AM
how you set up postfix
Okay, everything's Jans fault
@Braiam I don't know how I set it up.
1:24 AM
I edited some configuration files and there were errors. Then I forgot about it and outgoing mail magically fixed itself. Maybe DNS. Then I realized incomming no work.
Just used 85 flags on GL. #Cleanup
Q: Turn off [turn-off] for good

Nathan TuggyLooks like turn-off is a valueless muddle of ambiguity. The highest-rated questions have to do with [triggering events upon] "turning off" the monitor or computer or phone (?), *nix logging (??), an IDE preference (!), WiFi or microphone (!!), McAfee (?!), and so forth. In nearly all of these cas...

^Someone anonymously burninated it.
Huh. Changed firewall for my router and now gmail SMTP works…
Oh FSM, I think I'm using a dovecot thing… whatever that is.
a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons?
Maybe I'm using a Cyrus SASL thing.
I have no idea what Cyrus or SASL is.
Does it have something to do with wrecking balls?
This is quite a puzzle.
I do know that I'm not using sql.
Or strongly think.
I need help with a bug.
It says I favorited something I didn't
@bjb568 CloudFlare is actually really cool.
Their website is too awful.
I don't believe you.
@bjb568 outgoing mail is easy
1:40 AM
@bjb568 ?
@bjb568 Hold on a sec.
Q: How to remove an unfavorited post from my Stack Exchange overall favorites?

GarySometimes when I unfavorite a post, it still appears in my Stack Exchange favorites (which shows favorites across all SE network sites). This is clearly a bug, but I don't know how to fix it. Clicking on "Sync with oldest profile" doesn't fix it; favoriting and unfavoriting again doesn't fix it....

I have that bug also^^
I accidentally clicked (and immediately reversed) favorite on a post when downvoting a week ago, and it's still in my favorites list.
@hichris123 Ok, sorta kool
in The Junk Drawer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Zach Saucier
what's a word similar to "dive" that means look into or analyze?
halp plox
1:55 AM
so helpful...
^^ not similar to dive
What's wrong with dive?
I dove in to the postfix configuration files
then died
It has to be similar.
But not the same
@bjb568 feelin sorry for ya
1:59 AM
2:33 AM
@Frank delve?
hey, can someone do me a favor and type some message into the sandbox chat room
^ test complete, thanks behavior and doorknob
3:03 AM
!!/hats soon will be gone
@Behaviour HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will end in 2 days, 20 hours, 57 minutes and 2 seconds. :(
But on DevDoodle hats will be permanent, I hope?
3:24 AM
Bot initialized. Type ND>help for help.
^ it works! :P
graduated from botling already? fast learner :)
Unknown command hats.
3:26 AM
this is awesome, now don't have to use google image search no more :)
in Botlings practice room, 24 secs ago, by Doorknob 冰
that's... not supposed to happen :P
3:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TNS : 12541 PLEASE HELP by Ujjwal Rana on dba.stackexchange.com
@Behaviour Yes, because hats will be part of your profile pic.
4:09 AM
A: Scope of undefined variable in javascript

Alexander O'MaraThis is because variables in JavaScript are scoped to the functions. There is no scoping inside of a loop, and you cannot create a scope with curly braces.

^ 5 downvotes in 34 seconds
@Sompuperoo Duck is on a diet ;)
yet it is technically true
@AstroCB: The question has 26 views; maybe it’s that obvious that this answer doesn’t completely address the question. — U2744 SNOWFLAKE ♦ 3 mins ago
4:14 AM
@InfiniteSnowflakes It's back up to 0 now.
It was tangentially related; it didn't directly answer the question, but it was the cause of the problem. I sense some bot activity (or revenge).
If it didn't directly answer the question I can totally see why would someone think it's not relevant
Mod deleted the comments; my +5 "I find it incredibly odd that this question received 5 downvotes in 34 seconds" comment is gone.
@JanDvorak But -5 in 34 seconds? That seems a bit fishy, don't you think?
It was a good answer by a reputable user.
4:18 AM
Good answer? Nah.
And high reputation could also mean you answer a lot
@AstroCB I call it "good community moderation"
The answer was above ok for me, so I cast an upvote there.
You have to put a little more effort than just to technically solve the asker's problem before your answer can be considered useful.
@JanDvorak I meant "high quality" user, not "high reputation," but yes. And "good" is a bit of an overstatement, but it certainly wasn't -5 worthy.
@InfiniteSnowflakes Fail
4:20 AM
@AstroCB you shouldn't vote based on current score
@JanDvorak I didn't mean it like that; I meant that I was surprised that 5 people would downvote it.
Especially so quickly.
@AstroCB sit on the question -> hit "1 new answer" -> see a half-baked answer -> hit downvote
30 seconds is pretty benevolent here
@JanDvorak Possibly. I just thought it was odd. I was watching for 2 of the downvotes and they were immediately in succession.
@AstroCB ergo not a man sock
4:24 AM
> I was watching
Well there you go.
If you were able to see it in time, why wouldn't others be able to as well?
@Doorknob冰 I'm not arguing against that. Again, just observing.
Sit here for a while and see how fast responses to an event can comme.
Anyone else thinks it's a typo?
(removed) to you too, Infinite Snowflakes.
4:26 AM
@NotDoorknob gah, I forgot to remove that one
@NotDoorknob lol
ND> cat
Unknown command cat.
ND> Doorknob
Unknown command Doorknob.
nnoremap <Leader>y mygg"+yG`y - Vim ftw! :P
4:27 AM
ND> @Doorknob @Doorknob @Doorknob
Unknown command @Doorknob.
@NotDoorknob Silly bot :P
ND> choose @Doorknob @Doorknob @Doorknob
Choice: @Doorknob
@Doorknob冰 less readable than perl
4:28 AM
Choice: @inf
@JanDvorak Not really, if you know Vim (especially considering it's a sequence of keystrokes). my set mark "y", gg go to start of file, "+y yank to system clipboard, G end of file (yank to end of file), `y go back to mark "y"
@Doorknob冰 That... could be useful
So it's just a shortcut to copy the entire file to the system clipboard without moving the cursor.
@NotDoorknob ?
4:30 AM
Currently being used for the development of a userscript in which I'm too lazy to save to an actual file and load into Chrome. :P
in Botlings practice room, 2 mins ago, by Sompuperoo
ND>choose @Doorknob冰 @inf @somp @bjb
@Sompuperoo You know I could ban your ID from executing bot commands, right? :P
@Doorknob冰 ^a ^c works for me
<- bad dog
@JanDvorak Doesn't keep the cursor in place. Also, requires use of Ctrl key.
Why mind the ctrl key? I'll be using ^v in just a second
4:33 AM
@JanDvorak Too much effort to reach. :P (and yes, I'm that lazy, even with capslock mapped to Ctrl)
@Sompuperoo that was like... two downvotes in right one after the other. Years after last activity.
@Doorknob冰 is your pinky missing?
@JanDvorak If I used Emacs with all of its C-x M-x S-x butterfly madness, then yes, it would be
@Doorknob冰 does Vim have code folding?
@Doorknob冰 Why doesn't it talk in the room the command was given in?
4:35 AM
@JanDvorak yup
@hichris123 because I'm a bad programmer? :P
user image
Ooh here's a nice gif
Bot killed manually
@NotDoorknob fixed, rebooting
@bjb568 a ball that moves down and confetti is so much better
Bot initialized. Type ND>help for help.
4:39 AM
... hello?
It'd dead, Jim
Bot killed manually
Who's jim anyway?
oh... 89 != "89"
4:40 AM
@Doorknob冰 wat
Use JS
@Doorknob冰 unless it's javascript
@bjb568 ew
It doesn't even type-check in Haskell
Bot initialized. Type ND>help for help.
4:41 AM
Type ND>listcommands to list all commands that the chatbot can execute, or ND>help CMDNAME for help on a specific command.
List of commands: help, listcommands, eval, admin, prefix, choose, aww
ND>admin what's this do
4:42 AM
Adding an admin requires admin privileges.
ND>help admin
Run with no arguments to list admins or with a userid as an arugment to temporarily add admins for this session (requires admin privileges).
used for e.g. ND>prefix foo
ND> admin
4:42 AM
Admin ids: 180276
ND>choose ND>aww ND>listcommands ND>prefix
Choice: ND>listcommands
Oh, it prefixes it with choice.
ND> DROP admin
Unknown command DROP.
4:43 AM
ND>prefix what's this
Setting the prefix requires admin privileges.
ND>prefix -
Prefix set to -.
Oh, the ND> thing
-now you can do this
4:43 AM
Unknown command now.
List of commands: help, listcommands, eval, admin, prefix, choose, aww
4:43 AM
-prefix :
Setting the prefix requires admin privileges.
-prefix :
-eval .1+.2
Eval result: Error in eval: constant Net::HTTP::Persistent::Thread not defined
Prefix set to :.
@NotDoorknob ^ it always does that on the first eval for some reason.
4:44 AM
: 0.1 + 0.2
:eval .1+.2
Unknown command 0.1.
Eval result: Error in eval: (eval):1: no .<digit> floating literal anymore; put 0 before dot
(eval):1: syntax error, unexpected '.'
(eval):1: no .<digit> floating literal anymore; put 0 before dot
:eval 0.1+0.2
Eval result: 0.30000000000000004
4:44 AM
close... enough?
Dec 24 '14 at 16:52, by Shog9
this bot thing is starting to get irritating
Unknown command P.
Unknown command D.
4:45 AM
Unknown command O.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WEB DEVELOPEMENT by Anjel Joshi on programmers.stackexchange.com
Unknown command C.
4:45 AM
Dec 24 '14 at 16:52, by Shog9
this bot thing is starting to get irritating
Unknown command goaway.
Bot killed manually
Montana: everything
everything: else
else: which
which: is true
true: up to a point
point: the problem out
New Markov chain botling?
I'm just analyzing the spam.
MEW @bjb
5:30 AM
combo x2. Combo over
@SmokeDetector and @Pham are exemplary bots because they keep bot messages in the Tavern to a minimum. Other rooms are available for debugging and playing with bots, please use those rooms.
ur no fun
n u use condescending lang
which means that u talk down on us :P
Dec 24 '14 at 16:56, by hichris123
... I think I know why you did that, @Shog9. For some ahem kick action ahem? :P
n u kick too manyz
@bjb568 Sorry, but when you have the power to act, you have the responsibility to act and fun dies :(
5:43 AM
@InfiniteSnowflakes cough
Or just not act and everybody lives happily ever after except the people who don't like fun.
nudges Zephyr
@bjb568 Everyone stops after I inform them...so...
@InfiniteSnowflakes What's your point?
@bjb568 That's the "if you don't like it, ignore it" philosophy that some people want to apply to SE sites.
5:45 AM
@Behaviour This is a chatroom. Wild things happen in chatrooms.
@Andy Oops, I forgot Zephyr. Sorry. It is an exemplary bot.
@bjb568 Yet, they still have rules
But this is a ... somewhat special chatroom. Meant for visitors with problems to drop by and have them sorted out, possibly by some of those ghostly images on the right.
It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for, @InfiniteSnowflakes.
5:46 AM
@Behaviour wat
Yes, that was the purpose of the room once upon a time.
Not now.
@Andy Point taken :)
@Behaviour you dare call me ghostly? oh wait... Do I need to change avatar? :P
You're not...
5:47 AM
He means ghosts like me.
Anyway, gnat's link collections are excellent. I wonder how he organizes all of them.
given that suspended user was very active in closing and deletions, best we can do is to stronger push SE team to work on se-quality-project. I bet his frustration has a lot to do with waterfalls of garbage flooding the site. And I bet another suspended hi-rep user has been frustrated by this. Another hi-rep user left another SE site voluntarily but they wrote an explanation here that looks really appropriate. "At some point, maintaining and curating a site became work and not fun..." — gnat 8 hours ago
A classic YCS post there; somehow I haven't read it until now.
So much crap there
But now you know you should rewrite DevDoodle in Scratch.
I second what BoltClock and AlexK have said. The fact that you can't see the stuff now, doesn't indicate that it didn't happen. A lot of people spend a lot of effort in removing crap before others can see them, we don't leave stuff lying around. Related: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/271184/…Infinite Snowflakes 1 min ago

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