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12:07 AM
Ugh, can't do anything. My nose is running like crazy. Stop running, nose. Probably got the cold on friday or something...
Everyone at my school has a slight cold.
Same here.
Which state are you in?
@bjb568 Back already! I'm an amateur vet, so I'll go consult my books as to why cat's noses will run.
@bjb568 junk.
12:14 AM
TRY`NUR-SESON`Powder`it returns`the`SCAT`
I PEEK-sum`under`my`HAT`
As I said, junk.
@bjb568 IN
Huh. Close enough.
@bjb568 You may have a dental disease, infectious agents (i.e., bacteria, fungi, viruses), foreign bodies (primarily occurring in outdoor animals), weak immune system, chronic steroid use, chronic pneumonia, chronic vomiting, chronic inflammation of the ear, or cancer.
I'm not an outdoor animal. No steroids. Not vomiting yet. My ear feels fine. Maybe cancer.
12:21 AM
@bjb568 Cats may get cancer from staring at lcd screens all day, and not eating their doctor recommended diet.
Infectious agents and a weak immune system usually go together.
Foreign bodies also can affect indoor cats, as in household dust (which can cause a stuffed, or runny nose as well as other allergies)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INFORMATION ON FACEBOOK FRIEND SUGGESTIONS on webapps.stackexchange.com
@J.Musser :O
I hate all-caps titles.
12:38 AM
@bjb568 Is it someone on the site?
@J.Musser Could be. :P
Breaking news: bjb568's uncle, Gorge T., Tries to eat infinite Recursion. She is in the hospital for the day, but her hero grandpa, Cluck Rooster, shows the old cat who's boss.
@bjb568 Wow. Some relative.
Looks like your uncle is white with grey spots.
user image
@Undo did your parents put you inside the luggage container on top of the suv?
12:52 AM
Welp, I just got a recruiting letter from a boarding school. It's Middlesex School.
@hichris123 Gonna go?
@J.Musser ... odds of me going are like 1/10000. :P
BTW, Inf's doing quite well at the hospital, but look at that mad face:
why are people being so mean to infititerecursion?
Hey, the school uses SSL for their website.
12:55 AM
@hichris123 What grade are you in?
@bjb568 Freshman.
Haaaaay. Now I'm confused about who is socks of who...
Well, I'm not a sock.
@bjb568 How close is that to the Ikea?
12:59 AM
So kinda sorta close. cool.
I've stayed by the Ikea.
Also had a riverboat cruise with my school on the Ohio.
Yeah, we're not too far away.
(our riverboat cruise was a band trip to Kings Island)
@bjb568 just remember this: everyone is Shog sock
@Braiam But! But! tries to think of a good argument
@nil Is that supposed to be a human eye? how disgusting.
1:07 AM
@hichris123 Not cool if it was me. I think I'd scare people.
1:26 AM
Huh… calc class did some kind of synthetic division. pukes
@bjb568 What classes are you taking?
Why does everyone find the eye so weird.
That's not a question.
@nil Not an answer: Because it's so disgusting.
@hichris123 Meh, NSA is watching.
1:33 AM
@bjb568 ... you honestly think the NSA cares if you're taking PE or health? ;P
@J.Musser flags
@AndrewT. downvote both...
You find it disgusting, I find it aesthetically pleasing
I may be biased seeing as I painted it
there, now it will be automagically deleted
1:35 AM
oh right, I forgot about that magic
@Braiam Hey!
@nil There are some things that are naturally beautiful, and some things that... aren't. A mutant eye really isn't inherently beautiful to most people. :)
Pfft, you and your lack of appreciation for diseased things
@nil Ah, yeah.
@nil I fight diseases for a living.
on plants, but still.
Seems worthwhile.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CERTIFICATION QUERY on salesforce.stackexchange.com
1:40 AM
@nil Try it.
People pay more than you'd expect for you to come, diagnose, prescribe, supply and sometimes apply treatments for their plants.
@nil I'm on Stack Exchange for easy things like this.
I'm utterly incompetent when it comes to gardening, so probably won't.
I could probably kill bamboo by trying to care for it.
@nil Yeah, bamboo is easy to kill.
A bamboo patch.
You should ask some questions on GL.
1:48 AM
About all I want to do is figure out how to grow cabbage in a closed room, but that doesn't seem like it should be too complicate
@nil All a bamboo patch takes is some roundup, a chainsaw, and a lawnmower. Very easy to kill.
I was going to say, you might be missing a step.
@nil Or try solarization, which is cutting it off at ground level, and laying out a clear plastic tarp(s), over the entire area, and leave for months.
Leave for months, come back, the cabbage cries behind the door, "Please, let me out."
Or try tarping, which is similar, but uses black plastic to block out the sun; better in hot, sunny regions.
1:51 AM
At which point your cabbage is now sentient.
@hichris123 Everybody had a cold. But I was over it by the time they got it.
Or at least pretty good at mimicry
@nil Have you grown cabbage indoors?
It was just something I briefly considered while I was living in an apartment.
1:52 AM
@nil It takes a good deal more light than you'd think.
I hate cabbage.
It's disgusting.
@hichris123 Kings Island!?!?!?!?!?!!? Thats the best place in the universe! What band?
You must have a lot of sentient cabbage.
@nil Ha!
@SantaClaus It's part of a program called Music in the Parks.
Music in the Parks is a day-long or two-day festival for student choral, orchestral, and band ensembles, held annually across the United States. Music groups perform before adjudicators who rate the ensemble in the morning, and then spend the day at an amusement park. The day culminates with an awards ceremony. Awards can be given to either a single player or a whole ensemble. The festivals are organized by the Educational Programs Network. == Company Information == The program was first founded in 1981 by Dr. James R. Wells. The Educational Programs Networks hosts over 200,000 music students each...
@nil So you 'was' living in an apartment. where are you now? a pup tent?
1:54 AM
@hichris123 Awh I missed what classes @bjb568 is taking :(
Would be "were" in that case. Living with my parents now, since I graduated and had no money.
@SantaClaus He didn't post it.
@hichris123 What was his (Removed) thing
@nil Grow cabbage in their house without permission.
Pretty sure I wouldn't need permission.
1:56 AM
@hichris123 Did you like kings island?
@nil It might swell and fill the room overnight, then rot into a smelly, gooey, green mess by morning, about 3 1/2' deep on the floor.
You'd get yelled at.
I think that raises some questions about what it is you're referring to as cabbage
Cabbage might be offended.
I feel like I should go out and buy ice cream.
@hichris123 How'd you get that?
1:59 AM
@nil That's totally disgusting.
Don't socketshame.
After the same amount of consideration that goes into drinking a bottle of wine, I have decided ice cream's a pretty good idea.
@nil Ice cream's great! My favorite food actually.
Explains the anti-cabbage bigotry.
2:02 AM
A nearby shop has a 'banana pig split', in a 1/2 gallon container, free if you can eat it in 2 hours or less without puking, otherwise $15.
Guess what I did?
Oh noes.
@bjb568 Oh yes.
My mind is telling me nooooooo…
I ate three of them in 1 hour, 57 minutes.
Holy Java!
2:08 AM
Made me sick of bananas for a while.
Is it weird if I date all my school papers with an ISO 8601 timestamp?
@bjb568 Only if you put it in the upper-right corner instead of the left.
@SantaClaus That's required by the history teacher…
@bjb568 My english teacher says upper left.
@SantaClaus My science teacher agrees. Most of the other ones don't care. English requires it on the first line.
2:14 AM
@bjb568 Answer this:
45 mins ago, by hichris123
@bjb568 What classes are you taking?
English varies a tiny bit, but for the most part it's MLA
A lot of people have a hard time with MLA though. Not because MLA is hard but because they suck at pattern recognition.
43 mins ago, by bjb568
@hichris123 Meh, NSA is watching.
@nil I've been in high school for a total of 3 weeks, so I haven't encountered MLA or any of the others
English 9. Calculus honors. Modern world history. Spanish 1. Junior choir. Study hall. Bio.
2:16 AM
You might not 'til university
@bjb568 How the did you end up in calc as a freshman
That said, I have a degree in English, so I got most of my exposure to MLA and a bit of Chicago and otherwise never touched other standards.
@SantaClaus Tested out of the easy crap.
If you ever have to use MLA and can't figure it out, take comfort knowing that most English majors can't either.
2:18 AM
@bjb568 Nice. I never got through algebra.
But still, they won't let me do AP (well, they're "thinking about it", in my experience that means no). So just honors :(. Boring review for like half a year.
@J.Musser :O
@bjb568 We have freshman in alg 1, geo (both "normal" paths), alg 2, and two people in precalc.
@bjb568 What?
@J.Musser That's… low.
khanacademy.org <- The secret to everything
Started that in 2nd grade.
wait, @bjb... you can select what classes you get as freshman?
2:19 AM
@Braiam Yeah. The 7th graders at my school can…
@bjb568 No, it's different.
@Braiam I can too...for the most part... we can test into bio and we get 3 electives
@SantaClaus Probably SAT.
@J.Musser "there's nothing bad! it's just different!" <- the artsey fartsey department
@bjb568 Ha.
2:20 AM
I didn't go to high school so this is all foreign to me.
@nil You are a bloody eye. Don't they sit in jars and hospitals and stuff?
@hichris123 Did you do well on it or something?
The eye's just a slice of a painting
It's part of a larger face
@bjb568 Honors English 9, AP World, Honors Bio, Digital Electronics, Intro to Personal Relationships, Honors Algebra II, Spanish II.
@SantaClaus Yeah.
2:21 AM
Actually painted it as a book cover for a portfolio
@hichris123 Honors English? Welp, regular idiot's english is my hardest class…
@hichris123 You can take AP world as a freshman!?
@bjb568 Heh, I gotz honors englis two
I think linguistics should be taught in place of English in high school.
@SantaClaus Yeah, that's the only AP class they let freshman take.
@nil What's the difference?
@hichris123 Every freshman for me takes "World Studies". No matter what.
2:22 AM
@bjb568 Well... Then you're low, for not being able to bench press 380 lbs for 12 reps.
One looks at how language functions, the other lies to you about what you can do in English
Everyone has their gifts.
Plus, at least for me, linguistics helped a lot with editing
before I entered to the university, I couldn't select any classes... everything was prepared
@hichris123 Theres no such thing as "honors bio" at my school. We have AP bio, but no freshman take that. Its either "Physical Science" (low) or "Biology" (high)
@hichris123 No health/pe?
2:25 AM
@SantaClaus That's next semester.
@hichris123 Like...how well?
Health == Into to personal relationships
@SantaClaus 2100 ish.
@hichris123 No freshman (that i know of) have taken the SAT yet. Many of us have taken the PSAT, of which the highest score I've seen being a 186. (Translates to 1860 on SAT). But that was early in 8th grade...
@hichris123 There is a biology site, so if you're good, you could help out there.
@J.Musser I'll be good by the end of this year. But not now. ;)
@SantaClaus Yeah, I took it in 8th grade. Sadly, freshman don't get to take the PSAT here.
2:28 AM
@hichris123 I loved bio. I was pretty good at it, but you have to be in my field of work.
@hichris123 Really? Its really a great cheap test... Anybody willing to pay the like $20 can take it here...
@SantaClaus Yeah, I know. They're having us take some weird test that I don't even know the name of.
@hichris123 ooooohhh...do you live in a state doing the PARCC tests? My english teacher had a few (not-so) nice words for the PARCCs we all have to take...
@SantaClaus PARCC?
@hichris123 Are you having to do boring Algebra 1 review the first few weeks like I am?
@hichris123 I'll take that as a no.
2:32 AM
@SantaClaus yep.
@SantaClaus Oh, is that the common core test? My state backed out.
@hichris123 Yep. Lucky.
We have to do things called ECA's though.
End of Course Assessment.
@hichris123 Oh, I have to do those too I think.
^ That's mine.
@hichris123 Ok just wondering. Thats my book :)
@hichris123 That looks more fun than mine.
@bjb568 Are you the only freshman taking calc?
2:38 AM
@hichris123 I see it hasn't been used for a while, the vines are taking over.
@J.Musser :P
@SantaClaus Hahaha fun.
Though McGraw Hill is...
@hichris123 Oh, they are so creative with word problems...
Why they chose a picture of a clematis vine for the book cover
@hichris123 Every single Geometry problem last year had something to do with a girl flying a kite.
College Algebra was such a boring class. I never did buy the textbook for that class.
2:44 AM
@J.Musser It must be a scatter plot. Why else would there be squares (like on graph paper) in the background?
@SantaClaus :P
@J.Musser 14. Turn to the front of your textbook. Find the line of best fit for the data, then graph its inverse. Then find the sum of all angles on the front of your textbook, and write the answer big on every page thereafter.
@SantaClaus Ha! that would be fun if I had a textbook. Maybe I'll steal one from the kids.
3:03 AM
@hichris123 Since you posted yours...
I have to go now, cya!
3:23 AM
Do I have to flag a shortened-link comment to lmgtfy?
* bit.ly link to lmgtfy
@JanDvorak gone
all spam gone
all known spam, you mean?
both spams that you linked
*pieces of spam
but thanks
3:51 AM
If you are on the meta of a main site for 100 days, do you get another gold badge?
@J.Musser: if you're talking about child metas like meta.so, then you get a badge for the child meta site only
meta of SE? Should be
@Qantas94Heavy So you can get a badge for a child meta?
@J.Musser: yes, look at the difference in badges between my main profile and the child meta
@Qantas94Heavy Thanks!
@JanDvorak rejected
err... it's radical change, but for good reason...
so, accept?
I can't decide
4:06 AM
4:21 AM
a peek at the title screamed at me "audit" yet no... stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5726900
gone at -6
What is the question here? Are you looking for translation? That's not a programming question. — Jan Dvorak 14 secs ago
4:48 AM
previous spam gone, btw
aaand I'm out of LQP votes
how did this get to the hot question list???
Q: 6 women and 4 men wait in line. If their order in line is random, find the probability that all of the woman are adjacent to one another.

pocketlizardMy thoughts on the problem are that the number of ways the women can be adjacent to each other is $5!$ and the total number of arrangements for all the people is $10!$. Is this correct...?

spam gone
@JanDvorak: most of the time it's the dumb questions on Math.SE that get to hot network questions
also, most pop-contests on PCG
5:25 AM
@DroidDev Morning
Are all guys who said morning are from South asia?
@Mr_Green I'm from Europe
i am
5:29 AM
@JanDvorak yeah you didn't say morning :D
54 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
ahh missed that..
spam at -7
5:30 AM
spam gone
spam is delicious
To me, spam tastes like wood and cloth. Gives me flags.
Rene's at -32 o_O
@Unihedron nice
5:55 AM
keyword: supplement?
I think "customer" might do as well. Investigating.
@JanDvorak Oh no... "Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)" is frequently used on money.SE
and skeptics.SE
gone, btw
It's a scam.
missed it :(
if only desktop notifications on new chrome were fixed :(
they are
A: Desktop notifications broken in chat

balphaDesktop notifications are back now. They'll only work in Chrome >= 32 according to MDN (support was incomplete before that), but current stable is 37, so that shouldn't be an issue. It also works in Firefox. Those are the two browsers I've tested; it's presumably also going to work in the next O...

Wait, there are desktop notifications on chrome?
morning all
7:09 AM
thanks @Unihedron
@balpha my current version of chrome is 36.0.1985.143, but I still can't see option for notifications
I am on linux, saucy salamander
Chrome or Chromium? And did you reload the chat room?
@balpha woah! I get it now. Thanks and sorry for trouble. I did not reload the page.
@DroidDev Okay cool. I just fixed this half an hour ago.
7:14 AM
@Unihedron there is a link type looking option below star tab saying "enable desktop notification"
@balpha great work!! These notification pop-up is also looking cooler than the one before :D
my star tab goes below the screen
@DroidDev I can't take credit for that though :)
@JanDvorak try showing only one star
it is showing only one star
or rather, half of it
I have to go fullscreen to see the link
yeah, the notification link placement is a bit bad
luckily you only need it once
7:17 AM
@balpha ok, pass my kudos to the person behind that. I can also see the bell(Notification settings integrated to OS) on top bar of my OS. with various other options. That is way cooler than previous version.
The person behind that would be some Chromium developer.
@balpha oh! Then kudos for your good work
7:40 AM
um... wow looking at the revisions and the view count how in the world [THIS Q](http://stackoverflow.com/posts/23807428/revisions) got so many upvotes??

Does that look suspicious to you or am I just jealous?
@mehow bounty?
@JanDvorak seen it but really?
think so
not a high-quality one, but it looks like an answer to me
It's not really an answer it just says "it's sorted now I used some function" - that wouldn't help me as a visitor
7:46 AM
It's low-quality, but it's not that bad.
@Unihedron ok flagged as LQ
Add a comment to increase the chance of the flag being helpful.
@Unihedron just done that thanks
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RATES OF CHANGE IN DIFFERENTIAL CALCULS on math.stackexchange.com
not just title
7:57 AM
Hello! I recently got one of my questions auto-deleted. I thought it was a valid one, but it got downvoted one time before getting any sort of response. Now this would be just fine if I didn't have the feeling that the downvoter was the same guy which was just mad at me at the day of the downvote because I marked one of his posts duplicate. I'd like to get the 3 undelete votes to have a chance of getting some additional response, but how would I accomplish that, since I'm the only one who can see the deleted post?
@Marwie I can't see the question, but the title sounds like it's not really a good question: "Attribute for text-alignment" seems to be overly broad / missing research effort..
I know my question is off-topic, but please don't close it, and please don't downvote my question.. And please don't nuke my account. — Unihedron 19 secs ago
@Jan it's deleted, but someone posted a comment and I can't see it, can you share it? I'm curious..
> Then just keep coding and keep learning. – Dhruti 1 min ago
@Vogel612 it might sound like that from reading the title only that's true - but I added all the required tags to put it in the right context and I showed my work around to solve it because I couldn't find it in any msdn docs - maybe it just doesn't exist? A no would have been a valid answer ;-)
8:02 AM
@Marwie Auto-deleted as in by Community User since it's a negative score question that's closed?
@unihedron exactly
I'm not sure. You could ask a new question, but be careful. Asking questions is hard, make it count.
@Unihedron absolutely aware of that - I know that meta question. But reposting the same question just twice doesn't make much sense to me. I mean if the community thinks it's not worth it let it be.
But seen that it has been auto-deleted because of a doubtful downvote, I'd just like to have it again reviewed to have a chance to undelete.
I can't see it - I'm not a privileged user. But the downvote tooltip says:
> This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful
^ So maybe if you do repost, fix those.
8:10 AM
@Qantas94Heavy thank you
@Qantas94Heavy Great example. They really should give more concrete and understandable examples in the help center. The XY Problem is a good read as well.
8:30 AM
@Unihedron I'm willing to learn - just read your link - interesting text. Maybe I nailed it too much on the technique to solve the issue. I could repost a new question with it opened up a little. However the technique wouldn't be the wrong one if the keyword just existed. I did quite some research on binding, but it remains a "does it exist or not" one. It's clear to me that I'd have to take down another road if it does not and I was prepared to accepd a simple "no" as an answer.
@Marwie I see. I usually recommend not-question-worthy questions to be asked in a relevant chat room instead since you can have a better discussion.
@Unihedron I let the question-worthy out of this - SO helped me to nail down some quite specific problems. But more than 80% of the SO questions that really are helping me being efficient where the dump stupid simple ones asking for "How do I this or that in c#" - the question for a simple example for simple thing to do. I wouldn't have posed the question if I didn't find a clear answer by doing research in msdn, google and stackoverflow before.

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