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5:01 PM
Never @Jad never!!
3 hours ago, by Bart
We could make for a good duo @InfiniteRecursion. "Glasses and the chick: Coming to you this winter"
^after that uni and I got into trouble...
Careful, though. He's a snuggler.
It's an accident.
Still @uni, precautions.
Sounds very brown @jadarnel27
5:07 PM
@InfiniteRecursion watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@Bart: alive?
@Unihedron You doubt me?
@SmokeDetector Ha, gotcha! You're lifeless, you're a bot running on some VPC cloud thinking you are cognitive, maintaining the world, but you're actually just an automated script!
@InfiniteRecursion who knows
5:12 PM
You are late @Bart, smokey is better than you.
Is your manual writing still going on?
Couple more days I guess
I need a break every now and then
have a kitkat
(gives candy bar)
Hmm, @Bart needs a break...anyone willing to break glasses? Please raise your hands...
have a kitkat
(gives android kitkat phone)
tries to call with chocolate, bites phone
No one raised their hands, they seem to like you @Bart
5:20 PM
Maybe I should run for moderator then. rubs hands in thought of evil plans
is going to vote for Jan anyway
that scared everybody
@Unihedron you have 3 votes
I am voting for Jan too, and any two random non-Bart users @uni
5:24 PM
My other two votes goes to rene and smokedetector
But ... I'll promise to do evil.
I'll vote for you!
@Bart promises, promises.. you sound as a politician...
5:26 PM
And what do they end up being @rene ... that's right, evil
I want a kind mod like bluefeet. looks at @rene
Why the looks?
@rene: You are kind, you will make a very good mod
I just want to see @jadarnel27 run for moderator based on "Because brown".
@InfiniteRecursion whaohahahahaha you don't know what you're asking for...
Being dutch makes me incompetent for moderation. That doesn't come in our genes...
5:33 PM
@rene I am asking for the burn down the cv queue in a day
@InfiniteRecursion I'll do it.
@InfiniteRecursion I recall one mod doing 1000 reviews on one day once...
Sep 8 at 18:54, by Unihedron
Loan me your diamond and I will burn the CV queue to ashes.
@rene Shog!
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Is “Whore” archaic in Australian English? on ell.stackexchange.com
You have my vote then @uni, since rene and Bart are dutch, and Jad is brown.
5:34 PM
Feb 8 at 3:29, by hichris123
@animuson If you do 1000 close reviews today (UTC time)... I'll give you a cookie.
@rene I deserve that cookie
@Unihedron you can have mine
I live in Switzerland now @InfiniteRecursion. I'm entirely neutral and there's nothing for you to worry ab..ahahaha. Sorry, made myself laugh there. Nah, still a bastard.
5:36 PM
@uni you can have mine too
@Bart Are there elections coming up?
No clue @jadarnel27.
I do feel strongly about the brown platform.
Just preparing for the future and your diamond
5:36 PM
@Bart: I figured that out long ago, but good to see you confess
I'm going to go farm some rep tomorrow so I have 10k by the next election
I want to revieeeeewwww!!!!!...
You need to sleeeepppp!! School tomorrow!!!!
I wanna go to school.
I want a nap.
When I was growing up, I hated naps. And everyone told me there'd be a time when I'd regret not being able to sleep around noon. That time is now. :P
Naps ftw
5:43 PM
You can have a nap in your next dream @Anna
Those dreams are the best. Wake up twice as rested from them. ;)
5:54 PM
When the sun comes up, it's a brand new day!
It's also really late around here. Bye for now!
Bye @uni
Where's Uni from?
@AnnaLear That would be the best!
@Uni Cya laters.
6:03 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Yup
6:22 PM
6:36 PM
I feel like that should have worked. Must be a bug.
If anyone has enough rep on Security SE, please downvote this post into oblivion:
A: What are the disadvantages of implementing HTTP authentication in a web application?

Daniel AlexiucThe main danger of using HTTP Basic Auth in the UI of a web application is that it is ugly, and you will scare your users away. From a security standpoint, with HTTPS, it is perfectly fine.

@InfiniteRecursion So now I'm 'Cooler Frank'? As opposed to a 'less cool Frank'? wat
\o/ Not dead yet!
I came on today, and there was a [+311] bubble, and a [23] bubble. I don't usually get 23 notifications, I think it was you guys fooling around.
Oh, it is you guys fooling around.
6:56 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INSTALL FAILED CONFLICTING PROVIDER on stackoverflow.com
7:12 PM
Fixed a little bit...
Why are there a bunch of socks upvoting my things?
Did someone delete the spacing between the tab title and the indicator?
@animuson Which tab?
yep, repro-ed on IE11
I flagged a post on MSO a couple of days ago but my flag is invalid now :(
@animuson it doesn't repro on MSE ...
7:33 PM
@animuson will be fixed next build
the order of the tab names and the indicator got reversed in a recent build
not sure if on purpose, but it's not my change. I'm just putting it back where it came from. :)
@rene O-O
@AnnaLear What… there's no change log?
@bjb568 of course there is.
The Wayback Machine?
@AnnaLear Then why isn't it clear what the purpose is if the purpose is well-documented in a log?
doesn't mean it's clear why things moved around in a view as a part of a larger commit. it seems accidental to me, but it's part of a larger feature that I'm not working on.
7:40 PM
collateral damage...
^ Is there not 2 boxes, one of them big and threatening-looking?
uh. what two boxes?
git commit -m "..." ;)
hides in corner as the big not-gui monster comes
git commit -m "for Anna to rollback later"
wonders why people are concerned with gooey monsters when they aren't as dangerous
8:02 PM
> I am student, I need some ideas for my final year project to make it one of the level best project in my university.
> An app that alerts users when they are going to make a post that is off-topic for the site because they didn't read the faq
still 10 votes remaining..
@hichris123 Wow. That got closed fast.
I like the comment about the 4 years wasted...
8:22 PM
@Unihedron Code... cookie? Fair trade? ;P
is this cv-opinion ... or cv-tool-recommendation?
Q: Which PayPal Api to use for Insurance website

user2897967I have to add PayPal button on web page. Basically this web page is for Paying your insurance installment online. I want to use PayPal Api where I can click on button and customer can pay online to PayPal account of insurance company. I check express checkout Api and payflow pro but it seems that...

I'm going with the latter.
left a comment for the OP to explain my downvote
@rene Saw that.
> This queue has been cleared! If you're looking for more to review, view all review queues. Want to get back to the questions? Return to the Stack Overflow homepage.
It should read Now go handle the close vote queue
9:33 PM
A: Careers site spamming - not sure what I opted out of

Will ColeFirst, you have not opted out of receiving emails from recruiters that find your profile on Careers. The only way to do that is to make your profile unsearchable in the privacy settings on Careers. I believe this is what you were hoping was the case. Second, it completely sucks that that wasn'...

SE is a company like no other.
@hichris123 I think Will's evaluation of the OP's question was wrong. I think Will believes that it's the OP's intention to opt-out of emails from recruiters, not opt-out of reminder emails. Added a comment.
@hichris123 it is fascinating that Will arrived at that conclusion himself, and admitted it publicly.
@LynnCrumbling yup
@LynnCrumbling Agree. Which is what I wanted to assure him was happening in the first section. It is annoying though that we don't actually segment the types of emails we send and how to get rid of only a few of them. Seems like we did what he wanted, but it's still confusing. — Will Cole ♦ 25 secs ago
10:03 PM
buenas tardes , amigos!
@Sam ¿cómo estás , Sam?
@Frank Good thanks, and you?
@Sam mejor que nunca
Estoy practicando español sin ninguna razón real.
@Frank Ok... :P
10:12 PM
@Sam Que diriez-vous français ?
I hate French.
Anyone here speak English?
@Frank Let's just stick with english ;)
@Sam por que não português
@Frank Почему бы не русский?
@Sam I can't type Russian characters.
@Frank cough Google translate cough
10:17 PM
@Sam you did??
@Sam Well, okay this time.
I prefer to learn programming languages rather than actual languages ;)
@Sam I can't even figure out q basic
@Frank What's up?
10:20 PM
@Sam I can't even do simple programming.
Oh, sorry. I didn't realise there was a "q basic" language.
@Sam There was at one point. Not good for much though,
The name reminds me of VB.Net shivers
Can make some ugly games on it, but not much else.
@Sam I remember VB.Net, I knew someone who used it all the time.
He was skinny.
Like, only 130 lbs.
And almost 6' tall.
Visual Basic is not healthy.
@Frank A large bonsai tree by any chance? ;)
10:25 PM
@Sam Human.
@Frank It's syntax isn't nice either.
@Sam What do you use?
@Frank C# and C++ are my "main languages", I used to use VB.Net, but not anymore.
@Sam C# is always at fault when I spin the wheel of blame.
10:28 PM
@Sam Is that what you do professionally?
@Frank I'm currently still in fulltime education, but I aim to get a job using one of the two.
@Sam Nice. :) It's growing very fast.
That area, I mean.
Finding a job should be easy, if you've got a good work ethic and know the field.
@Frank Yeah, I just hope it keeps growing by the time I finish my studies.
@Frank I'll keep that in mind.
@Sam Yeah, or you'll have to learn something new. That wouldn't be fun, unless you're like me.
Well, it's 23:30 over here, I've gotta sleep. I'll see you laters ;)
10:35 PM
@Sam cya, it's 18:35 here.
@Frank I always find new tech fun (if it has good docs). Bye.
@Sam I find new anything fun, if it's really new. Bye.
11:09 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: COMPATIBILITY ISSUE on superuser.com

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