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10:00 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I opened all tabs in the browser I had him on, so he got here and i wasn't aware. He's gone now.
@Unihedron I too thought the same, that he came because of multiple tabs, so I pinged you
@Unihedron Thanks
This should had been a comment on the question than an actual answer. The Post Answer button should only be used to add a new solution to the thread. — Unihedron 18 secs ago
^ or am I mistaken?
I flagged all the comments to be purged. The answer is a year old, what value are the new comments adding? All the previous comments are similar in meaning.
@Unihedron ^these are noisy comments, you should flag with others and ask mod to purge all comments instead of adding more comments
10:17 AM
I find that comments are to discuss problems or improvements in the answer, and the answer wasn't applicable to begin with. It mentions the dependency of Linux without a relevant statement in the question, and doesn't address the question.
He was also last seen a week ago.
@Unihedron He has been around since 2.5 years, he knows the software. After 5 comments, we should think before adding more comments - are we really adding any value or are we adding noise. He received so many comments since January, he never revised the answer, not a single revision after original post.
I have doubts.
SO is collaborative effort, so if you want to add value, edit the post and add information. Don't keep poking authors if they are not revising since one year.
That is not how SO works. You should downvote and move on. Comments appear in inbox and are noisy interference. I read Shog's post along the same lines somewhere on meta, after 5 comments, think if you are adding value or noise.
10:27 AM
Good point.
@Unihedron So what Uni, why are you poking author to revise the answer, downvote and move on. Comments are a bright red item in the inbox, don't poke people like that. You edit and improve if you are so interested. It's not one person's responsibilty. It's a collaborative effort.
I get what you mean now.
On an other hand, let's flag another mod's comment as too chatty!!!!!@
+1 great answer — Bohemian ♦ Jul 7 '11 at 0:42
@Unihedron :)
@InfiniteRecursion What I did instead was that I upvoted all the comments.
@Unihedron I am collecting all your chatty comments to flag in case you become a mod ;)
10:43 AM
Did I really advise that many users to take the tour?
So much so that you are now our official tour guide @Unihedron
Let's flag Uni's comment as too chatty!
+1 for straight-forward iteration. — Unihedron Aug 3 at 9:57
11:18 AM
@JanDvorak flagged
@JanDvorak flajjed & gone
gone at -9
sooo many pings
edit edit edit... Oops
@JanDvorak sorry, won't ping
11:36 AM
@JanDvorak ping-a-ling-ding
lols pinging and saying sorry. @inf. :P
11:52 AM
@SilentKiller Generally I ping Jan after flagging, so I told him I won't be doing that.
@SilentKiller o.O
Question... if I want to publish music within my program, would you recommend packaging with .ogg format or .mp3 format?
.mp3 don't ask why
@Unihedron Lossy compression, the horror! :O
!!! Google docs told me to take a tour
12:02 PM
Image not found
@Unihedron depends really. If you want compression. If so, how much. Low bit-rate or higher.
@Unihedron lol
Google Docs. take a tour and take me with you
12:16 PM
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 17 secs ago, by Karl
Question: WARNING NON-JAVA material: While trying to separate the heat sink from my AMD CPU, the CPU got ripped out of the motherboard's locked socket because the thermal grease, pre-applied at purchase, and included with the CPU, turned to a solid I think it's AMD's fault the CPU got damaged, and not because of abuse. [I had to take the CPU to a pro to separate the two, and he said he's never seen a grease do that.] Am I wrong for thinking that?
preassembled PCs FTW
Someone switched the thermal paste with JB weld?
12:27 PM
How is that NAA?
he is asking to change weight in xml while answer is need to override shouldOverrideUrlLoading of webviewclient
@SilentKiller that's not naa. that's just a stupid post. downvote instead.
Still an answer. Bad answer, but an answer.
but its not related to question or issue any how.
is it an answer, or a comment?
12:29 PM
"I like chicken" is NAA. "I have the same problem" is NAA. This seems to be an attempt to answer, no matter how flawed.
the unrelatedness is an issue
so I should just dv instead flag naa ? @Bart
2 mins ago, by Unihedron
@SilentKiller that's not naa. that's just a stupid post. downvote instead.
I'd say so. You'd probably have your flag declined.
:) @Uni
12:31 PM
@Unihedron switch to glasses and people will listen to you
oh noes. The chat is getting overrun by an antideletionist and his glass-eyed socks
NAA = This is not "answer", probably "nicely worded gibberish", "a comment", "another question", "an edit" or "no value outside link", irrelevance makes it "Not The Answer", but we don't have a flag for NTA.
i always listen to @Uni. @Bart :P
^^^^^ ^_^
12:35 PM
Today's Listening | Retro electronic / cyberpunk with a hint of chiptune
This Alex Roe is awesome @GnomeSlice
@Bart :)
@GnomeSlice Hey, thanks! Saw that album a week ago, but still an amazing listen.
@Unihedron It came out when I was doing my mixsets thing, so I had to wait
It's awesome
I'll stick to SanctuaryRPG OST for the day :)
'spensive though.
Gotta get that paper.
I guess it's not that much considering it's 10 tracks
Anyway, I gotta go to work
Go to work!
@Bart Holy shet, Alex Roe's older album is free now too alexroe.bandcamp.com/album/strings-of-time
Oeh, cool
And thanks for the link @GnomeSlice
12:56 PM
hi @GnomeSlice
@JanDvorak take a tour to find out
OT then
"Questions pertaining to specific distribution of movies, purchasing, viewing, or operation of playing a title in the home."
without an associated close reason, though
1:03 PM
Click one of the off-topic reasons, and hope the close vote reviewer was bright enough.
@JanDvorak possibly a duplicate
spam gone
hey, uh, any way to stop getting top-bar notifications for this cooler @Frank 's messages (in this chat room) without changing my name?
@Frank poor you
You must have had hard times ever since he changed his username to @Frank...
@Frank which other frank?
@JanDvorak The tree
@JanDvorak ?! why does it say I've voted to close for no-repro?
@Frank no, but rest assured that he will now also be annoyed by these pings. ;)
@Unihedron muscle memory
1:13 PM
"Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it." – Second Rikudo, Apoorv, laalto
"This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest
@Unihedron is a robo :(
@Unihedron how can we close a user?
In a cage maybe? ;)
1:28 PM
lols. XD
Cya. @all @uni @inf
Seeya! @Sil
@ShadowWizard why did you put @Droid in a cage? No need for that, I am already more than sufficient to depress him.
@SPArchaeologist it's @Zephyr, not @Droid :D
1:42 PM
@SPArchaeologist lol, I don't look like that :P
@SPArchaeologist the "Droid" part is from anDroid ;)
@ShadowWizard mumble Ye gived me an evil idea.
Be happy, @DroidDev. Soon you have you pony persona, complete with a free android logo cutie mark.
@SPArchaeologist Will I get a chance to act in MLP then?
@DroidDev depends. Do you know Korean? Japanese? maybe they can add you in the background when the new seasons reach them.
@DroidDev just don't hope to stole my official Discord role. As a Star Trek Q fan, that's just deserved
@SPArchaeologist you know, I am Droid. I have programmed myself to store new languages. Any number of it, so yes, I know every single one of them :P
1:50 PM
@DroidDev tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?
Did @Frank change his profile image?
@SPArchaeologist detecting new language
@InfiniteRecursion No, that was a different @Frank earlier.
@Uni, so now do we have two @Franks?
@InfiniteRecursion Yes, and the second @Frank isn't happy about getting the red inbox notifications when we ping to the first @Frank.
The other @Frank is probably going to run in and murder us now...
1:58 PM
can't stop laughing
So all we have to do now is ping Tim and Frank, and we have upset half the users
@DroidDev New? Klingon?
@SPArchaeologist new language upload complete :P
Lots of @Barts too...let's ping Bart
2:01 PM
@Unihedron maybe now M$ will teach them what the word "Steam-free", "boxed", "retail" mean?
Those don't seem like good edits @Unihedron
Feel free to reject..
^^not good edits
2:02 PM
Why does other the Frank get pings? He never visits the tavern.
2:05 PM
55 mins ago, by Frank
hey, uh, any way to stop getting top-bar notifications for this cooler @Frank 's messages (in this chat room) without changing my name?
Cooler Frank haha
Because he at one point did visit probably
@Bart but I saw balpha saying that it works only if the user was in the room in the X last days, X was around 3
Unless super pinged, in which case it always send notification
the room, or chat in general @ShadowWizard?
@Bart as far as I remember, the specific room
it might be bugged though :)
anyway, he did visit and even posted here in last Friday: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/users/209360/frank?tab=recent
So @Frank would ping him as well :D
2:12 PM
Approve my tag wiki edit! It's good! stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5783695
10 hours ago, by Frank
@InfiniteRecursion You are a talented and usually very nice person to talk to, imo. I think it's natural that you get starred. Same with Bart.
^Cooler Frank gave you a compliment @Bart
Dammit, there goes my aura of evil.
Shut up and take my stars!!
Dammit, there goes my compliment. Had to share it with a pair of glasses.
2:17 PM
We could make for a good duo @InfiniteRecursion. "Glasses and the chick: Coming to you this winter"
Absolutely...it just needs "Live from the Tavern!!"
Aug 31 at 19:43, by Infinite Recursion
Nah...am a glassist. I avoid GLASSES!!
Not in winter @lostsock
Sep 2 at 14:03, by Bart
Some chick threatened me this morning. Chick as in, the fluffy animal with an (apparently) sharpened beak.
yesterday, by Braiam
@InfiniteRecursion time changes, and eggs hatch
2:22 PM
@Bart: The Taverners don't like the idea of the duo glares at @lostsock
@InfiniteRecursion is just trying to be friends with @Bart so she can tell people she's not glassist
/me grabs keyboard
@lostsock "Some of my best friends are glasses"
/me sharpens beak
goes to play chess with an AI
2:26 PM
Happens all the time @uni :(
glares at @lostsock
almost steps on @InfiniteRecursion
Breaking news: @lostsock almost got torn by a very sharp beak, escaped by a narrow margin.
is this naa? looks like a new question stackoverflow.com/a/25871193/3622940
@Bart oh noes :(
2:31 PM
It's an answer @uni
His English is broken
@InfiniteRecursion don't think so
Don't think so @Inf. The mention of countries and states don't seem to correspond to the question.
and he said "I want to"
That's a radical change? @InfiniteRecursion
Not sure that's correct @InfiniteRecursion. How does that answer the question asked?
sorry @inf. Rollback'd.
2:37 PM
It's a complete code to populate cities into states and countries. Question is to populate dropdown list. The answerer is populating drop down list perfectly.
Wait, are you serious?
Thanks @Uni, I am glad you did. I will put a question on meta.
I'm confused.
@InfiniteRecursion did you really test it?
@InfiniteRecursion Please do...
Wait, @Inf, do you mean the answerer explained how to do it, but with a completely seperate project different from the question?
2:40 PM
That's easy code @Sha, we can read and confirm. I didn't test it, but it is an answer.
Is this a new question, or a mis-presented solution? — Unihedron 1 min ago
Yes @uni, he is populating with states and cities instead of course and courseid
@InfiniteRecursion even if it does work, the author presents it as a new question. Changing this to answer would be radical change. The author has to change it himself, or the answer will be deleted.
I asked, now we wait..
2:51 PM
@Bart? You can see deleted posts, was it deleted by owner or community?
@Unihedron owner
so most likely it wasn't an answer after all
@InfiniteRecursion if you can test the code to be 100% sure it really works, feel free to post this as new, proper, answer. :-)
^^^ @inf
I am posting a question on MSO
Q: Should we salvage an answer where the code is an attempt to answer, but the English explanation looks like a question?

Infinite RecursionRecently, I came across this question: Cascading dropdowns using JSON and MVC4 with EF It asks how to populate the code into a dropdown list from a JSON. http://stackoverflow.com/a/25871193/2982225 A user answered it with code to populate a dropdown from a json. However, there are two issues: ...

When in doubt, it's better to ask :)
3:02 PM
Duck effect..
@Unihedron update yourself. Nowadays it is called "@Infinite effect"
@Unihedron Wasn't someone implying before that that isn't a little chicken but a small duck instead?
@Unihedron just noticed you added the final "How can I do this?" part, so it might have been an answer after all. :(
@ShadowWizard I rolled it back in the end.
Didn't mean to add it.
3:11 PM
anyway gtg, cya all!
someone should probably add a picture to @inf's thread for non-10kers
Hmm. The tag excerpt got approved, but the tag wiki got rejected. ...
Mind if I reverse that edit?
Go ahead.
I didn't intend for it to be approved. It just had to be made.
... that's the stuff leading to bans right there ...
It's not an invalid edit either, since the information was true. :P
3:24 PM
Yes, I see a lot of such thing happening, personally I want to know if I should flag users like @Uni for suspension because they push new users into post bans :)
I still have yet to get that achievement for getting suspended for every reason twice.
Aug 12 at 16:39, by bjb568
"Get suspended for every reason twice"
Hi the other @Frank!
@InfiniteRecursion Hey, you're implying I shouldn't.
Hi @Frank :)
@Bart That's some consolation! (that he'll also get these pings)
@Frank Quick! Ping yourself!
When in doubt, using our privilege is abusing our privilege. That too, where 85% of the post body was code.
@InfiniteRecursion You thought I flagged it for naa? :o
Is using comments an abuse of privs now?
No, I wanted to flag you for edit ban ;)
A: Should we salvage an answer where the code is an attempt to answer, but the English explanation looks like a question?

BartThe main trigger for me is His English is confusing, it's unclear. And it's not "unclear" to a point where you'd say "I get what he's trying to say, but he just states it awkwardly", but rather "I think that's what he's trying to say? Is it? Could be.... possibly". Yes, the "answer" seems...

^ If that answer has a negative score after 5 days, I'll let you flag me for edit ban with no complaints made..
No, I didn't use any flags, U tried to salvage the post, then asked on MSO.
I won't flag you @uni, ever. I was joking. I went to MSO because I don't know the workings of SO yet. When I am in doubt, I always ask the community.
waits for @Bart to post another answer via his sock account
I was joking as well, but I felt pretty safe that the answer said exactly what the community would agree on, and keeps my stance appropiate :)
We'll wait and see..
> Recently, I came across this question
3:33 PM
@InfiniteRecursion my socks only upvote me
(Because uni linked its answer in chat asking if its answer was NAA...)
Yes, let's wait and see @Uni...
Want to play a game of chess until there are new inbox messages?
I minimized details to focus on the issue @uni :D
plays another round with the AI
3:35 PM
@Bart: you can never be sure, socks may rebel
Yay! Mod support
Looks like an answer to me. People seemed to have stopped reading at "I want..." — Robert Harvey ♦ 1 min ago
Pff, mods, who listens to them .... hides
@Unihedron: It doesn't matter anymore. The poster deleted his answer, and I concur. — Robert Harvey ♦ 54 secs ago
Mod support much?
@uni you brought the chat in the post. So he left. Unfair, as I see it, am slowly changing my mind about flag immunity for you.
I'm so sorry, but it was true!
@Unihedron: In general, editing to salvage an answer is always desirable, if it adds value. It's doubtful in this case, since Bart thinks the answer has nothing to do with the question. The community seems to concur, since the answer draws downvotes while it is undeleted. — Robert Harvey ♦ 2 mins ago
And it's not what I think.
3:45 PM
Who downvoted the post? (i did)
The same person who downvoted the answer? :D
I should just stay away from moderation...
Nah, just moderate in moderation.
This is not stuff to get upset about. It's in fact part of the fun of it.
I'm not upset, I'm just confused whether I did push the person closer into his post ban inappropiately.
Meh, not terribly likely. One post won't do it.
3:50 PM
@inf please tell me if this is NAA. If you say it's not, I'll let it live. stackoverflow.com/a/25873141/3622940
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected, Phone number detected: vashikaran love marriage +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
what @Bart thinks never matters, @Bart
And even that is based on the assumption that I even think @Braiam. Most of it can be dismissed as "noise" I'd say.
3:56 PM
keyboard noise? absolutely!
4:12 PM
@Uni, did you read "The answer is in another castle" post by Shog on Meta?
It tells us what is NAA and what isn't.
@InfiniteRecursion MARIOOOOOOO
I think you should read it @uni, it's a very nice post and will answer all your doubts about NAA's.
That's a pitty. I had already my master sword ready, now I will have to go and get the fire flower instead
When people go on targeted flagging sprees, for badges and flag count, quality takes a backseat.
points to the "SKIP" button
4:38 PM
@InfiniteRecursion But it was clear that the answer was an attempt to comment on the accepted one.
I also just took a break and revisited my first chat messages where the chat rooms were still a dark scary place and I was in no interests of moderation back then. Good times.
@ProgramFOX Hiya.
@Sam yet u no greet guests on the other tavern? :P
hiya @ProgramFOX
@Unihedron I do, when I notice them and am not busy.
4:50 PM
@Unihedron 14 days, not 7 days.
You are right @uni. Chat was a scary place for me too, my first chat was with Sam and then you, and even today, I went to Meta to genuinely have an open discussion. I only mentioned I saw the post and did an action and if I was correct. Somewhere in the comments, it got messed up. Cleaned up my comments and thanks for cleaning yours.
@Sam: you are always busy with phamhilator :)
@InfiniteRecursion Lol. Speaking of which, I've just finished off a fairly big feature. It's almost finished now ;)
@InfiniteRecursion Don't worry about it.
Sounds very cool @Sam.
Thanks @uni :)
4:56 PM
A most valuable lesson for both of us today,
Yes @uni. Absolutely.
(watches the other end of the room being quiet)
Or stay extra-close to @Bart.
4:58 PM
I didn't use Leave Open! I closed it! I swear!

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