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@Braiam nuked it.
2 hours later…
3:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHICH TRAINS TO TAKE ACROSS CENTRAL EUROPE? on travel.stackexchange.com
4:17 AM
class FindSpam:
  rules = [
   {'regex': "(?i)\\b(baba(ji)?|nike|[Vv]ashikaran|[Ss]umer|[Kk]olcak|porn|[Mm]olvi|[Jj]udi [Bb]ola|ituBola.com|[Ll]ost [Ll]over)\\b", 'all': True,
    'sites': [], 'reason': "Bad keyword detected"},
   {'regex': "\\+\\d{10}|\\+?\\d{2}[\\s\\-]?\\d{8,1o}", 'all': True,
    'sites': ["patents.stackexchange.com"], 'reason': "Phone number detected"},
   {'regex': "(?i)\\b([Nn]igga|[Nn]igger|niga|[Aa]sshole|crap|fag|[Ff]uck(ing?)?|idiot|[Ss]hit|[Ww]hore)s?\\b", 'all': True,
Is there no better way to find spams?
At least do a analysis on the spam reported by the bot to spam actually deleted due to real users interaction?
Good concept BTW, needs polish though ... other wise the spam bot will become the spam generator itself ~_~
1 hour later…
yesterday, by chmod 711 telkitty
As a rule I try to stay away from all social networks, now it seems it's a right decision ...
speaking of which I would not be surprised everything we said here were collected for analysis purpose - it's called data mining, when you become a number ... awesomeness!
7:34 AM
@AnnaLear About bug with reopen votes I told Sha on the next day after I discovered it ;-) And he posted this bug on MSO
@Stijn Eh, if I could, I would vote ;-)
@nicael I'm sure you can find a way around the system ;)
@Stijn You are sure? Well, of course, I'll try... :D
@Stijn ... why would that be too broad?
7:38 AM
@Bart I have no clue. It caused someone to fail an audit: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/263069/…
7:54 AM
Well, done.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MUSCLE BUILDING SUPER TRICS on meta.stackexchange.com
damn, it's removed, now I'll never get big muscles
8:49 AM
It's okay, buy a soccer jersey instead
Q: NetEase sports reported on June 18 in Jin dynasty:15th! Yu Hanchao took Conca shirt number fear invisible stress

vxbConca out evergrande the 15th Jersey left behind, lastly includes a successor. Just move from Dalian aerbin Guangzhou evergrande Yu Hanchao would put on the shirt play for evergrande, 15th, Li Xuepeng 35th number is chosen. Evergrande within the second in the Super led each of the way in when th...

(and chuck a spam flag on it too)
Is it possible to find out who starred chat messages? Even on old messages?
@Cupcake afaik not, you can only see it by watching the socket connection
I know there is a site for outdoor activities on stackexchange, but without having to sign up there. Is there anyone who is experienced with abseiling & rock climbing here?
9:12 AM
& could help me with gears?
9:28 AM
lol, someone upvoted it :D
Why the close and down-votes? It's a reasonable question and it's obvious from the three lines what his misunderstanding is, isn't it? — Rup 12 secs ago
sometimes I think that there is another - less developed - human species living among us.
9:51 AM
Oh, hey, forgot to mention... I was playing around on your computer yesterday and failed like 15 audits in a row... — Your Boss 5 hours ago
lulz ^
10:13 AM
my boss will not use boolean variable... — user3819278 10 mins ago
lol, SO is a circus today :D
1 hour later…
11:15 AM
I think this is a well-thought question:
Q: Writing a MAC printer driver

user3098223I need to implement a print driver and generate a panel on print button for my print driver.

@FinalContest is it not too broad?
Oh. Sarcasm.
11:30 AM
Perhaps we have to rename this room to "Laszlo's point-at-crap-and-laugh emporium" ...
Except he's in write-only mode
Maybe it's a Laszlo-bot?
Nope. Just a guy that ignores everyone
11:45 AM
shiny happy people holding hands, shiny happy people laughing
12:18 PM
Is one of your siblings named Robert, by chance? — ThisSuitIsBlackNot 20 hours ago
one room would not be enough for all the crap ...
@Bart Who's Laslo? I haven't seen him on here in quite a while.
@VotetoClose AKA FinalContest
@JanDvorak great, you spoiled what could be few minutes of great fun!
@JanDvorak I can't believe that. Laslo seemed like such a nice guy.
12:21 PM
@ShadowWizard oops, sorry
Is there any proof that they are the same?
@VotetoClose why would I tell you?
@JanDvorak You don't have to, just seems like he got a new personality with the name change then.
also, a new set of ignores
12:24 PM
@VotetoClose ask @FinalContest, he won't answer but it's worth asking :D
And if you really want a solid proof, see here
Everything is cached, somewhere.
somewhere over the rainbow?
yup, you'll be surprised by the amount of treasures hidden over the rainbow, @Jan :)
I've heard there's a golden sky
and a sweet silversong of a lark
@VotetoClose Click on the username here and all will reveal itself: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1513419#1513419
thanks @Bart
12:32 PM
Geniously simple, @Bart! Didn't know the transcript cache the name
That star is disturbingly similar to the chat star, @Bart.
Just a gentle hint @ShadowWizard
can you guys upvote this comment please meta.stackexchange.com/questions/235255/…
because this feature request has 176 upotes / 0 downvotes, 7 bounties have been offered and no mod/employee has even left a comment on it, let alone an answer
@VotetoClose going to downvote now because begging
oh wait
Seriously now, even 1000 upvotes on your comment won't improve chances to get official response.
12:40 PM
I have hope @ShadowWizard
If you feel strongly about a feature request you can always email the team and pledge your case. Other than that, nothing we can do. :)
Given that it's Laura who asked, I'm sure she can more effectively poke some at SE
You know what... let's try a different approach
@AnnaLear hey, got a second? (or two :))
Put down the gun @ShadowWizard!!!
Ah, ask Anna ... nevermind.
She is the Expert
12:55 PM
> This post is locked to prevent inappropriate edits to its content. The post looks exactly as it is supposed to look - there are no problems with its content. Please do not flag it for our attention.
Wonder how many flags they got?
what post?
@ShadowWizard don't leave us hanging!
oh, thought it's trivial
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

Is there anyone here who isn't familiar with this post? :)
it's famous by now :)
@ShadowWizard 61
1:00 PM
I've always loved the sentence from the following answer While it is true that asking regexes to parse arbitrary HTML is like asking Paris Hilton to write an operating system :)
Since it was locked.
If it wouldn't have been locked I'm pretty sure it would have passed 10k score long ago
@Bart any hidden power you hide from us, @Bart? ;)
MUWAHAHAHAHAhahaehm ... nope, not really.
oh my, guess I should roam MSO more often. But something in there feels odd, can't point my finger exactly. So I stick with MSE.
1:43 PM
Does anyone have any idea why I get double pinged (the sound plays twice) each time anyone pings me? I don't have any other browser windows or tabs open in chat, I have restarted the browser and the computer, I've cleared all cookies. This does not happen in chrome, only firefox and it does not happen if I open a private firefox window. However, it does happen even if I disable all addons and userscripts in my regular session. What else can I check?
@terdon doubled?
Hmm, I think not. Could you do that again please?
@terdon ding dong
@terdon I typed this one
@terdon I didn't type this one
@terdon it can happen when one edits the message shortly after posting it. Like this.
1:48 PM
Huh! Nice, no, it only pings me once here. So it looks like a chat.SE thing, not a chat.meta one.
and it's by design
Q: Don't repeat the ping when editing chat messages

Mad ScientistIf you use an @notification in chat messages it will notify the corresponding user with a small circle (or snowman) on their gravatar and (if enabled) a sound effect. Now, when you have notified a user that way they will be notified again if you edit the message containing the @notification. I ...

@ShadowWizard I know, but that's not what's going on.
@terdon oh, OK. So probably Firefox issue.
1:49 PM
It is a firefox issue, works fine in chrome.
Worked fine in firefox until yesterday too. And no, I don't remember what I did to break it :)
Latest version, I assume?
But as it worked until yesterday, I doubt it's anything to do with the version. Especially since it works in a private window.
What else apart from addons/login info changes between a private and normal firefox window? WTF is it working on one and not the other with all my scripts and addons disabled ?
Then a fresh profile should also not have the problem. Can you verify?
Indeed. Hang on.
Back in a sec
Right. Could you ping me again please @Stijn?
@terdon test
1:57 PM
Yup. Single ping with the new profile.
Dammit though, I've disabled everything on the old one, what else can it be?
Back in the old profile again.
So addons were disabled. Did you check userscripts?
Also disabled.
Via greasemonkey
@terdon test
idiot forgot it doesn't have the issue here :)
Now where would this question be on topic?
Not SU since it's a webpage issue. Meta.SE perhaps?
Yeah, that's what I figured. But since it's obviously something specific to me, I thought it might squeeze by on one of the tech sites.
@terdon how can you reply to yourself?
2:05 PM
@ShadowWizard It's a plugin
so you did not disable everything... ;)
maybe that's the culprit?
Q: Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites

Oliver Salzburg Press : to start replying to a previous message. Press ↑ as many times as you need to mark the desired message. What does it do? First of all, the Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites provides a simple key combination to select a message to reply to. This removes the need to grab the...

@ShadowWizard I had, I only just reactivated it now.
oh, fair enough. If it happens again, guess you better file a bug report to Firefox :)
2:18 PM
Hello all :) Something to share with all the good folks of SE
oh, lovely!
Best thing I've seen today
user image
@ShadowWizard - hey! Keeping safe?
@Lix yeah, only one alarm so far, yesterday night. Not nice with children but not big deal too. You?
Is this screenshot real?! (goes looking)
@ShadowWizard - I head two of them (in ramat gan)... even heard quite a serious boom on the second one...
@ShadowWizard - oh right... we have repzillas here ;)
@Lix the boom was most likely the Tamir missile (Kipat Barzel) being launched
2:22 PM
@ShadowWizard - yep... this is what everyone is saying
I favorited that question. Plain hilarious!
why was it deleted?
TIL: it is possible to favorite deleted posts....
Tempted to leave a comment on one his existing posts asking about his Momma...
@Alex - we hate fun ;)
2:24 PM
that was plain trolling, not fun :)
@Alex - the last comment by a mod (also the one who deleted the post) pretty much sums it up: "If this is a serious question you'd get a lot further by using different variable names."
@ShadowWizard not trolling... more like playground name calling phenomenon
A maternal insult (also referred to as a "yo mama" joke) is a reference to a person's mother through the use of phrases such as "your mother" or other regional variants, frequently used to insult the target by way of their mother. Used as an insult, "your mother..." preys on widespread sentiments of filial piety, making the insult particularly and globally offensive. "Your mother" can be combined with most types of insults, although suggestions of promiscuity are particularly common. Insults based on obesity, incest, age, race, poverty, poor hygiene, unattractiveness, or stupidity m...
@Alex but on a professional site which clearly forbids those things it becomes trolling. I would flag such thing as abusive, as the user is abusing the power to ask questions in a bad manner.
oh wow that question is hilarious :D
2:37 PM
@ShadowWizard it is offensive, I suppose there's no point putting it on hold and leaving it there, I can just imagine someone posting a link to it in a chat room to troll with
it could be argued that the offensiveness of it would merit a deeper kind of deletion, since the post is still visible to certain members, it has the potential to offend them just as much as it would anyone else who happens to see it
i am unable to see it, but I was able to see the screenshot that was posted here, i'm tempted to flag that as offensive
@alex To flag my link to it here?
i find it offensive
@Alex - sorry to hear that
It's humour, it's bound to offend someone.
@Stijn Is this supposed to be humorous? I'm slightly offended.
2:47 PM
hmmm... I am now offered to review your flag, @alex...
with such power comes great responsibility ;)
So "Your mama codes procedurally in PHP" is the new "Your mama wears combat boots"?
I'd say that's an improvement, because my mama, quite frankly, looked ridiculous in combat boots.
@TimPost I think it all boils down to "your mama is fat", cross language. The message was quite clear!
@Lix i was never good at all that "your momma" stuff when I was a child, I've always felt that it's really awful.
i can only hope it that post wasn't made by an adult, it's really the sort of thing you expect a child to do
@Alex It was written by someone that's obviously struggling with maturity. It's not really a matter of age.
2:55 PM
Well said tim...
I also detested that sort of mindless fallacious taunting that children often did. But that's not what this was, this was just someone trying to be clever and rather falling on their nose in the process. The intent seemed to be to make people laugh, and it's really the perceived intent that matters.
After spending the past 3 hours pondering whether I should finally upgrade my 2 season sleeping bag to a 4 season one or to buy another tent (currently I have 1 cheap flimsy one, one that's too small/not enough for me and my bag - both that the same time, and one that's too big & heavy.) I figured out that if I participate in an activity that has a 0.2% chance of killing myself every weekend, more than half of the chance I would be dead in 7 years.
diving & real adventure caving would probably exceed that fatality rate ...
So if I stick to those two activities ...
3:02 PM
@chmod711telkitty Have you tried decaf?
@Stijn I don't think so. Retag means changing name of a tag, burninate means just burn a tag, without replacing with other.
I've just burninated on MSE :)
@ShadowWizard The excerpt of retag-request does mention what sounds like burninating: "This tag is for requests to replace one tag with another existing tag. It also applies to requests that one tag should be merged into another, or simply abandoned."
hmm... so this is a gray zone indeed. Needs an Expert. @TimPost what you think? :)
@chmod711telkitty Is diving statistically more dangerous? I'd think it would be, because you don't have much chance of error correction once you've realized it's needed.
3:39 PM
@YiJiang if you read this, your SE profile says you're 20 but meebleforp.com says 19 :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TOO MUCH CUMIN IN MY CURRY on cooking.stackexchange.com
huh, I have an account there?
"delete" only deletes my account for that site, right?
(since when is there a "delete" option for your own user profile? :O)
3:49 PM
@nyuszika7h I think it's an option when you have no questions, answers or comments on the site.
Q: How can I delete my account?

SauronHow can I delete my Stack Exchange account(s) and what happens to content I've posted when my account gets deleted? For more information, see "How do I delete my account?" in the Help Center. Return to FAQ index

> If your account has never voted or posted a question or answer more than once, you should see a self-delete option on your user page next to the edit link:
4:05 PM
@nicael yeah, and then you cast a bunch of votes you shouldn't have. that's more my point. ;)
@ShadowWizard what's up?
@TimPost: is it normal that a moderator removes an upvoted comment which brings up some critics with the answer? If it is so, there is not much point in doing anything more other than downvoting an answer.
(first time I saw it happening)
(well semi-second'ish...)
Today's Listening | Electronic / Downtempo / Ambient
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IS THE US 3611966 PATENT STIL ACTIVE? on patents.stackexchange.com
The other question is gets more traffic. The answers should be merged.
4:14 PM
@ManishBot that's neat, I didn't know we had a stack exchange for patents.
4:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Crap audio interface sound and I can't find out the problem on music.stackexchange.com
Ofensive? Crap is just sound engineer for "almost everything".
i wonder what it's like for people who have to watch films and decide what age rating to give them
how do they decide if a film is rated 12, 15 or 18
sometimes when watching family guy i wonder what age rating that would get
Adult animation (also known as adult cartoon) is genre of animation geared towards adults and sometimes teens. Works in this genre may be considered adult for any number of reasons. They may be noted for using risqué themes, graphic violence, sexuality or black comedy in a manner that is unsuitable for younger audiences. Works in this genre may explore philosophical, political or social issues. Some productions are noted for sophisticated and/or experimental storytelling and animation techniques. Before the enforcement of the Hays Code, some cartoon shorts contained humor that was aimed...
4:43 PM
@Cupcake: I voted on the dup, but I realized it is very hard to get votes from here lately.
I posted this here twice already, and could not get another vote, even though it seems clear case: stackoverflow.com/q/21467118/2682142
@FinalContest well, that is a very long question, and not everyone has expertise in PHP.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: What harm is porn? on parenting.stackexchange.com
@ManishBot oh boy.
Q: What harm is porn?

Ansis MalinsIt is generally accepted that porn shouldn't be seen by children, and we even sometimes punish parents who fail to stop their children from finding porn. What is the justification? The only "damage" I've seen caused by porn is other adults' outrage. Like, the child gets suspended from school bec...

I think we need a bot (in it's own room) that just replies to @ManishBot. I can imagine some hilarious responses
That guy is obviously going to make a fantastic parent.
Great decision making skills.
I'd let him babysit kids any day.
4:52 PM
opinion Is it acceptable to use the marquee element in HTML?
eats some members of Cupcake family
@Cupcake: well, but it is clear, even the OP admits the duplication.
yet, s/he misuses the duplicate system for some reason. :/
5:15 PM
Do this user's answers count as spam? All three are promoting his code, without notice that it's his. However, they do kind of answer the question in a VLQ sort of way.
@FinalContest personally, I'd give the OP a few days to revise the question before voting to delete it.
@Cupcake: well, normally, me, too, but his further comments are facepalm, and it is very unlikely to change. He is from another planet IMHO
Oh, I didn't read the comments.
@Andy stackoverflow.com/questions/17789204/… delete voted the question, problem solved.
A: Error trying to add fragment for facebook login

user3821408!!!!!!!!!I have the solutions, In the MainFragment Class, i delete the import android.app.Fragment and add android.support.v4.app.*; and it solve all

someone wishes to edit that post to increase the IQ by 50?
5:19 PM
@Andy close as recommendation, stackoverflow.com/questions/7470629/…, then delete vote, problem solved.
@Andy stackoverflow.com/a/17886145/456814 flagged as VLQ (link-only), problem solved...meh, I put in a delete vote for it too.
@FinalContest better now?
@Cupcake: ojay is own his way to banning
He hasn't been back to the site since...
Since he posted his last answer.
5:24 PM
He used the site for about 2 days to post his (self-promotional?) link answers.
you brought me to serial downvoting :p
I'm not sure if downvoting this answer to hell or just asking to the question be deleted altogether
@Braiam downvoted and flagged
@Braiam Question? What question? I don't see any questions here...
5:27 PM
...only lost points and broken dreams.
spoiling someone else's fun is fun? xD
Disturbingly amusing. More fun than it should be :P
Hmmm, I felt the comment from Eric Lippert on that question was worth keeping but it won't onebox anymore...
5:31 PM
@FinalContest wait, why he has 9 tags?..
because he is ojay.
@AnnaLear hey, what is the team's opinion about flagging a comment after already upvoting it? It's one of the most upvoted feature requests in MSE, yet no shred of official response. So hoping you'll save the day! :) (even a "maybe" will do :))
@ShadowWizard You have good timing. :) We're actually discussing that this week. Internal opinions differ, so we'll see what shakes out. (cc @VotetoClose)
@AnnaLear Cheers, credit goes to Mr. @VoteToClose who bountified the request and brought this up earlier. Hope to see some response there soon and thanks again!
@nicael deleted posts. The tag score might be 0, but I think the tags themselves stay forever.
@Andy there was such a fight actually in other room. It was very messy.
5:50 PM
@nicael the script runs sometimes... and updates its values
@rene for you...
Wow that's tiny.
50 weeks a year? Slacker ....
5:54 PM
zoom 200% works
or just click the image
Oh Anna..
I just tried to quote the text here, but it's actually too big to post in chat.
According to chat :/
Wait, lemme try...
5:57 PM
> I've studied C# for eight hours a day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year for five years, and I'd think it would be reasonable to say that I've mastered the language, but of course I know almost nothing about the debugger, the IDE, the framework, the garbage collector, the interop layer, the security system, and so on. If you want to master something, I recommend you do the same as I did: study it eight hours a day for five years and you too can be an expert on one thing.
> That said: I learn new things about C# every day, so there always seems to be stuff left to learn. – Eric Lippert Jun 29 '10 at 3:01
There you go
@ManishBot Now I really want to know which of those words is "bad".
It's probably Nike.
Yup, Nike.
Manishbot must be an Adidas fan.
That makes me wonder why there is no Adidas spam? Isn't it as popular as Nike, is Nike easier to copy? Adidas is more active in hunting down chinese copy-shops?
Or are all SE users known Nike lovers?
6:59 PM
Please stop uploading the game highlights to Pornhub... Our public humiliation category is full. #BrazilvsGermany
@AnnaLear Hahahahahaha that's amazing
Stack Overflow Academy

Proposed Q&A site for programmers who want to ask good questions on Stack Overflow

Currently in definition.

@Shog9 explain yourself
Must ... resists ... to troll ... proposal
A: Boundary between Stack Overflow Academy and Meta Stack Overflow?

Shog9Meta Stack Overflow could work for this purpose... ...But in practice, it usually does not. The focus of meta is primary focused on the policies and behaviors associated with Stack Overflow; while this includes the nature of the questions asked on the site, it's not particularly obvious that you...

So there I can ask how I can get rid of this pesky question ban, right? :p
7:10 PM
@Shog9 Makes sense.
@Shog9 on a serious note, would that lend itself for a Q&A though? I imagine that becoming a "here's my question, is it good enough?" kind of deal ...
@Bart who knows?
We have a Code Review site; if that can function...
Myeah, "that's why it's a proposal" I guess ...
Ask a question to ask a question
7:24 PM
I wonder if, when you find it difficult to ask a good question on SO, you're able to ask a good question on that site.
@rene so meta
@Braiam So not meta ... specifically.
Apparently a certain problem user has "turned over a new leaf": meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/263086/…
Not sure if I actually believe it though.
O ye of little faith
I guess I don't need to do the trolling
7:34 PM
the Holland match is approaching ...
@FinalContest 24 minutes, right?
Hmm... I need a good livestream...
there is plenty available when the match starts, but I prefer telly because of the connected big screen.
and the home audio system :D
Not sure why the emoji wouldn't render.
7:40 PM
you alright?
@badp Windows + Chrome... yeah, get a real OS/browser ;)
@Braiam Tsk. It renders just fine in the address bar.
@FinalContest dutch tv is broad casting live pictures of the stadium atm with a count-down-clock. Everybody is bored to death as soon as the match start...

 The Clubhouse

General discussion for sports.stackexchange.com
@rene: well, I am reading an interesting networking book which I will probably continue during the match partially.
7:45 PM
social networking?
nope, TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1 - Richard Stevens.
@FinalContest glancing over the contents that seems to be a deep-dive...
I am just a wannabe without beard and all that :D
well, Volume 1 is the basics, mostly the common protocols.
but I work in the networking industry, so ymmv. :-)
I smiled at chapter 30 par 4
:) why is that
I am not sure if that is spam.
isn't it just link-only?
It is one of the few "free" things at that asset store. It looks like it's trying to get people there to click one of the other options
well, spam means off-topic crap to me
it seems well on topic
Do tell me you're standing up, singing the anthem @rene
@rene: fasten your seat belt ...
@Andy: also, it is free, so he is not trying to monetize anything
7:58 PM
A: Dispose WWW if timeout occurs in Unity3d

Николай КавуненкоTimeouts work great in WWW wrapper for Unity Try it from asset store (http://u3d.as/content/webjema/www-wrapper) Free

hmm, another post with the same thing...
@Andy: he had one relatively valid question in the past, so he is probably not a spammer.
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