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done, done, done, and... done.
Oh, I wondered where LowerClassOverflovian went. And then someone realized you are they, @VotetoClose.
I am not authorized to speak of that which is my possible past identities.
Aaaand I'm banned from chat.se again
2:00 AM
@GnomeSlice ... how did this even come up?
2:12 AM
@Braiam Aaaa Seven Lions <3
He's so damn good
2 hours later…
3:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: COPYING MYSQL DATABASE TO /VAR/LIB on stackoverflow.com
@tchrist Thanks! Yet another reason to hate SWR
1 hour later…
5:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: POSTGRES ERROR : DATE(TEXT) DOES NOT EXIST on stackoverflow.com
6:33 AM
@ManishBot What a swell little SQL detector you are! (rubs head)
@TimPost I never did get my t-shirt mate :*(
@JonClements Let me have a look. I (apparently) pushed 'archive' before putting a label on about a dozen emails, which .. was bad .. but I'll get it out in the next day or two priority shipping.
@ManishBot the shouting cancels any desire to edit the post. It's not just the title, it's the whole friggin' post.
@Jon no worry, when Tim promise something, it is done. He will appear on your doorstep and give it to you in person if he'll have to. :)
I'm in the process of overhauling fulfillment in general, some things depend too heavily on email which means filtering and labeling which means too many opportunities for humans to make mistakes :)
awww.... me luv you long time?
I'd forgotten about it... Martijn reminded me by posting the picture of the shirt he had, and I'm like... awww... I'm sure I filled out a form... he said you'd be amicable to chase up as you're a great guy... and for some reason I just remembered again this morning :)
@ShadowWizard wait, they print them back to front!? :)
@ShadowWizard she's a gorgeous little girl... congrats... looks somewhat like my friend's daughter... she's developing an interesting attitude to life :)
Going through the "don't want to do that, don't have to do that" stage
@JonClements thank you! actually she wasn't interested for a bit in the sticker and also doesn't show interest in computer games. My son has a bigger potential so far. :D
6:59 AM
@ShadowWizard she has the potential of not being a geek then! :)
Very true!
I love technology and developing stuff, but it's not for everyone I guess...
Boys and toys I guess :)
Everyone love toys :D
I went to see a friend a few weeks ago for a cup of tea and conversation... The parents were both on laptops, the elder kids were on iPads and the youngest was playing something on a 3DS...
I just made excuses and left...
So that's the downside that annoys me most I guess...
@TimPost you still here and got a second for me?
@JonClements totally agree, it's the abyss of technology. The Dark Side. But we can't educate those people. :(
7:06 AM
@JonClements I have a large extended family and we used to meet pretty religiously on Sundays for lunch. 10 years ago, we mostly talked and laughed. Now, everyone sits down together to eat while they get engrossed in their phones / tabs. At least the games get the kids together playing something but, yeah, major disconnections happen when you're always connected like that.
@ShadowWizard whadup?
@TimPost just a little bug that is bugging me for a long time and I can't bump it properly as it's on a child meta
Q: Links in promotion ads are black on black, thus invisible

Shadow WizardI have just noticed this: There are links in there, clickable and everything but not shown due to the site theme. It should be something like this: (taken from different site in the network) Can the color become cross-site please?

Any chance something will be done?
A: Qt: field has incomplete type

user2764348I am also facing the same problem. So how exactly the problem is resolved? Have you removed the 'class QString;' statement from those QT files?

None of the participants in that question, who are all active and expert members of the Git tag, have any idea of what the OP is talking about.
@TimPost oh... can I email you a new addy - you've probably got the one I was at ~March
7:14 AM
@Cupcake: even I do not understand it and have been using git for about 5-6 years now or more.
@FinalContest VonC even deleted his answer...he got kind of a rude response from the OP in the comments.
> that is what I'm asking for. Currently I am already re-writing history before push manually, it is not bad idea, because the commit is kept only locally and I'm re-writing only local commits. Just keep in mind, that you should think twice before saying not possible, please. "a pre-push doesn't change the history of the repo it is about to push" FYI, pre-push doesn't do anything by itself, it's a human who writes commands and just tells git to run his commands before pushing.
It's like, wow dude.
VonC has like 27k points in the Git tag.
He knows what he's talking about.
7:17 AM
I downvoted it, but I do not have more close votes.
@FinalContest well thanks for trying anyways.
the comments slightly clear up things though; not sure why he has not updated the question.
If you get it, you should just edit it for him.
@JonClements yep
7:19 AM
I cannot be sure, but it feels like he would like to keep one local stuff
while working with two remote repository. It is a very odd use case inherently.
but what he would like to achieve, I think, is to push from one local to different remotes where different remote pushes would use different author description.
it is certainly a technical problem, but why it happens in real life is beyond my league.
I try to never answer questions where I do not understand the use case.
can we have a close reason of "why are you doing this?"?
I would bring it up on meta what to do with questions where I do not understand why that technical challenge is needed, but it would be downvoted to oblivion :-)
should I say "crap"?
@FinalContest "unclear" with the comment "x/y"
7:24 AM
People would scream that "Just answer the question even if it does not make a great use case".
"Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currently written, it’s hard to tell exactly what you're asking. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question."
@TimPost I think I've emailed you correctly to the address on your profile... :)
it is possible that you understand what the OP is asking, but you do not get why that makes any use case.
(and done so from the account that's visible to you on my profile)
@JonClements Got it. I'll get it out International Economy today, which generally takes a week or less.
No rush required :)
7:30 AM
@Cupcake: I can hear VonC's pain...
None of your 'advice' makes any sense. Dont install it locally because it "may have defects"? What does that even mean? I want to install it to the application directory (which is NOT /usr/bin but rather /usr/share/[application name]/). The way I am doing it is much less likely to screw up the system and better because my version of the libraries I know will work with the program whereas other versions may not. — chacham15 Dec 28 '13 at 17:19
Think I'll start hanging around this room more... not entirely sure why I didn't join it after the years here :)
@FinalContest some users just don't realize who they're talking to.
or what they are talking about. ^^
@JanDvorak well, "loo" is where the crap goes so the containing site might be called that, not a specific crappy question. :P
@Cupcake: in fact, I decided to delete vote his question tomorrow
7:34 AM
I don't want to be on Final's TDL
@FinalContest a little extreme, don't you think? I usually give OPs a few days to clear up unclear questions...if they haven't done so in about a week, then I vote to delete.
To Delete List?
Sounds so...sinister...
7:35 AM
@Cupcake yup, that's correct!
And I learned the hard way that Final Contest is extreme, @Cupcake.
yawn time to go back and bake in the oven so that I'm all fresh again in the morning, nighty night! Don't let the delete votes bite!
@Cupcake sleep well!
@Cupcake: that thread is several months old.
1 hour later…
9:15 AM
@TimPost I take it as a "not important enough", OK, fair enough.
9:58 AM
Anyone here got Opserver running and elasticsearch dashboard configured?
cough Nick cough
yes ;)
but don't ask me for details, that's not my area
Yeah Nick is usually my go-to person but I can't ping him atm
Sure you can
Whether you should ...
Anyway, just moved from just running Exceptional to Opserver. The exception log works fine, but for ES I just get an empty dashboard. Do you know anything about the basic config @balpha?
@Bart You can ping people in chat even when they don't appear in the auto complete?
10:07 AM
I think Balpha can answer that one. :) But afaik, yes.
(random roaring)
let's see... @Nick hey you here?
I really have took the wrong career choice in life. I should have chosen "Evil Mastermind" instead
pingability is (unfortunately) completely independend from autocomplete
one of the thing's I'd love to fix when I have time to work on chat
@ShadowWizard I'll make sure someone from design sees it, sorry - stepped away (had to make dinner and stuff)
10:09 AM
these are the pingability rules:
A: What are the rules for when chat messages appear in a user's inbox?

balphaTo use you as an example: @TonyMeyer, i.e. an exact match will cause a notification if you've been in the room in the past seven days. @Tony, i.e. a first name match (to be precise, a word boundary match) will cause a notification if you've been in the room in the past two days. @Ton will notif...

now I would be hiding in my base somewhere under a mountain, plotting world domination schemes and having fun with my death ray... instead I am stuck here suffering between SharePoint and nosense projects...
@Stijn no, but this is what our ElasticSettings.json looks like:
    "clusters": [
            "name": "NY Production",
            "refreshIntervalSeconds": "10",
            "nodes": [
            "name": "OR Production",
            "refreshIntervalSeconds": "20",
            "nodes": [
            "name": "Machine Learning",
Going afk for lunch, but in case Nick sees this or anyone else sees this: _plugin/hq/#nodediagnostics reports Doop as the node name, EMVMSTAGING01 is the machine name and my config is { "clusters": [{ "name": "EMVMSTAGING01", "refreshIntervalSeconds": "10", "nodes": ["Doop"]}]}. The dashboard shows no clusters.
@balpha Yeah those are in the example configs.
@balpha why isn't it on MSE? Quite impossible to find...
back in an hour or so now
10:13 AM
@ShadowWizard it's linked somewhere on MSE
@TimPost oh, thanks!
@ShadowWizard here:
A: Getting Marc's chat notifications

balphaOkay, we have made a change to the logic that we hope to be the best way to go. "@marc" will always be considered a match for your user name, in the sense that it will be highlighted if you look at the transcript etc. (following the "party" logic in my other answer). However, in most cases, "@m...

poor you, have to work with json too ... :p
Nice, thanks a bunch @balpha!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: OPAMP SELECTION FOR CURRENT SENSING CIRCUIT on electronics.stackexchange.com
Wondering. Anyone who uses linkedin around? I could use some explanations about some settings/behaviours.
Have to comfort a friend who recently got rejected by this guy who she had a crush on ...
why is there no dating.stackoverflow.com which I refer her to?
11:15 AM
I never know how to comfort someone because I hardly ever needs comfort ... toughness combined with intelligence is one of the best personality trait a person could be gifted </shameless self promotion> :p
@chmod711telkitty Offering various forms of distraction seems to be helpful in those situations.
good idea!
People and their attachments, it almost never ends well.
@balpha figured it out by going through the source code, node in this case means server name, not an ES node :)
@TimPost speaking of attachments, I finally sold one of my pet roosters this evening - it's not allowed to keep roosters in residential area here. I bought some 'pullets' and all three of them turned into roosters! Well, I am glad that rooster went to a seemingly good family (the guy came with his young daughter and she wanted the pet chicken)
11:23 AM
Kinda stinks that you can't keep them in residential areas, I've grown quite fond of hearing them in the city when the sun comes up, something you don't ordinarily experience.
@chmod711telkitty Oh wow, those are awesome!
the buyer said they had 5 hens and no rooster ... my rooster got lucky if that's true >_<
I'd say! His lineage should be quite extensive by the time he retires.
Look at those colors, not a bad lineage to spread at all :)
they are gold laced wyandottes
@TimPost their crows stress me out - that our neighbour would complain ...
11:30 AM
Roosters are easy to live with. You have two choices, get up early and live a healthy life style, or make sure you're sufficiently passed out before they start going off. Pretty simple really.
@chmod711telkitty there was. It was closed.
Relationships and Datingrelationships.stackexchange.com

Q&A site for people seeking answers to questions about dating and long-term relationships.

Closed after 12 days in beta.

turned out it's not a good fit for SE
@ShadowWizard Not really that, they tried too hard to make it a good fit and ended up in this sort of paralysis.
I actually took part, wrote questions and answers etc
@TimPost might be, but still the end result is the same :(
11:34 AM
It's a hard topic to nail objectively, so you start out hoping for 'not too squishy' and end up with so much discussion surrounding how to discuss the topic that the topic just eludes you. They gave it a really good try. It has a place on sites that talk about the dynamics of human behavior, though, but that's a really dry glass of wine to sip if you just want to talk about how to get over being dumped.
@TimPost true, I'm not terribly sad but did hope to see it launched. Guess there's no way back, right?
@ShadowWizard It can be tried again, just needs a more .. observational spin on it. More focus on the why and a bit less on the how could work, e.g. Why are [gender] attracted to [trait] instead of How do I attract [gender]?
Strong overlap with CogSci, I'd say, but narrow enough that interested people could conceivably form a core around it.
Otherwise it just becomes a common sense dispenser with a reputation system. Q&A sites are designed to help you get better at something, and while it could help folks improve their relationship skills, there has to be a bit of distance from the relationship aspect and a bit more focus on the behavioral aspect, imho.
@Cupcake: yo
@FinalContest , if you don't understand, just move on, thanks for downvote, much appreciated. — Azamat 2 hours ago
Well, to be fair, I will refer my friends to a dating site on Stackoverflow, but I will never personally participate ...
if I could give myself 89% for my elite trolling skills, 89% for my intelligence, 78% for my overall software development skill, 20% for my punctualness, I would probably only give myself 11% for my relationship skills.
11:50 AM
but then again I think she is seeking more comfort than relationship advise
My skills in the area (or lack thereof) aside, I tend to participate more on sites where both questions and answers are relatively short. I'm not fond of giant walls of text, and the 'squishy' topics tend to encourage those a bit.
could relationship questions ever being short? :p
they are always full of complications
@chmod711telkitty sure! "I had a bad date with a girl but she is sure it was good and now expect a second date. How to gently tell her what I feel without hurting her feeling?" :D
that's why I love physics ... it's always very straight forward (if you are good at maths) >_<
@chmod711telkitty quantum physics aren't that straightforward
@ShadowWizard you see there are a couple of assumptions here: he thinks she thought it was a good date, maybe she knew it wasn't but still asked him because she need a date to a function?
@chmod711telkitty you always have to complicate things, do you? ;)
a lot of relationship issues were resulted from the two parties looking at the same thing in different ways
@JanDvorak that's not real physics :/
12:05 PM
@Braiam incorrect. Classical physics is an approximation to quantum physics as well as to relativity, both of which are approximations to the real world
but quantum physics aren't 100% correct either
take maths for example: 1 apple plus 1 apple = 2 apples
but no 2 apples in the world are identical
@chmod711telkitty LIES! is 11 apples!
10 apples?
12:07 PM
@Braiam are you working in unary???
@chmod711telkitty and what is the square root of an apple?
@chmod711telkitty they don't need to be as long as they are both members of some predefined set with the property that proper subsets of its members are not members themselves (it must be that a part of an apple is not an apple)
@ShadowWizard 🍌
@chmod711telkitty that's just a square, can't see a root
Since you are talking about Math and Apples
12:13 PM
@ShadowWizard are you sure it's a square, not a missing glyph?
@Jan oh, banana!
12:26 PM
Using Chrome @ShadowWizard?
@Bart iPhone
Ah. Chrome has the same deal for me. Missing all the hilarious glyph-based jokes. I now simply assume squares are humorous.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BEST WAY FOR MY 6 YRS OLD TO LOVE LEARING on parenting.stackexchange.com
12:42 PM
@Bart []_[]
@Bart ○
Any Stack Overflow mods around? Troll or spammer trying to deface questions by removing tags, leaving nonsense in summary. e.g. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5247266
@ShadowWizard anyone who approved one of the edits should be banned too
12:55 PM
@Stijn one of them was in the gray zone, so not direct spam but still, considering the other edits it's an obvious troll/spammer
1 more close vote, seal the deal: stackoverflow.com/questions/24626287/…
@ShadowWizard thanks!
@Cupcake you are welcome!
*82 more upvotes until Mjolnir is mine...*
1:51 PM
@Cupcake did you consider bribing Bart to have his secret socks do the job? ;)
@Andy I.T. Support with a difference
@Andy absolutely
@Alex this is pure spam, no shred of doubt.
2:18 PM
May I get some undeletes and reopens on this please?: stackoverflow.com/questions/24632389/…
This guy says that he can answer it:
Q: Cancel "on hold" by commenters because they really know how to answer?

Daniel CheungEven high rep. can't answer some "unpopular area" questions It is often that people with high rep. focus on their specific interests, perhaps CSS or C++, however people with lower rep. may surprisingly know how to answer the most difficult to describe questions. For example, the image below of ...

2:43 PM
It's open again @Cupcake
I had no idea what to do, but cupcakes have never steered me wrong before.
@nicael the class is indeed edit-post. It's inside a div with class post-menu which is inside a <td> with class vt. (all the post actions)
@ShadowWizard <a href="#" class="edit-post" title="revise and improve this post">edit</a> This?
@DanielCheung The question is reopened now. I gave -1 for your post here because of all the censorship you did on the image. Please don't censor things that don't need to be censored, and if you do censor things, don't do it in red, red is reserved for free hand circles. — Vote to Close 53 secs ago
2:50 PM
@nicael yes indeed.
@ShadowWizard Wow, who rolled me over 1000 reps? :D Yay.
I lost points yesterday for a blue free hand circle :(
Justice @DaveHaney ... justice.
It really was
stupid blue circle
drawing with huge mouse sensitivity is hard...
2:52 PM
@nicael not me, and hopefully not a sock of yours :)
Socks are evil and we should walk with our bare feet.
@DaveHaney you should totally write a script that detects free hand circles, detect the color and block the post if not red with message like "Your post failed to submit because free hand RED circles".
We could actually do that
i mean there'd be a margin of error, but it could totally happen
I know you can. I have faith!
2:55 PM
might be a fun project
"your circle is too circular"
Or better yet, add an automatic downvote to such a post, right after it's posted.
@Andy Why did this ping me..?
i prefer the announcement of why, perhaps with a link to the appropriate meme info
2:56 PM
@ShadowWizard I didn't thought about my sock. Wait... what... what if it is really some of my socks? :0 F-f-faster, check it....
@DaveHaney yup, totally agree. ETA? :D
"6-8 weeks"
another meme
ohhh nooo!
@3ventic he replied to your message about bare feet
refreshes page
The edit totally didn't come through
you can't downvote chat message! {evil laugh}
2:58 PM
@ShadowWizard flag? Inappropriate circle?
hmm.. that would work. ooops!
@ShadowWizard I vote to reopen this post?
New flag reason for blue free hand circles
@nicael it's still looks like a bad question to me
3:00 PM
@Bart thanks Bart!
@nicael done, not a great question but not too broad either.
@nicael you should worry only if the socks are dirty. Tim does not like doing laundry.
@ShadowWizard I only asked for your opinion ;-)
@nicael oh, you should have said so :D
@ShadowWizard reopened this ;-) still learning... you can close it if you want :D
3:06 PM
@nicael how you did it with only 600 rep?
@ShadowWizard good catch, what's up @nicael? can we expect a new meta post soon?
@ShadowWizard why can't I ?...
@nicael seriously??
When was first posts review changed to 500 rep?
you need 3k to cast reopen votes
3:11 PM
@VotetoClose I need 3k to cast close votes. Don't know if it is a bug, but I could reopen. If it is not closed I can press "close" and it lead me to "flag > closing" menu.
Q: User with less than 3k reputation just cast a reopen vote

Shadow WizardExhibit A: Exhibit B: Also no bounties in those minutes etc. What the... ?

yea, you found another bug, start a meta post please, or do you want someone else to??
nm, shadow did
@VotetoClose yeah, this is a serious bug can't let it wait.
Plot twist, nicael is an undercover employee — 3ventic Jun 29 at 11:46
I don't want baba or the teenager troll starting to reopen everything we closed in all those years!
3:14 PM
I'm becoming more and more convinced
This oughta cheer some people up. meta.stackexchange.com/a/235254/262550
I really thought the other day that I saw @nicael leave me a reply comment on a post, then I went back later and it showed the reply was from @martinPietjer
@DaveHaney awesome, thanks! That was a major request long ignored.
@VotetoClose that might have been just a case of deleted comment. But then maybe he faked the id....
3:16 PM
We try to nail the good ones, even if it takes us a year. :)
feature request for , it could be a synonym of bug if you want.
Or of [status-declined]?
@DaveHaney if you're into bug hunting, see my above post on MSO. Looks like a serious loophole to me.
repaste the link? lazy
Must leave now, but will be online again later. Cya all!
3:26 PM
Q: User with less than 3k reputation just cast a reopen vote

Shadow WizardExhibit A: Exhibit B: Also no bounties in those minutes etc. What the... ? Edit: I am able to reproduce it myself. Developer who want to know how I did it, so he can seal the loophole can contact me in private.

i'm assigned to bug hunting right now so I may just whack it
is that the one ^^^?
yeah @ShadowWizard I'll need the private repro steps for sure. Please private chat me when you can
@DaveHaney no such thing private chat, everyone can read. Email me your email and we'll take it from there.
@ShadowWizard may I use your gmail as seen in your profile info?
3:30 PM
@ShadowWizard demands 200,000 rep reward
i couldn't sleep last night
so i watched v/h/s 2
then i ate an apple
i managed to sleep for about 3 hours and had a very strange dream
can't remember much of it though
Negotiation eh? I offer -200,000 rep reward... Shall we settle in the middle?
fine with me :)
3:52 PM
@ShadowWizard If Dave creates it, there is.
Oh, and @DaveHaney would you mind putting up the repro steps after you fix it as I'm curious how it works?
@hichris123 seconded
@hichris123 possibly will post the repro... I'll check w/ team on whether or not they feel it appropriate once fixed
Oh, I got it.
4:08 PM
Is there any way to make sure that bug report doesn't end up on the CB?
Community bulletin only shows questions tagged or
@3ventic And [support].
For some weird reason.
@VotetoClose Are you asking because you are concerned about it being too visible?
If it's something that should be kept confidential, you should consider sending it via a Contact, instead.
@3ventic meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/262662/… showed up until animuson [status-completed] it.
4:11 PM
If a support question is also tagged discussion, it can appear
hm, odd
@Andrew'saUnitato well, yea, I don't want my votes to close being reversed by false reopens
@3ventic oh, thanks, didn't know it was only for certain tags
@VotetoClose I'm not sure what you mean there.
just don't want the questions that are suppose to be closed being reopened is all
@VotetoClose What does the question being visible have to do with that? The community decides whether a question is supposed to be closed or not. Reducing its visibility artificially increases the chance that something is closed/opened 'incorrectly'.
4:30 PM
@Andrew'saUnitato Not sure what all this talk is about. So I'll just leave it at : / confusion.
A: User with less than 3k reputation just cast a reopen vote

nicaelPlease unlock this post and move comments to the chat. Or delete them if you can't move.

How did nicael leave an answer on the locked post?
@VotetoClose LMAO!
@VotetoClose I simply didn't found a way to comment on a locked post, so I posted an answer.
@DaveHaney yup, already replied. Good luck, should be piece of cake for you. :D
@VotetoClose 1M repz or I reopen ALL closed questions! :-P
Today's Listening | Electronic / Synth / Dreamwave
@nicael There's no answer button/ textarea for me though , was there for you?
4:37 PM
@nicael sometimes I can't tell when you're trolling and when you're being serious.
@VotetoClose For me, it may be strange, many of buttons are shown (:DD LMAO). But not the comment button. Would be glad to be able to comment.
I run out of powerz :D Shog9 removed my answer :DDD
4:50 PM
@ShadowWizard taking a look now, thank you for the info
@ShadowWizard or anyone: got a link to a closed Q I can play with?
@DaveHaney reproing locally should be faster/easier
Close a question, impersonate a sub-3k, go to town. :)
@ShadowWizard Have you considered it could be both? ;)
5:09 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LAUNCHER AND DASH NOT APEARING IN 14.04 on askubuntu.com
I am losing some rep lately by removed users :D
I am still puzzled as to why upvotes are removed for non-fraud account deletions.
@ProgramFOX Because I want. :DD Was going to post it but you are faster :D
@ShadowWizard You don't have a binding vote.
@hichris123 I'll help :D
@FinalContest probably to give you more complain-ammo
spam? stackoverflow.com/a/24638361/189134 (also, bad question)
that user has a lot of spam answers with the same link
I'm not sure if that sirw he link to is a pay-site
Yeah, spam account
Yeah, you have to pay to get it
5:51 PM
Okay, just flagged the whole lot as spam.
Say @AnnaLear, do you know if that mobile issue I pointed out last night was picked up? Or do I have to make it a bug report?
@Bart Someone already reported it. ;P
Link @hichris123?
@Bart yeah, we're fixing it. gonna make Questions lead to /questions
Q: The new mobile theme seems to think the Questions page is the same as the homepage

animusonEver since the new mobile design pushed out, it seems to think that the Questions page (located at /questions) is the same as the homepage (located at /). The tab is highlighted as if I was there, and clicking it continues to take me back to the homepage. The Questions page does exist on mobile....

@animuson you thief!
5:53 PM
Thanks @AnnaLear. NO THANKS @animuson you glory thief!! ;)
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