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12:56 AM
@hichris123 closed
1:30 AM
@hichris123 'grats on 4k ;)
just 691k to go @hichris123 ;)
@Undo 4k? ooh. :D
@Braiam to Skeet?
1k more to 5k, when you'll get shown suggested tag wiki edits that you'll always skip after a while :P
@hichris123 done
so is this the kewl kids room
2:12 AM
@SantaClaus wer s0 kewl
I mean its got [waffles] and whatever else is up in the description. [crickets] are nice i guess.
And the handy wheel of blame. Of course randomly pointing fingers may be the only option in a heated debate.
@bjb568 Yeah I was just looking at that.
I don't do chat much if you haven't figured that out
Hrm. Too busy eating cookies, eh?
@bjb568 Lets just say that I had a few leftovers...
2:27 AM
Lol. From youtube: "I don't know why you'd assume that I was breaking the convention of replying to the most recent of the comments in the group denoted by the name mention, but in any case both posts deal with semantics. You pointed out that "it" (the concept of irrationally trusting information) was called \"faith\", an unnecessary off-topic comment as their was no question as to what the concept is called.

Again, you have made an incorrect assumption. Tho one of +<poster is="op" perceived-intelligence="medium-high" /> main points is that acceptance of other people's beliefs and actions
2:52 AM
Can anyone give me some advice on how I could improve this question stackoverflow.com/questions/18392902/…
3:08 AM
@SantaClaus Minimal code to reproduce. If not reproducible, file a bug report or something - it's not right for SO.
Try rubber ducking.
Try rebuilding your project adding things file by file.
What version of Xcode? Is it the same for other versions?
Make sure there isn't a previous post on the internet about it.
3 hours later…
Well, night!
@bjb568 that is a paradoxical thot indeed. But the language is medium-high.
6:47 AM
U.S. Army

Proposed Q&A site for soldiers to ask questions about best practices for accomplishing their career goals. They may also ask about how regulations and policies may apply to their situation.

Currently in definition.

Heh, wouldn't a better place to ask your question just be the army?
Not if you want the information to be publicly available
7:00 AM
1 hour later…
8:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GET LOG WHEN NATIVE CAMERA IS OPEN IN ANDROID on stackoverflow.com
9:38 AM
came back safely ... but with more bruises
@chmod711telkitty healthy outdoor activities?
Not sure it's strictly an 'outdoor' activity ... if you are climbing up & down cave systems. Did some adventure caving stuff this weekend
10:03 AM
That sounds adventurous...if not dangerous...
I've done that once, a long time ago. On one narrow passage if you went in on your belly the only way to get out on the other side was to break your back...
10:19 AM
yeah a lot of climbing up and downs, sometimes on the ropes, sometimes squeezing through long narrow passages
Sounds as a good excercise to get rid indefinitely of claustrophobia....
or to contract claustrophobia
Whatever you prefer. Both is on offer...
I wasn't afraid of the darkness, but the cave that we went down today was very deep, multiple people have warned us of the foul air beforehand - too much carbon dioxide and too little oxygen. But it was okay for us as we did not go to the very bottom (did like only 85% of the whole cave)
How was that cave formed? Was it an underground river or due to volcanic activity?
10:36 AM
no idea ... it is this one, apparently easy for adventure cavers ...
Bungonia Caves is the name given to a series of caves near the city of Goulburn, New South Wales Australia. == Overview == The caves are sited within the Bungonia State Recreation Area (SRA) adjoining the Morton National Park, about 35 kilometres (22 mi) east of Goulburn and about 125 kilometres (78 mi) south-west of Sydney. The caves are formed in limestone at the southern extremity of the Sydney basin, a broad expanse of New South Wales between this point, the city of Newcastle in the north, the town of Lithgow to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. The caves are precipitous in ...
yesterday was 20 metres up the rope ...
You have enough caves left by the look of it...
yeah only 2 out of possible 14 caves
11:23 AM
Hello beings
11:45 AM
Today's Listening | Electronic / Dubstep / Glitch Hop
*wonders if @chmod711telkitty carries around a canary if they are caving, or if those are only present in old mining stories.
use canary to test the air? we use matches for that nowadays :p
but yes, one of us did have a lighter
cool :P
12:11 PM
If it explodes you know there is enough oxygen...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THE COMFORT WHICH ONE HATH OF HER HUSBAND on english.stackexchange.com
@VotetoClose closed
2:15 PM
anyone know why @bjb568 profile wasn't linked here?
I suppose because his? account was merged with an other account and the original user id no longer exists
in Shadow's Den, 22 hours ago, by bjb568
That's because of the borked login system - I got merged somehow into 2371861.
^ Might be the reason.
Oh yea, most likely. That sucks.
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
patiently waiting for a question to reopen
3:32 PM
I fear it is not going to happen :(
@Sumurai8 link?
Q: Algorithm to mix any list of string (array)

Aldry WijayaI need to find out what is the best algorithm to generate a list of all combinations of an array in php. Here is an example : Input : 1, 2, 3 Then the output will be Output : 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33, 111, 112, 113, 121, 123 ... until 333. This question is different from ...

@Sumurai8 boop
I wonder if it didn't get pushed into the review queue again when I edited it, or if all reviewers didn't bother to read either the question or the comments.
3:44 PM
@SmokeDetector -1, CV as unclear.
Gave it the same judgement bjb
4:15 PM
Is there any documentation on what should be in tag wikis and what shouldn't be?
4:29 PM
@Sumurai8 technically yes, practically no
@GnomeSlice Thanks
4:53 PM
stackoverflow.com/posts/7401671/revisions <-- how does this improve the post? :S
Besides that the edit is necromancing at it's finest too.
@Sumurai8 It's minimal, but I can't say I wouldn't have done it if I stumbled upon it
Puting phrases on seperate lines does not improve a post. Butchering the grammar does not improve it. ("I am using google app engine(GAE) in on the server side and I am using objective-C for my iphone application." is worse than "I am using google app engine and i am using objective-C for my iphone application."). The only actual improvement is that iphone is now spelled iPhone.
hrmmm; it seems that I am the only person that rejected the edit. I hate such edits. Unless they only address things that are actually wrong it is only ground for edit-warring with the OP of the post.
Myeah, that last sentence is not an improvement
6:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS PROBLEM on math.stackexchange.com
6:14 PM
Could I get some offensive flags on programmers.stackexchange.com/a/251365/40980 ?
one more to go
Nope, now one more. Someone downvoted it.
its gone. Thank you.
6:32 PM
@rene link only question...
Yeah, we don't have a flag for that, do we?
@rene 'Unclear what you're asking' 'Why isn't this code working....'
@hichris123 Unclear what you're linking...
6:43 PM
@hichris123 We could really benefit from a new network-wide close reason: "Nope"
@Jamal s/Nope/OP is beyond salvation/
That could be the initial state of almost any question of a new user
@rene hey! My first question wasn't so bad...
I remember one SO question about the OP suffering a bike accident and wanting some medical advice. The question was tagged as [code-injection] and [medical]. I laughed my ass off.
@Braiam I was not referring to current users....
6:49 PM
@Jamal the amount of stars is equivalent to the amount of people laughing their ass of
@hichris123 I forget: did someone take a screenshot of that question?
this is too broad right? stackoverflow.com/q/3653811/792066
same with almost any medical tagged question, another one stackoverflow.com/q/1520257/792066
@Jamal which?
> I wanted to know if anybody had knowledge of a project using X in a foo or bar?
^ opinion based/too broad?
6:52 PM
The medical one, @Jamal?
@hichris123 Yeah, about the bike accident.
7:10 PM
If the script reverses serial downvoting is the user that did that mod messaged?
@rene no.
Not unless there's manual moderator intervention.
@rene only if it's recurrent and the vote fraud pick it up
I've no idea on which toes I stepped this time...
> "This document provides a tutorial on accessing a DBus service using the Perl Net::DBus application bindings. Sadly it is not yet written." ... excellent tutorial. - 12h ago by derobert
7:43 PM
Anyone up for burning the [sonatype] tag? (it refers to a company)
Finished going through tag wikis and removing logos.
"Added new tags for better reach of questions and for proper audience!" Edit summary misleading and too cheerful. Rejecting as vandalism.
@animuson Good. You can burn this now: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sonatype
7:47 PM
@hichris123 Y U NO FIX TITLE?
@hichris123 He's blocked from suggesting edits for a week now.
@animuson good.
@animuson Has he seriously not suggested a single non-tag-only edit?
8:04 PM
Is the chat-rate limit per room or per site?
Have the rules for the expiration of close votes changed?
@rene server, IMO
I find questions whose close-votes have expired despite those questions having far fewer than 100 views. Is this a bug?
@tchrist Well, if they go through review and it ends in a Leave Open result, aging starts immediately regardless of views.
@animuson Ahah! Yes, that is indeed it.
Hm, unclear what I think about that.
8:07 PM
@Braiam physical or logical? So are chat.stackexchange and chat.meta.stackexchange 2 servers
Dad: "You need to go wash your car." - Me: "Go for it." - Dad: "I just washed all the bird turds off of it." - Me: "Well why didn't you finish the job?"
@Jamal With a tag-only suggested edit, I often edit it myself to do what the tag-edit-suggester guy forgot — there’s virtually always a way to improve a post’s body or title. If I do, I accept his edit but do not give him the +2 helpful part.
I don’t leave a message explaining that though. I’m hoping whoever he is he’ll get the hint that he didn’t do enough. But if I’m lazy, sometimes I just reject a tag-only edit.
Dad: "Take your suitcase and enjoy the rest of your life"
@rene What, you don’t know? :)
chthon% dig chat.meta.stackexchange.com

; <<>> DiG 9.4.3-P3 <<>> chat.meta.stackexchange.com
;; global options:  printcmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 3690
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 2, AUTHORITY: 2, ADDITIONAL: 0

;chat.meta.stackexchange.com.	IN	A

chat.meta.stackexchange.com. 300 IN	CNAME	chat.stackexchange.com.
chat.stackexchange.com.	288	IN	A

stackexchange.com.	125880	IN	NS	cf-dns01.stackexchange.com.
Rene doesn't know? :O
8:14 PM
It’s a CNAME.
@rene Actually they're planning to move to Colorado and probably will leave me the house.
@animuson Hmm, do you like that?
@animuson Usually easier than bringing their house with them. Especially if the Continental Divide lies between here and there.
@animuson kingdom of your own, huh
8:17 PM
Although I have seen pieces of a double-wide trying to negotiate the Eisenhower or Johnson tunnels, it is not a pretty picture.
@Braiam You know it. There will be monkeys! LOTS OF MONKEYS!
@bjb568 ok​​​​​ — minitech ♦ 3 mins ago
@tchrist but isn't that only the entry point on the LB? Can still be two servers behind it. I'm not throttled on the external IP I guess given the throtle graph....
^2 What's ok?
@rene I suppose with NAT and virtual servers, all things are possible. Perhaps more importantly, they traceroute rather differently.
Look at the tails.
Although I don’t know how much to trust traceroute in the face of NAT, they do seem to terminate at a different place using a different number of hops.
@animuson In a V-formation or kettling?
8:29 PM
i don't understand how the crowds don't interfere more with the bikers on tour
@hichris123 just... how did that managed to survive...
btw, since it's downvoted the thing will be deleted
8:44 PM
@hichris123 will get deleted
grepping 'medical'?
@JanDvorak no, just related questions mostly...
@Braiam my guess is no
8:47 PM
Mr. King of Monkey, please migrate :D
Oooo likes keyboard shortcuts
crap, I forgot bout those
@animuson now cat on keyboard will turn out in destroy all users on SO
leaves all nuking to @ani
@JanDvorak night
@JanDvorak night
@JanDvorak night
8:51 PM
@JanDvorak Good luck getting to bed with all of us pinging you.
Deleted one second after being closed.
Can't do that with clicking!
ah. :D
@animuson Well, you still haven't closed the backlog that I've posted ^^^. :P
8:56 PM
I'm seeing 53/55
Someone just put this out of its misery: stackoverflow.com/questions/9459180/…
@JanDvorak animuson: you are lagging
that's more than one second difference
I have a problem
I logged in to Data.SE with my Google account and apparently I'm called "jon.doe15292"
I found this meta.stackexchange.com/questions/110820/… but not sure what should I do, comment there or ask a new question?
@nyuszika7h the name is generic for any new account, you need to change it
but I already have an old account there ("Nyuszika7H")
I think that uses my old Launchpad login which I can no longer access because that email address doesn't exist
@TimStone ^
10:05 PM
in other news, I just looked at my flag history
looking at 2011 me makes me feel weird
10:38 PM
@nyuszika7h SEDE doesn't have multiple logins or automatic association so I fear you'll have to use the new account.
Since there's no rep in there, no big deal :)
11:31 PM
Hello, any ideas for this, or were is the right chat room to talk about it?
@Jamal off-topic "Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it."
I flagged it anyway, but was a tag hesitant since the answers don't seem to be complete crap.
11:52 PM
@0x7fffffff Sorry I thought such questions should be posted at Stack Overflow (since it more an SQL error question asking for code because of a descirbed error than a question about the result of a query). On the Data Explorer site, I saw (some mounth) I can ask such question on Stack Overflow with the DataExplorertag. Have you locked at the tag? Most questions are like this and some are mines with exactly the same purpose.

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