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12:04 AM
I totally borked my answer to this question:
Q: Revoke answer acceptance to ask unrelated or loosely-related follow-up question

jshanleyI've been noticing a trend recently, that plays out as follows: User A asks a simple, straightforward question relating to a larger, more complicated project they are working on. User B gives a complete, correct, and helpful answer to the question. User A accepts User B's answer. Later, User A ...

I totally misread the question. It's still up for grabs if anyone wants to write a better answer.
@Cupcake That was fun. New challenge please.
I'm not sure if this is something that I should be proud of :/ meta.stackoverflow.com/help/badges/55/fanatic?userid=456814
Of course it is!
Oh cool, when did I get a Reversal badge on MSO?
Oh, that.
12:31 AM
@Cupcake Counting things over and over until they make sense is something I had to do a lot at the Election Commission when auditing early voting requests. But there it's mostly because people don't log what they do correctly.
12:48 AM
We will be starting the #stackexchange chat maintenance in about 15 minutes, downtime should be brief. http://stackstatus.net/post/92572393494/chat-maintenance-july-24-2014-at-9-pm-est-1-am-utc
1:04 AM
Chat's still up.
@hichris123 not anymore D:
1:20 AM
And... we're back!
1:45 AM
2 hours later…
3:17 AM
Interesting playlist: youtube.com/…
3:42 AM
So that I read that Trello became it's own company, or something like that blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2014/07/24/…
Does Joel still own Trello? Stack Exchange is separate from Fog Creek, and Joel stil owns Stack Exchange, right?
4:08 AM
It's super annoying when they don't learn how this all works the first time around, and they persist in smacking right into the wall.
Because of my account merge (with my friends somehow, which I contacted SE about) and the borking of SE's login, I cannot create an account on web apps that is linked to my original account (bjb568).
Looks like there are some "How do you pronounce this?" questions that need to be closed and deleted...
4:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: KENDO UI FOR ASP.NET MVC - TREE GRID on stackoverflow.com
5:14 AM
@bjb568 Oh that's why your name isn't linked in the close notices anymore. I noticed that earlier today.
Is it even possible to unmerge accounts?
Hello beings made of organic tissue
Can only be done manually, and I don't think it would fix all the unlinked usernames across the site.
@animuson Well, do it manually.
Well only an employee can do that. Involves manually editing post data and such.
5:19 AM
Good Morning...!!!
@animuson :O Seems like the whole system is borked. Well, the first account is useless, and can be deleted(I fiddled with it before, and my friend who owns it doesn't use it anymore).
First = lower id.
Will if you don't actually need the other account, they probably won't try to unmerge them. Or possibly just disassociate any posts that were on the older one, if needed.
Burn with fire.
It's the exact same question from the same user.
5:28 AM
@animuson Oh good. But the biggest problem is the borking of the login system which probably got the accounts merged in the first place. >:(
@Cupcake DV'd both.
@SilentKiller morning?
You're not here to kill anyone, are you?
Or even worse, loudly?
If you do, can you make it as LOUD as possible plz?
Nooooo! Silently!
5:30 AM
@Cupcake lols no i am toooooooooooo innocent.. i am just killing silence.. ;)
ya its morning here. :)
It's night here.
ohh then Good Night.. :)
But that doesn't work unless I'm going to sleep! English! (sucks)
why don't you.?
5:32 AM
Going to then. Bai!
tata. :)
tata :-)
The cupcake is a lie!
I don't know, I just had an urge to say that. Like something was controlling my thoughts.
controlling my thoughts. ohhh.... !!!!!!!
5:58 AM
I love how we have a meta tag for this now: meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/dupehammer/info
@animuson I am not a lie. I'm a real cupcake! Don't let any cats, birds, shadows, flowers, or glasses tell you otherwise! :P
@Cupcake What about Portal gamers? Can they tell him?
What about a cat's shadow with a bird in its mouth holding some flowers and wearing glasses?
Perhaps, but I haven't seen you wear glasses either
6:49 AM
Keep getting rate limited on editing. xP
You spammer :O
My edit history looks awesome.
it must be. 79.4k :P
6:58 AM
even this 22.4k
@animuson Wait, I'm confused. Should I add logos to the tag wikis?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: nike-lunar-forever-2-mens on ux.stackexchange.com
I will bring down the hammer on you!!!
@Doorknob Yes, you should! That's the only right thing to do
6:59 AM
^^^^ SPAM
@Doorknob those shoes don't look too bad, though
@animuson have you exp of JQuery or PhoneGap.?
7:52 AM
Those who code spambots should be forced to read their creations' creations out loud over a public medium.
flagged and agreed ^^^
Just to know. Do different types of flag have different weight?
yes, it depends on how many colors are used in flag :P
To make it clearer: does for example a spam flag put you closer to a ban than an offensive question one?
you as...
8:03 AM
Spam flags will cause reputation penalties, where offensive flags won't I think.
I think both do
so when a post is offensive and spam it is better to flag as spam?
Spam also gets added to a filter of some kind and is made an audit case I heard. I dunno about offensive flags, since it's, well... offensive.
Currently I doesn't have enough reputation to comment on questions, eg. to ask for more information in order to answer, and possibly gain reputation ... however, I'm allowed to actually edit the original question. Does in my opinion not make sense. — jon martin solaas Mar 31 at 4:51
Your question is about to be closed because it belongs on MSO. I'm aware that your question here was asked before the split, but from what I understand the goal is to eventually migrate all these closed questions from here to MSO, although I'm not sure. You might just want to repost your question on MSO. — Stijn 1 min ago
^am I correct in that comment?
8:11 AM
I think yes
Quora sucks.
I can't deal with it anymore.
My quora feed is full of ancient items from 2011.
@Stijn I believe so. Meta questions about SO belong on MSO. Meta questions about SE that are asked on MSO should however not be moved automatically.
And the GitHub topics (the interesting ones about GitHub as a company) are being spammed out by off-topic n00b questions about Git.
8:13 AM
@Cupcake I only visit Quora when I don't find my answer elsewhere on the internet
Quora: Isn't that that site that displays an overlay over every page if you are not registered.
@Sumurai8 you mean like this?:
That would be the one.
@Cupcake Yes, that one. A friend showed it once to me "Look, someone famous posted here something!!1!". Had to remove that bloody thing from the DOM.
8:19 AM
Wait, is their primary power having a lot of answers per question?
no matter how crappy they are?
And opiniated answers seem to be no problem too. At least for the questions I have seen.
I don't know.
They just really f**ked up with the recent changes they made to the feed.
I'm seeing stuff that is years old.
8:21 AM
There's no option to see just recent stuff yet.
Part of the draw if getting answers from famous people.
Or influential people.
There's that one GitHub guy who's always answering questions on it about GitHub.
I think his name is Zac or something.
Then there's Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.
8:23 AM
Hrmmm; I have to give @Cupcake an upvote somewhere. I don't like their reputation.
Wait; why is 1337 displayed under your avatar @Cupcake? Your MSE reputation doesn't match that :O
@Sumurai8 I see 1382 for that. Are you really seeing 1337? :O
1315 here
1382 must be old information
but the reputation in MSE is 1382, and that's what I am seeing in here
Thanks for ruining my joke, mr. correct-all
@JanDvorak Oh! I'm sorry, I thought there's a bug in chat, because of which we all are seeing different numbers
8:42 AM
@Sumurai8 YOU USE IE!!!!
now I know why you are seeing wrong values :P
@DroidDev At work I do.
@Sumurai8 fail
@Sumurai8 That might be caching, although I'm not sure. Have you tried refereshing your page. If it still don't go away, I think you should post a question
@JanDvorak I have had this discussion somewhere last week too; think on monday or tuesday.
Yes, the offensive 1337 disappeared upon reloading the page. Thou shall never have 1337 reputation anymore, @Cupcake
@SmokeDetector actually, it's an interesting theory
But one shall only use IE in two cases:
1. Testing
2. Downloading some other browser
@DroidDev ad #1: there's browserstack
3. To access internet at work when you cannot use or download an other browser and you are nearly dying of boredom.
8:51 AM
@JanDvorak then only #2 applies. eliminate #1
then there's that ballot screen...
@Sumurai8 Then you should try to hack your firewall and download another browser. Your excuse is invalid
@DroidDev I would prefer to keep my work. It provides me with well-needed money.
4. To annoy DroidDev
^-- this is the reason why people usually use IE.
@Sumurai8 That's a good priority.
I declare your excuse valid
@Sumurai8 you should be given an extra certificate alongwith your work experience. Certified regular IE user, the one and only in world
I salute your patience
Certified IE9 user
9:00 AM
There should be regular in there somewhere
It doesn't even have adblock
@JanDvorak Is there one for IE?
My point is there isn't
Even if there was, I wouldn't be able to install it. :'(
@Sumurai8 I suggest you should use a calculator instead. It has more allowed features than your computer :P
9:10 AM
You mean it can add two numbers?! O_o
I had no clue that was possible
You opened my eyes! You freed my soul! I can add two numbers! It is all I ever wanted!
but, you can also buy a scientific calculator which has even more features :P
Pff, science. What good has that ever brought to the world.
9:13 AM
@Bart War. Destruction. Murder. Innocent deaths. More war. Power. More war. Slavery. All the good things.
@Sumurai8 Hmm, I like the sound of that
@Sumurai8 Hmm... you only need a piece of stone and motivation to perform murder
Both of which existed since the dawn of ages
@JanDvorak everyone knows the big bang created science. And science created the heaven and earth and saw that it was good .... wait .... I might be mixing things ...
@Bart no, that's perfectly the way it has happened. You are 100% correct
See, thought so. Maybe I should give Physics SE a go then ....
9:21 AM
Brace yourselves...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BIG SIZES PRINTS on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
9:40 AM
Observation: the star board at The SO Tavern is 40% @Bart
@Stijn Observation: That it's any different at the Tavern on the Meta is nothing but a shame.
ok ... time to drive off so I can throw myself into dark abyss - off for adventure caving this weekend! wish me to not die while micro sleep on the way driving home
Live to troll another day @chmod711telkitty!!
have fun @chmod711telkitty
@ShadowWizard around yet?
@VotetoClose I almost flagged that as spam...
Who is this Skeet person that think we fix the urls to his blog...go figure...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Vashikaran specialist baba +91-9001340118 on english.stackexchange.com
@rene You don't first read a post before flagging it? :P
@Sumurai8 First burn it with fire...fix afterwards....
10:40 AM
@rene I think he is enjoying weekend
There is no such think as weekend
Stop enjoying it :O
There's work to do!
@Sumurai8 by work you mean picnic etc. Right?
I mean work.
Real, hard, physical labor.
14 hours a day, 8 days a week
@Sumurai8 but, why only 8 days a week?
10:49 AM
this is really suspicious, ell.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest the same user asked the last 5 questions on the site, and they were all answered by the same answerer
You, @SilentKiller, move those pallets of Questions to their correct TagContainers!
@Sumurai8 pardon.? didn't get you. :/
@SilentKiller I assigned you the first of your numerous tasks in your 14/8 workweek :3
@Sumurai8 ohk, and what should do.? i am new here..
You see those pallets of unorganized questions? You are chosen to carry the burden of each of these questions and throw them in an organized way on those piles of organized questions.
10:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BELOW TEST CLASS GIVES ERROR on salesforce.stackexchange.com
like this.?
49 mins ago, by Vote to Close
That sounds like a reasonable category for that question :3
I am not certain (I can't read my own hand-written text) but I believe it is @DroidDev's responsibility to write those questions.
may i have one demo if you don't mind. :/
@Sumurai8 but you flag them as SPAM :'(
Well, I have to do something O_o
Each person their own task I suppose.
10:57 AM
see ^^ @Sumurai8
I tried again
11:51 AM
I just suggested a tag synonym. Now how does it get attention? Will it have to wait for random visits from users?
@Stijn I think you should post the link here and there in some random chat rooms
ok, well anyone who's able to approve synonyms for on MSO, see meta.stackoverflow.com/tags/voting/synonyms
Today's Listening | Electronic / Chiptune
@GnomeSlice Sounds like 4:03 to me.
Actually, it's called 4'33" and I fail to remember it correctly
12:14 PM
@Stijn needs to answer one voting question and coerce get 5 users to upvote him
12:32 PM
the keyword being Nike?
@Stijn Yep, it's in the spam finding regex.
Could @SmokeDetector remember which question url's it checked and only display again if an edit is made (instead of an answer, comment, vote, etc)?
12:44 PM
@Sumurai8 it looks in the "active" list
then there needs to be a way to tell the bot that it's a false positive
Yeah, something like a >>falsepos command
Eeeeek comments changed
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, 34 mins ago, by Stijn
@Sam seems to be a first step for http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/235255/proposed-tweak-to-comment-ui-for-‌​long-threads
1:02 PM
@Doorknob ??
@Andy That was actually an edit clash: stackoverflow.com/posts/24956400/revisions
But those reviewers... :/
indeed, but the reviewers are still to blame
@Doorknob I tried. I clicked reject to slowly.
1:12 PM
@Doorknob I hadn't seen you around lately :)
@Stijn Yeah, I haven't had much free time lately what with being in Korea and the Caveman thingy on PPCG and all sorts of stuff. :P
@Braiam Also, two others
Korea :o
Hmm, Ok, so it is not me, or my box
1:22 PM
@Stijn we've thought about it, but the problem is we have no way of actually doing anything with the data. If we were using a Bayesian thing, maybe. But not with regexes.
I think their script is stuck in some kind of infinite loop @rene
I assumed the cookies were borked
but after accepting the cookies it still acted weird
Yeah, same here
@Undo I haven't looked recently, does Smoke Detector save spam it flags? You could train it on good vs bad
@Andy It doesn't save spam, it looks at realtime posted/updated questions and uses regexes to check spam.
1:35 PM
Q: On meta, how do you get attention for questions without an answer?

TheIndependentAquariusIt's not possible to set a bounty on a child Meta in order to get attention. What can I do instead? For example, this question hasn't received a good answer yet during the past 10 days.

The -5 is unnecessary I think
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: API-SDK ANDROID PARA DESKTOP on pt.stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MY NOTEBOOK NOT BOOTING on superuser.com
2:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TIME AND WORK APTITUDE PROBLEM FOR CAT PREPARATION on math.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector I never knew was allowed anywhere on SE and CAT means Common Admission Test, a very difficult one in INDIA.
@Program @Andy It actually does log the titles of both spam & non-spam.
Ah, ok.
Hi, just flagged stackoverflow.com/questions/8370455/… for moderation, to ask reopening. Any thoughts?
The question is How to use random forests in R with missing values? the reason for closing not a real question. Seems real enough to me
3:38 PM
@user7610 Ok, so I copy the code in the R environment and now what? Can I run it and observe the error?
@user7610 was that an other flag? Unless you have a very strong case, moderators usually don't like participating in the close/reopen process.
@user7610 "not a real question" is essentially an old wording of "unclear what you are asking". And the title doesn't give me much hope in that sense.
@rene THANKS!!
3:58 PM
The reallity is that only two links show up that claim that yelling helps. The other million hits are about to stop yelling at kids. Something that is beyond me...
i can't able to enter into AU chat.
my broswer shows
No referer was present - this may be due to a browser setting
Which browser?
@JanDvorak @rene That is not a programming question. It is a question of understanding the machine learning algorithm being used. Look at the answer, which perfectly addresses that issue: 1\
@user7610 algorithmic questions still need to be understandable
4:07 PM
@Jan The person who answered that question apparently understood it
so do I
... without having to read the answers
perhaps. I can't tell if it's understandable to whomever does code in R
I understood it without the answer. I googled for "random forest missing attribute values", saw the question, realized that is what I want, then read the answer and was happy
@AvinashRaj works for me...
@AvinashRaj [status-works-for me]
Chrome 37.
i donno why?
i ask me to login.
After click on login via SE, my browser shows the above message.
4:12 PM
@AvinashRaj I had the same problem. I had to open a new Incognito (Private browsing) session, log in there and then it worked. Or works, I am using it right now to open this chat.
How i open Private browsing in Firefox?
ctrl+shift+p (on a windows box)
New Private Window from the menu
On, no. still it shows like that.
You can login to the normal site?
4:22 PM
@rene @rene No, you cannot, because you do not have the OP's data. But if you are an experienced user of the randomForest package, you can look at the error message and the title and immediately figure out that the person has undefined values in the data.
@rene yep. I can be able to SO chats, main site.
Huh? So you can chat on chat.stackexchange.com?
@user7610 but a small dataset could have been provided?
@rene I think so.
plz help me.
4:29 PM
@AvinashRaj That is not a happy response for a support engineer. The answer is either yes or no. When you hit chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/201/ask-ubuntu-general-room do you need to login?
@AvinashRaj saying "plz help me" will pretty much ensure noone will want to
sorry if my words hurt you, i'm not a native English speaker..
that doesn't mean you should speak in abbreviations
4:32 PM
may i try after clearing cookies?
@rene Sure, it is IMO rather pointless, but if it pleases you... I edited the question.
learn <- cars
cars$speed[1] <- NA # to simulate missing value
model <- randomForest(speed ~., data=cars)
your browser may forget, but we won't
@AvinashRaj That sounds as a good plan
Oh, thank you for the list of questions that should probably still be closed. — animuson ♦ 4 mins ago
@user7610 I'm not the one to be pleased, you want that question to be reopen-ed and I try to imagine what Reopen reviewers will think if they see that question...
4:34 PM
@animuson +2.9
@user7610 I approved that edit as a starter
@rene I have to assume that the person reviewing it will be a general Joe programmer with no clue about R or random forest algorithm. I assume that you are a good representative of a high ranking SO user. So if you like it, I hope there is a chance the reviewer will like it as well...
That is the reason I am interested in your opinion
Ahhhhh, still it shows like that... :(
@user7610 I only represent myself but thanks for the kind words
4:39 PM
Q: How much rep does a veteran have?

TimSo occasionally around the place (on Meta) I see "Since you are a veteran" or "Veterans have this privilege". For example, here. How much rep does a use have to have to be considered a veteran?

@rene Isn't that the very idea of crowd sourced collaborative web sites? Everybody represents themselves to create a greater whole?
@Braiam i can't able to enter into our chat room.
@user7610 Yeah, sure but I wouldn't trust my opinion, I even don't...
@AvinashRaj If you start here: chat.stackexchange.com
what happens?
it shows the chat rooms.
In the topbar do see log in?
4:44 PM
may i click on that?
@user7610 It is on its way to be reopened...
now it shows
Login works best with a reasonably modern browser that supports certain HTML5 features, and you must already have logged in to another network site. If you aren't, you'll have to first log in to your preferred Q&A site, or you can log in via Stack Exchange Stack Exchange.

If automatic login fails, please visit the GlobalAuth test & help page to check for common problems.
may i click this " log in via Stack Exchange Stack Exchange." link?
After clicking this stackexchange.com/users/chat-login link , my brower shows the above posted screenshot.
"No referer was present - this may be due to a browser setting"
@AvinashRaj Check this
@AvinashRaj I repro that error if I set in about:config the setting network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0 so there must be something on your box/network that strips the referer from the http requests.
4:59 PM
it's set to 0
It should be on 1 or 2, 2 is the default
@JanDvorak burned.
@rene works, Thank you soooooooooooo mucccccccch.
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