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10:00 PM
@3ventic'sShadow moderators.se?
Internet Relay Chat

Proposed Q&A site for people who communicate via IRC or run an IRC server.

Currently in definition.

:o, followed
@Braiam that is not a site that exists
it's in area51

Proposed Q&A site for people building, administering, managing and cultivating digital communities

Currently in commitment.

10:01 PM
Needs more people to commit
LIES. We have way more than 118 moderators.
Oy @Manish.
I'm not even a moderator on SE and I committed :p
10:02 PM
you missed the distribution of freehanded circles @Manishearth
now I'm all outta circles.
@badp I'm an MSO user. I have tons to spare
why do you give them away then?
@Manishearth use em or lose em
10:04 PM
@badp Just leave it. He's one of those Physics types. Before you know it he will argue it's not a circle anyway, it's just some shape embedded in 11 dimensions which behaves like a membrane or whatever.
@Bart All freehanded circles secretly are 4D knots.
There might be something ... special ... lurking for folks that joined us for this momentous occasion .....
Is it waffles @TimPost?
Yes, there will be contests to celebrate the opening of the new MSE site :) I'm taking ideas via email now - tpost@so http://t.co/5eT95gcYKa
a horde of unicorns migrating chat messages from one bucket to the other?
10:05 PM
^ that, I assume :p
Is it unicorns @TimPost?
Fight to the death status-declined
It makes sense to fight to the death for swag, of course.
of course
HEY TAVERN! in honor of the imminent split, you can fill out our super secret form with associate code MUG to get a SUPER SPECIAL MSO/MSE SPLIT MUG* (*DISCLAIMER: may look just like a regular mug)
10:07 PM
@AbbyT.Miller XXXL mugs?
broken mugs, obviously
@Bart don't pretend you wouldn't want to drink THAT MUCH COFFEE all at once
I don't drink coffee at all D:
Q: Too many Opinion Based exchanges

SnakeDocThere seems to be a never-ending supply of new exchanges cropping up... however many of them have crossed into the realm of speculation and opinion, not fact based and absolute (like the original exchanges were intended as authoritative). Are these allowed, and why? Some of the exchanges even se...

10:10 PM
if you're drinking more than a fingertip's worth of coffee, you're doing it wrong
There once was a site: MSO
Too large, it had no room to grow
A migration hits
Some bytes and some bits
Now MSE exists, y'know?
@badp Thank god for massive fingertips
But really, I should have a doctor check that out one day
10:11 PM
a mug is good for tea though.
or milk and mint.
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about some unspecified website unrelated to Stack Exchange. — Gilles 17 secs ago
or pens.
@Manishearth ^ Users wouldn't have a place to ask such weird questions!
10:12 PM
@Manishearth Patience young grasshopper
@AbbyT.Miller Can you save the foam in a bucket? I'd like to have some later.
@TimPost ...how about i just mail you a beer
@AbbyT.Miller Okay, but not in a commemorative mug - that'd be messy.
what if it had a sippy cup on top
10:13 PM
@AbbyT.Miller YES
(because Meta is way too childish for coffee)
but just grown-up enough for beer!
You get beer in sippy cups at concerts and whatnot. it is a really strange experience.
it's weirdest at broadway shows
I am all for beer sippy cupshkjhdsakjhdkasjhdkasjdhkjhsad
@AbbyT.Miller Definitely
I don't know if you're supposed to keep the cup, but I sure did after seeing Wicked a few months back. Tossed the lid, but now I have a weird not-quite-pint-sized plastic glass in my cupboard.
10:15 PM
Wait, how many espresso shots can I have before I have to call an ambulance?
i don't know about supposed to, but you're definitely allowed to keep the cup @AnnaLear
@TimPost "have to" or "probably should"?
@TimPost approaches infinity as time approaches MSO/MSE split o'clock
@AbbyT.Miller With my luck, I'll get arrested and deported if the authorities find out about this.
10:16 PM
@TimPost If you're still physically able to make that call it's too soon.
Got it, thanks.
@AnnaLear Quick! Purge the messages!
Time go go check on elephant seal mating
Wait... we don't have a Law Enforcement site yet, so you should be okay @Anna...
10:19 PM
I was told there'd be pools of frothing blood and fire raining from the skies in here. Seems slightly more sedate than that. Only slightly, though.
@AnnonomusPerson Sippy cup censorship?
3 mins ago, by Anna Lear
@AbbyT.Miller With my luck, I'll get arrested and deported if the authorities find out about this.
More or less.
So @TimPost any hint about the contest yet? I have a weird gut feeling it'll involve unicorns somehow in the post... oh wait that's just mSO/mSE!
^That's what should be on the mug, @AbbyT.Miller
10:22 PM
nooooo, the site is down ... nevermind, it's back
15 mins ago, by Abby T. Miller
HEY TAVERN! in honor of the imminent split, you can fill out our super secret form with associate code MUG to get a SUPER SPECIAL MSO/MSE SPLIT MUG* (*DISCLAIMER: may look just like a regular mug)
works for me
... what happens if someone posts a programming question on meta at the time of the split? :P
Oh damn, I didn't put MUG in it
@hichris123 SINGULARITY.
10:23 PM
On a related note @Manish, they should add a unicorn to the design... a future ?
@3ventic'sShadow I didn't found where, so I just added the MUG header
@hichris123 it creates a rift in the space-time baconuum and unicorns appear in this universe
@TimPost But that's not a contest....
^ There's your transition mug design
10:23 PM
Yes, there will be contests to celebrate the opening of the new MSE site :) I'm taking ideas via email now - tpost@so http://t.co/5eT95gcYKa
Nobody emailed me, so you all get mugs instead. I might be stuffing some extra stuff in those packages.
@TimPost I'm all of a sudden worried about your obsession with elephant seals
user image
10:25 PM
That's... not annoying at all.
Yay done!!!!
@JasonC That's NOT ... Jesus.
@badp let me tone that framerate down No! Bring it back!
There we go
+1 needs more framerate
10:27 PM
Hurray for gif-induced seizures
I need moar Metallica after that.
@badp Stop toying with us, man!
At least that scrolls off the page pretty quickly..
Every time I open Google+ (yes...), I see this:
10:28 PM
Haha, can that be the graphic on the deleted post page? ^
That would warrant, fully, the D: emoticon
And definitely replace meta with i.stack.imgur.com/32ep7.gif while its down.
@TimPost Hmm.... I guess I missed it by a landslide :)
Obviously, don't have animated GIF contests...
Has anyone said "brown" during the split yet?
Yeah, they tend to lead to seizures.
10:30 PM
Yes, that too!
Oh, huh
@TimPost One man's epilepsy is another man's natural selection...
...or wait
10:32 PM
@JasonC shocking
yeah, umm.. that doesn't quite ... ah never mind.
Sorry somebody hacked my account and typed that, probably because of heartbleed.
sounds like a serious problem, @JasonC. my heart bleeds for you.
@AnnaLear Haha, that's so thoughtful. Did I say "welcome back!" yet?
What kind of favicon will MSE have?
10:35 PM
Hopefully not one as horrific as the new SO/MSO favicons...
5 hours ago, by Jason C
Haha, welcome back!
I contacted a vendor today, to ask if their application (that my company uses) was vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug exploit. They asked me to contact my IT department. Good job, vendor tier 1 support!
Actually, outta curiousity, are "consecutive day" counts affected?
With the migration and all?
hopes I get home by 8:30 EDT for the split
Gotta run. Good luck with the split!
See you in 6-8.
10:37 PM
You mean you gotta split. ;)
@AnnaLear NICE.
Make like MSO and split.
@hichris123 if you do, don't directly look at the split. Either look at a reflection of it on a piece of paper, or look through a CD to protect your eyes.
@AnnaLear You're quite punny today.
10:38 PM
Thanks. I have my moments. :)
Late enough for puns already? Oh my..
@Bart gets out tinfoil hat and unicorns
It's almost 2 am here
@hichris123 and glitter. Don't forget glitter
10:40 PM
What about waffles?
Don't forget waffles.
Are the waffles happening?
Waffles are always happening.
Oh, @Undo finally decided to join us!
But are they happening for real this time?
@hichris123 s/decided/was released from speech club/
Well @Undo, if waffles but no one is there to see it, do they really happen?
10:42 PM
and anyway, this time we're here to watch it. So waffles must happen.
@Bart I will need to checkout to confirm
so how long before the happening becomes a thing that happens?
6-8 happenings
6-8x = x
x = 0
6 != 0, @badp.
10:45 PM
Bro, do you even math?
6 NOT 0!
Who wrote 6?
who knows
0! = 1
probably some hacker that just discovered LiverBleed.
10:46 PM
obviously 6 is not 0!, because 6 is not 1
Do you guys even know the extradecimal system?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 6-8
@Manishearth, thank you - this seems to proof your assumption. And glad you are right. — davidkonrad 36 secs ago
Wow cheap....
10:47 PM
"assumption" -_-
say... why is there a banner on SO?
Because SO is about to go down for a moment
when the split happens
Thank goodness there isn't an ugly banner on my precious SR.
@Undo :) Technically it's not yours, it's your community's
goes on closing rampage
10:48 PM
oooh mod abuse
Ban yourself again for eating marshmallows?
Some future SR mod is going to be really confused when they see that on my profile.
it's okay, we can mod abuse your profile before that happens
Is "The MSO/MSE Split is soon underway"... grammatically correct?
You know what, I'm gonna ask on one of those Englishy sites.
it's not
10:52 PM
Nope @Undo. Needs an extra s for underways. Plural and such.
@TimPost ^ y u no gramar proparly
@Undo Hmm... someone needs to stop using sippy cups at work....
@Undo Greedy mod?!?!
10:53 PM
No matter what happens, I'm bringing my giant "S"! And I'm gonna use it! — Jeff Atwood ♦ Apr 9 at 19:52
For the newer friends among us:
Dear Next Person Who Opens a Pluralization 'Bug', I will personally come to your house and bludgeon you to death with a giant S
Q: Is "The MSO/MSE Split is soon underway" grammatically correct?

UndoWe're in the middle of a historical time. Two creatures will be separated from each other. Waffles will be torn in two. Meta Stack Overflow will be split. This banner is currently being shown on Meta Stack Overflow and on Stack Overflow itself: The MSO/MSE Split is soon underway. Please be...

^ Go forth and make it rise to the top of the SuperCollider.
oh yay, someone downvoted it. I probably missed a comma, no less.
@Undo Nothing missed, except the link.
Maybe it's vague? "This doesn't seem right"... :/
"will be underway soon"?
how about "IS HAPPENING"
they wouldn't even have to change it as IT moves from ABOUT TO BE HAPPENING to IS CURRENTLY HAPPENING
10:59 PM

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