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12:27 AM
Q: % of % - Please Help Me Prove My Friend Wrong

TrynnHere is the situation: My friend and I are at an impasse. I believe I'm correct, but he's so damn stubborn he won't believe me. Also, I'm not the most articulate at explaining things. Hopefully some of you guys can help me explain this to him in a way he'll understand. Here is the problem: ...

like the new pic @Raff!
^^ I found that intuitive when the human representation of me had existed semi-independantely for 4 sun-cycles.
12:56 AM
Yeah, but it helped more than 5000 people. How many have you helped today? Also, independently.
English is crap!
JavaScript is no more tolerant of typos than English.
but the human brain is very tolerant of typos
But, protein-based features are generally deprecated by bjb.
But English is crap and has no reasoning to its spelling.
1:02 AM
the biarn deos not crae
Buhte ingaelishe is krap and has noeh reezonenge tu its spilly
assert(connectionStrength(env.find("physical").clean("lang").find("english"), base.findNode("high quality")).significanceCreate() < context[0].findSignificance(0))
assert(connectionStrength(context[-1].findNodes("spelling", 2), base.findNode("exasperation")) < context[0].findSignificance(0))
I think we think too abstractly.
please format your code
1 hour later…
2:27 AM
Stack Overflow of past years was way too kind. This 2012 question had score +1 when I found it...
Q: Email System Using Google App Engine

PralgomathicI want to build an email system like Gmail,Yahoo where user can create account,log in with his username,password,send mail,receive mail, etc.Is it possible to build it in Google App Engine? My preferred language is Java.I need urgent help guys.Please answer it as soon as possible.Thanks in advance

4:19 AM
@bjb568 ... you realize every programming language (pretty much) is made of English words?
I have to do a 3 minute presentation (yeah, I know, 9th grade…) on hexavalent chromium for biology on either monday, tuesday, or wednesday. Should I do it tonight? It's 23:29 and last night I went to bed at 1:30.
@hichris123 A very limited list of words is fine. Hundreds of thousands plus grammar and usage and whatever isn't.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Overview Of Skii Skin Care by Oukduz Uruk on superuser.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 99.1234: Overview Of Skii Skin Care on superuser.com
4:36 AM
spam ^^
4:56 AM
@bjb568 no
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Supplement by baka bani on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 93.6690: Muscle Building Supplement on meta.stackexchange.com
spam again ^^
What's the whole deal with @hichris123 posting smokey things?
5:27 AM
I earned a rare [[design] bronze tag badge](meta.stackexchange.com/help/badges/223/design)!
you are 10th person who got this till now
@nicael you need to remove "[]" from 'design'
6:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Is there a method exist for muscle and tendon lengthening? by user5479 on biology.stackexchange.com
^ was 43 minutes old when I saw it, and had the score of -1.
6:47 AM
@Raff ok...flagging..
\o/ no spam as of now
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 83.4309: The Focused Crew of Skilled Packers & Movers on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
/o\ there is spam
For the second day in a row, packers & movers at Sharepoint. What is it about CMS sites?
Nov 24 at 6:49, by Andrew T.
hichris cloned Undo's smokey and modified for himself
7:02 AM
@hichris123 flagged
Morning @Uni
7:21 AM
spam ^
@JanDvorak kaboom
Damn you @JanDvorak and your fast reflexes :)
8:23 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How To Build Muscle Fast? by yupoliwz on math.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 81.8450: How To Build Muscle Fast? on math.stackexchange.com
first flag
yes creating account there..
8:26 AM
I didn't have an account here math.stackexchange.com anyway
@JanDvorak created account and gone!!
@JanDvorak gone
created an account on math... also, flagged
math spam gone
Flagged math spam, nuked
at -10 and after one suggested edit approved 2/0
8:34 AM
We need a bot that watches us flag spam.
also, why?
A script running at our machines could report either to this chat or to my personal laptop. But... why?
no other post by that guy
yes and about me is blank
8:54 AM
I think he's asking "translate this code for me", so still
tranlate this SQL to C#? Eugh. We won't.
9:18 AM
@bjb568 is right, once again! time.com/3109043/…
Verified Official by stackoverflow Lol, I put that profile about me into google translate and then took another couple seconds to figure out that his about me is actually in english, just uses weird characters all over
is about fitness, and seems to be trying to lure people to the site by maybe "winning a prize"
A: facebook type wall post script

GooglePHP is the spawn of satan.....

^ all gone
9:37 AM
that NAA looks like offensive instead
@JanDvorak but's its about PHP not jQuery
just because we all agree that PHP sucks doesn't mean it's not offensive.
^ I have no idea what that means, but it sure doesn't sound like a proper question
Perhaps he means "on every tick"?
Do you mean "on every tick"? — Unihedron just now
@JanDvorak gone in under a minute
@rene mod must be lurking
but... where's the link in the SU spam?
@JanDvorak new or lazy spammer
should I ask him?
9:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keywords in title: Affordable Work & Services of Specialist Movers and Packers Firms by Anamika Pandey on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 98.1584: Affordable Work & Services of Specialist Movers and Packers Firms on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@JanDvorak yeah, maybe point out our Quality Guidelines for SPAM
@JanDvorak ask to speak to his manager, so you can tell the manager about his employee's poor spamming abilities
9:56 AM
@JanDvorak get us some ice cream while you're at it
Packing and Moving seems good business in Bangalore...
@cVplZ Ah, that clarifies it, tnx ;)
there's spam still alive up there
10:12 AM
@Braiam What does Census do?
@Unihedron no idea
@Unihedron a Census is just a list/count of all the people in the country
10:39 AM
To get an accurate head count nobody is allowed to die or be born in the next 7 days
To get an accurate head count all citizens are requested to send in their heads within the next 7 days
10:54 AM
To get an accurate head count the one counting needs to know how to count heads
Time for another sanity check, if someone could. I flagged this answer as "not an answer" because ... well it seems to me it's blatantly not an answer. It says "you could do what you have asked how to do, but don't". That doesn't answer "how to do it". yet ... my flag was disputed. Thoughts? stackoverflow.com/a/8930207/554807
11:12 AM
@GreenAsJade It tries to answer the question (I even think it does answer the question. Don't do that can be a good answer on a question How to do it) and therefor can't be NAA. A down vote would be enough. I think my reasoning is inline with this guidance
@rene Thanks for taking the time! Can you point out, in that largish Q&A, where it tells us that "dont do that" is a good answer to the question "how can I do this"?
(They mostly seem to be talking about answers that rely on links)
I see this "Just remember: if the text of the post contains an honest attempt at answering the question, then it is an answer - so don't flag it otherwise, and if you do, don't complain if your flag gets declined."
But it still leaves open the question "if I tell you not do do someting you're asking how to do, is this an honest attempt at answering the question?"
@GreenAsJade It isn't there, it is my opinion. You can downvote such answers and aks to give background/evidence why that shouldn't be done.
Ah OK - thanks!
I guess to be nitpicky, in the case that I flagged, you could say he answered the question "Can I do this" with the answer "yes, but don't" - IE the answer is "yes" ... though really the sentiment of the question was "how can I do this" :)
meh, the problem of Shog's "Your answer is in another castle" is that it focus just on the sign board example, but says nothing about the orange
@Braiam Quick! Compose "Your answer is in another dimension"!
11:27 AM
I think actually the whole question/answer is all about link-answers, not any old bad answer, and not about "don't do that" answers.
As a discussion of link-answers its pretty comprehensive.
@GreenAsJade if the question is which x and y do I need to add to get 3 one answer could be x=1 and y=258 (use unchecked and cast to byte in c#) it answers the question, not a great way to do it. On opinion based/ (architectural)style based questions an answer can be don't do that and based on context can be dv worthy, not flag worthy ....
Yes, I do take that point. I think I'm mentally accepting the disputed flag now, thanks :)
I can see that a "can I" question, in particular, invites a "don't do that" answer
I know it can answers the question IF it explains "why not" and/or offers an alternative
@Braiam I agree.
11:51 AM
One of the reasons this might be higher is that "very low quality" flags are now delayed in being presented to moderators. They don't appear in our flag queue until being available to the community for at least an hour. At least, that's what the community team was experimenting with starting this last week. — Brad Larson ♦ 10 hours ago
@bjb ^
searches for the flamethrower
btw, it looks like an assignment
looks like job of any bidding site
anyway, i voted..
need one more..
@JanDvorak pretty stubborn user on that one...
Sounds as a fine plan. Before you continue please read How to Ask and take the tour so you'll understand we don't write code for you. — rene 27 secs ago
spam gone
@JanDvorak I would say so, yes
@JanDvorak yes... is true for all questions
1:05 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PHPNG + NGINX TERRIBLY SLOW by Pyth Phytho on serverfault.com
1:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Building hulk muscles through natural way by user39734 on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector fp
@JanDvorak Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Suddenly this became more suspicious because of the upvote.
2:10 PM
can someone make sense of these comments? meta.stackoverflow.com/a/278076/792066
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHOM/WHO DISTINCTION by philosophyislife on english.stackexchange.com
2:22 PM
@Braiam they lost me from "recommend deletion" part.
4:01 PM
room topic changed to Tavern on the Meta: MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use: jsfiddle.net/Ldvwp8uv/1 [bug] [crickets] [discussion] [excuses] [support] [waffles]
@PatrickHofman Alakazam!
A: Profile Page Makeover, Part 3: the Prototype returns

nicaelMaybe add a link to chat profile? Something like

@Pops Hurai!
:2714743 Agreed. It will help promote the use of Chat!
@Pops shouldn't it link to the fullscreen result instead?
Eh, sure, why not?
room topic changed to Tavern on the Meta: MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use: jsfiddle.net/Ldvwp8uv/1/embedded/result [bug] [crickets] [discussion] [excuses] [support] [waffles]
thanks ;)
4:09 PM
hardly any stars today...
whoa, cool, and it blamed Jan
ehh, not that^ version, it always links to the same person if you use "Spin Again"
@ProgramFOX -1 not enough Dev team.
Okay, version that does not always pick the same person: jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/132/embedded/result
4:11 PM
it blamed JanDvorak
It's SmokeDetector's fault!
@InfiniteRecursion how many times did you reroll?
See, this is how you distract @Pops: get him to discuss the Wheel of Blame. Obviously, he doesn't want to be poked with a sharp stick much, so he doesn't want to be featured prominently on it.
You people need to settle on a version. If you have problems settling on a version... you know what to do.
settling on aversion instead?
4:15 PM
Let's vote!
Blame someone else. Or, if you're really unlucky, yourself.
After all, the wheel can't be wrong.
If you think we should build a Wheel of Blame implementation which always blames Jan Dvorak, star this message.
Noone could possibly think that is a good idea.
@Unihedron We don't need to add a feature for something we already know.
4:17 PM
@JanDvorak Nobody is responding because everyone immediately rushed off to start implementing.
nobody likes somebody :P
Yeah, I guess we should totally drop the wheel and try jQuery.
4:19 PM
The respin button is borked.
@bjb568 Indeed:
8 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
Okay, version that does not always pick the same person: http://jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/132/embedded/result/
A: How do I archive my tweets in Google Docs?

user2829483There is also my app "Open Tweet Search" on Android to save a list of tweets to Google Drive. Here it is: Open Tweet It's open source!

4:29 PM
It's disclosed and relevant. Not sure.
Also, he has answers not promoting that product.
It's a wrong approach. Instead of showing the code to archive the tweets, he promoted the end-user app first. I think it can be salvaged though.
But the question itself is too-broad, I think.
from the source, you mean?
flagged NAA in the meantime.
This question appears to be off-topic because it is too localized and doesn't fit well into the Stack Exchange model. — bjb568 12 secs ago
4:41 PM
@Unihedron Black Friday Sale on Bleep Street. Discount code SCHWARZERFREITAG gets you 50% off anything/everything.
pukes Cupcake
@DwarfSlice Who are you and why should he care?
@JanDvorak Because he likes chiptune
And bleep street is a chiptune netlabel
falls asleep in the tavern because of boredom
answer #4
4:44 PM
plugs shameless selfpromotion to keep @uni awake
Q: Add tag wiki/excerpt audits with copied content

BraiamIn line with the proposal of Shog to improve the reject reasons, I think we should also teach reviewers to search for plagiarization whenever they hit a tag wiki/excerpt edit. So, I suggest that audits geared towards this end are also imparted to +5k rep reviewers that use the Suggested Edits que...

first answer upvote
@DwarfSlice Why Dwarf and not Elf?
@DwarfSlice :O
@hichris123 because Dwarfs are stronger/shorter/drunker?
Also, there's no Elf Fortress game
4:48 PM
byebye money
hellow money :P
@DwarfSlice your email address is shown, if it matters
Hadn't noticed, but it's not plaintext so I'm not too worried.
Thanks though.
Why are you bored @uni?
4:51 PM
Because nothing was happening. :P Everyone was busy monitoring the site.
sixth answer, from a high-rep
Closed, closed, closed.
Nothing was happening? o_O Bart posted 4 messages, Braiam posted 16 messages, Andrew posted 11, JanDvorak posted 51 and I posted 4 messages!! What more can you ask for @uni?
@InfiniteRecursion Those messages are all from half an hour ago. ;)
I don't count. I mostly post spam here.
@SmokeDetector fp why
@Unihedron Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@Unihedron "muscle"
4:57 PM
@JanDvorak Muscle?
@DwarfSlice No, thanks. I don't like muscle spam.
ur spam =[
Ignore him @DwarfSlice, and thanks for the listenings :)
*leaves to watch Dwarf Fortress
I think I linked Muscle already, I can find a new one for today, just a sec.
I gotta start posting these again.
5:01 PM
Yay! We missed you @DwarfSlice
Today's Listening | Indie / Synthpop
prefers classical
@bjb568 Is contemporary classical okay? alexroe.bandcamp.com/album/evoke
I guess that's classical, but not $lte classical, classical.
No functional harmony.
How about… Beethoven?
5:10 PM
^troll :P
@SmokeDetector false
@SmokeDetector fp
@ProgramFOX Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@hichris123 Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
5:18 PM
@ProgramFOX Yup
To test whether it can survive two falses.
5:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PUSHING AND POPING INTO THE STACK IN C++ by userrrr on stackoverflow.com
5:55 PM
^ classical enough, no?
@ProgramFOX Yes
Mar 16 at 12:48, by Qantas 94 Heavy
@nicael How'd that happen anyway?
Shouldn't it take only 6 votes?
6:33 PM
anyone can help me here delete vote stackoverflow.com/questions/2713479/…
@bjb568 It could have many up votes. More upvotes, more difficult to delete.
@TGMCians deleted
6:41 PM
@nicael I that it needed 6 votes, but if it was highly voted, it'd have to go to the mod queue.
@bjb568 it didn't work that way
Then meta has lied to me.
@JanDvorak upvoted? wat
6:53 PM
Also, how did it not fail the dupe title check?
@bmargulies are you aware that we are here talking about the "Late Answers" queue? Where you are supposed to "Watch for hidden gems, non-answers, and spam." how can you identify a "hidden gem" if whatever is written there seems Chinese to you? — Braiam 6 secs ago
@JanDvorak Caching? Or because the other one was closed?
the closed one was edited later
@Braiam walk away, that is a meaningless discussion you are having on MSO. Generally that user ends conversations saying that he is trolling. Find something better to do ;)
@Shog9 the automated algorithms have no view of intent, not that it's entirely apropos here. Altogether, I'm really just trolling here.. — bmargulies Aug 14 at 1:18
^that's what you will get in the end :P
7:08 PM
7:28 PM
@nicael Looks like a bug, or undocumented behavior. The answer by @Shog9 says clearly: if 6 Recommended Deletion accumulate, then either it's deleted or mod flag is raised. The process should not go beyond 6 in any case.
Oh, this is from March, before the new algorithm was put in place. This would not happen today, I hope.
7:40 PM
ping @rene
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LG G2 4G LTE (D802T) by Raffay on stackoverflow.com
Yay, I reached rep cap on Saturday :) It was, however, much more difficult than two days ago :D
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LG G2 4G LTE (D802T) by Raffay on android.stackexchange.com
8:10 PM
@SmokeDetector cv-pls
8:38 PM
Any one for an extra translation: stackoverflow.com/questions/27206804/…
can be closed as well...
@TGMCians pong
high lantency...
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