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10:09 PM
Uh oh. Is something borking over at SE HQ?
I can't access any home pages and pings keep dropping.
@Doorknob repro'd
I wonder why I bother to set milestones for DevDoodle. They don't actually mean anything.
Haha, I can't load anything SE all of a sudden, even on mobile.
10:12 PM
we're on it.
@AnnaLear Ah good.
aaaand we're back
Someone pressed the wrong button?
cut off
Wait… it's a table?!
10:16 PM
@bjb568 Linky?
@Doorknob home page
Oh. Norepro here. Are you at something other than 100% zoom?
@bjb568 Yes, and? Tables are correct markup for tabular data.
@Doorknob How is this tabular data? Looks like a ul to me.
10:18 PM
@bjb568 Well, I mean, comments are tables too (inspect element on any comment), so that's not the most semantic way to go either
Chrome ^
@Doorknob we keep meaning to fix that, but it's a huge change
@AnnaLear Make the site responsive too.
10:25 PM
Sure, should take about a weekend. While I'm at it, I'll mail everyone a pet unicorn too.
@Braiam Hrm. Pretty sure that's almost a reverse bug report (as in, that shouldn't work in comments either.)
@AnnaLear We're taking you up on this offer.
can finally use the unicorn house
I wish it was already weekend!
10:26 PM
@AnnaLear :(
for me the question and comment behavior seems expected
I could be wrong.
It's rare, but it happens. ;)
@AnnaLear I've increased the size of attachments that our corporate smtp server allows to provide enough space for the unicorn.
@LynnCrumbling O_O
@LynnCrumbling :D
@LynnCrumbling Unrelated, but... that's an excellent avatar choice. Magritte is my favorite.
10:28 PM
I no like apples.
I like apple.
But no like apples.
wonders why nobody complimented my kewl glasses yet today
@bjb568 nobody has complimented mine ever... so be happy you were complimented at least once
I like the glasses in the tree....
@Braiam ur hed iz kewl NOW COMPLIMENT MEEEEE
@AnnaLear I was torn - between the apple and the bird. I guess @bjb568 would have preferred the latter.
@rene I like the bra.
10:34 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 71.8734: Android compresses all the photos I see online on android.stackexchange.com
@LynnCrumbling Bird taste GOOOOOOD
@bjb568 You would like that.
10:37 PM
@AnnaLear That's comedy.
One of my favorites.
10:51 PM
So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye.
Hold on now, I'm diving into the markdown parser! If I don't come back in an hour, tell my family I wanted my allowance that was promised love them.
Q: What is this flower that smells like a skunk?

SueThis has been blooming in the sun in my yard in Massachusetts for the past two weeks. We've only lived here since last spring and since I didn't plant it, I'm guessing it's a perennial. What's intriguing is that the flower smells like it's been sprayed by a skunk. The leaves have no odor. Can an...

11:48 PM
Q: On site self evaluations, is it OK to answer the questions before the review queue is closed?

FrankRelated to this question (about fixing spelling errors in nominated questions), but about actually answering one or more of the questions. It seems that this kind of defeats the purpose of a quality review, at least if you do it properly, but I haven't found anything to verify this. Will I mess ...

[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 89.1972: How to repair a PDF corrupted document on superuser.com
@ShadowWizard re: pinned communities list, the problem is (predictably) caching. I'm thinking over the best way to fix it up.
@AnnaLear yeah, it's always caching. Counting on you to bust the cache in such a way that performance won't take a fatal blow. :)
err. I mean. yeah, I'm on it

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