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12:54 AM
...just failed this audit by downvoting it.. first audit failed this month.. banned for 30 days now -.-
It didn't even have a question in it.. it was just a screenshot stating that it wasn't working.
For all the system knows, I could have been clicking edit to fix the little that was even there.
1:09 AM
That sucks.
It apparently has 21 upvotes because it's a well-known bug.
It's still not a high quality question by SO's standards.
1:22 AM
Burn it
1:38 AM
Don't worry; I also failed a known good audit on a bad question. I successfully disputed it on Meta.
@gparyani I don't see much use disputing this one.. eh
1 hour later…
2:53 AM
All cleaned up.
There needs to be a dispute button on bad audits.. I have seen feature requests, none of which have been implemented.
There have actually been 4 audits on that question... 2 people "passed" and 2 people failed.
It's low quality thought, right? Surely the people who clicked 'no action needed' were wrong..
I guess it just gets into opinions then..
It obviously received 22 upvotes.
That was a terrible question. Without answers, I wouldn't have had any idea what it was even talking about.
Like Pekka said - very common bug/issue = lots of visitors and lots of upvotes that aren't based on quality.
1 hour later…
4:27 AM
what is going on with SE?
Probably maintenance.
I'm noticing it too.. Lots of lag.. I can't even load some of the pages.
Everything keeps timing out..
Okay, on refresh it's standard Oops!.
Okay, it started working again when I removed the /error etc. from the URL. *facepalm*
Strange how meta still works. Must be on a different server.
@JoshC Between that, and the different revision numbers, and the fact that it (apparently) doesn't use the CDN for much, I think it's just flat out 'on a different circuit' to the rest of SE.
Must be. It also doesn't receive as much traffic either.
4:43 AM
Yep, MSO is all kinds of weird.
The unicorn is its mascot for a reason.
briefly had another bug that i could blame on caching
@Pops It doesn't run on any one server, but instead on a virtual machine floating in a dream cloud.
5:10 AM
Okay, never heard anyone refer to Oregon that way before, but I suppose it's accurate enough.
In fact, I'm just going to declare outright that "the dream cloud state" is a way better name than "the beaver state."
5 hours later…
9:49 AM
There seems to be a sudden rash of programming questions on Meta.
10:44 AM
Couldn't help but scratch all of them @michaelb958. ewwww Though 2 of them were from a single user.
@Bart Repeat offenders are the worst.
Oh, there's another one! (Thankfully not by the same user.)
Pff, and that on a Saturday. It's weekend people!
3 hours later…
2:17 PM
At least he says "thank you" a lot @RichardTingle ;)
2:50 PM
@Bart Nothing like being thanked while you're being told you're wrong, really takes the edge off. I hope my edit sticks, keeping the two useful sentences out of the political book
Myeah, reversed my downvote for now. Let's see. But he can't claim that's what he intended all along.
3:10 PM
Hmm, there seems to be a problem with tags on SO at the moment? Going to one reveals 0 questions with that tag.
Is it just me or did a bunch of tags just got deleted?
@self. Nah, guessing it's just a temporary glitch
I can repro it for some (minor) tags like or , but not for some of the bigger ones like
@Bart They just came back.
Yep, same here.
The wheel of blame says it's @Pops fault. I can go with that.
@Bart I like the: C# It's C#'s fault!
3:26 PM
@Bsilverstrim77 @aalear YOU WOULDNT LIKE ME WHEN IM ANGRY
.... okayyy .... /me slowly backs away
3:47 PM
It's true, he starts perspiring heavily and grunting...it's just generally unpleasant.
But enough about regular old me and my daily life, what about Sklivvz @TimStone?
Oh, they gave him a free knife set as an onboarding package to Stack Exchange. I'd stay back.
4:37 PM
We are about to upgrade to SQL 2014... and it's still 2013. What could possibly go wrong?
Getting ready to start with the actual #sql14 upgrade.. for what it's worth, I've liked working at #stackexchange
You may experience some minor symptoms, like latency, flickering and total clusterfuck of the servers
I guess that's happening right now then?
Site is in 'read-only' mode, or so the error message states.
I demand Jetpacks after you upgrade
Wait wait wait ..... I just saw one of those 2014 posts and they're saying "glad @Bart is no longer bothering us" .... what's going on here?
Where, on Twitter?
Don't make me explain that one @JoshC. It's already lame enough of a joke. :)
4:52 PM
do we need to get an emergency IRC server... and website? :P
They've already set up this site @badp. Experts-something-or-other ...
Might need to soon :p
17:53 -!- Irssi: Looking up irc.stackechange.com
17:53 -!- Irssi: Connecting to irc.stackechange.com [] port 6667
17:53 -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.stackechange.com port 6667 [No route to host]
I didn't expect that
stackechange ....
oh. That explains it.
5:00 PM
Who killed chat?
But on a more serious note
Stack Overflow is going read-only for a moment while we test load on an upgraded database server. #stackoverflow
So, it's Jeff's fault then.
@Bart WHY?
Why what?
..... are you okay?
5:06 PM
Not without chat.SE. :/
OK, it's back.
5:20 PM
@Bart I see you're still using the alpha version
Have I missed an update?
This version is 90% more accurate
are we back?
5:47 PM
there, now I've updated the wheel of blame. With 5 or so more employees it's 500% guaranteed more accurate.
One more brief outage coming as we fail back to our primary database servers #stackoverflow #stackexchange
... should anyone have any questions ^^^^
@Bart sounds like we'll have to live in this year after all? :(
rather disappointing. 2013 is so 2013.
@badp Is the fact that it's always rchern's fault a feature? Because I would suggest making it @geoffdalgas's fault instead. I BLAME DALGAS.
@Sklivvz Accuracy is quite important, but if you'd like I can ensure his presence for the wheel's consideration.
6:09 PM
Did you ever see our internal wheel of blame?
@Sklivvz Of course I haven't.
The whole reason why we have the jsfiddle one is because you wouldn't/can't show it to us :P
It's round and with music. And very annoying
I would expect nothing less from balpha.
Does it have prancing unicorns announcing the result?
Does it come with Bob Barker?
well, it's full screen and uses everyone in the chat at that particular time. and it has music. loud, unstoppable music.
6:12 PM
what? that can't be accurate.
It is scientifically proven that it's the fault of somebody who isn't there 91% of the time.
version 60 has the additional employees.
6:49 PM
Thoughts on the question below? It's an exact duplicate of meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/99136/…, but closing it would rather ruin the effort to garner support.
Q: URL Shortners cleanup

TRiG is Timothy Richard GreenIn the spirit of a similar project at WebApps, how about cleaning up some URL shortners from Stack Overflow? t.co (104) tinyurl.com (1533) j.mp (268) is.gd (66) goo.gl (2141) bit.ly (3035) adf.ly (5) And, as Al Everett said on Web Apps, Note that URL shorteners in comments aren’t findable...

1 hour later…
8:05 PM
hello world
> Thoughts on the question below? It's an exact duplicate of meta.stackoverflow.com/…, but closing it would rather ruin the effort to garner support.
Hi axrwkr!
8:26 PM
Oh wow, Google Maps has become very.... opinionated
how are things?
This showed up (along with a string of Bed & Breakfasts) when searching for used furniture powelton phila... Google must be confused
Things are great!
And for yourself
i'm good
When the Google Street View mobile is in town, make sure your curb doesn't look like crap.
@probablyPekka why did you share that?
8:36 PM
@axrwkr Pekka is a rich source of gems like this. Just pay attention to what he says at all times. You might pick up a thing or two.
@Bart blush
Hey, I pick my role models carefully @probablyPekka. Carefully.... not always wisely.
@axrwkr no specific reason, other than that I'm looking to buy a used shelf, saw this, and found it funny... just bad luck for the owner that the Street View mobile happened to catch his store in such an unfortunate moment.
@Bart lol
The "slum lords" thing in the Google maps result further up is really hilarious, though, and totally bizarre. Looks like they're using sentences from reviews to label locations now? Never heard of that, but I don't have any other explanation
That's just asking for the first restaurant to be labelled "Salmonella heaven".
@Bart hahaha
In fact, let me check.....
Indeed many sentences, but just boring stuff :(
Just positive / neutral stuff.
They must have a content filter that doesn't know what a slum lord is.
8:44 PM
@probablyPekka you live round that way?
@axrwkr yes! Temporarily, for 7 months
Then it's back to Europe.
that seems very exciting
@probablyPekka the roads are so straight and square
it's like graph paper
If you get an error message saying not to include JS Fiddle links without code, that's encouraging you to reduce external dependencies by including the code here; it's not encouraging you to increase external dependencies by using a redirect link to JS Fiddle. You made it so your question would be useless if either JS Fiddle or AltURL went down. I've fixed that now. — TRiG 3 mins ago
Sheesh @ your own comment? :)
8:55 PM
Oh you and your fancy French words
@TRiGisTimothyRichardGreen what is this?
@axrwkr The sound of a user being hit with common sense.
@Bart Common sense? It happens from time to time.
Now I have to go and move some PHP from mysql to mysqli. If I can be bothered.
Yeah, annoying when users circumvent things rather than address them. And yes, I'm looking at you problem-in-title-filter
@TRiGisTimothyRichardGreen ok.... so, did something change
9:08 PM
@axrwkr Well, yes.
@TRiGisTimothyRichardGreen i mean, did something change in the validation? so if someone posts a link to another site they get a red message?
@axrwkr The site doesn't allow you to post questions with just a link to a jsFiddle. It will provide you with a warning if you do. The point is that you should include the relevant code into your questions, making them self-contained. The point isn't however, to obfuscate your jsFiddle link to work around this warning.
@Bart hang on... are you saying that it is no longer possible to post a link to a working example?
Not just a link. A link in addition to the code is just fine.
9:28 PM
@Bart thats good.. though i wonder how exactly that works and if its good enough to not require a real pair of eyes
how do you mean?
@Bart well... on the face of it, it seems that the mechanism that flags the post does so when there is just a link to another site (or perhaps specifically jsfiddle) without some sort of source code... but i think i came up against it once in the not so distant past, but i can't remember what it was, and i thought to myself, if a person had been judging that, they would have let it through
It's specifically jsFiddle (and similar sites).
9:43 PM
Oh wow, the blue adds on Careers are paid highlighting? I subconsciously assumed it was safe to ignore those ones as in downvoted/deleted posts on SO.
10:14 PM
@axrwkr weird, isn't it!
Apart from that, the city was built in the image of London though, at least originally
They have all sorts of places here that make you go "huh?" Like Camden across the river, Reading to the east, Lancaster, Winchester.....
@balpha would implementing this be an option?
Q: Show original message on click, inline, for chat replies

probably PekkaWhen somebody replies to an older message in chat, you have to click the "in reply to" arrow and jump to the message to get the context. That makes you leave the current position in the transcript, and old content possibly even needs to be loaded first. That's often a bit disrupting, especially w...

Ok, perhaps we should have told people that if they were going to make me gluten-free foods, they should collaborate and make different things.
I have more cupcakes than I know what to do with.
@animuson That makes no sense whatsoever
I did not know who like 75% of the people were at the funeral... People kept coming over and greeting me and I'm like... "Who the hell are you?"
Ah yeah, awkward. Then you do the whole polite smile and nod routine ...
11:20 PM
stack exchange is mad crazy cool extra wicked

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