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12:04 AM
@teresko Not really. They'll be on your activity page somewhere... unless they were driven by a deleted post... which "known-bad" audits almost always are.
is there a way to know that you have fail one particular audit ?
something like the "successfully passed" thing
@teresko your ban actually had nothing to do with audits (misleading system text aside) - one of the moderators manually blocked you.
hang on
for what ?
I don't recall doing anything bad recently .. I hope the ban comes with attached "reason" field somewhere in the backend
@teresko probably this
hmm .. yeah, that wasn't the best of calls
12:10 AM
(background: someone was trying to spam a bunch of links to that website a while back)
looks actually like a legitimate reason for a ban =/
@teresko looks like everyone who reviewed that item was blocked for some length of time. Yours being not the shortest (that would go to the guy who was already blocked when it was caught) but not nearly the longest.
I suspect the moderator responsible really hates spam ;-P
(I've pinged him by the way, lest anyone think I'm talking about someone behind their back here)
12:34 AM
anyway, since the reason was explained, I will take my leave
1:21 AM
@teresko: scroll up and you'll see some more info about it.
1:40 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Run into anymore bad audits?
2:01 AM
Shog doesn't talk bad about people behind their back, only over their shoulder.
I don't really talk bad about anyone; my breath may imply something terrible though.
...which reminds me, I was preheating the oven.
2:18 AM
@JoshC: not particularly, no.
2:35 AM
By the way, does anyone know why I can view some comments on a deleted answer, but when I try to view all of them, it gives a 404?
@Qantas Umm, more details? What do you mean by view some comments on deleted posts? How are you viewing them?
@Shog9 Hm? Nobody was already blocked…
3:01 AM
@minitech you're right - I misread that.
3:49 AM
@Shog9 They really need to make links stand out better in reviews... Unless you're in markdown mode you can't tell.
Why on earth wouldn't you be?! ;-P
Because it looks ugly?
Hmm. Does This account is temporarily suspended because of low-quality contributions. include chat?
All suspensions include chat.
No, I mean can you get suspended like that because of something that happened in chat?
@animuson: it's the topic that I recently created that got deleted (that one) - the only answer on that I can see a few comments, but when I click "view all" I get a 404 in the Chrome dev tools.
4:03 AM
@ɥʇǝS Oh umm, probably not. Unless that chatter was extremely bad.
@ɥʇǝS In theory, sure. In practice, stuff that happens in chat usually just results in a chat-only suspension. There have been exceptions, but they tend to fall into the "posts shocking stuff to shock people who are then shocked by it, repeatedly" camp.
Hm. I see.
@Qantas94Heavy My guess is that the AJAX call that fetches the rest of the comments doesn't check to see if you're the owner of the question and 404s because you don't have the privilege to view deleted posts.
@animuson: would you know if that's a bug or by design?
@Qantas94Heavy bug.
@Qantas94Heavy I take it this URL 404s?
4:07 AM
@Shog9 I get a blizzard...
@Shog9 Blank white page and HTML parse error for me.
yeah... that's a bug
HTML1527: DOCTYPE expected. The shortest valid doctype is "<!DOCTYPE html>".
Yeah, network capture says it's a 404. The lack of error page is kinda weird.
For me the whole page is just <HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY></BODY></HTML>
@michaelb958 Nah it's not. That's the raw HTML that the JavaScript fetches to replace the existing comment thread. It's not supposed to return anything if it errors, because then you'd load an error page to replace the comment thread if something goes wrong, which would be odd.
4:11 AM
wait; who here has 10k on MSO?
if you don't, you're not supposed to be able to see that link.
@animuson That makes sense.
@Shog9 1.7k here.
@michaelb958 yeah. That post isn't deleted.
@Qantas94Heavy how about this one?
@Shog9 I know; it was just on the front page. Just providing a control.
4:13 AM
I see all comments
@Shog9 nope.
@Qantas94Heavy ok. But when you load up your question and try to expand the comments, nada?
on the question, it's OK. On the answer, no.
@Others To clarify: He's trying to see if Qantas can see them. As the owner of the question he has access to view the question even when it's deleted, without 10,000 reputation, so he should be able to see the comments too. He's not really asking for everyone to test them.
@Qantas94Heavy ok. That's... probably by-design then, as confusing as that sounds.
4:16 AM
Well then why can I see some comments (the upvoted ones)?
@Qantas94Heavy Caching?
@Qantas94Heavy It works like this: you can see your question (and the comments on it) because you wrote it. You can see the answer because you wrote the question. You can see the top comments on the answer because you can see the answer. But there's no check that would allow you to see all of the comments, because you're not the author of the post they're attached to and you don't have 10K.
If the user is removed, do all questions asked by him also get removed?
@hims056 Not necessarily
questions scoring < 0 get deleted by default; if the moderator wants to delete everything else, that's an option.
(so, spammers do tend to get deleted entirely)
Ok. I had doubt for the same. (i.e. Questions score < 0) Thanks.
4:25 AM
@Shog9: yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. But is that by design?
@Qantas94Heavy rather inadvertently, yes
It's sort of an unintended consequence of limiting the visibility of comments on deleted posts.
Now, that could be fixed in two ways: by allowing everyone to view comments on every post (which is how it worked up until about 6 months ago) or by adding an extra check that looks up the owner of the post's parent and enables him to view comments on the target post as well.
Truth is, this probably doesn't happen often enough to bother fixing.
4:47 AM
Is it okay to delete an answer and resubmit it? I've somehow racked up -9 points because people are confused about copyright, licenses, and whatnot and now it is very light grey and virtually unreadable by the people who downvoted it for the wrong reasons. Or is this somehow bad form and my post should live with the SO equivalent of a scarlet letter?
A: Can you ditch the attribution for own content clause from the Terms of Service?

jmac Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. There is a lot of hubbub in the contents which I suspect stem from a misunderstanding of what the license concept is, and what the responsibilities of each party is under the TOS. Finally I will explain what the consequences of not following this statement woul...

Given that you just made a major edit to it, i'd delete/repost it..
I don't know how people will react to that though.. might automatically downvote it again without bothering to re-read what was added.
5:03 AM
@jmac rule of thumb: if you're writing a new answer, post a new answer (whether or not you delete the old one). If you're clarifying an existing answer, edit (and live with the votes).
5:37 AM
@JoshC It was a major edit (though same conclusion) solely because it seemed people were more confused with the license structure (which I had assumed people generally understood) meaning they couldn't follow why I thought it was doing no harm being left there. As Shog9 said, I think I will leave it as be. since it is clarification of my answer rather than a new one.
@Shog9 Thanks for the feedback.
6:10 AM
Q: Search for terms containing special characters in chat returns garbage

User17I did a search for A$, but a whole bunch of results containing "Å", "A's" and "as" were return, could not find one containing "A$": http://chat.stackoverflow.com/search?q=A%24&page=1&pagesize=50&sort=newest Same thing for other special characters such as "#".

4:17 PM
I shall upvote all of your competitors
1 hour later…
5:35 PM
I want to do a survey of SE users for an academic paper I am writing. Where would the most appropriate location to share/distribute/post such a thing?
Your blog?
Point being - most SE participants value the fact that their details are not shared and that they cannot be spammed by other users of the network.
You are welcome to post the question on Meta.
you dont think that would be viewed as spammy? posting something like that on meta?
It certainly can be viewed that way. I meant - ask where/how to go about something like that. My guess is that you will get a similar response, but who know, someone might have a good idea.
gotcha thx for the input.
I dont wanna be spammy!
Asking about it is not spammy, but consider that we have millions of users - contacting them, could very well be seen that way. And how would you anyway? Outside of a Meta question, I don't see how.
Q: Academic studies and Stack Overflow community

Alexander SerebrenikTogether with a number of colleagues (UC Davis, Polytech'Nantes, Brunel U, Eindhoven U of Technology) we are working on a series of research studies related to Stack Overflow. While I do understand that this post would be technically off topic - it's about a study that could involve Stack Overflo...

Q: Interviewing Stack Overflow users about their use of Stack Overflow

C R HickersonI'm looking to interview a few Stack Overflow users for a study concerning the the process of answering questions online. Specifically, I'd like to hear about their experiences answering, editing and retagging questions on the site. Alas, I can't think of a really good way to find users to inter...

@jth41 ^^^
5:45 PM
thx for the examples
here is an example of what the survey will look like: docs.google.com/forms/d/…
Yeah - what the survey is like is less of the issue - the contacting of users is the problem here.
3 hours later…
9:19 PM
Is it just me, or does that look suspicious, given that the user only has 1,132 rep..?
@JoshC the amount you vote isn't limited by the amount of rep you have
Yeah - you're right..
You get (up to) 40 votes a day - some folks use them
I just thought it was odd especially since they don't downvote once in 20k votes.
@JoshC Think about how much incredible information there is on SO if you're starting out in a new language or platform. You could literally spend weeks doing nothing but reading through the top answers in [c#] or [java] or whatever and up-voting as you went.
9:34 PM
(that said, that is kind of an insane number of votes)
And they've never cast a down vote? A modern-day Pollyanna, clearly.
10:04 PM
Darn, I've run out of comment votes...

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