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2:24 AM
hah... I wonder if anyone will fall for that.
4 hours later…
6:10 AM
Heh, I didn't even notice that they changed the "closed as exact duplicate" text to "marked as duplicate" - was that included with the new [duplicate] attachment?
Apparently so (or shortly thereafter, perhaps)
We noticed that on Arqade earlier
4 hours later…
10:20 AM
Hi, Moderators, Please have a look on Question and give proper Justice
Q: Shared Hosting Confusion

Jeam BI would like to upload software files on my Hostgator shared hosting, I have read that the resource usage should be less than 25% in shared hosting plan to avoid TOS violation. The question is that is that: If I have tried to upload 50MB file and 10 people download the file at the same time, wh...

Okay, that's not a particularly nice comment, but for what it's worth, your edit was unnecessary, and wrongly changed the content of the post.
I did the chnaged the post, mate rather I just changed the Grammar, I have changed the owrds "I want to I would like to" that's it, but how can he speak like this , for me only the question is Down voted , please help me mate, the Question is not suited for Stack Overflow it might be on other sites of stack is in it? i m not responsible for down vote
please provide a valid Justice on this
I never want to be Hero as well as how can we say like this mate
I don't understand what you're saying.
Please see the Edit History of that Question i did not changed the meaning of the Question
Also I was not responsible for the QUESTION is down-voted, the User mentioning in his comments that i want to be an hero, i accept that , my edit is unnecessary, but my edit does not change the real meaning of that Question
Yes you did. You changed "upload a file" to "have tried to upload a file", which changes the meaning, and you changed "want" to "would like", which is an absolutely unnecessary change.
10:31 AM
Oh , I did not notice that, ok mate here after i will correct my flaw, thanks for the Justice and correcting me also
Thank you mate
And to be clear: I absolutely agree with you that the user's reaction was wrong.
I have left him a comment to that regard
Thank you mate, for your help
5 hours later…
3:07 PM
Heh, nice. Got an upvote for an old answer, went to look at it again, edited to fix a few typos and a bit more, got another upvote almost immediately :D
4:03 PM
Shipping my computer to SF is going to cost over $200. First world problems when you have an Alienware still worth keeping after 2 years.
I bought my last computer in 2005. It doesn't get turned on anymore.
What do you use now?
The machine I have is a monster... The only updated hardware is SSD drives, and it scores all 7.7 and 7.9 in the new Experience Index on Win8.
Can't find a single reason to upgrade to a new one, since it's liquid-cooled and runs any/all modern games I've played.
Moore's Law is sadly falling behind..
4:24 PM
I'm using a 2 year old Dell Studio XPS which is due for replacement.
5.9 in the win7 experience index.
The 5.9 is probably the primary HD score eh?
I would think so.
Hi all. Should a question be marked as a duplicate of another question if the original question has no answers and no upvotes? It sort of seems weird to mark a question as a duplicate if the original question wasn't so well received.
Oh, it's tied with graphics too ;)
Ah.. yeah, time to go. :)
4:28 PM
@demongolem That seems... counterproductive.
does stack exchange have any kind of position on "name and shame" issues?
@axrwkr "Be nice"?
@DanielFischer I have been named and shamed for editing hundred of questions and answers on gamedev.se
Is there anything I can do to get it removed?
Aha. Flag for moderator attention?
Depends on what "named and shamed" actually was here.
@DanielFischer I've flagged it and they changed the title but there are screenshots that depict my username and profile picture that still remain
I feel as though I am being singled out and attacked, for doing something that I thought was harmless and positive
The main gripe is that the activity page was filled with the posts I edited
4:40 PM
Is it a meta discussion?
Can you give a link so that I can see what you're talking about? It could be that it's not actually bad, or it could require action.
the name was change from "stop feeding editing rep to <username>
Q: Please stop feeding users editing rep for minor alterations

Nicol BolasOver the last few days, a user has edited dozens of posts. That, in and of itself, is not bad. However, his edits are: In many cases too minor to bother with. In many cases, are bumping trash to the front page, without fixing the substantive content of the question to make it a decent post. C...

Be careful not to overreact... it's a discussion.
they named me and put screenshots of me
they are attacking me as a person
4:42 PM
@axrwkr good. It's on meta. It's a public forum. This is exactly the place for the moderators to come in and call them out on it and possibly ban them from the main site for being so rude.
Wait and let justice be made and dealt.
i'm very embarrased about this, i feel that i've done something wrong even though i didnt know it
i feel that i am being punished
Nothing to be embarrassed about, axr..
If, however, this is an accurate accusation, then you need to have your method altered:
> In many cases, are bumping trash to the front page, without fixing the substantive content of the question to make it a decent post.
You should always try to edit the entire post to the best of your ability. Not just titles or tags, but everything.
thing is they rejected the questions that i spent the most time on and i actually really improved them
they are attacking me
Also, ignore closed questions. There is usually VERY little reward if they weren't closed within the past 24 hours.
@axrwkr well, you made yourself a target by editing more than 10 a day, even though that's your right. By becoming active, you have put yourself under the spotlight. With great power comes great responsibility.
4:46 PM
they are nasty people who jump at the chance to put someone down and critisise, i have had a quick look at their exchanges with other users on the site and they often get into little "fights"
Seriously, you need to have a bit thicker skin. It's not personal.
@axrwkr Good. That's the realm of moderators and community team members, not @axrwkr
@Fosco good point, but i have to say something, they are turning that site into a bad place
they have an us and them attitude
they seem themselves as over and above "normal users"
i've only been active for a few months and i have noticed this
So, @axrwkr I want to encourage you to please be patient. The community team has now become involved, because they want to see the best possible SE network. If they have constructive criticism, then please take that to heart, as they are the ones most responsible for all Stack Exchange Network affairs, regardless of the site.
they can take back the rep i earned, i dont care about it, but i dont want my name dragged through the mud like that
4:50 PM
@axrwkr breathe. Take some time away from the computer. Do you have a lake nearby that you can go and meditate beside?
Maybe a pond or stream or other body of water?
theres a river but its big and dangerous
i might fall in
lol, I don't want you over the river, just on the bank nearby so you can see it and hear it.
I advise taking a half hour and just going out and being quiet and listening to the water.
Breathe deeply, walk up and down, and think about the water flowing over the stones.
ok i'll try to calm down, but i'm very angry at they way they have reacted to my efforts
You might be surprised how brilliantly a half hour by the river can relax you.
@axrwkr trust me on this, I used to go down by the river all the time at my old job, or go down by the pond at my old University.
It's the internet.. can't let it get to you. I concur about the river walk. :)
I'm going to be spending a lot of time by the bay once I get to San Francisco.
4:53 PM
Mmm dirty rivers.
@mootinator the Red River in Shreveport ... yummm, dead fish smell constantly. At least the place I would go was a well manicured city park so I had the best of both worlds.
I live near a giant dugout :/
2 hours later…
6:52 PM
This Svbtle blog authors icon isn't all that subtle... blog.elamadej.com
1 hour later…
8:16 PM
I deleted five posts and then a message came up saying that furthe deletes are blocked, is there a timer on that?
@axrwkr It's a daily limit. That usually means it will reset around midnight UTC.
Q: Allow more than 5 delete votes per day

p.campbellWhen you hit 10K reputation, you're able to vote to delete questions/answer that you don't own. You're allotted 5 votes per day. Sometimes the Moderation Tools / Delete screen has a lot of valid flags for questions to be deleted. I like to be able to cast delete votes to help clean up the trash,...

also, I tried to delete an answer and it said I couldn't delete the accepted answer
what can I do?
@axrwkr If the accepted answer warrants deletion, you can flag it for a moderator to handle. However, sometimes that's a sign that the question itself isn't very good, and perhaps you want to address that (close it) rather than dealing with the answer.
8:20 PM
i've recently seen mention of dissassociating a answer I have made from myself, is that something that I can do to an answer i gave that was accepted?
and if so, what would I need to do
@axrwkr No, users are not able to disassociate themselves from posts directly. You'd need to flag the post and get a moderator to do it. (They will comply, since that's your right under the CC license. If for some reason they do not, you can contact the Stack Exchange team via the form at /help and they can handle it.)
ok thanks for your help
You're welcome. :)
9:31 PM
checking the rate limit...
at least 1s between 2 messages
(which sucks, 2 fast messages should be totally fine!)
yep, I agree
9:56 PM
Hey all
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, 58 secs ago, by Neal
Can ppl please flag this answer for undeletion: http://stackoverflow.com/a/14566812/561731 it was converted to a comment....
Not sure why it was mod converted...
@Neal: Normal users can't vote for undeletion when a moderator deleted it...
@animuson hence a flag. another mod might be able to undelete it. I edited the answer to add content from my comments.
@animuson and he has a bit more editing to do before it's reasonable
@jcolebrand what else do i need to edit?
10:54 PM
One more delete vote needed: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/165289
how can I delete my account from data.stackexchange.com?
not from the database, from the website
I guess @TimStone can delete it since AFAIK he's running it (or maybe he's just the developer of it? No idea...)
waffles was the one who actually created it, I just seem to be the primary developer these days. But the public instance is a Stack Exchange property, and I don't have administrator access there.
Of course it's irrelevant anyway since there's no way to delete Data Explorer users, since it's not something anyone's ever asked for before.
Ah, then let's harrass @balpha about it :p
hi tim, i'm proud to be the first
11:30 PM
Pretty sure I have a patent on harassing balpha. If you're going to harass him without my express written consent you need to pay me 1% of all proceeds.
do you think i can realistically expect that my account will be removed?
We can remove your OpenID and your profile information without much trouble, I imagine, is that sufficient?
@user206586 Yes, but you need to give some short period of time since nobody has implemented the feature yet.
well if that removes my profile i would be happy with it
They are really good about removing personal information when asked
11:38 PM
also how would i remove my account from area 51?
@user206586 you would ostensibly send an email to team@stackexchange.com
thank you very much
Q: Civic Duty badge isn't awarding

animusonI passed 300 votes cast a few days ago, and the Civic Duty badge hasn't been awarded yet. Is there some sort of bug in the process that generates this badge? It just says voted 300 or more times, which according to my profile, I have.


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