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3:26 AM
Who is around?
Just finished my first Microsoft event.
@Moshe Nice. How'd it go?
4:15 AM
@george it was educational. The Xbox couldn't handle the school's auth scheme, so I spoke about apps, sopa, and then we played Xbox.
But I learned a lot about planning events and such
Speaking about SOPA was the best part.
@georgeMarian But learning about contingency planning was a close second.
Lots of people came and went but there were a few regulars.
7 hours later…
11:02 AM
A: Should off-topic chat messages be moved to more suitable chat rooms?

Lalit PoptaniCasual Chat Room chat room its not a BIN to move the messages in that room. There are lots of other BIN rooms in which you can move your messages. Moving your messages in an chat rooms is not a good opinion rather.

How about this?
11:14 AM
Man you are here ....... @surisahani
4 hours later…
2:48 PM
3:11 PM
Weird to be back in an actual office after quarantining myself for almost 2 weeks.
Q: Yesterday? Wow... Did I go back in time?

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AI just looked at my question from two days ago and it says I asked it yesterday: Here is what I get when I hover over the yesterday next to my name: 2011-12-07 17:14:10Z And Popular Demand: 2011-12-07 18:56:27Z What is going on here? Just to give some perspective for future reader...

@mootinator mornin
@Moshe good morning.
Can I flag someone for annoying me first thing in the morniing.
@mootinator :-P
@mootinator go for it ^_^
@mootinator I won't say boo
I suppose I could go randomly downvote one of their posts, but that isn't in my nature.
@mootinator who is it? is it me? :-P (i hope not, fear the wrath of @mootinator!)
3:24 PM
Apparently I don't know how to link a comment.
@mootinator lol upvoted ^_^
haha thats awesome
@mootinator lol. Also upvoted.
Woo, we have 6 close voters on movies. Now to conspire with them on chat to hijack the site.
Good Morning! Oh Friday, How I love thee.
3:39 PM
I've been having trouble committing to a plan of action.
I don't really want to slap a LINQ2SQL data model onto this legacy application, yet at the same time I really do because I'd rather handle the logic of these new reports at the application level rather than in a huge stored procedure like the rest of this program.
3:53 PM
@mootinator "Like the rest of this program" - I'd say as long as the inconsistency isn't too burdensome, go for it =)
@jadarnel27 It's being retired. I'm making interim reports.
@mootinator Ah, ok.
Good morgen.
Top of the morgen to you.
MSP event last night was small but fun.
Tiring but productive.
If you read the transcript, you'll know that I lectured about SOPA for a little bit.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA hey.
4:21 PM
Every time a UPS or FedEx delivery person comes I ask them when the company will give them a smartphone or tablet instead of that clunky proprietary calculator thing. It's ugly, heavy, doesn't work as well, and just nasty. Give a driver a cheap android tablet or something and make the devices multifunctional.
4:41 PM
@Moshe Agree, although in college I worked for a delivery company where I had to use a clipboard for all that stuff, then turn in all the sheets of paper at the end of the week. So I would've welcomed the calculator-thing =)
5:13 PM
@Moshe they need to be rugged.
It's funny, but Windows Mobile 6.5 is still pretty widely used... Motorola makes nice rugged PDA devices with 3G/Wifi and barcode scanners, etc. and they run WM6.5. I recently built and released a line-of-business app for a client at work.
Spotted (and rolled back) this edit which simply added a "jfgi" tag. Assuming it means what i think it means, should there be a ban on that tag?
@Moshe Yeah... I want my package showing up late 'cause the driver pulled off so he could beat "Angry Birds".
@Shog9 iOS devices offer a way for admins to lock app install and delete. You don't need to allow Angry Birds on the phone.
@Moshe hehe see the comments: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/115468/…
@Shog9 same to you ^_^
@Moshe pfft. What good is a multi-function device if it can't play Angry Birds!
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA ha, you figured it out!
5:25 PM
@Shog9 ^_^ well for some reason i can only type the character in the browser address bar. but it makes good use of my palindromic name :-)
A: Is there a word for someone who sleeps during the day?

MarthaªYou kind of have your meanings reversed: nocturnal refers to being active at night (and presumably sleeping during the day), and is thus probably the word you want. For completeness, the usual counterpart to nocturnal is diurnal: of or belonging to or active during the day having a dail...

Voting ring, activate! (No clue why I got a down vote.)
I donno, but I should warn you: I delete "why the downvote" comments on sight...
ask if there's something you can do to improve; don't mention voting
@Shog9 i think im going to make use of that on alot of comments to show off the palindrome :-P
An alot?
An allotment.
5:30 PM
@ShawnChin I certainly don't see anything useful about having a "jfgi" tag.
In addition to being offensive (even if it's a little funny =)), it's a meta-tag at best. Which are forwned upon.
@jadarnel27 indeed. thought e don't see that cropping up often, and there aren't any questions at present using that tag so perhaps to point requesting a tag ban
My brothers were fighting over lunch: "You can't take tuna yourself, you're going to take an overdose."
indeed. though we don't see that cropping up often and there aren't any questions at present using that tag so perhaps there's no point requesting a tag ban
@mootinator A LOT :-P
@ShawnChin Indeed. I think the tag should just be burninated. I can't imagine it ever being appropriate on SO. You're probably right though. I don't know how involved it is for the devs to ban a tag.
5:36 PM
(damn FF3.6 doing strange things to my cursor. Couldn't see what I was editing)
FF3.6? That's soo three months ago. :p
I have RHEL4 forced on me for some of the boxes I work on :(
(its a test)
haha it works!
awesome :-)
5:42 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA That is confusing :P
@jadarnel27 thats cuz my name is the same backwards and forwards
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I know. You and your palindromes =)
Bad enough I'm forced to use RHEL4 + FF3.6, I get mocked whenever I mention it on SO/meta (even if it's to repro bug reports!). I must have been one evil b'tard in my past life
@jadarnel27 hehe its awesome on the side there ^_^
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA It really is haha. You should change your name to "Madam, I'm Adam"
5:46 PM
Why is it that you can't flag for mod from the transcript?
@jadarnel27 :-P naaah no fun
@jadarnel27 i want people to wait a while before they realize its a palindrome ^_^
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA How about "Aibohphobia" then?
@ShawnChin :-P no fun
readable words are fun
@ShawnChin Ha! I've never seen that before. Amusing =)
@ShawnChin tell if this one makes any sense (another one of the wtf did they choose this as the phobia name): hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
5:55 PM
I'm going for lunch.
Just thought I'd mention it.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA haven't heard that one before :)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I bet they were being funny :P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA @ShawnChin @mootinator I just noticed there both mentioned on this wikipedia article en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
"Jocular and Fictional Phobias"
@jadarnel27 those are the real names for them :-)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA They do make sense (I like how it breaks down the etymology of "hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia" on that link).
6:00 PM
@jadarnel27 ^_^
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I'm surprised "phobophobia" is not in the same list
Anyone in favor of banning the character sequence CARET UNDERSCORE CARET from this room please star this message.
@balpha Hello Benjamin ^_^
@ShawnChin lol
@balpha :-(
^( ' @ ' )^
6:04 PM
@Fosco lol Doctor Who reference?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA lol No that is his name.
@Fosco lol ahhh got it. but you got the reference though, right?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Sadly no, never saw it.
6:44 PM
@Moshe u there?
Mah nishmah @Truth? :-P
Mikledet Ivrit yesh?
6:46 PM
it is.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Yes.
@Trush משלנו?
@Moshe hehe found ppl :-P and i dont have a hebrew keyboard :-(
כל מי שפה כבר הצטרף ל area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/36772/… ?
Hebrew Language & Usage

Proposed Q&A site for students, teachers and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Hebrew language.

Currently in definition.

there u go. all nice and one-boxed
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA What do yoyu mean "found more people".
6:48 PM
@Moshe more was accidental lol
and id ont know what i mean lol
@Moshe look at the top star on the side ^_^
anything interesting abt it?
@Moshe and see the comments here > meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/115468/… :-) (the last one)
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there any way to encourage a question owner to undelete a question?
Not really...
Unless you can catch him here on chat
@cobbal link please?
Vote to undelete if you have the rep. I just did.
@cobbal the op prob found the answer. odd. u usually cant delete questions with answers
poof undeleted :-)
@cobbal ^_^
@cobbal see OP's comments to ur answer.
7:00 PM
Yeah, I'm adding a comment now encouraging him to post his solution
so far it's only an AQ
@balpha true. but it could be an issue in the future.
anyways, ive gtr. see ya!
@Moshe have a shabbat shalom!
7:17 PM
ooh, @balpha, as you're here, how many chat rooms have easter eggs? Like SU has clippy, ServerFault has rm /f, etc.
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to @balpha, he SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Edit: Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop ain't that hard either...)

the answer is so-so, but at least something
wha...how did I miss that?
Lol, I'm actually being quoted.
is that..."it" or are there others we don't know about?
That depends on what you consider an easter egg. Some people still insist that the [status-...] tags here on chat.meta are a bug that we're too embarassed to admit that it is one, while they actually were the very first easter egg
7:21 PM
Wow. That gaming one is, quite frankly, awesome.
I'm always amused by the stack overflow thing in that answer. We're checking for any regex that looks like it's parsing HTML, and the answer has this monstrosity as an example :)
and the serverfault one understands DOS as well
I thought I remember a format c:\ or something like that in SF.
@balpha It's an enterprise example, of course.
of course
7:27 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA וכן למר (you too!)
@balpha Haha, really? I thought that was a feature. or [status-bydesign] as it were.
Well, it is. But some people insist that it's not.
@balpha That's some person, not some people.
is it just trilogy and gaming or are there others?
Actually, does anything get added/changed with chat, apart from bugfixes?
there's the dice user on RPG; we count that as an easter egg as well
and we have a few in our company-internal rooms
7:32 PM
@balpha Yeah, I saw one of the company-internal ones on the recent SE blog post video.
you saw a chat room, not an easter egg
pardon, I meant the company-internal chat room.
@Moshe open sourcing is the new abandoning
@balpha I didn't think of that. But what's the problem with HP abandoning it if it gets open source backing from the community?
7:34 PM
Not saying it's a bad thing, just that that probably means HP has finally given up on webos
of course, "finally" at HP doesn't mean anything
@tombull89 Rovio!
Schrödinger's Platform: webOS is apparently both alive and dead and a cat.
@PopularDemand I thought that had been abandonded for a while..
7:38 PM
Seemed appropriate since balpha mentioned company-internal easter eggs.
yeah, rovio is dead :(
but we have the wheel of blame
and the honey badger
wheel of blame I know about...honey badger?
@balpha Dead?! How? When?
@PopularDemand I don't know, maybe they just turned him off. Ask @Zypher
@balpha I dunno if it's rovio or the portal that is broken...could just be the latter...maybe...
7:42 PM
in Testing the badger, 9 secs ago, by balpha
I don't care that tombull89 wants to know about the badger.
in Testing the badger, 12 secs ago, by Honey Badger
Yeah, I don't care either.
haha, Honey Badger don't care.
8:01 PM
@balpha CHAOS didn't like it and turned him off constantly the rest of us got tired of turning him back on
...that's a different story than has been told. o:
just get somone in int he office to turn him on and let him charge for a bit
cus apparently it cant charge when turned off
eh, @RebeccaChernoff, d'you know how to make this happen?
@Zypher Is rovio an actual thing? I wanted to ask about it last week when I was at SE HQ, but I wasn't sure if it actually exists. (I did ask if you were in though.)
8:31 PM
How does the "hotness" work on the multi-site stack exchange?
I noticed this question has a crazy amount of hotness: serverfault.com/questions/339426/… but not amazingly high votes/views compared to other "hot" questions with much lower hotness score
@BenBrocka RAWR!
^^ RAWR is a link, I forgot they are not underlined here =)
@jadarnel27 Poor affordance all around
actually the consistent link color keeps it pretty clear
Thanks, I figured it was some function of votes + views
@BenBrocka No problem, I just read that post the other day, so it was fresh in my mind.
I've been obsessively reading posts on meta lately. Pehaps something is wrong with my brain o_O
Meta needs brains
braiiiins for eliza
I've noticed people continually and repeatedly ask the same questions ("why did I get downvoted without a comment?", "why was my (awful) question closed?", "why can't I ask questions on SO anymore?")
8:41 PM
It's the "support" page as well, so that's exactly what you'll get
Truth. There is a alot of interesting discussion on here as well though.
(I realized I was sounding a little cynical up there^)
@balpha still better than the old abandoning
I've heard alleged rumbles that WebOS was good, but it'll never last with Google, MS and APple as the competitors
a big part of a mobile OS is the software services, HP could never compare
@BenBrocka It was extremely good. The android UI is still clumsy as hell by comparison. Palm - and then HP - failed to back it up with even half-way decent hardware.
8:48 PM
ICS is looking pretty amazing
with google stepping up design and making carriers not molest the UI it could turn out really great for users and developers
Until I can switch tasks on stock android without devoting my full attention to it, it sucks. A half-way decent email client, calendar, and address book wouldn't hurt either.
FFS, google - you're the search company. You can't make searching for contacts work smoothly, or searching for appointments work at all?
But what do I know. I liked OS/2.
<-- doomed to support lost-causes
@Shog9 Why do you have to devote your full attention to it?
And the gmail client is quite good...the default catch-all one is terrible, but that's what happens when it has to suit all email providers
@BenBrocka The GMail one is adequate. The other one is beyond bad. I suspect a port of Pine would be better, even if I had to use the damn pop-up keyboard for all interaction. But the worst part is that there even are two clients - I have something like a half-dozen email accounts I use daily; why do I have to go two different places through two completely different UIs to read and respond?
I get all my stuff forward and replied too via Gmail, that's why it's great
besides, you can get gmail in the plain email client too
@Shog9 What sort of evil are you doing that requires 6 separate e-mail accounts? ;-)
9:02 PM
@BenBrocka That would probably help, but there's no way I could do that with, say, a corporate Exchange account.
Ew, exchange accounts
I'm glad I don't need to recieve such email on my phone though, it's at work or nothing
@jadarnel27 Two jobs, each with (at least) two accounts, personal email, junk (well, y'know, Amazon orders and such) email.
a non crappy default mail would be nice though, hopefully that's one of the things overhauled in ICS
it's looking like they've paid much more attention to design and UX, and are making a platform that's more immune to fragmentation, which will assist future updates
On WebOS, with the default client, I get all these accounts together in one UI, one set of notifications, even a consolidated inbox when I want to wake up in the morning and just scan through whatever happened over night. I wouldn't even dare try that on Android.
@Shog9 Ah, that makes some sense. I merge the last 2 and just have a bunch of auto-filtered labels in my GMail account.
9:06 PM
@jadarnel27 I could probably do that.
Doesn't help your overall situation much though =/
@Shog9 Doesn't the default email client do...exactly that, though?
The kindle fire's one does, I don't remember the android default one because it's been months, it had similar functionality
@jadarnel27 exactly what I do, though I took most of my old email accounts out back and shot them
how long does it take between getting an upvote in a tag and being able to suggest synonyms?
@bdonlan One upvote won't cut it. To suggest a synonym, you need "more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag."
If you were referring to the specific upvote that takes you from a net score of 4 to a net score of 5, then I believe the answer is "no more than an hour."
9:23 PM
@Shog9 I'm having trouble thinking of a reason you'd have more than 1 e-mail at the same job (something about it makes sense, but I can't put my finger on what it is). Care to sate my curiosity?
@BenBrocka Then you lose the nice GMail integration, right? I donno... I might be able to I suppose; I never thought to try adding a gmail / gapps account to the normal client.
@jadarnel27 Support mailbox. Shared by multiple users, rotating responsibility for handling.
My query: instant. Whatever the hell LINQ2SQL is doing: timeout.
Ah, that's it! I had that at my last job.
Thanks @Shog9 haha. I will stop bothering you now.
What's that? They're shutting down MSO participation and forwarding all MSO posts to Shog's e-mail?
9:35 PM
@Shog9 Oh relax, this is no different than me joking about you being a Super User mod. Although... that one did actually end up happening....
Hello all.
So I need some advice.
I have an upgrade available for my AT&T line. I want to upgrade my wife from an iPhone 3G. I have an iPhone 4. If you were me, would you upgrade yourself to a new Android phone and give your wife the iPhone 4? Or would you upgrade her to a 3GS and keep the iPhone 4 for yourself?
Dunno about that... I'm still using a Razr v3. But it sounds like you're ignoring the primary problem, which is that you're on AT&T.
I've been meaning to upgrade my wife for a while now...
@jadarnel27 That is also not a problem that we can help you with here in the Tavern.
9:44 PM
@jadarnel27 Just be grateful for the wife you have...
Well, she's not on AT&T, so I'd have to jailbreak to give her the phone either way.
My thinking is that the 3GS is a pretty old device and that a new Android phone comes with specs that compete with the iPhone 4.
I haven't used Android before, though, so I'm not sure if I'd like it.
@PopularDemand I suppose I should go talk to Eliza about it then =)
Good luck with that.
@Kalamane What do you do with your phone? Tons of apps? Web browsing? phone calls...?
@Kalamane Just a joke, I am not married =)
('cause man, if it's email, read the backscroll)
9:53 PM
@Shog9 So the non Gmail email client on android is terrible? I do e-mail, web browsing and tons of apps. I do have quite the collection of apps on my iPhone already.
@Kalamane It's pretty bare-bones. And the UI... Well, it really feels like an after-thought, a "we really do need this checkmark on our feature-sheet". And after trying for like 20 minutes, I still can't figure out how to get a Google Apps account set up in it, so that's staying in the GMail client (which is nicer anyway).
@Shog9 of course you do...you're never going to find a generic app that works in all clients yet happens to implement all platform specific features flawlessly with a consistent and non-confusing interface
Did I mention the contact list doesn't handle Exchange's Global Address List at all well? Like, "you need a third-party app to call folks in your company" bad?
@PopularDemand Hm? I need to have 2500 in that specific tag, then? Or 2500 total, and 5 score in the tag?
@bdonlan The latter.
9:58 PM
Because I have well more than 2500 total, and have about 20 in the tag in question, so I should be good to go, no?
tags in question are pty and pseudo-terminals on SO
hm, they're not showing in my user page tag list
does it exclude them if I was the one who added the tag or something?
Ah. You answered one question and got two upvotes. That's worth 20 reputation points, but it only gives you a score of two (2 upvotes - 0 downvotes).
Ditto for (for anyone else following this discussion, it's actually the same question, it just has both tags on it).
I don't see either tag on your profile, either, and that I can't explain.
so score != reputation
I guess I'll put in a moderator flag asking for the synonym to be added, then
10:38 PM
Proposes elitists.stackoverflow.com. For people who have no time for questions from common riff-raff.
I really did have too much time on my hands just now.
Only one proposal per day. And <gasp> I wasted it.
11:01 PM
@mootinator You heathen!

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