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12:01 AM
@TimStone I... what? I thought you were a work-and-school type, like me. This can't be.
Ah, no, I'm sans-school. I was satisfied (at least for now) with my undergraduate degree, which I got last May.
In a far off land, Gordon Ramsey involuntarily just cringed as I added frozen stir fry vegetable mix to my fresh pork tenderloin and mushrooms.
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4:04 AM
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5:31 AM
Nice. I earned the Necromancer badge on SO.
Nice. :D
5:46 AM
Color matching is such a PITA!
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11:33 AM
in Android on Stack Overflow Chat, 4 mins ago, by Lalit Poptani
I am not able to see the user's in the room, any idea?
same is happening here too.
what do you mean?
I can't see the user's present in the chat room.
can you post a screenshot?
sure I can just a minute.
Is gravatar.com accessible from wherever you are?
11:41 AM
Can you see this image:
can you guys see the image I uploaded?
Yes, we can
@surisahani yes
No I can't see this image also, therefore I am asking.
11:42 AM
then gravatar.com is blocked/unreachable for you
Gravatar, the service that provides user avatar for the entire Stack Exchange network is blocked
you should also not see the avatar pictures on the Q&A sites, right?
is it so?
I can see the video that is currently loaded in the Android Room(StackOverflow).
look at this page -- do you see a bunch of faces?
I don't understand. Videos (from YouTube) has nothing to do with user avatar (from Gravatar)
11:45 AM
@balpha no not the faces but a square image with names.
are you at work? does your company have a proxy that censors certain sites?
yes, joined today itself.
I think they have blocked it, right?
well, I guess you'll have to yell at your IT department then :)
Ok let me ask to another user to get it confirmed.
Thanks for the info. though.
sure; good luck
11:53 AM
Ok confirmed, I will be able to see the avtars after couple of days.
Is this some kind of restriction that the avtar gets displayed after two or more day?
how would we know what your company's policies are?
haha ya thats true, but I was asking casually that this kind if restriction is possible or not.
@balpha yes you are right, I am not able to open http://en.gravatar.com/
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1:54 PM
Amazon Upcoming Deal
The US Navy Tomahawk SLCM Cruise Missile is the "weapon of choice" for a wide variety of military operations
I must not be seeing what you're seeing. :P
I think it's item 17.
Starts in 2 minutes.
Oh, I see it now :D
Yep, turns out it was a missile model...
Yeah, heheh
1 hour later…
3:12 PM
Hello there
Good Morning
Anyone? I've just hit 10k on SO and I'm looking for some advice on moderation
What sort of advice?
There are lots of questions flagged as "not constructive", voted to be closed, etc
And yes, they usually aren't really specific
The thing is, an edit, a couple more sentences from the author could make them specific.
The author has a chance to do that before 5 close votes appear... otherwise, too bad.
3:15 PM
People prefer to vote to close and/or downvote, my preference is to comment what's wrong and wait (if there's hope).
If you can improve it for them, by all means go ahead. :) I have to run for a meeting.. good luck
Bye then!
3:35 PM
meh, sitting at work and my brain has turned round and given me the middle finger :(
4:03 PM
@Kos If an edit from you could save them, then save them... if it takes more information from the author, and the author is not forthcoming... Then Not a Real Question.
4:35 PM
this may just be the worst question that has ever made it to meta
Q: Celebrity websites

David HoltToo many people are posing as celebrities, do you think it is a good idea to post a unique symbol onto their website that cannot be copied to show others that the site is a legit celebrity page?

> @Pekka Well there were all those rchern impostors... – FoodShip Nine 1m ago
Huh. Weird. My Windows key was somehow stuck...
@balpha I think you give the question too much credit :P
@balpha should I email you the particulars on that annoyance or were you able to deduce my meaning from the tweet?
I think I did, though in that case it's by design
the "n messages moved to X" messages aren't showing up in search results, is that what you mean?
5:00 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I almost didn't believe this was really you, rchern, but then I saw you wrote "lol" backwards.
More palindrome jokes. Will the hilarity never end?
@PopularDemand hrmph.
I would actually laugh if I saw "Verified Account" next to someones name on SO.
That person (who posted that on meta) should be banned, the worse type of banned ever. The one where you can still come to the site and think people see your comments / questions / answers but in reality the sql filters out your information. I could just see it now..."Can anyone help me with this..I've posted this same question 12 times".
Today @RealNotch (Verified Account) asks Programmers.SE: "How do I stop maintaining this stupid game and use my piles of money to take more vacation?"
Ding Dong - well who could that be...(opens door) Hi Im Jeff Atwood I'm here to verify if you really are Jon Skeet.
5:09 PM
twitter, fb, and all these social sites are nothing but nuiances...
Well @mootinator that is because skeet won an award. replace his name with any other user
@JonH Well, yeah. You think he just hands out autographed unicorn paintings without checking ID?
Don't come knocking at me if that's my prize!
Not as priceless as three unicorn moon would have been.
Unless of course I can sell it on craigslist or ebay :)
5:11 PM
I only see two unicorns and a moon in that painting; it's obviously a forgery.
What is the obsession with unicorns and this site (I mean ya I remember when they had the April 1st unicorn flying around the site) but really whats the big deal.
This calls for a freehand circled diagram of what the obsession with unicorns is.
But I'm too lazy.
So it doesn't really.
eats his healthy lunch
Also, as it turns out, I have a job.
@balpha Please dont...
I guess that is sort of funny :).
5:14 PM
you asked for it :)
@balpha have you had to come to the US yet ?
@balpha some do, some don't.
I can't remember what country you were working from remotely
5:14 PM
ahh Good old germany I was in lockweilier and Hannover weeks ago
Zee Germans.
@mootinator fortunately for me, the ones at my job are forgiving in regards to my back. Also, whoever invented the mass market TENS unit needs to be made a saint.
Essen is also nice was at TK headquarters.
oh crap brb
5:16 PM
What i liked most about the german people, is everyone I mean everyone says Good Morning to you when you pass by them.
The US could use some manners.
Running to take the garbage out at the last minute in -15C weather with a headache = not fun.
Where are you from @ 15 ?
-15 I meant
Thought michigan was bad.
Wow people actually live there ? :)
One or two of us.
5:22 PM
I always thought they used that phrase in frosty the snow man cartoon "Saskatchewan um alaska me klondike and arora bollyalice"
balpha how do you get paid ? by paypal or mail ?
Being that you are a remote employee.
He must be coding away
Shhhh, don't mention pay! They've just been sending him stickers and t-shirts!
That would not be good :).
Speaking of Germany, I still don't know as much of the language as I'd like to, but I know just enough to annoy friends when the subject of languages comes up.
Jah, Ich sprach keine Deutsch.
@PopularDemand balpha gets stickers ant t-shirts? All I've been getting are these stupid Trident Layers.
@mootinator If that's the best you can do, I'm going to start with the palindrome jokes on purpose.
5:26 PM
@mootinator beatmetoitiotemtaeb
Can I be overwhelmed now?
Finals and all.
Not sure where the dog finds mud to track all over the house in this weather.
Joel comes over here twice a year to wash my car, that's my payment.
You mean, "meine auto".
shakes head
no, I mean "mein Auto"
5:30 PM
As if I know any German. (Really do want to learn it properly.)
I forgot about the capitalization of nouns. Ugh!
Stress reigns free in my head. I have an event I'm running tonight, but I have registration smack in the middle of the afternoon.
"mein Auto"
Ich muss zu FREAKIN registrieren für die DAMN Klasse.
(Alliteration FTW.)
Ich bin ein Volkswagen.
5:46 PM
You are a people's car?
Pretty much.
6:37 PM
Why am I in the wheel of blame..?
I feel like voting NARQ on this misses the point, but I did it anyway:
Q: GemBox Retrieving Calculated Values From a Spreadsheet or Flexcel

TomAccording to their docs: GemBox.Spreadsheet can read and write formulas, but can not calculate formula results. When you open a XLS file in MS Excel, formula results will be calculated automaticaly. So if i create a spreadsheet with some injected values and save it to disk if i open the file in ...

Actually... why am I not in the wheel of blame?
@mootinator I'm not sure that really counts as a sentence, given that it doesn't really make sense at all.
It's a list of completely unrelated things.
6:45 PM
Also, now I'm not going to be able to stop until I find the 'center' words.
It is, however, functionally equivalent to "A man, a plan, a canal, panama"
@GnomeSlice write a program to calculate the length of the entire phrase (that's one function call in C#), find the midpoint character, and then find the bounding spaces on either side of that midpoint character, then return the word found in between the bounding spaces
if I weren't supposed to be doing other things, I would do that for you
Alternately, use Notepad++ to find the length of the string, then goto the midpoint character.
@jcolebrand Funny story, I'm not a programmer.
Wait, @GnomeSlice is here? When did this become The Bridge?!
@Shog9 When I got a three day suspension.
If I have to start starring non sequiturs now, I'm gonna need a raise.
6:48 PM
People don't appreciate my antics on Gaming.
camelot appears to be the word starting at position 45651, which appears to be the midpoint (45650)
@Shog9 Can you explain that for stupid people please?
Elenore, Dyal, Camelot, an anoa
That's the batch around camelot, for easier searching
@GnomeSlice Always double-check to make sure your shenanigans are cheeky and fun.
@Shog9 Well, it seems I have a different idea of those things.
@jcolebrand Hm... why can't I see where it reverses...
@jcolebrand Are you sure? I only see one 't' in there.
I'm sure it'd be easy if you could do a text search that ignored commas and whitespace. But as I said, I'm not a programmer.
Really... who starred that.
still trying to figure out what @Shog9 was referring to by a 'non-sequitur'.
6:56 PM
someday, I'm going to make a website that lets you look up words and phrases in a dictionary. I'll make billions!
Er... so the... I don't get it.
> a logical fallacy where a stated conclusion is not supported by its premise.
Conclusion would be the... billions... and premise would be the... fact that a dictionary website makes money?
@Shog9 dictionary.stackexchange.com?
...Heh, I have no idea.
6:59 PM
Q: God
A: Too subjective [CLOSED].
@mootinator A: Almighty?
Oh hey, aren't you the guest from last weeks podcast?
Unfortunately, I have no idea who you are or what you do, as I couldn't stream it correctly.
Yes, I made sixchan or something.
and all that.
But not really.
Oh rats. This week's podcast was moved to Wednesday?
@GnomeSlice I only did it by rough character count. I'm not entirely sure, no
But you could start there
I could have sworn I saw myself in the 'wheel of blame', but when I look at the source, I'm not there.
7:03 PM
@Shog9 like wiktionary?
@GnomeSlice you're not
@jcolebrand I'm trying. Did your character count include whitespace and commas?
@GnomeSlice yes, I told you I would do it the naive way and use Notepad++ and character counts.
@jcolebrand Sorry, must have gone over my head.
It's @GnomeSlice!
@TimStone Shh, it's a secret.
7:10 PM
@GnomeSlice I see.
Hm... wonder if I should go ahead and try monetizing my Youtube account.
I've had the offer for a while now.
@TimStone What brings you here?
@GnomeSlice @TimStone's almost always here
@GnomeSlice Hmm, how does one go about doing that?
@YiJiangs独角兽 They send you an email, and afterward you get a popup thing on your youtube homepage with a link to a thing that takes you through it.
I think you become eligible after you receive a certain number of views.
And then YouTube is allowed to display ads in your videos?
@YiJiangs独角兽 Yes. You need an 'adsense' account, whatever that is.
7:18 PM
@YiJiangs独角兽 as are most of us "regulars"? ;-) Everyone lurking is normally here
@YiJiangs独角兽 This is very true.
Heh, my status here is even listed as "Status: available - I never leave." :P
@YiJiangs I don't remember this wheel of blame being here last time I was in the Tavern. That's hilarious. Needs @badp though.
I thought he was in there
If @YiJiangs is going to make changes, he needs to add me
@jcolebrand Nope.
And me, probably.
Q: Java Vector Field (private member) accumulator doesn't store my Cows!

JR LawhorneEdit: This code is fine. I found a logic bug somewhere that doesn't exist in my pseudo code. I was blaming it on my lack of Java experience. In the pseudo code below, I'm trying to parse the XML shown. A silly example maybe but my code was too large/specific for anyone to get any real value o...

7:23 PM
@badp made that all @rchern one.
Probably hacked himself out of the topic one :P
@GnomeSlice @badp's there, under his evil alter-ego @radp
@TimStone Yeah, that's how old that version of the wheel is
@GnomeSlice You haven't really presented a compelling reason to be added
I'm at least the most frequent poster by volume in this room
There's also the less used, but just as fun Wheel of Migration: jsfiddle.net/yijiang/pJaCJ/4/embedded/result
Also, why is Beckers getting MORE and MORE posts on this server? Stupid work interfering with my free time and personal life
7:29 PM
@jcolebrand I suppose it would be more applicable on Gaming.
@TimStone Didn't see it. Weird...
Ah, there.
@jcolebrand You're still thousands of posts ahead of me :P
Registration appointment in as soon as I get there because I'm late minutes.
@jcole - any recommendation for classes aside from precalculus and advanced c++? Two courses that need to be filled
(also hoping for English 2, assuming its open when I want to go)
English 1** and English 2**, History 1** and 2**, Econ 101, Math 1** and Math 2**, Bio 1 and 2, Chem 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2, these classes almost always have enough slots available that you can take them whenever your little heart desires.
Quit taking programming classes until you've done at least Calc2 and Sets of Equations (what the hell is that called, I forget, it's not symbols, ... grrr)
You should probably take Chem1 and Phys1
@GnomeSlice rest assured that cannon balls do, in fact, explode
7:52 PM
Now go vote my answer up on this question 9 times so I can vote to close it :P
A: What 80's movie was first to have an official montage?

mootinatorI think you'd be hard pressed to find any evidence of a cliche 80s montage earlier than the one from Rocky in 1976. Obviously the idea of a montage wasn't new, nor even the idea of a training montage, but Rocky did combine those two elements with cheesy inspirational synth music, and that precis...

8:30 PM
Hi all
@mootinator ?!
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I was wondering when you'd arrive. Ahaha.
@mootinator :-p coulda pingd me :-P
I don't think there's enough people to actually agree to close a question on that site right now anyway. Someone from SE would have to do it. And Shog9 didn't. ;P
Now, back to organizing this task into something which won't make my brain hurt.
@mootinator No one has flagged it or voted (yet). At least it's nominally content-related, which seems to be about the best we can hope for at this point.
8:43 PM
@Shog9 :-D wait. whats wrong with the question?
I tend to judge questions by how interesting I think the answers are, which is sort of a fallacy in itself.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA It's really boring?
I mean, it's a trivia question. Think, "When did a Coke can make its first paid product placement appearance in a movie?"
@Shog9 nuuuh uhhh
@Shog9 its not a trivia question if I do not know the answer....
There could be a really interesting reason for why someone might need the answer to that, but since the question doesn't state it it's just... "We were all bored watching Better Off Dead, and got to thinking..."
8:49 PM
@Shog9 heh? What's Better off Dead?
Better Off Dead is a 1985 American teen romantic comedy film starring John Cusack and written and directed by Savage Steve Holland. It tells the story of high school student Lane Meyer who is suicidal after his girlfriend breaks up with him. Plot The story takes place in the fictional town of Greendale in "the state of Northern California" and centers on high-schooler Lane Meyer (John Cusack), whose girlfriend Beth (Amanda Wyss) dumps him for the arrogant and bullying captain of the high school ski team, Roy Stalin. Lane cannot get past this rejection and decides that death is the only ...
I've never seen it. South Park parodied it, and '80s montages in general.
9:10 PM
@TimStone, I kid you not: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/114 (the "Ask a Super User moderator" room) --> "You are trying to visit a web page that falls under the URL Category Tasteless or Obscene . By clicking the link below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with [company] (Information Technology Acceptable Use policy)..."
I know that people have given Super User a hard time in the past, but that seems a bit harsh.
Well, I wouldn't want to expose my co-workers to the words "Sath**" or "nh***le" so I guess I'll wait 'til I get home.
9:24 PM
@PopularDemand I'm just waiting for them to classify Meta as unicorn ritualism.
Best site on the Web / For unicorn rituals? / The Meta Tavern!
@TimStone And thus it is done / In haiku format, no less / Now we can only wait
1 hour later…
11:09 PM

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