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3:04 AM
Apparently some of the posts in the current view transcript of this room are really annoying Chrome right now
I hope that in the future some of them are gone. (for that matter, I hope it's those posts and not something else on my computer trying to self-destruct)
3:29 AM
@jcolebrand Getting a blank screen for a bit if you switch away from and back to the chat tab?
Is that not from all the stuff loaded in the room? Its the only chat server that's doing it
It's Moshe's images, for some reason.
I just removed them from my DOM, and problem solved.
Also of note, I pretty much can't access the Android site, because Chrome has a crippling seizure trying to render the font.
damnit Tim, I just realized you're here and not on skype
Also, -1 to Cisco for the design of the remote receiver on this set top box.
what gives? Skyrim?
3:42 AM
I should be on Skype...
Ah, I see. :P
Uh, well, yes...but only for the last little bit, prior to that was actual work (shocking as that is)
It is shocking yes
I want Craig to let me setup a standing desk for the next little bit at work
I even threw in some of my pending userscript updates, for good measure.
sitting is going to be an issue I think
I see that.
so I should update my US?
Is the /update still working for that?
it appears to be
3:51 AM
Should, the main update was to the main site script RE: post links
doesn't only chat have /update or is there something for updating in the main script?
Nothing yet for updating the main script, no...on the to-do list though.
@RebeccaChernoff it might be of note for community@ to be aware of chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2625888#2625888
ciao everbody
See ya.
Oh, right. gets out the bribery cookies for @RebeccaChernoff
4:01 AM
ohhh, cookies?!
Even better, it pulled the updated Town Hall Chat post so I don't have suffer through loading that site again to find out when it's scheduled.
yawns And now time for a break..
4:58 AM
The data dumps don't contain all of the information in data data explorer... how frustrating.
say wha?
5:15 AM
@jcolebrand I really hate reading those things
2 hours later…
7:42 AM
Wow, I didn't realize that Mozilla (Firefox) was dependent on Google for its funding
5 hours later…
12:51 PM
@jcole How were my images messing with Chrome?
1:06 PM
We're not sure, they just were making it behave incorrectly.
1:20 PM
Q: Make [windows-registry] a synonym of [registry] or vice versa

abatishchevregistry currently has the following wiki entry: Windows registry is a place to save the configuration for hardware, software and the operating system (Windows). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Registry so it's supposing that all the posts using it (1229 at the time of writing) are rel...

Q: Normalize [firefox] versioning tags

abatishchev firefox-3 (85) firefox-5 (36) firefox-6 (1) firefox-8 (2) but firefox2 (12) firefox3 (1) firefox3.5 (40) firefox3.6 (111) firefox4 (203) firefox6 (21) and so on! I propose to use well-used dashed-form for versions.

Q: Make [wcf-service], [wcfservice] synonym to [wcf]

abatishchevCurrently wcfservice is a approved synonym for wcf and wcf-service (45) is just proposed. Please accept.

what have I do to make this changes to be reviewed?
or action taken
2 hours later…
3:25 PM
@Shog9 I hate telling it too, but c'est la vie.
And thanks for the shared commisseration. One of these days I gotta make a road trip and come drink beers with a whole lotta youse guys.
What's this about beer?
I think it's what rchern is adding to the bribery list now that she knows you have a dedicated cookie stash.
What a rookie mistake.
3:42 PM
(@TimStone okay, I see now that the messages I'm referencing are actually from 11 hours ago... I only just read them all now. I guess we're even on rookie mistakes.)
If my rookie mistake ends with beer, I'm willing to live with that.
Is anyone still using the old HTML flair?
Does it still work?
I thought they removed that long ago
hey all
is it still the rule that the bounty is automatically given to the user with most upvotes (>2) after the start of the bounty? or is it most upvotes since the question was asked?
3:56 PM
Yeah, that's exactly why I'm asking. The flair page still says it'll be deprecated eventually, but if it's been gone for a while there's no need for that notice to continue to exist.
Ah, good point.
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Yes.
@PopularDemand lol that was last updated in May
some stuff is wrong on faq alot
that is what I am checking
I can't find any Q that confirms or denies this
Actually, I made an assumption about what you wrote. The answer has to have been posted after the start of the bounty for an auto-award to work.
So, yeah, most upvotes is necessary, but not sufficient.
@PopularDemand so even an old answer that got updated after the bounty is not eligible?
3:59 PM
Right. That hasn't changed in... a long time, unless it was very recent.
I can't remember ever seeing incorrect information on the FAQ except for right after rules changes. Then again I rarely read FAQ entries.
@PopularDemand lol
Seriously, where are all these lots of wrong FAQ entries you're seeing?
lol around
hmmmm this was changed on meta but not anywhere else: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/114425/…
I now i see that it might be due to this: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/114041/155556
Q: Why were historically significant questions deleted?

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaFor example: This question: What are some funny loading statements to keep users amused? used to have this notice on top: But since then it has been deleted on November 9th. I have seen this with a few of the historically significant questions like What is the best comment in source code you ...

4:30 PM
Q: A Stack Exchange (Cat and the) `Fiddle`

A Man A Plan A Canal PanamaBased on this question: When jsFiddle and other related sites are gone, so is the information Since it is possible for these site to succumb to linkrot, I am making a request for a StackFiddle site. Could only be for javascript at start, then could expand. This is not subject to linkrot becaus...

@PopularDemand :-P
@PopularDemand crap misspelled my bounty message on the duplicate
@PopularDemand do you think i can add the additional comments from my dupe to the original q?
That does seem like the purpose of comments.
@PopularDemand also the thing you tagged as dupe is not rly the same Q....
@PopularDemand added a loong tl;dr comment....
4:45 PM
The other one says "I was wondering if SO has any plans to create its own (slightly-more-permanent) code playground for its users" and is tagged as a feature request. You were "making a request for a StackFiddle site." You described them slightly differently, but they're essentially the same request.
If your tl;dr comment is itself long, then you're doing it wrong.
@PopularDemand ehhhhh
5:30 PM
@jcolebrand If you end up going under the knife for it, schedule way more recovery time than they tell you. Especially if you're on painkillers prior to.
5:41 PM
@jcolebrand Kinda spazzed this morning. Sorry to hear that you're going through that. Best!
@AManAPlanACanalPanama Hi, what's up?
6:02 PM
@Shog9 really? Hmmm....
I hope not to have to go under the knife, reading this groups website makes me think they have options related to not cutting me open
@jcolebrand That's definitely preferable. Back surgery is no joke.
decides against making Rick Perry joke
Hi there moot.
For the record, I watch too much House.
@Shog9 so I've heard
atm I've got my cubicle situated so I can stand up (sob, byebye office, I'll see you when my back feels better)
6:08 PM
@jcolebrand I'm going to assume you have some sort of autoimmune disorder.
They all thought I was goofy for wanting to get to where I can stand
It's not really your back, see.
@mootinator probably. I imagine it's something in my head.
@mootinator Well yeah, if House does it, then you'll very nearly die a grisly death from it, but then make a full recovery in like two days.
They just have to make you really sick so your back pain will go away.
@Shog9 Hmm. You beat me.
6:09 PM
@Shog9 I would settle for that
I thought my back pain was gone yesterday but it's back today.
@mootinator pfft. It's never lupus
Is it that they nearly kill someone using a crude test for Lupus because the hospital administrator won't approve a proper one?
Maybe I don't watch enough House.
How's "Serenity" for a movie night selection?
(on the topic of film and television)
If you've watched all of "Firefly" the first half hour will seem redundant.
6:15 PM
I haven't seen any of it, but someone offered to watch Firefly with me not an hour ago.
Every line in the first 30 minutes of that movie directly establishes some plot and or character attribute from "Firefly". That's all. I just happened to watch them one after the other so it was really obvious.
Said friend agrees.
Now, if only someone could optimize this code for me, performance is abysmal...
Wrong site? CR.se?
I think of CR.se as being more "Tell me where I could improve this code in general." as opposed to "tell me how I can make this code run faster"
And yet that's on topic per the FAQ.
Maybe, I don't know. I'm not trying to optimize as in "make good performance better", I'm trying to make it "work faster than unbearably slow".
6:25 PM
As if their FAQ could somehow change people's mental model.
@Moshe What's your search algorithm?
@Shog9 What do you mean? I'm not implementing a search algo, NSPredicate does that. I think I need to use a different predicate though. That's part of the question.
It's very framework specific, I fear.
Is this related to your question:
Q: How to optimize Core Data query for full text search

dk.Can I optimize a Core Data query when searching for matching words in a text? (This question also pertains to the wisdom of custom SQL versus Core Data on an iPhone.) I'm working on a new (iPhone) app that is a handheld reference tool for a scientific database. The main interface is a standard...

@Moshe I mean, if you have a lot of elements in your array, and you're doing a brute-force search, you'll likely get a bigger payoff by picking a different algorithm before trying to optimize your comparison.
@Shog9 I have over 1500 elements.
6:32 PM
@Moshe So are you doing 1500 tests each time you search?
Q: NSDictionary VS NSArray+NSPredicate: which is faster/recommented

mxgWhat is faster getting to an object from a collection? a. Searching in an NSDictionary with [dictionary objectForKey:key]; or b. Searching in an NSArray with [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"someKey like %@",someKeyValue]; In both cases I create the collections. Regards!

@Shog9 Ok, I will, but I need to consider Regex for the content and contains for the rest...
Also, I'm doing 1500 tests, but it's NSPredicate, not me... There has to be a faster predicate than what I'm using... :-(
@Moshe You're attempting to do full text search though, correct?
@Moshe Ok, so I read past the title now... ;-P
You're doing a full-text search on 1500 items - you'd be best off building an index of some sort.
I'm not doing full text.
NSPredicate does not do that.
There's matches, contains, like, and a few others. Not sure what the fastest ones are.
@mootinator Not that I know of.
CONTAINS implies a full text search.
6:36 PM
This line performs the search:
It's just not an optimized one.
[unfilteredResults filterUsingPredicate:predicate];
Q: Implementing full text search on iPhone?

NimrodI'm looking for suggestions on the best way to implement a full-text search on some static data on the iPhone. Basically I have an app that contains the offline version of a web site, about 50MB of text, and I'd like for users to be able to search for terms. I figure that I should somehow build ...

It's a framework implementation.
AFAIK (and I know nothing about this) - NSPredicate is sugar, not magic. Whatever tests you write, they're going to be run on every item to determine the filtered results. Which is gonna hurt if your tests are non-trivial.
6:39 PM
True. I have some Apple dev videos to watch...
Ok, rereading the docs, seems that regex is expensive here.
If I'm reading this right, you're searching for a sequence of characters separated by vowels. You could probably speed this up considerably by simply storing a separate copy of the content with the vowels already stripped.
7:01 PM
@Shog9 \o//
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
@shog9, perhaps. I'm going to try that.
8:49 PM
I also just realized that I forgot to enable a particular feature of core data which should make searches faster.
SearchSpeedSucks = false;
@Shog9 Lol, no, I forgot to enable indexing. But now I need to recreate my SQLite file, so I have to finish optimizing that as well.
Just noticed an answer with a link which is now broken. What's the proper way to clean this up?
9:09 PM
@RobSiklos If it's a great answer with just one supporting link broken, and you're feeling intrepid, you could try to fix or find a replacement for the link... but in most cases I'd say flag for a mod.
@Shog9 Aaand that didn't work. Time to try shog9's method.
@PopularDemand Hmm, there was a recent Meta post about this where I feel like someone was all "Don't do that," but I'm feeling lazy at the moment.
Don't do what?
Don't flag for moderator attention, since there's nothing they can do.
Unless it needs to just be deleted wholesale, I guess.
But it's entirely possible that I'm misrememebering.
9:24 PM
I've been hitting /review again over the past few days, so my mind is skewed towards thinking of link-only answers that do need speedy deletion when the links break.
Of course you're right that that's not the case all the time and each post needs to be considered individually.
9:40 PM
@Shog9 - Just watched an Apple dev vid from WWDC 2010 Looks like I'm using the wrong predicate syntax. Time for some coding.
1 hour later…
10:48 PM
Love it how my meta name is completly reversable with no ill affects :-)
Caps are all off
you should become... A TOYOTA!
11:28 PM
@Shog9 I'm curious how many here got your clever pun.
11:43 PM
I don't get it.
A Toyota's a Toyota.
Reverse that string
Go ahead, reverse it
Here, I'll help:
Perhaps you missed the previous one:
A toyotas a toyota also works
11:50 PM
The good news is that Wal*Mart sells lug-nuttable hubcaps for $35-$45 bucks for a set of four.

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