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12:00 AM
:760569 being the first one to find the right answers on meta also shows that you should be a mod. ;-)
@jcolebrand Well, I did say required tag.
Huh, your message didn't ping me. O_o
@TimStone because you deleted it.
Hmm, still not entirely sure that's the correct behaviour
Argh, the question I asked about that "bug" (that is not actually a bug) was deleted. It happened on SU a long time ago.
Q: Migrated question doesn't show author in the "recent questions" view

GnoupiI haven't found a duplicate, though it seems to happen for all migrated questions. This question has just been migrated from SO to SU, and doesn't show its author in the "recent questions" page. I guess it's because there is no "last activity" recorded on SU, but the timestamp still shows, so...

12:02 AM
@PopularDemand but it's on meta
Similar to that one?
@TimStone: That seems to be it, thanks.
Yeah, but it's come up several times and been on meta. I don't think Tim's was the most canonical, but it's about the right time frame
Oh, wait. I'm really off the ball tonight. That was a bit of a separate issue.
12:03 AM
That says "fixed", so it's probably not the current issue.
Q: Last activity name missing from migrated question

Koper Possible Duplicate: Migrated question doesn’t show author in the “recent questions” view. According to its timeline the last activity was mine (I posted an answer). However, I answered it on Stack Overflow before its migration here. Maybe it is the cause of this dis...

Yeah, they were all "fixed" or at least status-intended
See that one instead, then. I got thrown by the duplicate notice at the top.
Ding ding ding!
I thought there was an answer related to Community on those as well.
12:04 AM
Community actually shows up as Community
Ah, should've used Gnoupi as a search term. Nice work.
@Shog9 yes, but I thought the problem was in some way related, hence my "I thought there was"
Wait, so is it or is it not a duplicate? :P
12:06 AM
@TimStone the last one you linked appears to be not a dupe
OK, just trying to make sure it made sense for me to have removed the duplicate notice.
Yes and no. It's not an exact duplicate, since the original involved a scenario where user association failed. But Jarrod describes the underlying issue, which persists and probably won't be fixed soon.
So how did we get sidetracked from hustling @TimStone to nominate?
Hmm, good point. How was that second question reopened by only two people anyway?
You're right, let's get back to hounding @PopularDemand
@TimStone Gnoupi used to be an MSO mod by virtue of being an SU mod.
12:09 AM
When SE 2.0 got off the ground, they stopped giving auto-MSO-modships to all network mods.
Oh boy.
@RebeccaChernoff You misspelled "Josh."
12:10 AM
I think for this one you should ask for questions in advance
I tried that for gaming's second. Not sure it helped. In a way I think it hurt.
And make it a gallery room, but I may be overexpectant
@RebeccaChernoff I figured it might
That really is a no-win situation with 30 candidates.
at the beginning of the year it was open
So now that @RebeccaChernoff is here, we can threaten both @TimStone and @PopularDemand with household damages and catastrophes if they don't nominate. Talk to her @Shog9
12:11 AM
Let me take this time to resuggest...
in SE Podcast Live Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Nov 8 at 17:38, by Tim Stone
Speaking of the election, I think people who don't follow the Town Hall Chat rules should be automatically disqualified. coughs
@TimStone I mustn't pin that ... I mustn't pin that ...
It's the most...wonderful time...of the year.
We've already been over all of the reasons that I can't and won't nominate, and the fact that I'd have an unfair advantage doing the digest is one more on the pile. ;)
@PopularDemand it's not just the 30 candidates I'm thinking of. It's all the bystanders as well.
12:12 AM
Plus, look, @mootinator has broken out into holiday song.
@TimStone Now you're just stretching!
...wait for it...
Nah, I have nothing.
I wasted precious seconds waiting in suspense. Well played!
What the hell am I missing that requires either of those two things to exist like that?
raises brow
12:15 AM
Why am I looking at a screenshot of facebook, @jco?
And on top of that it doesn't even match the URL they've chosen
Why is this person (those people?) so important to you, @jcolebrand?
@Shog9 because I don't grok why women need to put "MrAndMrs Smith" ... as if he was incapable of having an account, or as if she was incapable of being an independent person.
@jcolebrand It's facebook man, it's not supposed to make sense.
12:17 AM
@jcolebrand I love the URL
@Shog9 > It's women man, it's not supposed to make sense. FTFY
So that's a husband and wife account not two children???
^^^look at that. There's a cross-eyed unicorn. Does that make sense to you?
@mootinator potentially
Stack and Exchange?
12:19 AM
@Shog9 Someone should really get that unicorn a pair of eyeglasses
@Shog9 Right! All people should know unicorns cannot blink eyes!
@mootinator No no, that's The Honorable Exchange, Stack
@TimStone I actually think I recall the first gaming election THCs being crazier than the SO one.
It was, definitely.
12:19 AM
@Shog9 them's sammiches, not peoples
Of course, if it were soylent green, I would agree with you
THC and Gaming - it's like PB&J
sticks to the roof of your mouth
@Shog9 Woah woah woah.
plus, this time, I can make @Shog9 run the chat. \o/
What I wanna know is ... can we bring back Eeeek for the next THC?
Q: When Shog tells you to do something, will you 1) act instantly? 2) Do it yesterday?
12:21 AM
@mootinator was that a Family Guy ref?
@Shog9 Sir yes sir.
@jcolebrand It could have been, unintentionally.
Oh good, he's already bolding questions. I have faith this will go smoothly.
The Family Guy Peter Woah woah woah has definitely increased it's usage in the modern lexicon.
C: @TimStone nobody cares
Also, we're running this at 7PM Mountain time, and I'll be drinking. Prepare appropriately.
12:22 AM
(that's been proven in THCs tho)
Most sites are actually pretty good about the format now.
Yeah, most sites are SE2.0
In all seriousness, the town hall chats tend to benefit from a fairly strict format
Oh good, I'll be able to post the digest without being rate-limited this time.
Yes, I know, I've participated in ~6, and Tim's only helped with about ~9000
Where the heck did @PopularDemand and why isn't he nominating?
@RebeccaChernoff, dishwasher, now!
12:25 AM
@TimStone, link me to your list of reasons for not nominating so I can use them for myself.
Popular Demand!
@PopularDemand One of my reasons is that I'm too busy trying to get you to nominate, I'm not sure that would work out for you.
(It's a case of "when the name helps.")
That kid is all the superheroes
Why isn't he nominating?
12:33 AM
He doesn't have Convention.
I was pretty sure he did
@PopularDemand We can fix that. We have the means.
Even I have convention somehow.
I didn't even know I had 10 posts on meta.
@PopularDemand then it's obvious the mods hate him.
Unlike you, who they would love to have in the TL with your new spiffy diamond.
Submitting a nomination would take time and effort that I should put into other things. If I did go through with it, I wouldn't make it into the primary phase because of my low rep. Even if we didn't end up with more than 30 candidates running, I wouldn't be electable because of my relative anonymity. And if I were somehow elected, I wouldn't do a good job being a diamond moderator (or, at least, I wouldn't do as well as some of the other candidates).
@PopularDemand Now you have excuses! Yatta! However, look at my rep, my anonymity, and so on. I'll drop it if you'll promise to vote for me in the primary ;-)
12:48 AM
@PopularDemand Relative anonymity? More like instant name recognition!
@PopularDemand Finally, a rationale response
1:07 AM
@Shog9 you still bumbling about in here?
@RebeccaChernoff: I just accidentally submitted that availability form with the defaults (100% available, I think it was). Please disregard that, I'll correct it and submit it again.
@RebeccaChernoff what an interesting service.
hey @RebeccaChernoff can you look at this for me dba.stackexchange.com/admin/dashboard the "convert to comment" doesn't do anything for me (tried hard refreshing etc)
Is it because "there are comments on the post"?
1:23 AM
are you doing it from the floating ui or dashboard?
1:42 AM
I think the buttom is supposed to be disabled in that case anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it. shrugs heh.
will investigate later
Inspector Chernoff is on the case. nods
Go go Inspector Chernoff
I'm pretty sure because there's an additional nested comment
so...that's pretty much what I just implied q:
I know, I was attempting to confirm that I understood that we were on the same page
besides, I already went to the Q and mod'd
2:14 AM
Good evening
'Ello there
Hows it going...?
Decently. For yourself?
Eih, hockey game I'm watching isn't really going well for my team...
@jcolebrand Nope. Left to make + eat dinner.
2:17 AM
but otherwise good. Just submitted the answers to Rebecca's poll...
@ircmaxell Devils?
@TimStone How'd you guess :-P
Ah, heh :P
Also spinning up a linux VM to test php 5.4
2:36 AM
So what's going on around here lately...?
3:28 AM
@ircmaxell just the election :p
@Shog9 rchern put on her cap
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6 hours later…
2:04 PM
hey guys I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to find the post on meta that lists all the interesting questions that were deleted on meta
If you remember the title can you link it please?
Q: Deleted Questions Archive

Lance RobertsSince the Team keeps deleting questions with lots of discussion both relevant and/or historical, and we can't search on deleted questions, and they lock some of them so that they cannot be undeleted, I'm putting this question out, just for links to be posted, so that those 10ks who want to find t...

3 hours later…
5:09 PM
@RebeccaChernoff - do you have a plan for preventing "open discussion" turning into "who's the loudest" in this town hall chat?
3 hours later…
7:47 PM
@mootinator \Huge{No way!} :)
Heh heh heh.
(surprised there's not a hugely downvoted feature request for larger fontsize markup on chat)
8:12 PM
2 days ago, by mootinator
I want h1 on chat.
@awoodland Currently, no. You could review the transcript from the town hall chat for the last SO election and see if you thought it was out of hand. For the most recent gaming election, I did collect questions before-hand and asked them myself during the actual event, so you could also look on their meta for that and review it. I didn't think it really helped, maybe even a bit harmful. I've only done it like that the one time.
Though I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the issue discussed on mso.
Hm, that approach also had the downside of the questions needing to be reattributed. Including the asker's name certainly helped with that exercise, though.
@RebeccaChernoff - I was just wondering how the chat would actually work with up to 30 active "candidates" + a selection of mods + presumably a not insignificant number of interested others
Like herding cats comes to mind. ;)
8:29 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Any chance that so far the chat looks like it won't be on Monday?
@RebeccaChernoff that actually looks semi-sane given that most of the questions got stars and the rate of questions wasn't too high
@TimStone Saturday at noon eastern is currently the winner with 11 "yes", 3 "maybe", and 7 "no".
Oh, awesome!
I'd rather it be during the primary really.
Maybe those 11 people don't make the final phase. q:
8:44 PM
Ah, true...
I was just happy it was on a weekend :P
there are 27 slots that have at least 9 yes responses
@RebeccaChernoff Then those are the people who will provide a much more amusing Town Hall Chat.
I forget, did we accept that you're unwilling to run @PopularDemand, or do I need to pretend like I was supposed to remind @RebeccaChernoff to check your availability too, completely disregarding the fact that you're here and could do it yourself if that were actually true?
hmm, if I look at doing one for the primaries, Tuesday 9pm and Wednesday 2pm are both 10/2/9 right now...though the actual people are rather distinct between the two. |:
8:59 PM
I take it you don't want to pull another two-parter à la Gaming? Heh
with potentially a 3rd for the final stage? heh.
Minor details..
I'm pretty happy with Tuesday and Wednesday too, good choices candidates. claps
@TimStone When Shog first suggested it, I thought it was just one of those jokes that's supposed to be funny because it's so nonsensical, but I can no longer tell if any/some/all of you are serious.
Well, I've got 21 responses now, and I sent the email to 35. I'm at least giving it until tomorrow to hopefully snag some of the remaining 14.
though I fully expect those 14 to just mess things up more q:
This is what happens when you give people options!
9:04 PM
oh wait, 13...I did get one "I'm too cool to have a predictable schedule" reply
@PopularDemand Your sense of nonsense is nonsensical.
Where do I get one of these exciting lives where my week is so full of action and adventure that I can't get a rough feel for when I'll be free?
@TimStone Aren't you in Philadelphia? Try Broad Street at night, pretty much any night except major tourist holidays.
@PopularDemand is "Broad Street" an actual street name?
I live in a not-particularly-exciting part of Delaware, actually.
Like I said.
9:08 PM
Yeah, driving an hour to Philly is a bit of an ordeal, so I don't make a habit of it. :P
Get elected to the state house? I have a friend who once claimed that he followed state politics in all 50 states, then corrected himself by saying "well, 49... no non-Delawarean can figure out what the hell goes on in Dover."
9:33 PM
@PopularDemand I deleted my question and left the comment! thanks for the suggestion!

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