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9:00 PM
Oh, my FCC thingadongdong is supposed to come today..
@TimStone Well, IE transparency ruins my fade jQuery. I wonder if that will fix it.
Thanks Tim, I knew I could count on you
Oh, crap. It already did come..
goes outside to find it
@TimStone Grab a shovel and a coat!
9:02 PM
has 6 apps on the App Store now, after re-releasing an older app that was once pulled
@Moshe BabyShaker?
@Josh - No
I think App store links should be one boxed.
@Moshe (That was a total joke BTW. But you know there was such an app right?)
Yes, I am aware.
...Interesting, it's just a normal WNR3500L
9:06 PM
@TimStone oh you actually did have a package delivered? I thought you were just saying thingadongdong so I could star it!
Kevin Dente needs some lessons in memes
Fighting with Silverlight styling. Guess who's winning? Hint: not me
@kevindente You should totally drop that and try jQuery.
@balpha not up to me.
I'm having an issue with jQuery.
@Josh Oh, no. I got my FCC ISP test router.
@balpha LOL.
@balpha Hahah
9:10 PM
@TimStone Oh really? That's sweet!
Github acknowledges my changes upon commit but ignores then whenI push
In that case I'll star @balpha instead:
@Moshe can't you just delete your posts instead of always doing this "(redacted)" thing? It's kinda annoying
@balpha - I'm sorry. Will do.
Why are you saying "(redacted)" @Moshe? I was not understanding.
9:12 PM
@Josh - Instead of "(removed)", I was saying "(redacted)".
I edit sometimes and say something silly when my posts are no longer relevant or are dupes, but... I don't follow the logic in the above cases
@Moshe yes but, why do either? :-)
@Josh The system says "(removed)" so I don't delete, I edit to say "(redacted)" instead.
...never mind... :-)
@Josh - What's the Mac Terminal command for deleting a folder?
rmdir deletes an empty folder
9:24 PM
rm -r path/to/folder
if you're a daredevil, try rm -rf :)
@Moshe As @balpha said, rm -rf
but that will NOT ASK YOU TO CONFIRM
What is that f for?
i.e. "don't ask me for everything"
Ah, I got it now.
I finally fixed GitHub!!!
Otherwise rm will say, "Do you want to delete this directory? Do you want to delete this file? Really delete this file? What about this one? I like this file, can we keep that one? Ok, the directory is empty, do you really want it gone?"
9:28 PM
@Josh Yes, I saw that before.
@Moshe the r is (obviously) for recursive
y, enter, y, enter, y, enter
@Josh I got that.
ok just making sure :-)
@Josh It'd be much more exciting if it stood for "random" though.
My brother is an Apple Genius. When he was in Cupertino for training, I got a random IM from him one evening. "Josh, what's the Terminal command on mac to open a file?"
I laughed out loud
9:30 PM
@Josh so what is it? :)
I know Gnome has gnome-open
@radp As in, open /path/to/file
@Josh ah, Unix and their insultingly simple command names
@Josh Well, in Linux, to run a program, you need to remember ./ or is won't recognize the binary itself and open it.
or, open -a /path/to/Application\ to\ use.app /path/to/file
@radp wishes he had stars left
9:31 PM
@Moshe this isn't quite true
but, I can't search unix.SE for "./"
@Josh I refer to the time I wanted to play Urban Terror on my Ubuntu powered HP egg-griddle.
(Yes, it got hot enough to cook on.)
@Moshe That only applies for executables in the current directory and not in the path
@radp - Ah, that's what I was doing.
here we're talking about documents
cd path/to/urt
9:32 PM
@Moshe the reason for this is, when you type a command (rm for example) the system searches for a binary file matching that name in your $PATH
so I guess:
@Moshe rm is actually /bin/rm
Ah, okay.
but you can just type rm because $PATH contains /bin
9:33 PM
@Josh - Got a second to check something out?
I made this litle jQuery widget.
open www.google.com
open settings.py
open kitten.jpg
open BUSINESS.ppt
if you enter into a Terminal (mac too): export PATH=$PATH:./ then you won't have to type ./ anymore
On a website I'm working on.
(that's what open does right?)
9:33 PM
In the top left there is a button.
When you click on it, the container slides out and takes over the topbar.
A form should appear.
Because if I create a file in your home directory called rm and it's actually, say, a rootkit, then you will type rm some.file and may execute my rootkit instead of the rm command
So having to type ./ before a command in $PATH is desireable
@Josh Ah, that's pretty funny.
@Josh Yes, like passwords.
you're saying, "I acknowledge this command is in this directory and I really do mean to execute it
@Josh to be honest that'll never happen
because you appended ./ at the end, so it'll be the last directory sought in
there's a great post about it on Unix.SE but I can't find it
@radp yes, good point
I'll go browse to find the question @radp :-)
@Josh Well yes there's surely an example of very bad things that can happen
Just rm isn't one of them
@Tshepang do you know the one I mean?
Maybe it was even one of your questions :-)
@radp You're right
@Josh sorry I wasn't paying attention
jQuery question
9:41 PM
and no, I'm not familiar with the question
I'm storing a form in an javascript variable
@Tshepang It wasn't one of your questions, sorry :-)
@Moshe OK
how can I reattach the event handler to the form when I display it?
@Josh - On bitachon.org
When the user clicks on the button on the top left, a form appears.
The form's submit button has an event handler which creates an AJAX request.
In that same event handler, the form's contents are stored and then the form is replaced by a "loading progress image", until the AJAX returns.
When the AJAX returns, the image is replaced by the result of the request.
The user can then close the form.
9:45 PM
When the original button is clicked on, the form is restored.
But the "onclick" handler seems to be ignored.
You can see the live site at the link I've been shamelessly plugging for the last 10 minutes, or the code on GitHub.
sounds like some debugging is in order. I will have a look when I finish my own debugging
@Josh - Thank you.
I just wonder how I can reattach the event handler to the form object.
how do you attach it in the first place?
In my onReady event.
9:48 PM
what specific code do you use?
and you remove #submitButton from the page?
The last part is the submit button, the form show/hide is separated by two comments.
I do remove submitButton from the page.
then when you add it back, just call `$('#submitButton').click(function(evt){ again
Obviously, function(evt){ should be assigned to a var
Beat me to it.
9:53 PM
@Josh @moshe alternately use a live event handler like thus $('#submitButton').live('click',function() ...
@drachenstern What does that mean exactly?
@drachenstern - Interesting. That might be better for my purposes, assuming I understand what you meant.
Q: I accidentally chmod -R +x on a directory. How do I restore the correct permissions?

Larry WangWell, to be specific, it was chmod -R 755. Now every file is executable, which I don't want. I am thinking that I should look at the first two bytes of each file for the #!, but will this cover everything? Should I instead use file to look at everything and base my decision on that? Or, more like...

it means that anytime an element is introduced to the page that matches the selector, it will get the event handler defined therein
9:56 PM
@drachenstern oh really, that's very handy
Honestly I figured you knew about it
It's been discussed in here three or four times, and @Moshe should've learned about it by now with his userscript questions and the responses from @RebeccaChernoff and @YiJiang
@drachenstern I did hear about the concept, not the actually code implementation. I wasn't really serious about that userscript.
But, yes, that's handy.
@drachenstern Last time I coded something in jQuery was 9 months ago
I understand that you weren't serious about the implementation, but the rate at which you absorb information I would've thought you'ld have grasped .live()
@drachenstern Actually, it relies on event bubbling to do the trick
10:00 PM
@Josh indeed, I can go months without writing any javascript ... I'm going to start a couple projects soon ... very soon
And what, you think I pay attention to serious discussions in here @drachenstern? Come on, you know me better than that!
@drachenstern I never bothered to look it up. My fault.
@YiJiang ok but the concept :p
Anyways, @drachenstern -- thanks, it worked!
@Josh not you, @moshe ...
@YiJiang pedantics ...
10:01 PM
@drachenstern You're welcome
@drachenstern Ok. I was referring to "It's been discussed in here three or four times". Besides I'm a Prototype.js guy. Ask me anything about Element or Class.create :-D
@Josh anything?
I've never used .live() but I will next time I use jQuery!
@Josh sorry, let me try again anything about Element or Class.create? :p
@drachenstern Yes. if I don't know it I will probably want to :-D
10:02 PM
@Josh I actually may need to pick your brain then, I know jQuery is fun and all, but for what I want to do it may not be the right toolchain.
Never touched Prototype.
@drachenstern Sure thing, just ask away :-)
will do
@Moshe I did not chose it as a holy-war, mine-is-better-than-yours kind of thing. I just learned it first because it came bundled with Ruby on Rails
@Josh - I don't know that either, not accusing you.
10:04 PM
Now all my code is heavily based on it. (And I love Class.create :-)
@drachenstern If you're looking for some of the util functions you can find in Prototype, you should also have a look at underscore.js
@Moshe I know. Just fending off inevitable attack from @radp ;-)
@YiJiang interesting ...
@YiJiang hm, I'll have to check that out, thanks
@YiJiang What's that @YiJiang?
10:06 PM
for the time being, if you guys know of any rock solid ("tutorials","whatevers") on those two I'll be very glad if you mail them to me on gmail ... I'll stick 'em on my list of stuff to read soonest.
> Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. It's the tie to go along with jQuery's tux.
So I would use them together ... interesting
Question: When designing a form...
Q: Why do we use "./" to execute a file?

Renjith GWhy do we use ./filename to execute a file in linux? Why not just enter it like other commands gcc, ls etc...

if the form has a small bounding box, do you go with the "one box at a time" approach?
10:09 PM
@Moshe Explain what you mean when you say one box at a time
@Josh Whose is the tick? :P
of course @radp had the accepted answer to that question
I don't know why I got 18 less upvotes, we're basically saying the same thing.
@YiJiang - Forms that show one input at a time, like a survey.
10:10 PM
@Moshe Depends on how small (area) the form is, but usually for small (number of fields) forms the answer is no
just a damn moment
36 mins ago, by radp
@Josh to be honest that'll never happen
@Josh Wondering what quesition was it about, since the one you linked is unrelated.
@YiJiang - Why? When would I use that approach then?
headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk
@Josh O_O
10:11 PM
@Josh You know you commented on an answer to that question right? :P
Ok. That's enough of this stupid chat thing. i think I'm going to try doing the work thing for a while and see if I'm better at that...
@Moshe When you have a very large number of fields, and you need to split it up into multiple pages
@Josh I'm glad you saw the light
@Pekka can take my place at the bar :-)
@YiJiang - I am asking for a name and address.
10:13 PM
@Josh can't, have to work too :)
@Josh Enjoy, happy productivity
haha thanks @Tim :-)
@TimStone wishes he could star
laughs at @Josh who will respond to this and NOT get anything done.
@Yeah same here. I've been out of stars since 01:00 GMT
@Pekka here you go , use this in the meantime:
user image
10:15 PM
@Josh - HA! I knew it.
@Josh star <-- searchability later p;)
@Josh Wow, that one's from the mother lode!
@Pekka You used 20 stars in an hour? What the heck were you starring?
Scratch that. I don't want to know most likely.
@RebeccaChernoff Ah good, you're learning :P
10:17 PM
(Since I can't actually star you @Rebecca)
Oh wait. I was going to quit chat. Sorry, forgot
@RebeccaChernoff Well, if you say one 'oy' every five minutes, a lot of us would be out of votes in an hour
@Josh same here, right as the boss walks in and I'm hitting send :p
@RebeccaChernoff um
Only pertinent contributions
That I felt enriched the value of the chat room
And embiggened the spirit of everyone in it
No I admit it, I was building a wall of stars :)
10:34 PM
@drachenstern BUSTED!
@Pekka Oh I want to start this so badly!!!!
@Josh almost. He came back in and my head was concentrating on my lefthand monitor (my door is to the left) and I didn't know what was on my righthand monitor ... I kept wanting to look over and see if the room was up, it was not thankfully enough
Cool site.
@Josh not long anymore! 1:20 to go.
10:40 PM
I'm done for today.
Later @Mosh
10:58 PM
I have 19 stars still available. Make me an offer.
@MichaelMyers I'll trade you a meta upvote for a star!
looks around to make sure any mods aren't watching
shh, I'm undercover

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