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12:01 AM
@TimStone Ah HA, that would reveal your location!!! ;-)
@TimStone Yeah I figured you didn't work in my industry. The company we're talking to don't though either...
(Which is what makes for a good partnership)
Almost off this call whew. @TimStone do you know what effect KERNING="[0-9+]" in the HTML for a flash textarea?
@Josh I made sure to change my privacy settings, don't worry. :P
@TimStone LOL good
And yeah, I do...sort of an obscure thing.
if not I'll ask a proper question :-)
@TimStone I only use Facebook for people I know in real life. As @Moshe found out. (No offense Moshe!)
What's the rest of the markup look like?
12:06 AM
@Josh It makes the page flash with proper typography!
Then again these days I don't use facebook at all, LOL
@radp watch it. this is a sore spot for me right now! ;-)
typography, typoes, flashing or the page?
1 hour ago, by Josh
AH HA. My code is working correctly. Client is wrong!
I guess it simply says flash to only apply kerning rules to digits
52 mins ago, by Josh
They proved me wrong, it's 4px different from FontBook
12:08 AM
so for example in "748" the 7 and the 4 would be pushed a little together to match the visual distance between the 4 and the 8.
Obviously it's just guesswork.
@TimStone Sorry I was busy chatting meaninglessly, that takes priority over serious discussion ;-)
@TimStone <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="24" COLOR="#000000" KERNING="0">Test</font>
@radp Oh, ah ha, let me try that
I thought it was actually [0-9+]
me too
oh HAHA sorry :-)
that made what I wrote completely stupid
I guess it's just some browser proprietary extension
"cram together letters this much"
12:11 AM
@radp It's Adobe Flash which is why I was asking
Anyway, it sets Kerning to 9 of course. :P
@Josh wait, you have HTML in a Flash animation?
What I can tell you for sure is what kerning is: adjusting distance (usually by pulling them closer together) between letters so that the perceived distance between one glyph and the other is constant.
@radp it's a TextArea in a Flash application
Which assuming the values are used as they are in Fireworks, isn't that big of a difference.
(top is Kerning = 9, bottom is Kerning = 0, left-aligned)
@radp OK thanks, then what I want isn't kerning. Well next I want kerning
@TimStone hm ok, thanks
Actually it looks like in this TextArea, KERNING= is a bool
if I set it to anything other than 0, it becomes 1
12:15 AM
More likely. :P
I think that the AS property for kerning is a boolean too.
@Josh I guess that settles it then :)
@TimStone they must be equivilent
@TimStone Try with "ATTACK 747" to see a difference.
anyway it has no appreciable effect on the text so it must not be what I am after :-/
t.setText(t.getText().replace(/KERNING="[0-9]+"/g,'KERNING="PLEASE BE RIGHT"'));
Rats, KERNING="PLEASE BE RIGHT" didn't work :-(
@radp Yeah, that was a terrible example text, my bad.
12:18 AM
Then set it to 1337
Gotta meet with my boss, BRB
@Josh Who woulda thunk.
Wikipedia to the rescue:
12:23 AM
> My primary interest in visiting your Web site is to examine every page on the site before I finally find your hours of operation and phone number in illegible type in a graphical footer.
“I enjoy seeing what the specials were in 2009”
@radp Aweesome, thanks, that's really helpful
@Josh Sarcasm noted =)
@radp No, I was being serious! :-/
That visually shows me exactly what kerning is and why it's a bool
@Josh Unacceptable!
12:30 AM
@TimStone Oh, right sorry I forgot we're in meta chat!
21 mins ago, by Josh
@TimStone Sorry I was busy chatting meaninglessly, that takes priority over serious discussion ;-)
I'm back to meta-reality now ;-)
@Josh It isn't necessarily, if you're so inclined you may want to change parameters in your kerning :)
"don't kern more than this much"
"only kern letters, leave digits alone"
@radp Well, it is in this flash application... even 1337 became 1
@Josh I figured once you mentioned that 9 becomes 1 too :)
Oh! I didn't try using 42 though!
@Josh Don't set the kerning to 42, or the text will be translated in Unicorn language.
12:33 AM
Actually this client would probably love that! Look at all the purdy unicorns!
shakes fist at code
@TimStone Bugs?
Kind of, I predicted this would be an issue beforehand.
Those are always fun...
As usual, the problem lies in floating point maths. :P
Actually the real problem lies in completely outdated transport file formats, but..
12:45 AM
<~ out of clean bowls, eating chili from a large mug
Improvisation, I like it.
@DanGrossman Yum
Yey, it's 7:45PM and I am starting to code!
OK. I wrote 7 lines of code. YEY! I'm done for the night, time for a drink. It's been one of those days.
@DanGrossman I notice "Fruition" isn't anywhere on that list... is that because it's difficult for most people to say when they're sober?
> I am assured by insiders that as far as the user interface goes, the work is being done. Windows 8 (or whatever it ends up being called) will include a new shell, apparently known as "Modern Shell" or "MoSh," that will bring touch friendliness and modern elegance to the Windows platform.
12:53 AM
or at least it will to those 5 or 6 MS teams that will get the memo
Wait I didn't get any stars for my "purdy unicorn" comment? I don't know you people anymore!
@Josh That was scary
Are you... are you working for Unicorns?!
@radp Close. I'm working for artists
Why does NetBeans always want to exclude this one javascript file from my commits?
1:08 AM
@DanGrossman heh
@DanGrossman ahahahahaha!
You have fully used your vote allowance for today
How did that happen?
I hijacked your openid and used it to vote-offensive all Jeff Atwood posts
@Pekka LOL
OK. I am outta here. have a nice night everyone!
2:00 AM
Huh. Someone said unicorns. Huh. huh.
am I being thick...but is there no firebug for firefox 4b8?
oh...found "Not available for Firefox 4.0b8" use 1.7
1 hour later…
3:31 AM
> You may end up broke, but you'll be knee deep in promised organs.
4:13 AM
Q: On a dedicated database server, how much memory to reserve for the OS?

Jeff AtwoodAssuming you have a dedicated server explicitly for database functions -- how much memory should you reserve for the operating system? I realize this will probably vary somewhat depending on the specific OS, the specific database software, and so forth. But, as memory is so important to database...

You Windows people are bonkers
2GB just for the OS? Until the past few years the average server didn't have more than 2GB RAM total!
:tabs back to SSH:
Yeah, I was thinking that too. 256MB but if you get up to 64gb then 1/32 isn't a huge amount to lose, and it gaurantees the OS room to spare, so you can avoid using a /swap ;)
I'm such an ass
A: On a dedicated database server, how much memory to reserve for the OS?

Dan GrossmanAssuming Linux, if you turn off swap and the kernel keeps killing your DB process because it's out of memory, that's a good indicator you're starving the OS for memory. Back off until that stops happening.

I'm running that heartbeat thing on a VPS with 512MB of RAM, if I gave the OS even 256MB that's half the memory gone. Linux is fine with a couple dozen megs.
Depends on the underlying apps... My XP needs to be fed with like 2gb of RAM for SQL and firefox :p
presumably your database server isn't running firefox
4:27 AM
Idk, depends on the dumbass dev that logs in ;)
Also, being that it's Jeff asking, it's not a Linux Q ;)
He didn't tag it with windows
A: On a dedicated database server, how much memory to reserve for the OS?

Dan GrossmanYou can leverage Amazon's experience running thousands of customers' database servers here: Their default parameters for Amazon Relational Database Service is to set the innodb buffer pool to 3/4 of the system's memory. Add in up to a couple megs per connection for various query buffers, and they...

Are "fix my SQL query" questions now valid on both SO and DBA? hmm
Theyre not preferred except on "help me optimize this" per the meta
A: What is the real visitors/day and visitors per day?

Rebecca ChernoffThe Area 51 page is using the median over the last 14 days. This site hasn't been in existence for 14 days, so there are a few days with a value of 0 that are bringing down the numbers a significant. The formula for what the site itself says is described by Kevin in an answer on MSO.

4:44 AM
Well we never see you around :p ... Errr :p hey isn't it your turn in WwF? Or r u on drop7?
> bringing down the numbers a significant.
We had the same question on Unix a few days ago. No responses from @RebeccaChernoff on that one...
Aww, I didn't see it.
...and our answers totally contradict, don't they?
well, sort of. it's the median that's important. and for a site under 14 days, those 0's will kill ya.
Q: Area51 visits/day count doesn't match that from main site?

TshepangArea51 visits/day count is different from main site. In fact, it changed from the last time this question was raised, but then the number on Area51 was lower, and now it's been higher for some days now (1478/day vs 1540/day).

I thought Jin fixed that!
> Moderators will electronically, or through U.S. mail addressed to Stack Overflow Inc., 55 Broadway, 26th Floor, NY 10006, convey one (1) photograph of themselves dressed up as Liza Minelli [if male] or Otto von Bismarck [if female] no later than fourteen (14) business days after entering this agreement
4:55 AM
What is that from?
The formula was changed, but I don't know exactly when.
Time to make the donuts ... Err walk the dogs
Q: Non-Legalese EULA for Diamonds?

FarseekerI just accepted the UELA for being a diamond mod on the site that I moderate. I think this is a great move, especially the bullet points regarding what you can and can't do with the information, and that we're not SO employees. I even read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as required. But wo...

Pekka's comment
@drachenstern Actually, I don't think I've touched my phone at all today.
Congrats... Baby steps on breaking the addiction ;)
4:59 AM
Heh, been busy. (:
yawns Good...morning...Hrm.
@TimStone Right, let's continue last night's discussion on waffles
Waffles waffles, or waffles, waffles?
@TimStone Waffling waffles waffle down more waffles while waffling down the street
Now I'm just all sorts of confused, but that's nothing new.
Ah ha
5:44 AM
It's much more fun if you put @ in front of each mention of waffles
Mmmmm... @waffles...
I like how I can check in here at any time, even after midnight, and find wonderful crazy anecdotes to star
Ok. Goodnight everyone!
pulls a Pekka
somebody said my name ?
@waffles Waffling @waffles waffle down some delicious waffles
that's a lot of waffles
Also, imagine me saying that like this: youtube.com/watch?v=XUBUxv4VsTw
5:51 AM
@RebeccaChernoff I hate that commercial so much. I especially hated it when it would come on every commercial break a few months back.
@RebeccaChernoff Now I'm going to imagine everything you say like that
Oh gawd. What have I done?
talking about waffles what ever happened to Eric
5:52 AM
@RebeccaChernoff That would be OH GAWWWD!! WHAT HAVE I DONE HERE!!!!
To somebody glancing at the star list it appears I've finally snapped
@waffles Eric who?
he was responsible for the waffles meme
5:54 AM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Geoffrey ChetwoodMeme: Waffles. Originator: Eric Cultural Height: Late August and Early September, 2009 Background: Eric just really likes waffles, and apparently so does everyone else who has even a shred of decent humanity. Those who do not like waffles may also be Vampires and hat...

@waffles, I did a 'whatever happened to' query in sede yesterday, if you're interested: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/s/796/…
> I can't wait until I have sufficient rep to move all of these waffle questions to SuperUser where they clearly belong
Also, if your interested, it's got a typo which I can't work out how to correct :) edit > modify > save is apparently a NoOp :(
Ah yes, back when anything hated was on-topic for SU
Grrr. I feel like I meant to ask you a question @waffles, but I can't recall what it was. ):
@waffles, oh you can querystring them, now that is cool. edit problems pardoned
@RebeccaChernoff Was it Can I eat you? ?
5:59 AM
@MichaelMrozek "Tuesday"
This John Resig guy has not been around for 265 days ... WHAT ELSE DOES HE HAVE TO DO .... data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/s/796/…
lazy bum.
@waffles, this was the result that inspired the query: data.stackexchange.com/meta/s/796/…
6:13 AM
Q: Dependency Injection in .NET

CoffeeAddictDoes anyone find this odd that this is a book from mid 2010 on a pretty popular topic and there is no "see inside" but even worse no reviews!?!?! I want to buy it but this extremely odd that for such a popular topic there isn't at least 2 or more reviews. I'd expect a ton of reviews on a book o...

Mod requested to nuke the entire comment thread from orbit
@YiJiang What, you mean that civil, productive conversation?
:taps foot impatiently waiting for the safari installer:
"...waiting for the safari installer" Well, there's your problem.
@TimStone Yeah, @DanGrossman go get a cup of coffee or something :P
finally installed, waited 15 seconds for it to run the first time, so it could load up a welcome video.. really?
6:26 AM
@DanGrossman Oh yes, the welcome video. I mean, it's the world's best browser man! Of course you should totally see the video
I just want it for screenshots to put on a website, safari makes for good screenshots
"Welcome to Safari 5. You thought it was just a web browser, and you were right. But let's pretend it's something more for a second."
(That damn video adds several megabytes to the installer, and only gets run once. Hmmmm... )
I noticed that too. Huge installer. 35MB.
Well, you didn't opt into the Safari + iTunes bundle, right? :P
6:29 AM
@YiJiang, you forgot QuickTime in that list :)
Nope, that's just the browser
I really like how it tries to install Bonjour.
I somehow did pick up bonjour, probably with quicktime, even though I try to opt out of it..
In the Introduction to General Paper lecture today, the teacher brought up some (cough cough) classical lines from some of the ones he marked. The best one was "... famous WWII war criminal Nelson Mandela..."
6:40 AM
Q: Is there a term for "*cough*<something>*cough*"?

jaeWhat I mean is the act of "coughing" something that you don't actually want to (or rather dare) say outright. So instead of writing, say, "Miss Parker", you'd write "*cough*Ms Parker*cough*" or fake a cough that sounds very much like "Miss Parker". Written and spoken differ in that of course, w...

6:57 AM
i think its called a 'hack'
as in the sound you make to force a cough out ? ( or hackle )
@Reno That refers to coughing in general.
hack + crackle = hackle ... yeah this does not answer th question
And, hackles are, among other things, the hairs on a back of a dog generally, that will stand up.
> plural a : erectile hairs along the neck and back especially of a dog
...Definitely didn't know that.
I had a dog once that would do that. It freaked everyone out. Visitors were afraid to get out of their cars.
7:03 AM
Im sure sarah palin will ace at the english SE
It was as if the dog had a mohawk all the way down its back.
Man, valerian root smells like crap, literary.
At our previous apartment, I thought something had died in wall or something. Every time I opened the medicine cabinet, I'd notice this stink.
@MarcGravell I like your EULA summary better ;) Also, someone should really fix that UELA typo in the question... eyes @radp
I don't think I've ever had the displeasure of smelling that, hahah.
Being a cigar smoker, I can appreciate the so called "barnyard aroma," but that stuff is just too much.
7:10 AM
Heheh :P
Hm.. sighs Damn you programming complications.
What are you fighting with now?
@GeorgeMarian Division :P
one more page semi-done, for now
I took another stab at creating a simple GUI using Linux tools. That ended in frustration. I'm going to have to actually dig deep and learn the fundamentals, instead of just figuring it out as I go along.
@TimStone lol
7:12 AM
I have three columns of data, where one column is the result of dividing another column by the third. I have to verify that the result is correct.
Unfortunately, the input can be in a variety of formats..
@DanGrossman Very nice. Good stuff.
@DanGrossman Looking good, nice!
@TimStone So, is it really a problem of division then? :)
i forgot how wide this screen is
@GeorgeMarian Kind of, because the result column might not be the actual result.
Especially if the input is from a SAS transport file.
7:15 AM
always a little weird to me how a 50" TV can have the same number of pixels as a 15" computer screen yet they're both LCDs
Since, you know, the good folks at SAS think that it's cool to store all numbers as IBM floating point...which leads to errors when converting to IEEE. Their solution is just to round after a certain point, heh.
@DanGrossman Agreed. Or how crappy a computer UI will look on it, due to the size of the pixels and dot-pitch.
@TimStone So, the main issue is number formats and issues with floating point numbers.
What's the difference between IBM's format and the IEEE format?
They use a base-16 exponent and a 56 bit mantissa.
So the conversion bit (while somewhat of a pain in the ass) is taken care of reliably. It's just when I divide the data, I can't be sure how the result was formatted to know if the two numbers are equal.
@AuthorizeNet, ÜT: 47.661655,-122.301627
The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably.
669 tweets, 4.9k followers, following 3.4k users
4.9k followers and they haven't tweeted a thing since their last outage 7 months ago
support ticket I opened on 1/8 has no reply :/
@TimStone Ah, so the issue is comparing the computed result w/ the data in the result row.
7:21 AM
@GeorgeMarian Yep, exactly.
@DanGrossman Wow, that's great communication. =/
> Women, also known as females...
That was another one from the classic GP responses set
what is general paper?
@DanGrossman General Paper
General Paper is an H1 academic subject at A Level in the Singapore education system. All students in Junior Colleges and Millennia Institute in Singapore have to study this subject, with the exception of those studying Knowledge and Inquiry. The examination for General Paper consists of 2 parts: Paper 1 - Essay Writing and Paper 2 - Comprehension. References * http://www.seab.gov.sg/SEAB/aLevel/syllabusSchool_Info.html
Wow, that's... pretty short. Stub article, heh
That comment makes it your responsibility to write the full article.
7:33 AM
@DanGrossman Oy, there's no way I'm writing anything on the GP before I even take it
@DanGrossman lol
thank god for imgur
I don't know how the guy that runs the site does it
one person and he goes through like 300TB bandwidth per day, only revenue is if you go to the imgur page instead of hotlinking the image, and he doesn't run ads against nsfw images
Until the VC money runs out, I guess :)
what vc money
I wonder how much value in his site stats.
there are no investors, not public ones at least
7:37 AM
(that was a joke): but "As long as images are getting at least 1 view every 3 months, they will stick around forever. After that, your image may be removed to create more space for newer images. "
so stuff here could rapidly disappear
July 2010 stats: 1.1 billion image views, 170 terabytes of bandwidth, 62000 new uploads per day
The past month: 2.4 billion image views, 356 terabytes of bandwidth, 87000 new upoads per day
That's insane. Glad I don't have to pay for that. :P
Most popular image:
@DanGrossman "I'm going to pee in your shoes for this."
#2 is cute
the shirt, that is (also)
7:43 AM
I wonder if that came before or after the episode of The Guild with the same idea...
8:09 AM
THIS is bad news for everyone: bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-12141530
Not a person in the world likes the US government right now, they might as well stop publishing news until there's something good to say for once
I wonder whos the idiot behind the US government desk thats asking for these details.
details were leaked. get over it
Parallels with china asking yahoo for journalist's details could be drawn...
I guess we need to be careful what we say here, don't want SO getting subpoenaed for my details :)
So they caught that before you removed it too? :)
8:28 AM
I didn't remove that
"Self-storage: Enough room to house every man, woman and child in the US 7 times over."
Hey, if everyone moved into storage units, it'd solve all kinds of economic problems!
Not a good time for swimming in the Rhine, apparently: bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-12179688
8:48 AM
9:18 AM
Hah! Beggar is about to be busted by controller.
Maybe he'll learn about not bothering people with fake reports of Leukemia.
it does feel wrong to stand against the beggar, mind you.
9:39 AM
@radp, often difficult to know, there are an increasing number here too. I don't mind buskers much - even not very talented ones - but people just sitting/kneeling there with their hands out is a bit... disconcerting.
9:55 AM
@Benjol oh, here beggars are organized and professional
they make a first pass handing out fliers illustration the reason du jour
and a second pass collecting fliers back and shaking a few coins their hand as a slient request to add yours.
One roams along around with a (noisy, crying) baby to double on the pity factor.
@radp Reminds me of in Hong Kong. All of the beggars magically had the same raincoats during typhoon season...I found out later their was a syndicate of them, and they had bank accounts where they deposited what they got from begging, heh.
@TimStone Yes, obviously all the fliers are equal
Somebody most likely sits in a couch waiting for their money to fund illegal operations
@radp Generally deaf, no?
@Benjol I never tried talking to them, despite the urge to insult them about the fake leukemia stuff.
It's like they run different campaigns to do A/B testing.
See, very professional.
10:26 AM
But its a organized crime in third world countries where kids are mutilated for the sole purpose of begging
and no one seems to be doing anything about it
@Reno, very difficult to do anything, I imagine.
@Reno I know, so why would I support it or fund it?
@radp does the unix site render OK on your box?
With or without Plain Clothes forcing everything to Ubuntu? :)
Without it looks okay
I'm not a fan of the arrows but I don't see anything wrong
cool thanks
10:35 AM
Not entirely a fan of the font used for the votes
the arrows were suggested by users
The sidebar header's fonts look inconsistent
The last three are mono, white the first three are normal sans
@YiJiang good catch. i'll fix
@YiJiang Dejavu Sans Mono is the defact standard monospaced font on Linux
@Jin Congratulations!
10:41 AM
@Pekka thanks. I see your name on a lot of sites :)
@Jin I'm not really active there, but interested to see the design process :)
@Pekka you may like the RPG site design then. that one is a toughie
@Jin I'll take a look!
The only small thing on Unix that jumps in my eye is that the letter spacing in "/Questions" "/Tags" etc. is very narrow on my Windows 7. Other than that, I think it's perfect
@Pekka i won't be posting the rpg design anytime soon, but it's in the works.
@Jin fair enough! Interested to see it when it's ready, do post it here as well.
10:46 AM
11:14 AM
@Jin, any other upcoming designs we should be looking at? :)
11:42 AM
@Pekka, so you want to see my t-shirt design? :)
I may have to make you sign an NDA first :)
12:00 PM
@radp Ha! That's what you get when you ask a machine a philosophical question
@radp IT'S LYING!!!
Once the W|A researches adds nuclear launch codes to it's database it will use them to destroy all humans!!!
@Benjol Benjol I'm in! Send it through.
@radp ahahaha!
Does the back read "It is too late"?
12:11 PM
Nice! Ah, I see why you had to ask about the logo.
@radp, still mulling over the back, to be honest
But as long as you're not planning to sell these in front of the entrance to the next DevDay, there should not be a problem
maybe just an even bigger version of the logo
@Pekka, that's the only place it's ever likely to be recognised :)
@Benjol yeah :) Although I'm quite sure I'll run across somebody with the Stack Overflow T-Shirt on one day somewhere in Europe. :)
@Pekka, I was quite surprised to see there were 800+ other users from CH, though (obviously) ~30% have rep=1
12:18 PM
I'm pretty sure I'm about the third or forth user to reach 10k in Singapore
Boltclock was gloating about it when he reached 10k, heh
12:38 PM
@Benjol Interesting, wouldn't have thought that!
@Pekka, there are a handful of false positives in there, but it seems fairly accurate
Requesting additional copy editors for github.com/BonsaiDen/JavaScript-Garden contact Ivo in the JavaScript room if you're interested in adding content or doing reviews on the English used
@YiJiang, I wondered yesterday, how does this site differ from quirksmode.org? (Sorry if that's not phrased very subtly)
@Benjol It's a single, combined document on the quirks in JavaScript. Quirksmode works (mostly) like a blog. The only useful thing which I find there is the reference tables - some of the information is wildly out of date, and usually presented in a very disjointed manner
So it'll be one page to rule them all?
12:52 PM
Not really - it's not for learning js from scratch, just the bits which people often gets wrong
Also, quirksmode deals mostly with browser and the DOM
This is intended for the core JavaScript language
We're not going to touch on stuff like events
If we are, we'll probably need something as big as quirksmode :P
@YiJiang, I must confess that my html/css/js days are receding in the rear-view mirror. I haven't done any professionally in 3 1/2 years...
@Benjol Hehe, so whacha working on now?
C#, winforms. F# when I'm lucky. WPF when I'm lucky/unlucky

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