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12:22 AM
So someone be trying to rename me tavern?
Har har! Let us see the dull, insignificant names you drunkards have come up with...
@Chacha102 I dunno, we came up with some good ones.
It's not so much trying to rename the tavern, but rather trying to give it a name. :)
1:07 AM
Gah. I left the chat open on my home computer, and it's apparently pre-destruction of bouncy. Those dark, dark times
1 hour later…
2:15 AM
Yo @Shog9 wassup.
eh, George, busy drinking
best time to participate in betas ;-)
A good thing to be busy with.
gettin' ready to cook up a grilled tuna sandwich & then process peaches
lol Are you participating in the programmers.se?
2:17 AM
I'm about to chow down on some burgers myself.
still no idea what the subject matter is 'sposed to be
man, i love a good burger
@Shog9 Basically, crap that would be off-topic on SO.
Subject matter for programmers is more or less "whatever SO rejects"
I generally grind lean chuck with bacon, coursely, and form lose patties before grilling to medium rare
@Shog9 They definitely smell good. Dunno what is the hold-up. Where's ma food, woman? ;)
2:18 AM
Getting closer to being in a new place. The GF and I are crashing at friend's house. Patience is wearing thin all around.
ah, I know the feeling
(but from the host's side of things, sadly)
I tend to be the host, as well. Alas, being unemployed kinda puts a damper on hosting.
2:21 AM
ah, a shame
where are you at, George?
I hope we get in the place we liked. It's just a tad more than what I was hoping to pay, but still affordable with good budgeting & discipline. The extra space will be well worth it and the neighborhood seems nice an quiet.
@Shog9 The Seattle area. Across the sound, on the west side. Hopefully, I'll find something in Seattle propper for work.
oh, beautiful area, good for you
i always enjoy Washington / Oregon - it's like a slightly more exotic version of the midwest
Yeah, I like the area. Not so much the road surfaces. WTF? If there's no snow, you don't need chains!
yeah, you should see the roads out here... Good in ski towns, horrible everywhere else
lol where are you?
2:36 AM
they don't even bother with storm drains in a lot of places - just big ditches across the roads (with deep gouges where previous vehicles have crossed too quickly and scraped)
@GeorgeMarian SE Colorado
Ah, yes. I have a friend in Fort Collins and another friend was in Boulder for a while.
heh, the college towns ;-)
Yup. Boulder was pretty cool. I don't think I ever visited Fort Collins. But my friend that was in Boulder was there for his PHD.
found the 2nd-best pizza in CO in Ft Collins
delicious crust - thick, yeasty, flavorful
3:39 AM
aw, man... I just realized i had leftover tzatziki sauce i could have used on the sandwiches
4:00 AM
@Shog9 tzatziki sauce?
something like that
yoghurt with cucumber, lemon, garlic
good stuff ;-p
yeah, that's the stuff
Ok, I can see how that would be tasty.
made it up the other night for bbq chicken in pocket bread, had some left over
4:04 AM
I always like to use up leftovers. Remembering them is the hard part.
that's what casserole is for... ;-p
greetings, folks.
Hello @Sathya.
Hi @George
4:10 AM
Evening @Shog9
Someone please notify me, I want to test something.
@GeorgeMarian test what ?
ESC doesn't seem to clear the (*) from the title.
Do it again, please.
@GeorgeMarian OK. trying again
4:17 AM
Interesting, did they change the bouncing avatar?
yeah - it is no more
Thanks @Sathya
you get a # next to your entryfield now
Indeed. .get an iOS style notification counter on my avatar @Shog9 @GeorgeMarian
@Shog9 Yah, I noticed that. I figured that was in addition. heh
Ok, apparently ESC doesn't clear it anymore? I guess that makes sense, as it is no longer necessary.
4:22 AM
@GeorgeMarian That's debatable; I'd expect it to clear the number on your gravatar instead
@MichaelMrozek Yah, but only because we expect that from the previous functionality. Not that I wouldn't like having ESC clear it.
An argument against it would be accidentally hitting ESC clearing it. But, how often down one hit ESC accidentally?
An argument of it is clearing the notification w/o cycling through notifications.
3 hours later…
7:24 AM
11:30 pm here
How are you this fine morning?
08:30 for me
Called into work to fix something, wishing I was still in bed.
Should of took your bed with you :p
We've got our first bit of fog since summer..
7:32 AM
Saw my first fall fog just this last week
Couple of hundred metres of visibility at best.
Oooo if i move quick i might get the early bus
Anyone else updated to Chrome 6 and have problems?
Seems to be something broken around content retrieval, broken images, whole sites not working
Anyone else had any problems?
Not updated yet.
I gave on Chrome early on when it wouldn't stop working my harddrive. I'll try it again someday, but I'm in no hurry.
O_o not noticed that myself.
7:44 AM
If you update, make a copy of the software folder before you do, in case you want to revert
I'm contemplating finding the installation files for Chrome 5 and downgrading
@devinb I certainly was.
@badp it's mercurial, but still... :)
@balpha Good point :)
I should've known, I don't think Git tries to use sequential numbering
@balpha Morning, Check the transcript a few hours back, we had a memorial for bouncy. @devinb did an eulogy and everything :)
oh, I saw it
that's my "I certainly was" above
Ah..... Right. Brain is not awake. I am going back to my corner now.
7:48 AM
sequentially numbered changesets has no meaning in mercurial or git
well, you can use them (in mercurial, anyway), but they're usually not identical on different clones of the same repo
hence it's always safer to use the hash
Sure, except I didn't know what the hash for that revision was :)
8:24 AM
Have any of you guys updated to Chrome 6 yet?
I'm using Chrome 7
does it count?
ok, can you try this:
Do you get a page? or an error?
Asks for HTTP authentication
Ok, so you get a page
Ok, trying 7 it is then
I just get an error message
Works on IE8 and FireFox, but not Chrome 6
9:03 AM
My trust in Win7, UAC, Ltd Accounts, Microsoft Security Essentials and Chrome 7 was crippled yesterday when Antispyware Doctor made it to my system thanks to weask.us
However, I'm looking at MSE's removal logs and EVERYTHING bad is in my user folder or user registry.
Which means that if shit is bad enough all I have to do is get myself a new user account, then nuke the old user account home folder from orbit.
And again own my computer.
Take that you motherfrowners! =)
Apparently the Chrome problem with our internal support system is related to authentication
Chrome apparently doesn't understand the basic authentication request from that site any more
I stuffed the username and password into the URL and it works again
Nice, you can use bookmarks to login? With the password stored nicely in plaintext? :D
I sincerely hope your userbase doesn't find out
Does anybody have a WinCE emulator handy?
Not our system, it's internal-only
Q: Nethack for Windows Mobile

espaisHi all, I'm looking for a good version of Nethack to run on my Windows Mobile phone. I currently have Windows NetHack graphical version 3.4.3, and it kind of drives me a little nuts, moreso from a usability and playability standpoint. I don't know if this is because I'm trying to run it on a p...

The CRM system we use
And besides, it is hopelessly broken in so many ways that one more doesn't matter
They've probably done everything they can do wrong
9:10 AM
Reminds me of the TDWTF interview
> Then they showed me two half pages of code in PHP. They told me to look at the code carefully and, if I wanted to change anything, write on the paper what I would change and why. They left me to it for about twenty minutes. I was certain that they had set me up with a TDWTF-style interview, where they'd pick out a fun code WTF (actually, it looked like this one ) and have me turn a convoluted two-page mess into a two lines of code.
> When they came back, I complimented them on the clever examples of bad code and presented them with my rewrite. One of interviewers — the chattier of the two — didn't say another word; he was clearly upset, and I was half-concerned it might get physical. The other guy was a bit better, but he also wore a rather large frown on his face. "This is from our production code", was the reply.
Yeah, I read that one today :)
9:57 AM
Man, Youtube's WEBM codec is a performance hog
Too often I have to pause the video because the movie stutters and as a result video and sound desync
10:43 AM
So this WinCE emulator is useless for this question
might as well see how it handles chat :D
@LasseVKarlsen I have no problem using chrome 6, I get an authentication box
Unless you've changed something since..
here goes...
aww, it doesn't even try to run the javascript
Who woulda thunk, you can't chat with Windows CE.
Hmm... Seems like my new ISP is definitely worth the money.
I think it fails on my machine since it can match the authentication token with my domain account
@Diago Always nice to hear.
10:48 AM
but then fails to handle the authentication response, or something
I can see from the debug log that it received an authentication token from the server, and then it fails
@LasseVKarlsen I'm afraid that's computer-talk for "The system hates me!"
Oh, nothing new there, as I said, this CRM system is basically a poster-child for how not to do things
It's probably good for CRM-things, but we've pressed it into service as a bugtracker as well
So I've taken up maintaining all my tasks in parallel with FogBugz, just adding links back to the other system
FogBugz: the perfect backup solution when your enterprise blogging solution just won't cut it as a bug tracker
(Somehow I don't think that's the kind of advertisement Joel would use :P)
10:51 AM
There's close to 15 fields I have to fill out in order to add a task, and if I don't fill them out correctly, the bug vanishes into the void
on Fogbugz?
I've never used it so...
No, our internal system
fogbugz is lean and mean and smart
FogBugz just works, this other system, I don't know what it does, but "work" is not part of the description
> It probably means your system is as usable as a volleyball made of razor blades (wilhelm scream), and almost as fun to use.
I'm getting sick of answering people's questions that don't even care anymore.
finish what u started damnit!
From now on I'll only answer questions for people with a rep > 500!
11:31 AM
I don't have 500 rep :(
(on SU)
@badp For?
39 mins ago, by Peter
From now on I'll only answer questions for people with a rep > 500!
Ah... I get it.
11:52 AM
Woo, that brings the record to 5 self answers out of 7 on SU
(was 5/6)
1 hour later…
12:59 PM
Q: Program LED with just USB port

LifeH2OI want to control LED with C# using only USB port. I don't want to attach any other device with USB. I just want to attach LED directly to USB port pins and program it (blink etc). How can i do that? I am new to hardware programming and it will be my first program.

1:16 PM
MacGyver could do it :)
Morning everyone
I'm going to miss the Happy Hour :(
It's right in line with when I could actually be at a bar.
@Benjol We'll have a special second one just for you :) I could go for two Happy Hours today xD
1:28 PM
Well, if it's any later, it'll be tomorrow for me :)
@Benjol Really? Well then screw it, I declare it Happy Day! Drinks all around. It's Friday, no need to do work today anyway! :-D
Yup, bottoms up :)
The Empty Glass
Actually there is this "Happy hour" event conveniently planned at 23:00Z for this chatroom
which is 1am for me :/
and midnight for me, but I'll be asleep by then (I hope)
1:38 PM
@Benjol Are you in the UK or Portugal?
No CEST, me. Swissland
Zulu is not DST adjusted :)
So you have to add two hours, not one.
I didn't adjust anything, I just added 9 hours to my current time (which was 'around' 15.30, so I rounded down)
let's say 00:42, as of now
Oh, I see.
anyway, happy hour for me is in 15min :)
1:46 PM
@Benjol Enjoy it! I'm off to a meeting instead :-(
ok, have fun then :)
You too! I have a feeling you're more likely to than I am ;-)
Do you ever get an answer and feel like you're 99% sure they're totally on the wrong track...but there's that 1% nagging doubt that maybe you're just too stupid to realize some subtle cleverness?
Or is that just me? >_>
@rchern there's always that 1% chance :)
@rchern did you weigh in on the /me meta question?..
Q: IRC-like /me command for chat

JoshApologies if this is a duplicate or belongs elsewhere. I love the "action" command /me in IRC, and think it would be fun to have in the chat. So a message like: /me loves the new chat system Would show up as: Josh loves the new chat system Rather than: Josh: loves the new chat sys...

My answer got 3 up 3 down.. boo.
Oof, it's on my task list!
Is he just not noticing the part where I say with a gmail address it doesn't let you choose smtp settings? Otherwise I'd just specify google's smtp... webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/4469/…
2:00 PM
@rchern yeah they are all wrong answers..
Thought so, but it just seems so blatantly wrong that you wonder...they had to have some reason for answering lol.
They just want reputation, I would imagine.. especially the third one about googlemail.com
@rchern I've heard about some multi-gmail extensions or features that allows you to be logged into to multiple accounts..
If logging into them at the same time and switching between them is sufficient, let me know if I should answer as such :)
It's what I'm leaning towards, but I really don't want to.
I want them in the same spot dammit! :p
The whole "/me" discussion is a bikeshed problem
Just decide and tell everyone the decision is final
@LasseVKarlsen hehe.. i know, but it's kind of amusing arguing about it..
2:32 PM
this may be totally uncouth, but.... I can get the Reversal badge w/ six more upvotes to this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/1625281/…
does vote-begging like that make me look needy?
@JSBangs +1 from me.
2:53 PM
@JSBangs +1 -- not because of the reversal badge, because that's a good answer :-)
@LasseVKarlsen I agree it's a trivial argument. I'll be accepting an answer soon
For now I agree with @Fosco, it's amusing arguing about it :-)
What's on tap today?
@JoePhillips Whatever Google Images is serving up! :-) What would you like?
@JoePhillips Perhaps:
This would be better though
What about:
@JoePhillips That does sound good
3:06 PM
This brewery makes 2 beers.. Damnation, and Salvation
I split a ~$20 bottle with a friend... great stuff.
@Fosco which brewery is that?
@Fosco That's so great. I've been wanting to try those for a while...
Russian River Brewing Co
an A- review on there after over 600 reviews..
wow it's dead in here on friday
Resurrect this place
@Fosco sorry, other devs here are talking to me...
planning when to release beta4 & beta5
3:22 PM
@JoePhillips The Drunken Revenant?
@Josh since when are you the barkeep here?
@PopularDemand I just help out when you're gone ;-)
@JSBangs It is uncouth, and it does smack of neediness. But it's a good answer, so +1. I'm not sure you should be enabling that particular user, though.
@Josh Since when am I the barkeep here?
This is @Chacha102's house.
@PopularDemand Since you were appointed by Popular Demand!
@Josh It's the start of a long weekend in the US. Labor Day is Monday.
3:28 PM
@PopularDemand Yeah. I was hoping to make it a 4 day weekend, ha!
That's what I meant, today is day one of the four-day weekend.
Awesome, I like how we're on the same page!
(You might want to click on the arrow to see which message I was replying to, for that one.)
(I was going through the transcript.)
(I did, thanks. I love this chat system!!!)
It's occurred to me that my idea to build an XMPP bases system has some serious drawbacks
I was just complaining that I can't use "up" to edit in AIM or Markdown to format.
3:30 PM
The features I like so much wouldn't translate into XMPP, like replies and editing!
@PopularDemand Exactly!
Rrgh, users who need to be banned.
(Not you, @Josh.)
Louder "rrgh" for grad school essays. I can't remember the last time I had this much trouble writing an essay.
@PopularDemand I'm with you there! I loathe essays
Alright, back to it, don't call me unless the Tavern is burning down.
@Josh I don't. It's just this one. I can't get it just the way I want it. But the deadline is today, so....
@PopularDemand Good luck!
3:34 PM
@Josh well, technically, an edit is a new post - the client has to interpret it as a revision.
I mean... It's not like there's some time-machine function built into web browsers that lets this client do edits
@Shog9 Right but how would you edit in XMPP? Maybe an irc-like command, /edit *id*?
Maybe each message starts with it's ID, allowing replies and edits, that's what I was thinking
So instead of:
> Josh well, technically, an edit is a new post - the client has to interpret it as a revision.
I would see in XMPP:
> Shoq9: 153702: Josh well, technically, an edit is a new post - the client has to interpret it as a revision.
and I could IM back:
> /reply :153702 Maybe each message starts with it's ID, allowing replies and edits, that's what I was thinking
idk... just pontificating
I suppose you could always implement the Wave protocol... ;-p
@Shog9 I like to think I'm fairly intelligent but you give me a hell of a lot more credit for my skill than I deserve, lol!!
eh, I have faith in you
LOL. Thanks :-)
3:40 PM
ultimately, it comes down to implementing your own protocol on top of XMPP, or implementing portions of someone else's protocol (based on XMPP)
It's possible to do some pretty crazy things with XMPP components. We'll see...
I've seen a (very trivial) MUD implemented as a Ruby XMPP component
the deciding factor should probably be, which existing clients (if any) you want to support
Ideally all
It's the server I'll be targeting. The server will create an XMPP "conference room"
well, ideally...
@Shog9 Yes you found the key word :-)
I'll probably start with Pidgin and Adium
3:42 PM
but yeah, practically, you're gonna pick one or two and test with them, and then later, maybe, if there's time, fix bugs to let others work
(which both use libpurple)
@Shog9 Yup
Is there an API for the chat system? Because if not my first major hurdle will be interfacing with the HTML/JS based system as is, which might be crazy difficult
so what you probably want to start with then is libpurple: figure out what it supports, and then draw up an intersection of Chat features and libpurple-supported XMPP features that you can implement in your gateway
@Shog9 Good idea
@Josh There is not. Not a public one at least. I recommend stealing from the IRC gateway
@Shog9 Oh that actually exists? I had no idea, I thought it was as mythical as the XMPP gateway!
found it
3:45 PM
A: IRC access for the chat?

Greg HewgillAs Andy E's head mentioned, I've started to create an IRC interface for the SO chat. The current state of the code is on Github: http://github.com/ghewgill/soirc It's all ugly, nascent, fragile code right now but I expect that will improve in time.

Oh how I wish I knew Python :-)
good excuse to learn...
sure is!
I plan to try mine in Ruby
does the Google App Engine support Ruby?
This code is well written, easy enough for me to understand what it's doing
@Shog9 Not sure, but I know how to use Ruby to extend an XMPP server. Given that plus the fact that I run my own XMPP server I have the fundimentals to do what I need
3:48 PM
but before fun comes work. Must fix nasty nasty issue #620 with my company's latest beta offering

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