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12:01 AM
@cha - he's one of the first: blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/05/…
12:22 AM
Yep, I'm a SO SO developer
see what I did there?
I always get hungry when I browse this site
Q: Chewy chocolate chips cookies

LorenzoMy chocolate chips cookies are always too crisp. How can I get chewy cookies, like those of Starbucks? Thank you to everyone who has answered. So far the tip that had the biggest impact was to chill and rest the dough, however I also increased the brown sugar ratio and increased a bit the butt...

did you see - we implemented MathJax support here
Q: Why is $\int_0^1 (1-x^7)^{1/5} - (1-x^5)^{1/7} dx=0$?

Kaestur HakarlWhen I tried to approximate $\int_0^1 (1-x^7)^{1/5} - (1-x^5)^{1/7} dx$, I kept getting answers that were really close to 0, so I think it might be true. But why? When I ask Mathematica, I get a bunch of symbols I don't understand!

click that
12:46 AM
Hello. Anyone in here?
1:12 AM
i'm lurking :)
trying to get a few answers in before the morning drive
Where do you live?
NC, east coast baby
5 hours later…
6:24 AM
that page has been linked to by everyone
I'm starting to get annoyed by it
has it?
would be cool if we had something like a duplicate finder :P
no, they haven't linked on here
I'm talking about over the we
hmmm techcrunch, yup that might be correct that everybody has seen it :P
6:26 AM
Hacker News, Techcrunch, a bunch of Twitter contacts. All talking about that stupid 404 page
I don't get the whole unicorn stuff
but heej guess I was just born human rather than a programmer
you mean from Meta?
the point of the Unicorn is just that
no one is suppose to get it
well pick something less girly gay :P
if people 'got it' there wouldn't be a point to doing it
If you want something less girly
go for bacon or waffles
I give up :P
6:30 AM
that is the first step
right, now I should accept it?
Accept that you'll never understand it and move on
You're better at this than I thought :)
well it never hurt me in the past year
so I guess it won't in the years to come
but you can never be too sure
We need more people in this chat system thing
today has been rather uncrowded
but it is a great app
Very nicely put together
different people, that's for sure
I just dislike that I have to click something to star it
so user un-friendly
and the lay-out can feel kinda cramped (on this crappy 15 inch monitor)
6:33 AM
but overall it works well yeah
very tab driven
and it's great for stackexchange and moderating
I think that is what it is really for in the end
it isn't for the day to day user
it isn't for the occasional user
it is for the people that are die-hard fans of the service and would like more than just occasional communication with random people
hehe I don't mind being special :P
6:34 AM
With chat you can actually build relationships
Facebook for the anti-social? ;)
Well, relationships around SO
There is just something about being able to just talk with people that is much more social than asking and answering questions
I know what you mean
I love some of the features like the other rooms thing
you can be in lots of rooms
and just watch them via that
switch to the room really easily
and switch back
and no one sees you leave the room, so it doesn't create spam
I'd just prefer if some of the notifications like the starred or flagged messages were more optional rather than mandatory
6:37 AM
What notifications?
You mean the things on the side?
meh, not much else to put there.
but I guess I don't need it
I guess they could make a nicer channel browser
Marc is in the chat feedback rom if you'd like to suggest stuff
BTW, best feature, right here
meeh I know they know those things
6:39 AM
Q: On the Chat 'Catch-Up' Page, Show Messages from Rooms that I've Favorited

Chacha102Right now if you go to the catch-up page, you'll see that it gives you messages from rooms you've been active in. Because that list could get really large really fast, it would be much more in my interest if you would only display new messages form rooms I've starred. This would let me control ...

and I'm impressed by the rapid pace of changes lately
so I don't mind
I love the formatted thing
Hey Dexter
@IvoFlipse What sites do you Mod?
Oh, um hi.
only Super User
Has Super User been improving?
It got a lot of people complaining about it a fews months ago
6:42 AM
since when?
about what?
Well, there was the One Mod who quit, and there are the rep whore users and just a bunch of stuff
I am not active on SuperUser, so I only know from Meta posts
Okay I just looked at the oldest members profile: stackoverflow.com/users/5/jon-galloway and he has already been on SO for 2 years. It got me thinking shouldn't the yearling badge be yearly?
But I guess I am asking, are there any really problems right now with SU?
@Dexter it is
He has two yearling badges
Oh....didn't look at that.
the yearling badge is yeah, @Jeff just tweeted it a couple of days ago
well @Chacha102 Super User is not in a bad shape
with our current mods there's rarely any mod flags left
and the 3k+ users are taking their responsibilities regarding voting to close etc
6:50 AM
Super user has always sort of had problems. Many people initially viewed it as a dumping ground for whatever didn't belong on the other trilogy members
our biggest problem would still be questions migrated from SO that should have been closed on SO
I could chat here all night
There are also much more general computer users than programmers
well I have to stop chatting for now, so ill be back later
Super user has been nowhere near a success as stack overflow 1/20th of the questions
6:57 AM
we lack the questions your grandma asks you
if you aren't in the Chat feedback room, join
I want to test if it overflows on the home page
7 hours later…
2:24 PM
3:24 PM
oh wow.
bit empty here
Yeah, a lot of us are in different channels
The UI makes it really easy to switch between channels
and easy to keep track of other channels
hmm.. neat.
I like this
I'm glad

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