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2:01 PM
Congratulations! (I think :p)
I'm wondering if there are project made in Javascript outside of Web Application
@HoLyVieR yes, yes there are, and i still have nightmares
Why nightmares ?
@HoLyVieR node.js comes to mind
this is fun to watch youtube.com/watch?v=t8g-iYGHpEA
2:03 PM
ummm it's like communism the thing itself isn't a bad idea or inherently evil, but these implementations were
oh, I see
@HoLyVieR ever looked at the Whitespace programming language?
I couldn't read the code
awesome, right?... i wrote a program in it, to solve one of the CodeChef challenges
2:09 PM
A developer friend made a bet with me that I couldn't do it..
bad move!
everything is possible with determination
Reminds me of a Perl module to convert code to whitespace and it still runs.
/me orders a tankard of ale
Talking of whitespace, some should seriously post an answer to a Code-Golf in whitespace
saying it has 0 non-whitespace character
point me at an easy one and I'll get right on it :)
hmm.. none of them look easy
Well there was that platformer Code Golf
Q: Code Golf: 2D Platformer

Ivo WetzelThe Challenge Reach the end of the level! Bonus points if you hit each of the (C)oin blocks exactly 2 times. Disallowed Hard coding the command sequence in any way. Your favorite "One character language" that happens to do exactly one thing, which is solving this golf. How To Your pr...

Did it in 184 characters javascript :p
wow nice job @HoLyVieR
you could reduce it by a further 4 characters by omitting {} on two of your if statements, separating the expressions by , instead.
hum, didn't knew that, I tough it was only possible with declaring variable
2:28 PM
sorry 2
I didn't know about that syntax either..
The closing bracket would have to be replaced with ;
I'll edit that when I get home tonight
the perl solution where the code looks like a big ascii four is pretty impressive too
What's cool with dynamic language is that you can make some crazy thing to save up space
Take for instance this :
or this :
2:39 PM
I don't see any dynamics being used other than an expanding array.
assumuing a[] was not pre-dimensioned
Hum, I meant scripting language, my bad
Looks like C code to me. Not necessarily script.
Well there are variable created and initialized in the codes
@HoLyVieR: there's no doubt about it, you did well to compress the code as much as you have.
3:16 PM
I find it amusing how certain things are named, with no concern for how it will be regarded professionally. I don't care how awesome it is, I'm not building something using "Ruby" and "Cucumber."
I'm such a jerk, technologically.
3:38 PM
This is the best UI design to be ever created on meta
3:59 PM
upgrade script pulled from the wrong column, doh
gotta love it when you FUBAR a new column, and not one with data in it
4:16 PM
Q: Code Golf: Regex parser

Platinum AzureThe goal Today's Code Golf challenge is to create a regex parser in as few characters as possible. The syntax No, I'm not asking you to match Perl-style regular expressions. There's already a very reliable interpreter for those, after all! :-) Here's all you need to know about regex syntax fo...

New Code-Golf
4:29 PM
that's a good one
but pretty hard
Indeed, but I have a strong feeling that Golfscript will be the winner, I got no clue why ... :p
hmmm...go figure, coffee makers work better when you put water in them
ground coffee also helps
i love my keurig
Yah, managed to get that in the right place, but I overlooked the water.
@Changeling How's the quality on that?
As in, coffee quality. Granted, drip-brew ain't all that.
4:36 PM
@GeorgeMarian Great. You can buy the 'adapter' to use your own ground coffee but it is a little messy. Best to just use the k-cups
it requires cleaning with vinegar and use of distilled/spring water and not just tap water
I had my first one fail and they sent me a new one for free
brand new in box
@Changeling I'm kinda concerned about the wastefulness of all those cups.
Are they like biodegradable or something?
@GeorgeMarian they're working on it keurig.com/environmental_policy.asp
@Changeling Well, I clean my drip brew out with vinegar & water, ocassionally...it way overdue for a cleaning, in fact.
And, filtered water is always better to avoid deposits.
@Changeling Cool.
@GeorgeMarian i have a water cooler in my house so I just fill up a giant cup with the water and pour it into the keurig tank
Nice. I'm buying a water filter once I'm done with this move. Thanks for reminding me, it's gotta go on the list.
4:39 PM
i guess you could say it's somewhat energy efficient, it has an auto off feature
@GeorgeMarian i got a nice one at a yard sale surprisingly
awww...i just sneezed on my glasses...FML
brb..gotta go wash 'em already lol
i get my water from sams and they are pretty decent
Have they opened up membership to consumers?
while ago
I probably heard about it and forgot lol
1 hour later…
5:51 PM
Darin's comment on this one kills me:
Q: Do Jquery function return a value like javascript.? How?

zodIn js we can declare a variable and we can call a fucntion, funtion will return a value and will be assigned to the variale. Is it possible in Jquery. I want to know that my previous function is finished or not. I want to get the result success or failure and call another function based on first...

@NickCraver Is that kills you as in "funny" or kills you as in "that's not right?"
funny, spit out a bit of dr pepper on that one
sticky keyboard ?
That's what happens when people learn jQuery in first and not javascript ...
5:53 PM
That question starts out just fine, though nonsensical. Then it just train-wrecks all over itself.
@HoLyVieR Or at least don't bother to understand WTF jQuery is.
@George: just be thankful he didn't just leave the question body the same as the title which is what a lot of other posters would have done :)
I see so many people reading jQuery book in the metro, it scares me in a way
depends on the programmer's mentality IMO, and it's definitely not restricted to JavaScript
Hey, I'm thinking of shelling out the money to buy a Das Keyboard, do you guys think it's worth it?
What really bugs me are clueless recruiters which think that just because I put jQuery on my resume means that I don't know how to program in JavaScript.
5:56 PM
some programmers want the highest level API they can get their hands on and never want to understand a bit of what's happening underneath, that's a hard mentality to alter
Yay...I just had an month+ old answer accepted. heh
love it when that happens
it's almost like a rebate off something you bought last year arriving in the mail, "hey, free money!"
When you get the activity flag on an accept and can't even remember writing the answer...
Yup, especially since I haven't answered anything on SO in a several weeks.
@Shog9 LOL
@BFree Interesting. Dunno, never heard of it before. But, I'm intrigued.
...so you read it, and immediately think, "ohshit, what was I thinking?" and dive in to edit, hoping the OP comes back one more time
5:59 PM
Gah...another site that requires JS but fails to inform us.
Scratch that...another site that requires JS to render correctly. =/
@GeorgeMarian It's kind of a throwback to the old IBM keyboards with the load clicking :) Can't use it when you're around others, but from what I hear, it's awesome to type on.
@NickCraver looks to be yet another permutation of, "How can I use AJAX synchronously?"
@BFree Assuming it's not as much of a workout as the old IBM keyboards, I'd be interested.
yup, a little piece of me dies every time i find another person who doesn't understand "asynchronous"
What I'd really like to find is something like that w/o the 10-key, 6-pack & arrows on the right.
6:01 PM
@Shog9 You can use AJAX synchronously
@HoLyVieR no....that's JAX
or SJAX, but it isn't AJAX :)
@NickCraver What really kills me are sites that use JS for styling. =/
@NickCraver you can set the request to wait for the answer before continuing the script.
@GeorgeMarian I once had a keyboard without the crap on the right, and while it was great not to have to reach far for the mouse, I missed not having the "6 pack" as you put it
6:02 PM
the first A in AJAX stands for asynchronous, was my point :)
Anyone know of a good short keyboard or left handed keyboard?
@Shog9 haha nice!!
@NickCraver Well AJAX has X too which means .... ugh XML ...
and yes you can but it also locks up the browser UI thread which isn't a good idea
it should be JA instead
6:04 PM
@BFree Yup, the 6-pack is pretty much necessary. I have a compact keyboard, laptop-like keyboard...somewhere. But the home/end and arrow keys are a bit awkward on it.
@GeorgeMarian yup, that's exactly what I had for a while. It was great, but trying to find the home key was a disaster
@HoLyVieR blame MS for the X part :)
@Marc - you see the top favorite? looks like starred messages that are replies need a look
@BFree I got used to it after a while, but using other keyboards caused me pain.
I'm in the mood of a good old fashion flamewar, anyone have any ideas?
VB sucks?
6:07 PM
C++ > java
@NickCraver no one will disagree :(
@James been there done that....
I could take a screenshot of my emacs window with its C++ code with braces on the same line and tab-indenting. That's four good wars right there
@Nick: Darnit, stop answering while I'm improving my own answers! ;)
hey I left a comment way before, was just semi-busy :)
trying to make this query not suck on performance
also you forgot .triggerHandler('click'), want to include all 3? :)
@Nick: I purposely left it out because he said he was attaching to "onclick", which could mean the DOM attribute :-)
6:22 PM
6 months != 120 days, i need to buy a few people calculators
6 months = 1/2 years = 365/2 = 182 days
for this purpose a simple 180 days would suffice, but 120 is wayyyy off
@Nick: I don't think it's supposed to work
> To trigger handlers bound via jQuery without also triggering the native event, use .triggerHandler() instead.
native event's following the href though
they really need to clarify that in many doc pages
@Nick: I think "bound via jQuery" is a pretty clear statement to make, that's just not the actual behaviour :-)
6:33 PM
wtf...can't customize keyboard shortcuts in chrome?
@Andy - I dunno, I mean .triggerHandler() really just calls .trigger() with .preventDefault() and .stopPropgation(), so from the code it looks like the .stopDefault() is what they mean by disabling the "native event" (which I think should read "native action")....whatever the intent though, that's what it is atm
@Marc - you see the stars on the right issue with replies?
oh no, they've noticed ;p
OK, I'll add a strip mechanism to the stars panel... give me a few minutes...
I might even play with the 4.0 tools (released the 4.0 upgrade earlier)
@MarcGravell ?
Simply the parent-id shouldn't show in the RHS window
.net 4?
6:46 PM
vs 2010 is such an improvement, you'll love moving into for everything
we've been using 2010 from day zero; simply we had our project starting as 3.5
ahh gotcha
and asp.net 2 instead of 4. Actually, most of the upgrade issues are asp.net 4.0, not .net itself or mvc.
the validateRequest="false" break really got me, can't see how that isn't really pointed out in the breaking notes
6:50 PM
that one bit us during one of the early betas, when someone (no names, Jeff) decided to change the app-pool settings wiuthout asking the dev team ;p
but the one that annoyed me earlier was the http-modules; VS failed to upgrade it cleanly, and it completely failed to run. Not even a YSOD, even when asking from the server's console. Turned out a combination of config settings rendered the config bork unreadable.
and of course requestValidationMode
ah yeah hit every one of those on our upgrade too
should be a common breaking changes list in bold red with the upgrade
hit any others I should check for?
can't think of any at the moment, the biggest ones in my mind are the linq-to-oracle issues we had with a provider update, but not something you'd run into on SO
just testing that RHS fix ;p
I know some people have hit problems with the CAS changes.
It broke HyperDescriptor, for example - I know someone reported a bug there (and someone else on SO fixed it, which saved me some work ;p)
(something to do with a security assertion that is no longer allowed)
And people with "warnings as errors" could get lots of build problems with obsoleted methods, etc. Especially if they deal with app-domains in particular trust levels.
7:07 PM
I need to finish tracking it down, but there appears to be a threading bug in the MSDeploy model with 2010 as well, it doesn't wait for all files to get deleted before trying the parent directory (as a separate final step for some reason) and fails to deploy
optional parameters have been awesome though, got to run through and refactor things for a few days, incredibly cleaner...also the JSON serialization classes have tremendously improved
Question I just noticed some questions on stack overflow (The main page) have a yellow background color surronding that question. What is the purpose of that ?
I bet they're not as good as [gets hit]
@Jon - link?
@JonH - are they in tags that you have marked as favorites?
well just go to the "new" questions on the stackoverflow page. The background div on some questions are yellow.
o could be @ Marc Gravell :)
just added C# as a favorite today so that could be it.
7:10 PM
Yes, that corresponds to your "Interesting Tags" choice.
@JonH Probably due to your interesting tags.
@JonH They're highlighted if you listed them under Interesting Tags.
lol at our responses
@BoltClock - got it now thanks
Why are my responses doing that ?
@BoltClock Jinx? ;)
7:11 PM
Doing... what?
stating doc type, basically all the html ?
@JonH Don't forget you're among programmers and engineers. Details please. :)
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC...<html> body ....<img src=...
ah! I've just deployed.
the server was unavailable for a second...
I was hoping nobody would notice ;p
@MarcGravell aha that is probably why
7:12 PM
Unfortunately... :P
@Marc Gravell arent you supposed to do that after hours :d
@Nick - stars happy now?
Then again you guys are global there is no such thing as after hours :) or after hours depends on your location.
There isn't much of an after-hours when it comes to chat rooms. Or SO in general, really
7:12 PM
@JohnH - I am ;p it is 20:15 here - sounds "out of hours" to me ;p
@Marc - looks good
It's 0315 here...
@Marc - Did you end up writing up the chat client for SO ?
@MarcGravell - Looking good the only thing I would recommend changing is the starting "Loading page". Otherwise the functionality seems to be pretty good.
Yes, me and @balpha. And Jeff has been chipping-in when available too. And Jin for styling.
And what would you change it to?
"Not loading; ERROR!!!" ;p ?
I would say just a small change to the design not the actual functionality. It looks a little bit pre 21st century.
7:16 PM
Needs more pointless animations
we should send squeals over the sound, and bring in "loading" one pixel-line at a time, like back in the days of tape ;p
*parties like it's 1999*
Dancing frogs or something
I'd add some rounded styling to it at least to match the other UI bits
@mmyers yes it lacks animated gifs
7:17 PM
Some <blink>?
@mmyers dancing hamsters
and midi files that play when it loads
Also, framesets.
Oh, what is that web-site that does that... scrapes it and adds in all sorts of crap to make it look like a first-generation geocities page...
(this is not a joke; that "tool" exists)
7:18 PM
I know that. I forget the URL too.
i know the one you mean, can't remember the url
I only know about IE6ify, screws with styling to make it look like IE6 did it.
@marcgravell I'm getting a 500.
@BoltClock can't you achieve the same effect with adblock and a *.css rule?
oh, works now.
7:20 PM
i think that is the geocities thing
It scraps the chat so much you can't click anywhere without getting
ah, the good old days ;p
I created mine with crayons.
I coded my website with 0 and 1 on my wooden computer
this is going to turn into the yorkshireman sketch any minute :)
7:24 PM
Well, I was gonna say something about copy con website.htm... but shucks, Notepad takes the cake.
And by "cake", I mean "beaten to sleep with a bag of rocks"
Never gets old.
Wonder if anyone ever tried using emacs on an eMac.
Feature request: add that to all SE betas
Hold on, lemme go fetch the one I used to use for my site like 9 years ago...
@BoltCLock LOL
7:27 PM
Can't remember where I found him.
he looks like he's enjoying that
@Fara I knew someone would say that.
I didn't, because he looks fairly miserable
some people enjoy miserable
7:29 PM
Those people should consult their dictionaries
my all time favourite from the days of msn messenger...
(oh no we don't)
Oh god
tell me that's not you, at least!
I'll do nothing of the sort
7:31 PM
You're gonna scare people with that :/
hey, he looks a fair bit happier than the jackhammer dude...
Sure does
Who gets a kick out of a jackhammer anyway?
@BoltClock your momma...
so was the sushi any good from that place?
7:33 PM
well, you have drawn attention to a bug that has crept in (with flags). Possibly a .net 4 thing; investigating...
had to $("img[src='http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/jalopnik/2008/12/Nissan-GT-R-Hump.gif']").remove(); that was getting distracting :)
oh damn you url shortener
$("img[src$='Nissan-GT-R-Hump.gif']").remove(); it is
Well, I'm off to watch I, Robot. Meanwhile you can chat away prolifickly and get me that [words escape me] scrolled off the screen
It just gloriously disappeared. Did it get flagged?
I edited it ;p
+1 > @MarcGravell. You saved my eyes :)
7:38 PM
But yes, it did get flagged. On my screen (and anyone with 10k?) it appears with a blue glyph. But for some reason it isn't counting in the overall flag stats. I have no idea why!
awww, i'll never have 10k meta rep :)
@MarcGravell Yeah, I saw the flag...
Actuall, I still see I
you should clear the flag
No, I am investigating a bug with it ;p
clearing it would be silly...
Do deleted posts still show up to 10k users? Because I will be glad of my 4k rep if so
No, they don't
7:40 PM
You can review the history, though (IIRC)
Why was I flagged?
'cos I needed something to compare the broken one to ;p
Have another :P
Marc, pleas make the code font match the one used on SO
which font... the main chat text?
@MarcGravell Well, I believe SO uses Consolas
Oh, i meant the monospace font
7:45 PM
One moment...
font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, 'Lucida Console', 'Liberation Mono', 'DejaVu Sans Mono', 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', 'Courier New', monospace, serif;
I'll see if we do anything specific in chat...
@MarcGravell Needz moar "Comic Sans"...
Hasn't anyone else noticed the lack of consolas in chat?
I hate all the text in Chat
They all look different to me
Actually, that improved slightly - was Arial. Now verdana.
7:51 PM
I don't see any changes, should I be?
@PiersMyers How long has it been since you were here last?
only been here a short time - first time for me. when were the changes made?
@PiersMyers They have been consistently making changes since it was released.
ah, I quite like the font as it is (anything as long as it's not Comic Sans)
"let me play around ,then I'll let you try and break it" - my favorite words coming from a DBA or network guy
7:56 PM
@PiersMyers I was only complaining about the code font
@NickCraver did you break it?
i shall soon :)
good luck
we don't have production database access, even select, which they're setting up via web access to run queries...good enough for the issues that come up
but we have the pass to the account that's used since it's in the build and web.config, so we can login as an editing user....need to disable any mutable operations
@NickCraver Ah,, good luck destroying the db
currently access is network firewalled for all production oracle boxes, so this opens a new hole that needs to be covered
ty, i'll try my best....time to find oracle commands i've never heard of
testing SHUTDOWN first thing, too mean?
7:59 PM
@NickCraver that's a good start
Is that enough consolas for people? (needs hard-F5)
Took you long enough
Way better
Now, I want to be able to choose my font. WYSWYG editor?
Sure, just drop in your own CSS ;p
@jjnguy cheek! as it happens I was still fixing the vote-counter oddity.
@MarcGravell Touche
mucho better
8:05 PM
Ug, meeting time.
@MarcGravell the long font-family message you sent earlier overlaps the edge of the chat area
with google chrome
it looks like it's not wrapping to the next line where it should
@Fara do you mean this message: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/chats/message/106458?offset=60 ? If so, it's OK in FF
@Fara hmmm; can indeed repro; that is bleeding into the zone where stars sometimes appear.
8:09 PM
@Richard yes that one
Presumably relates to white-space: pre; word-wrap: normal; - I'll see what is up with that ;p
8:23 PM
who is this "Nick Craver" fellow and what has he done with our beloved @jonskeet ? http://stackexchange.com/leagues
bad bad @NickCraver
it wasn't me!
well done Nick for knocking Jon off the top spot, can't have been easy - do you have the stamina to keep it up?
@Fara Fixed now, I think (tested Chrome, IE and Safari)
@PiersMyers I highly doubt it, just started answering questions one day, competitions going up on SO though, increased a lot since I started
the best way to get someone's rep climb stopped is for Jeff to hire them and put 'em to work 24/7 :)
am I wrong on that @Marc? aren't you much busier now?
@MarcGravell yeah, it's fixed for me too. thanks! :)
8:36 PM
@NickCraver I used to SO a bit during my train commute (mobile dongle). My commute now consists of "roll out of bed, walk zombie-like downstairs and put kettle on, head to home-office"
ah makes sense
I used to do it quite a bit during work because of the way my duties were structured. But then that changed in July of last year. You can tell pretty easily by my rep graph.
I do still chime in, though ;p I haven't defected...
9:07 PM
mutters something about drive-by down-votes
It's so frustrating not to have 2000 rep yet on SU, and have to look at posts that need editing.
@LanceRoberts I feel the same way about SO. That said, I still haven't answered any questions there in a while. :)
(jangles his meagre 559 points but shiny ♦ in an objectionable way)
Hey Robert
(oh no, our community co-ordinator saw me being objectionable to the community ;p)
OK, I'm off for today. Night all.
9:12 PM
nite marc
@MarcGravell g'night
9:34 PM
@LanceRoberts Yeah... But then you remember it's SU.
@GeorgeMarian God's gift to painfully-swollen egos
@Shog9 LOL Not when the down-voter has his head up his butt. :)
Meh... If he left a comment, you'd have to argue with him.
Actually, he did. So that was good, and he actually returned to reply to my reply. But, he's still wrong.
So, I guess it was really drive-by voting, but rather abandonment.
...now you'll be up all night...
@George: "But, he's still wrong..." xkcd.com/386
9:37 PM
@Dexter LOL
Thing is, I got downvoted for posting a link to a NYTimes article. But, it wasn't because of the content. The guy thought that he couldn't access the article w/o registering for the site. But, the article is from 1905 or something like that. You don't have to register fer it...just click the button that says "View full article." =/
Property Descriptors, oh how I loathe thee.
anyway, enough bitching, think i got that out of my system, for now
1 hour later…
11:00 PM
I'm back!
11:22 PM
@Chacha102 You were gone? ;)
11:37 PM
is it Friday yet?
It's my Friday.
19 minutes and counting.
11 hours ago, by spoulson
Then I guess it's always Monday in the US.
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