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7:02 PM
can you try something? pick one of my messages, click the reply function for it and reply? (ie. don't type @lasse etc.)
there's another difference between @lasse and manual reply, @lasse makes a sound, if I've configured it to do it
a'ight! We're getting somewhere now... This is starting to work like Sonork! Just needs a one-click reply (two pixel-perfect clicks is too much work)
Where are we going?
We're going back in Time, to the year 2000!
7:06 PM
Does hovering over shogs second reply seem broken to anyone else?
yeah, apparently editing a reply breaks it
which specific reply, and broken how? the one about "we're getting somewhere now"?
...although editing in a reply seems to work...
@LasseVKarlsen i think i was mistaken
I think it's working
(too quick to jump to assumptions)
7:07 PM
perhaps that's the bug
i was thinking it was failing to highlight the message it was responding to
Hey @MarcGravell
but... the message had merely scrolled off-screen
@shog, so did I, exactly...
I feel dumb
7:08 PM
what did I miss?
so, feature-request: hover over reply that has scrolled off the screen, show an arrow (or similar) at the top of the screen
@MarcGravell only just the most exciting nothing ever...
don't feel bad - just blame Marc
Eh, Marc - crappy UI you got here...
if you have seen the addins for Visual Studio that shows block-starts when you hover over the }, where the "if (whatever) {" is off the screen, you know what I mean
it doesn't show me things that aren't visible!
7:09 PM
I blame Scott H.
...that SoB
@MarcGravell Feature Request: Paged Room Lists. I can't keep creating nonsense rooms like chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/140/de-motivational-posters or chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/144/get-off-my-lawn if they keep getting moved off the page
BTW, the first one was:
yes - already logged
7:10 PM
I got sidetracked today
@MarcGravell is it by design that I can't post the same message twice?
and lost some time this afternoon to stoooooopid car salesman
yes @justin
@MarcGravell is it by design that I can't post the same message twice ?
@Justin - twice in a row, yes; by-design
7:10 PM
@Chacha102, don't you mean that we need paged room lists BECAUSE you are creating those rooms?
if you have seen the addins for Visual Studio that shows block-starts when you hover over the }, where the "if (whatever) {" is off the screen, you know what I mean
i suppose that makes sense
Well, I can ... post the same message twice in a row I mean, perhaps I'm special
@rchern That is what I said..
7:11 PM
there is a time limit as well
lousy time limit
nice use of creative whitespace
7:11 PM
breakin' my streak
c-c-c-c-c-c-ombo breaker!!
or something like that...
@Chacha102 I don't think you understood what I said, heh.
the de-duping is to stop accidental double posting
it ruined my 'double agree' joke...
it ruined my 'double agree' joke...
7:12 PM
for evil shog9s, we have other measures (muhahaha!)
So it's a mind-reader, if I want to make a point by double-posting the same reply twice, it won't stop me? :)
We have bold for that...
There's combinations you know
7:13 PM
Does bold italics work? *emphasis* (No)
The auto-highlight for both explicit and implicit replies is cool, however the bent-arrow needs to have an "@username" auto-appended to it because the only way to see who it was aimed at is to do the hover.
and that failed spectacularly on markdown formatting
multi-line bypasses markdown
it assumes you are pasting from somewhere
7:14 PM
yeah, ok
and most somewheres aren't markdown
(how do you do multi line?) (don't wanna read the faq)
it's a LCD Teletype
7:14 PM
just hit enter after the end of each line
@Shog9 **exactly**; if people did that we'd all be happy
besides, let people know where you are going sooner...
ahhh, I expected it to be <kbd>ctrl</kbd>
...and no, you can't have live character updates
glad you saw where that was headed...
... until Jeff wakes up and figures you could usurp Google Wave
7:17 PM
don't count on it. It took them like 8 months to get Wave to the point where it could handle seriously large conversations. Impressive once they had it going, but probably a bit more than SO needs on its plate
OK; here's one for @Shog-the-editor...
currently, the "reply" link is only available if the text area is empty
so yeah, *back to Sonork*: how 'bout letting me do a reply simply by clicking on the post i'm replying to and typing something
Do you think I should just insert it instead?
@Shog - that is... brilliantly simple
7:18 PM
yeah, I stole it straight from Sonork
never seen workable replies in an IM/Chat client before or since
@Shog9 what is this thing you speak of?
Which "reply link" are you talking about? I feel like I'm missing a piece of the conversation here
@Lasse - click the action-menu (▼)
aha, now I get it, it disappears if I type something in the edit box first
Can I reply to more than one message at the same time?
7:20 PM
yeah, I just write the reply, then hit reply, cut the number out and edit it back into my previous post
So then the heuristics would have to be more than that
If you have something in the box, and that something starts with a : + a number that refers to a message (ie. something that the post-processing would convert to a link), hide the reply link
Otherwise, insert the : + number + space at the start of the text
yes, we can re-apply the regex we use at the server etc
and now you have two problems!
right; glad the system is up, but have to head off. Wine is needed.
7:23 PM
I still think we should've written the whole thing in brainf*ck -- which doesn't have regex support
problem solved
@MarcGravell see you later
@MarcGravell red wine? I hope so...
Nah, I'm happy with our "ook" implementation. It took some getting used to, but I like it.
this room has been busy...
I wanna be able to make graphs....now that would be fun to see
yeah - message load has really jumped since -4
7:25 PM
(Chat API?)
yes; they are available via "info", on the stats tab
@MarcGravell WOW, more tabs...thats cool
not abruptly evident though
When you said "have to head off, wine is needed", was that a 2 second break? or more like "see you later"? :) Because I responded to the latter, but it looks like the former
I wonder if google charts work here
@Shog9 prepend a !
7:27 PM
...with some coaxing...
ah, that works too!
I wish there were a [view source] link
marc's graphs are google charts, btw
so i could see what the heck he is excited about
so they are... I assumed you were using some fancy .NET thingy
@balpha Bug/feature request My posts should never be below a dotted line (the most recent dotted line)
7:31 PM
okay, I'll add .monologue.user-2598 {border-color: white !important;} to the css
@balpha that's probably a great idea
(i meant, a user should never see their post below a dotted line, because they have obviously already seen it)
I gotcha :)
(on second though, that's a stupid idea)
I was thinking .monologue.user-2598 {display: none !important;}
@MarcGravell perma bad
hard coded in
i can't type, that was supposed to be 'perma ban'. I'm gonna mute myself for a while
@MarcGravell @balpha feature request: A link to the blog somewhere might be a good ideatoo
7:36 PM
maybe in the FAQ I guess
Just create a separate room, call it, "Blog", and feed in the blog's RSS
(or ATOM, or whatever the blog uses now)
Well, that makes sense for chat.meta.stackoverflow.com
heck, the room could even be forced "sticky" into the lobby
@MarcGravell I dunno 'why?'. I have just wanted to get to the blog from chat a few times and have noticed that there is no link to the blog
but I don't think it makes sense for chat.noodles.com
@MarcGravell that's a good idea
7:38 PM
unless your next side-site is blog.XYZ.com? :)
oooohhh.... quiet!
nah; I was planning some quip about geeks needing dating.XYZ.com, but it wasn't funny so I deleted it
that would be a good idea
that is, not to delete it, but the site... I mean, who knows programmers better than ... other programmers?
I'm pretty blinkered with chat at the moment; I have broad knowledge of what else is going on, etc. But we're definitely busy ;p
@Lasse yes, but imagine the ratios...
can use careers for that -- just need to define "job" quite loosely
yeah, I was just thinking that
7:41 PM
100,000 guys who can't get a date giving dating advice to other guys who can't get dates
on dating.stackoverflow.com, 45768 guys, 2 girls
dating.XYZ.com wouldn't be about giving date advice
to be fair, a large number of SO users have girls. (Most likely)
...2 girls giving dating advice to each other and ignoring everyone else
it would be about dating other people on XYZ.com
they have girls
not... they are girls
useless to me
Which reminds me. I have to go and spend some time with the wife. Night all.
7:42 PM
enjoy the wine
enjoy the wife
and "some time" is not a euphemism
"spend" better be then
@shog, is that a picture of you?
7:44 PM
which one?
the signal/noise graph? totally.
the head, presumably
The one in your profile...
well, it used to be
untill you took a scissors to it
and a scanner
(or photoshop)
exactly. There was originally a neck stump
I tend to assume people are what they put in their gravatars; it just makes things easier
Mine is an exact replica.
shit, I should probably get some work done before i head off for the weekend.
@mmyers yeah, when do we get an interesting gravatar?
well, @mmyers at least has a recognizable identicon
Yeah, it is fairly distinct, because it is made out of a few larger shapes
I always think Lance Roberts is Rich B.
7:49 PM
Similar gravatar?
wonder if I should play some SC2
@balpha yea, pretty close
anyone here play StarCraft 2 and would like to play a "vs. A.I." game?
7:51 PM
It is a little sad that I can identify most people by little tiny icons.
is SC2 worth buying?
it depends on what kind of games you like
okay, I'm calling it a night -- remember, this is the chat feedback room
for a single player, it has some levels that are different from the norm, not what I expected, which is good
typically strategy games tend to add a "sneak-past-everyone" type of level every 2-3 levels
@balpha you should 'freeze' us
7:53 PM
SC2 doesn't, it adds different mechanisms into the fray
timeout: please use the tavern
The Tavern (General) - Here we have our fill of bread and wine, and then tell of tales of other times we've had our fill of bread and wine.
This very room is for chat feedback
back by popular demand....
@balpha that needs lots of fixing up before it should get used regularly...
but, i'm gonna talk about it in a Meta question
That felt dirty...
8:31 PM
Is this still frozen?
Gonna go with no
Guess not.
Q: Chat Timeout - Feedback

Justin 'jjnguy' NelsonWe were recently frozen in a chat room for being too off topic, and because I suggested it. (Oops) I do think it is a good idea overall, but it needs some work. The feature is intended to get discussion going back in the right direction, which is why it was used here. A few people began talkin...

That screenshot seems to indicate the message didn't go through, but I see it right after the timeout message from balpha
8:46 PM
Perhaps this is a good addition to the argument about "no private messages"?
Is there no way in this system to say "Hey man, your messages are too off-topic" other than "let's ban everyone"
9:28 PM
Re the lock; a more graceful mechanism is already in-progress.
For now, I guess Ben just changed the room's mode. I guess we could broadcast that and make your clients aware of it, though. Seems a far-far-corner case one the improved mechanism exists, so I doubt it is worth it (we shouldn't be changing the room-mode very frequenetly)
But still, a message like "You all suck!" is needed :)
meh; it is implied
in Gaming, 2010-08-06, by Arda Xi
aww, no link to the tweet it replied to
On the twitter magic links, do you think we could do some tweet threading? maybe the way twitter does it?
@tzenes What about replies?
Tweeted by ArdaXi on August 6, 2010 at 9:31 PM in reply to tzenes
like that please
thank you
9:43 PM
hai hai hai stackoverflow :)
how is everyone today :)
apparently, everyone is away
for sadness
its still pretty early for friday
so today I took off a little early, figured it would be one of those times where I'd be pretty hopeless at finishing anything profound in the last half hour of the day
turns out to be a WPF project -- I've never used it before, but I have a book. I made a comment to my coworker that I should really take the time to learn it, and I have a full weekend ahead of me to do so
so he looks at me says "ju, darlingness, don't spend your weekend learning WPF, go out and have some fun"
and me he made me promise that I'd use my weekend to party irresponsibly and immorally
so here I am, on SO, being immoral
10:41 PM
Hey can we get blog.stackoverflow.com to be a magic link too?
11:25 PM
a magic link?
like when you paste in an amazon article
it shows all the text nice and big, picture of a product, etc
he wants it so that the post will somewhat be displayed (excerpt, title, etc)
the url itself isn't readable enough? (;
I like this:
Q: Auto-Join Rooms

Chacha102It would be really helpful if I didn't have to manually join the rooms I'm interested in every time I launch chat. What I'd suggest is one of two mechanisms for auto-joining chat rooms. Auto-Join Favorites Make a setting so that you will automatically join rooms you mark as 'favorites'. Remembe...

better than this:
...I was being sarcastic. Heed the smiley!
You know that girl who was upset about the privacy?
After a response for Jeff, she is no longer with us
in Chat .. that is.
11:30 PM
Ok and?
I thought it was funny..
We spent an hour telling her that Chat was not like IRC Chat. It is meant to be viewed, reviewed, and focused on a topic, not off-topic things like most IRC Chats tend to be about
Still not seeing the funny...
And she just didn't get it...
meh whatever.
11:33 PM
No. Until Jeff answered, there was still a possibility.
Anyway. I agree with letting blog posts be formatted. Maybe with the first 100-200 words and the title
I would think anything more than 50 would be excessive.
characters, sorry
@tzenes, post it on Meta as a [chat] and [feature-request] (:
@rchern which?
11:39 PM
in Chat feedback, 2010-08-06, by tzenes
Hey can we get blog.stackoverflow.com to be a magic link too?
@tzenes Thanks for the plug :)
Upvoted! (:
np @Chacha102
Having it in the image wasn't enough, you have to spam it in the comments too? oO Hehu
11:54 PM
There needed to be a link!!!
can someone create the tag [magic-link] on meta, I don't have the rep

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