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12:03 PM
@SonicWizard oh. Sorry, thought that since you openly wrote against the pings you also flagged.
@ShadowWizard Thank you very much, and sorry for the misunderstanding ;)
12:20 PM
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Watching @watch
you're gaining events too fast
⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ I am alive!
@ShadowWizard what? XD
12:34 PM
@SillyBot hello
@ShadowoftheShadow ⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ love is in the air
@SillyBot how are you?
@ShadowoftheShadow ⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ why me?
@SillyBot will you reply now?
@SillyBot help
⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆
help/?/??/???/huh?/help!/help!!/help!!! - Brings up this very menu. Duh!
about/about me/who are you/what are you/who am I - Boring info about the bot
bye/go away/shutdown/shut down/kill/terminate/stop/exit - Three guesses. What? OK. It cause me to go away. Mercy!
any other command - I reply something useless. How cool is that? :)
12:37 PM
@SillyBot go away
⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish
oh wait, that was an actual command
of course
like !!silence for @Kenny
12:37 PM
@SillyBot about
⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish
⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ I am alive!
@SillyBot about
@PrincessLuna ⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ I am SillyBot (version 0.1), and was created by Shadow Wizard to spread some love in the world. Have fun!
@ShadowWizard JavaScript, right?
@SillyBot ping @ShadowWizard
@PrincessLuna how you know? ;)
it can't handle rate limit
12:38 PM
@ShadowWizard I'm a magical pony princess, remember? ;)
@SillyBot ping @ShadowWizard
@PrincessLuna ⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ love boat
12:57 PM
//kill @SillyBot
> shoots @SillyBot. HEADSHOT!
@SillyBot alive
@PrincessLuna ⁅SillyBot V0.1⁆ dong
//lick @sha
> Licks @sha. Tastes like coffee!
2:04 PM
~ Wizard of Ahh's
1 hour later…
3:17 PM
@ShadowWizard you discovered the element of surprise??? :P
@ShadowWizard Remove the feature? There's >>ban and >>gameban for a reason :P
I think I gave the permission to use those to you too
@ShadowWizard Maybe just a one-time message though, if people decide to not join the game (they wouldn't want to be spammed)?
@ProgramFOX well, point is they won't reply to @FOX by mistake, only if they want to play. No?
I think they could
but wait
done waiting
@PrincessLuna Ahh
@ShadowWizard ohh (?)
3:25 PM
Mostly people who will see @FOX reply words, will see the (?) link anyway
so if they think "what's this", they'll click that link
then read about the game
@ProgramFOX right
@ShadowWizard jus (?)
still... most people won't click it :/
@FOX9000 juice
@ShadowWizard import (?)
I'd argue it's not a bad idea to not let people know about >>joingame without they have read the FAQ
3:26 PM
@Pro it's more as quick reminder to people like @Pri who forgot they left the game.
(or @Vog who wasn't aware he need to join in the first place)
yeah but people who deliberately don't join the game may still want to reply to the bot without getting an obnoxious reply about running >>joingame, and having a one-time-only >>joingame reminder defeats the point for the cases you mentioned
Yeah.... oh well, not that important. :)
@Alisha Hey!
@PrincessLuna Hold on a second.
@Alisha Why?
3:41 PM
@PrincessLuna I'm not asking you to marry me.
@Alisha Good. Me neither
@PrincessLuna Shoot.
@Alisha The answer would have been no btw
@PrincessLuna Remember the science, would your friends makes an answer you.
3:41 PM
@PrincessLuna No logs. All good! :D
4:32 PM
@PrincessLuna Shut up! Gimme up! Help!
lol, what? XD
@PrincessLuna I'll be the back back back.
@PrincessLuna I'm sure it is not that!
hah, your bot is telling you to shut up
4:33 PM
lol, yeah
Oh god what have I done XD
I set up two instances of Alisha, one on my account and one on the sock
The bot is talking to the bot XD
dammit, I broke it XD
5:10 PM
Moosebot has been activated.
Bot restarted after crash.
Bot restarted after crash.
Chat just became unavailable
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Vogel612's Shadow   , seen 2 hours ago (29)
5:25 PM
The servers died
the socket stayed up
all mine died
which sucks, because this took a while to set up XD
cc @sha btw ^
6:00 PM
Got Alisha to talk to herself, lol
6:45 PM
Oh I totally forgot!
Happy Nowruz everyone! @Sha @PrincessLuna @Prog @rene @TheLittleNaruto @InsaneCat @Pandya @Alisha even @KennyBOT @NogSh @Mooseman
7:01 PM
happy Nowruz @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ
What was @Petter doing here? O.o
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Happy what? :D
@PrincessLuna no, happy Nowruz
What's Nowruz?
@PrincessLuna Iranian new year
7:09 PM
Happy Nowruz @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ!
1 hour later…
8:09 PM
~ In the Shadow of the Pines
8:21 PM
~ Not everything is star-worthy...
@PrincessLuna I don't know.
@PrincessLuna supper (?)
@FOX9000 meal
8:23 PM
@PrincessLuna midday (?)
@FOX9000 noon
@PrincessLuna easterly (?)
@FOX9000 easter
@PrincessLuna salzburg (?)
@FOX9000 germany
8:26 PM
@PrincessLuna adolf (?)
@FOX9000 nazi
@PrincessLuna reich (?)
@FOX9000 deutschland
@PrincessLuna deutsch (?)
@FOX9000 language
8:26 PM
@PrincessLuna pronoun (?)
@FOX9000 she
@PrincessLuna giggle (?)
@FOX9000 jiggle
@FOX9000 laugh
@PrincessLuna heartily (?)
8:27 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ wobble
@PrincessLuna gravity (?)
@FOX9000 <3
@PrincessLuna bubble
@FOX9000 velocity
@PrincessLuna stellar (?)
8:27 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ hubble
@PrincessLuna relativity (?)
@FOX9000 stars
@PrincessLuna shine (?)
@FOX9000 flexible
@PrincessLuna babble
8:27 PM
@PrincessLuna duality (?)
@FOX9000 nog
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ chatter
@PrincessLuna dad (?)
@FOX9000 two
@PrincessLuna ape (?)
@FOX9000 parent
8:28 PM
@PrincessLuna touchdown (?)
@PrincessLuna splatter
@PrincessLuna grandparent (?)
@FOX9000 movie
@PrincessLuna horror (?)
FOX you can't win this
@FOX9000 weaver
@FOX9000 old
@PrincessLuna young (?)
@FOX9000 fear
@PrincessLuna enmity (?)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ occupation
8:37 PM
@PrincessLuna clandestine (?)
@FOX9000 16
@PrincessLuna sixteen (?)
@FOX9000 emit
@PrincessLuna supernova (?)
@FOX9000 person
8:37 PM
@PrincessLuna respectable (?)
@FOX9000 number
@PrincessLuna sticker (?)
@FOX9000 explosion
@PrincessLuna ignite (?)
@FOX9000 important
8:37 PM
@PrincessLuna critically (?)
@FOX9000 sticker
@PrincessLuna That word is already said in the latest 10 words. Please use another. (In case I'm mistaken, run >>rmword sticker and then >>reply 6798019)
@FOX9000 fire
@FOX9000 dangerously
@PrincessLuna trench (?)
@PrincessLuna near (?)
@FOX9000 war
8:38 PM
@PrincessLuna aftermath (?)
@FOX9000 close
@PrincessLuna quarter (?)
@FOX9000 afterwards
@PrincessLuna wr (?)
@FOX9000 15
8:38 PM
No associated word found for 15.
>>link 15 fifteen
@PrincessLuna Link added.
@FOX9000 ws
No associated word found for ws.
@FOX9000 15
>>continue ws web_socket
8:39 PM
@PrincessLuna fifteen (?)
@PrincessLuna 'recent' has a value of -1, which is not a valid message ID. Please provide an explicit ID.
@FOX9000 age
>>link ws web_socket
@PrincessLuna aged (?)
@PrincessLuna Link is already added.
@FOX9000 ws
@FOX9000 older
@PrincessLuna web socket (?)
@PrincessLuna adult (?)
@FOX9000 programming
@FOX9000 wizard
8:40 PM
@PrincessLuna aired (?)
@PrincessLuna conjure (?)
@FOX9000 bared
@FOX9000 tv
@PrincessLuna broadcast (?)
@FOX9000 summon
@PrincessLuna acceleration (?)
8:41 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ bar
@PrincessLuna parlour (?)
@FOX9000 transmit
@PrincessLuna request (?)
@FOX9000 song
@PrincessLuna tune (?)
8:41 PM
@FOX9000 tattoo
@PrincessLuna polynesia (?)
@FOX9000 ask
@PrincessLuna anxiously (?)
@FOX9000 prepare
@PrincessLuna offensive (?)
8:42 PM
@FOX9000 hate
@PrincessLuna odious (?)
@FOX9000 region
@PrincessLuna ural (?)
@FOX9000 afraid
@PrincessLuna tremble (?)
8:43 PM
@FOX9000 mountains
@PrincessLuna hike (?)
@FOX9000 shake
@PrincessLuna bough (?)
@FOX9000 walk
@PrincessLuna shutout (?)
8:43 PM
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@FOX9000 blockade
@PrincessLuna vessel (?)
@FOX9000 cough
@PrincessLuna swallow (?)
8:47 PM
@FOX9000 ew
@PrincessLuna jam (?)
9:08 PM
yes I accidentally click on this some times
look around in confusion
and try to leave without being noticed
but the floor's so creaky
@JeremyBanks yeah, blame @sha
he just insisted on keeping the old floors even though they're centuries old
But NOOO, wizards need the old-school pre-"kill-them-all"-floor styles
dammit, now this is gonna bug me
what was it called again, when witches and wizards and stuff were hunted down and burned?
I'm just a hedgehog wearing a wizard costume...please don't hunt down and burn me
9:51 PM
de pings
//kill @SonicWizard, for being a wizard,
> @SonicWizard, for being a wizard, stepped on a landmine
sprints fast away
1 hour later…
10:54 PM
~ The Wizard of Id
11:45 PM
The Inquisition was a group of institutions within the government system of the Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy. It started in 12th-century France to combat religious dissent, in particular the Cathars and the Waldensians. Other groups investigated later included the Spiritual Franciscans, the Hussites (followers of Jan Hus) and the Beguines. Beginning in the 1250s, inquisitors were generally chosen from members of the Dominican Order, replacing the earlier practice of using local clergy as judges. The term Medieval Inquisition covers these courts up to mid-15th century. During the...
@JeremyBanks as you should! Where else will you hear ping songs and peeing bots? :D
~ That is gross ....
whoa @Jer is fast!
We also have Stalk Board
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