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5:12 AM
5:41 AM
@ShadowWizard intervention
how about a quote @Shadow
Its Time.
yup, only above two words
@DroidDev involvement :P
@SilentKiller nose
@DroidDev eye
@Dro you were missing i'd fired and FIR too. :P
@SilentKiller fired? why?
@SilentKiller poke
@DroidDev you were missing so. :P
@DroidDev nudge
5:44 AM
@SilentKiller was it you who was fired? or did you think that I was fired? or did you fire me? I am sorry, I am not able to understand that sentence :P
@SilentKiller grudge
@DroidDev where were you ? :P
@DroidDev resent
@Dro you know how to disable HOME_Key ?
@SilentKiller until you don't write your own launcher, I don't think there is a way
@SilentKiller workload. I don't think I'll be around much today either or in coming days
@SilentKiller present
@DroidDev can't do it with Lock Screen in stead of launcher ?
@DroidDev absent
@DroidDev samehere.
6:01 AM
@SilentKiller I once tried to write a launcher of my own and actually succeeded in doing 80% of it before project was scrapped. I found code to get click event of home button in launcher's code at that time. Therefore, I said that. I don't think/know if lock screen's code have/should have any relation to click event of home button
@SilentKiller good
@SilentKiller minded
@DroidDev i know about launcher as i had made 4 apps as launcher.
@DroidDev care
@SilentKiller then you should be able to do it easily
@DroidDev its not my issue dude and even i don't have code. :/
launcher and lock screen both are different if i give permission of launcher to lock screen that will not be the solution as my lock screen will work like launcher then
@SilentKiller so, you want your home button functional on your lock screen?
@SilentKiller customer
@DroidDev i want that on my lockscreen HOME_BUTTON should not work. ;)
6:12 AM
@SilentKiller I don't think it does much with current settings either :/
that's weird, I don't know what you are making, but, I am quite certain that once your app reaches certain amounts of downloads, google will remove it from play store
and by certain amount I mean the number of downloads it takes an app to get focus of google
@DroidDev have you checked Go Locker ?
@SilentKiller nope
@DroidDev try it. want same.
@SilentKiller updating my device to lollipop right now
will do it after
6:27 AM
@DroidDev which one ?
@DroidDev seller
@SilentKiller s4
@DroidDev your own ?
But there is new quote, didn't you notice? I loved Terry, he was a great writer. :/
morning @Sil!
@SilentKiller shop
@Dro not able to see your friend list so can't find @Sha on Fb. :P
@ShadowWizard I don't think that makes it any less motivational
@SilentKiller yup
6:39 AM
@SilentKiller why can't you see his friends list?
@SilentKiller his email is exposed in his about me
@DroidDev shh! It was a top secret :D
@ShadowWizard I have hidden it(I think), can you see it?
@DroidDev oh wow, we can do that?! lol, never really tried to see it. :D
@DroidDev done.
@ShadowWizard lol :P
6:40 AM
Anyway @Sil feel free invite me and I'll confirm :)
sent @Sha
@ShadowWizard keeper
@Dro when you buy S4 ?
@SilentKiller cool, dunno when I'll log in, prefer not doing it from work but no worry I'll do it at some point. ;)
@SilentKiller well....recently...
@SilentKiller guardian
planning on s6 edge now @Sil
6:42 AM
I got LG G3 now ;)
crapper (in the sense of one posting crap ;)) used a very related tag, lol meta.stackexchange.com/questions/253914/operating-systems
@ShadowWizard where did your iPhone go?
@DroidDev lying in a drawer. Still active if I want, but no use in two devices. :)
me using S4 only and its working good.
me having 1 iPhone 1 BB and 1 Android bug using Android only.
@SilentKiller BB? Bed&Breakfast?
Best Bud?
@SilentKiller have you counted devices given by your company to you for testing too?
6:48 AM
lols BlackBerry
@DroidDev lols not its mine only. xD just sold windows one. ;)
and how could we possibly guess that?! :P
So your Black Berry isn't your Best Bud? ;)
no proof. :P
@ShadowWizard yes it is. its ma spare phone. ;)
@SilentKiller spare? He won't like hearing that! Or is this a "she"? I can never tell with mobile devices.... :D
So @Dro how are you holding up? Hope you stay less hours in office than poor @ber, last we heard from him he was like 72 hours in office. D:
was he get doubled salary then @sha ?
@SilentKiller no idea, but he is the owner or something, so salary isn't relevant ;)
6:59 AM
lols then he should stay there all the time not only for 72 hours. ;)
I kind of miss his "pervert" talking here, sharing things with too much details, lol
We also lost both female players we had (sob in a corner ;))
hmm sad.
@ShadowWizard well....I don't think I'll ever work that much time straight. I don't like it. If that was his record, he needs better time management. cc @berserk (oh, we can't ping him now)
lols time management. :P
7:14 AM
having said that, if the work is a project of mine and by mine, I mean I am implementing my own idea, then I think I'll enjoy working that much time straight
Too many doors to watch.... too little time... why I have offered to give an hand with dreamwalk?
@DroidDev yup, you can directly reply to one of his messages though to have him pinged :)
@SPArchaeologist Sleep Less, Do More. ;)
@ShadowWizard will search for that later
7:17 AM
@DroidDev yeah, but in such case simply work from home... no?
Can't see reason to stay in office, with no showers and such.
@ShadowWizard he might be setting examples for his employs, though I don't think its a good one
@ShadowWizard the problem is when you work when you sleep.
no wonder she isn't seen around during day. She probably is sleeping.
@DroidDev yeah, that's right :/
@SPArchaeologist dare I ask who you refer to? :)
@SPArchaeologist during my sleep I do tons of things (in my dreams, probably), but I still sleep and wake up with charged batteries. :)
@ShadowWizard point is "in my dreams"
oh, @Pro back to school, no bot for us whole day anymore :(
@SPArchaeologist trying to see the point.... failed
7:22 AM
@ShadowWizard problem arises when the dreams aren't dreams. Or aren't yours
@SPArchaeologist you mean someone implants stuff in your head that is activated during sleep? Sounds rather cool ;)
Afternoon :)
@ShadowWizard galaxy
@SweetWisherツ after noon :D
hey @Sweet! Thought we lost you ;)
7:27 AM
@ShadowWizard nope. More like you go around others dreams looking for nightmares
@SilentKiller Milky Way
@ShadowWizard solar
@SPArchaeologist sounds like a neat ability, if you can also help those others with their nightmares. :)
@SilentKiller Gun Del Sol
hie @dro
lost in the sense ;P @sha
7:29 AM
@SPArchaeologist mega man
@SweetWisherツ don't worry. Everyone here is lost, at least in the mind
too late. ;)
@SPArchaeologist exactly ejjectly
yeah, didn't expect @SPA to post :D
@ShadowWizard ?
7:30 AM
@ShadowWizard I think he/she/pony is referring to the dreams that your friends and family implant in you. I mean, the dreams you see because you want their dreams to come true. Or the dreams you see because you saw someone that has something that you don't have. Those are not your dreams, but your desires. Something like that. But not sure that I am right
@SweetWisherツ well, hope you'll find you way out ;)
@DroidDev nope, just roleplaying.
@SPArchaeologist your WAG reply came out of the blue, went to copy&paste something, and didn't expect there would be other reply already when I came back to press CTRL+V :)
@SPArchaeologist well...I made a mistake of thinking that you might be talking about the real world...
@SilentKiller Spider Man
7:32 AM
@SPArchaeologist hihahahha :P
@ShadowWizard quick
@DroidDev hmm..... I see your point but as @SPA confirmed, that's not the case :)
@SPArchaeologist can thinking very very fast, I mean multiple things at a time be considered lost too?
@DroidDev LOL, guess you won't do that mistake again :D
@DroidDev sand
@ShadowWizard haha, another thing I came to knew again. Now, I won't make a mistake of confusing between times when he/she/pony is talking about real world and role playing
@ShadowWizard well...my point just makes my avatar looks ralatable ;)
@ShadowWizard of times
where have you been @SweetWish
time to spam!!!
or I can play a prank, which will be dangerous, because I won't be around after some time and shadows here will have ample time to take revenge no me
7:45 AM
me ???
oh! she's here
transforms into innocent avatar quickly
@SweetWisherツ ah! yes you :D
@DroidDev ping again? ;)
@ShadowWizard haha, eggzaktly :D
@ShadowWizard newspaper
@DroidDev wait :P lemme search
Apr 16 at 8:00, by SweetWisher ツ
@ShadowWizard ya.. project deadline.. too much workload.. tight schedule :/
And still on same page :/
@SweetWisherツ oh, hope you can flip to next page soon :)
@DroidDev fish (used to wrap them ;))
7:51 AM
god knws when that day will come
@SweetWisherツ woops! so same thing is going on with my, yours, @Sil's and @ber's lives...hmmm.....
@SweetWisherツ yup, he/she do(it there is one)
@DroidDev there is, for SURE :)
@ShadowWizard sea-food
@SweetWisherツ how so sure?
I have never eaten sea-food @Shadow (if you don't consider fishes from river in it). I am thinking of starting this winter though. I think I'll love crabs :D
@DroidDev yeah, the taste is good. :)
@DroidDev tasty ;)
@DroidDev we shall overcome one day - hum honge kamyaab
8:00 AM
@SilentKiller to a non-hindi speaker hum honge kamyaab will sound like a writer's name who is living somewhere in china or korea :P
@ShadowWizard but, I don't know where I'll get one around. You see, sea is like 2000 kilometers from where I live
@ShadowWizard yummy
@DroidDev tummy
@DroidDev oh, so it's probably available in markets, but expansive. No?
@ShadowWizard yup, I guess it'll be quite expensive and only available in good restaurants, where you have to leave a tip around what currently costs my meal when I go to a good restaurant ;)
but, its worth a try
@ShadowWizard full
@DroidDev yup, trying new things worth a lot :)
@DroidDev bladder :(
@ShadowWizard yup, I have done my graduation at a place popular for many varieties of food, but you see, as a student, we don't have much money, so, new things were limited to visiting new places and drinks ;)
@ShadowWizard football :P
@DroidDev but the point is.... isn't Ponyville my real world?
8:11 AM
@SPArchaeologist is that?
starving to do some code since I left android. iPhone just contains clicks and UI adjustments. Everything is made by default and my android instincts are lying dormant inside me, who wants me to make something, at least a custom button in it
football bladder?? goes Googling
@ShadowWizard well, the tube that contains air inside football, locally, we call that bladder ;)
apart from what you reffred :P
@DroidDev yikes! It came originally from pigs :O
@DroidDev softball
@ShadowWizard haha, you'll be amazed to know about local conversion of some english words and terms. Though, I'll just limit to this one this time around :P
@ShadowWizard softies
ah! that reminds me of girls
@DroidDev haha, more to come when @SPA won't be around? ;)
@DroidDev musical duo :D
8:16 AM
today, my sim card is in a girl's cellphone, who works in our company. Mine is updating(cellphone) and I won't be able to get calls etc. So, I asked her and she agreed to put it in her cellphone. Though, I will not be hitting on her :(
@ShadowWizard not like that. Explaining them will be quite difficult
@DroidDev I have patience :)
@ShadowWizard couple
@DroidDev but where is the cellphone itself? Still with her, or did you take it for a day?
@ShadowWizard nope, its still with her. She is receiving every single call of mine and then conveying things to me or the cellphone itself :D
for the duration of call only though. Then I give cellphone back to her
@DroidDev cool, kind of personal secretary! :D
@DroidDev lovers
8:21 AM
@ShadowWizard haha, I won't say that. Though, this would have been a great start, if I was interested in a relationship
@ShadowWizard feelings
@DroidDev hitting on a secretary? lol, not sure she would appreciate ;)
@DroidDev hard
@ShadowWizard she is not secretary. she is currently a trainee, not much bound by my influence as being a senior and if she wants, she will work as a developer in our company soon.
she is just doing all of it of her own pure will :D
@ShadowWizard work
@DroidDev I see... well, if you do want something I count on you to do that properly ;)
@DroidDev office
@ShadowWizard well...she is sister of a friend of a friend. So, I kind of don't want to start that relationship. Though, my friend has already given me approval (he said, if you want, go ahead and I didn't even started a conversation related to that) and as for girl, she started things on her own. So, I am kind of the only person holding back because of friendship of a friend.
@ShadowWizard microsoft
@DroidDev lol, you're just too good a person :)
@DroidDev Monopoly
8:37 AM
@ShadowWizard haha, don't you think its totally opposite to my online nature? Maybe, I have never been to that part online
@ShadowWizard google(trying to defeat that)
@DroidDev Bing (trying to be a search engine like Google is)
@SPArchaeologist ding :P
@DroidDev dong
@DroidDev yup - your avatar suits you on that behalf :D
@ShadowWizard haha, I like to keep it that way. Now, I am thinking I shouldn't have started that conversation.
@ShadowWizard pong
@DroidDev too late! But really, no harm done. :)
@DroidDev virus (ping pong, duh ;))
8:43 AM
@DroidDev @ShadowWizard Yep... no harm done....
@SPA you can't reply to more than one message :)
@SPArchaeologist define harm ;)
@ShadowWizard haha @SPA knows what harm is done
@ShadowWizard you get to know something about me (I shouldn't chat while coding)
@ShadowWizard computer
@DroidDev dumb
@SilentKiller you
hope you don't mind @Sil
@DroidDev "give me a lever and I will move the world" said Archimedes. I say "give me a seed of good and I will reform a man"
8:46 AM
@DroidDev lols i won't dude. :P
@DroidDev innocent
PS4 went for something similar "Attack its weakpoint for massive damage"
so for now you will be know as "Giant enemy DroidCrab"
@SPArchaeologist well...that thing is apart from what you are attempting to change. Its not easy for me to explain though. But, have you been around someone, who only responds to others in the way others respond to him/her/pony?
@SilentKiller because, If you will, I'll roundhouse kick you in face :P
@SilentKiller lie
@DroidDev untruth
haha, guess the best part of friendship. Having a friend who don't mind anything
though, I'll love to have a girlfriend like that.
8:52 AM
@DroidDev ? Does not compute
@SilentKiller unfaithful
@DroidDev Please clarify sample. Current info fails to describe test case
@DroidDev lols dispossible xD
@SPArchaeologist oh! as I said, difficult for me to explain. I think we should just leave it. It'll only expose more about my nature and such
@SilentKiller haha, another quote @Shadow though I am sure that it won't make it to description
If females are only 10% understanding of what they are shown in movies, a man's life would be paradise
how about that :P
It ---> If
8:54 AM
oh ya, sexist! generalisation! etc! etc! :P
@ShadowWizard fixed
@DroidDev actually it was just the "who only responds to others in the way others respond to him" that I don't get. But ok, just forget this then.
@SPArchaeologist well...that's the difficult part
@ShadowWizard girlfriend :P
@DroidDev wife ;)
8:59 AM
@ShadowWizard stuck :P
haha, apple has succeeded in making the worst debugger ever
good job (y)
@DroidDev Ever debugged on sharepoint?
9:22 AM
@DroidDev bug
@SilentKiller Apple Bloom (if you had seen S5E4 you would understand)
@ShadowWizard even without pointing out that taking pride in such spell is the first step in the conversion process, I would remember you that there is at least one undiscovered spell still. And the "ninja" one that Droid got which for now I don't need (more akin to a Mugiwara I would be)
9:59 AM
@ProgramFOX nyan!
10:18 AM
@SPArchaeologist never coded on it
10:54 AM
@SPArchaeologist Applejack
11:25 AM
@SilentKiller slowly but steadily the ponies inside you all will grow
We have time
after all, it took a thousand year for a nightmare to end, and for a princess to find someone to send around the country in her place.
@SPArchaeologist :P
whenever you pass any pony name i have to search on google and if i found understandable name then i post it. :P
11:45 AM
@SilentKiller and every search bring you near to the end "Why this archaeologist keeps pestering us with ponies? Should I watch just one episode to understand?"
@SilentKiller Pinkie Pie
12:01 PM
@DroidDev I did. It's the worst, by far. And impossible to debug. :/
@SPArchaeologist yeah, for "Force" we need to change avatar - tried it once and it didn't work. :(
@SPArchaeologist crazy (Episode 25, if I got it right)
12:25 PM
@ShadowWizard love
@SilentKiller care
12:36 PM
@ShadowWizard mother
@ShadowWizard nope, I wasn't speaking of the "Force" spell. That one isn't undiscovered
@ShadowWizard Something specific on your mind?
@ShadowWizard well...so xcode has a rival
@ShadowWizard you just need time. Lot of time. And a machine with SharePoint installed. And some more time. And... did I mention a Rosetta stone for decoding the msdn docs?
And some tarrot set to use when the docs are just a White page?
@ShadowWizard many outsider (or fake fans) would consider her mad with no specific episode of reference, so again I ask if you where thinking of something specific.
Party of One may it be?
Because that just proves my point
@SPArchaeologist no, I just saw reference in YouTube to Episode 25 where she's getting "crazy".
@ShadowWizard that episode IS "Party of One".
and again, it proves my point.
12:50 PM
which is?
That wasn't crazy. It was an already hurt one falling apart after the only way she had use to live so far was taken away.
@SPArchaeologist oops, thought you meant a spell I still don't have. Agree, we need to ask @Pro at least for the spell name. :)
@SilentKiller earth
@ShadowWizard wonder if he will tell the name :P
@ShadowWizard round
11 mins ago, by SPArchaeologist
That wasn't crazy. It was an already hurt one falling apart after the only way she had use to live so far was taken away.
forgot to link the reply
1:02 PM
but probably wasn't needed
@SilentKiller cya
@SilentKiller cee yaa
sea ya!
@SPArchaeologist yeah, got it. Another epic failure on my part.
@DroidDev ball
@ShadowWizard ? what? For one that just saw an episode scene out of context that would probably be the most common assumption.
The character -is- indeed strange. The point is that only by knowing her you can understand why there was such reaction.
1:22 PM
@ShadowWizard I could explain more, but I fear that it would be probably something to specific and empty of interest for most of the room dwellers
1:54 PM
In the meantime....
I am still trying to discover if my old memories are right or just a construct of merging two great games
And this one match too...
2 hours later…
3:45 PM
@ShadowWizard Eh, changing avatar has nothing to do with the Force spell.
Wait, let me check the name of the undiscovered spell :P
The newest spell is called "Wizard". ;)
@SPArchaeologist yep, went there
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
4:20 PM
@ProgramFOX lol, shouldn't I get it by default? :P
@ShadowWizard nice try :p
Was worth it! ;-)
@SPArchaeologist yeah, think I got it.
>>reply 3333196
@ShadowWizard fist
4:54 PM
@FOX9000 raised
@ShadowWizard benediction
@FOX9000 prediction
@ShadowWizard persuasion
@FOX9000 charisma
@ShadowWizard leader
4:55 PM
@FOX9000 Obama
@ShadowWizard president
@FOX9000 senate
@ShadowWizard pursuance
@FOX9000 nuance
@ShadowWizard meaning
4:58 PM
@FOX9000 deep
@ShadowWizard chasm
@FOX9000 abyss
@ShadowWizard bottom
@FOX9000 top
@ShadowWizard sun
4:59 PM
@FOX9000 dark
@ShadowWizard shadow
@FOX9000 spell
@ShadowWizard warming
@FOX9000 global
@ShadowWizard shipping
5:00 PM
@FOX9000 sailing
@ShadowWizard armada
@FOX9000 battalion
@ShadowWizard guadalcanal
@FOX9000 Campaign
@ShadowWizard veteran
5:01 PM
@FOX9000 withered
@ShadowWizard malice
@FOX9000 evil
@ShadowWizard covetousness
@FOX9000 greedy
@ShadowWizard ignorant
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