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8:00 AM
@maven "relaxed" was used two words before so not sure it's legit
@DroidDev pleasure :D
again same :D
waiting for @mav to reply
u can read minds @ShadowWizard
I'm off
8:01 AM
@DroidDev I'm on
(actually also got to go soon, probably :))
@maveň great minds think alike, so it's quite easy :P
@ShadowWizard pleasant
8:02 AM
@maveň tickling
@DroidDev +++
@ShadowWizard laughing
@maveň crying (my son can do both in same time ;))
skills are inherited
@DroidDev how s work progress?
both sleep
me no sleep yet
(WAG ball on your side @maveň in case you missed it my reply was a WAG word ;))
8:10 AM
@ShadowWizard weeping
@maveň wiping
@ShadowWizard clean
@maveň dirty
@Dro @Fla no worry, I did not forget
@ShadowWizard deeds xD
I play with the idea of setting up a ping bot for @Dro and @Fla but it won't be really fun :D
...or maybe it will?
@maveň actions
8:14 AM
@ShadowWizard Jackson
@maveň Joseph (his middle name)
@ShadowWizard how code help in that case ^^
@ShadowWizard legend
still waiting.............
8:31 AM
@maveň me
well...me is another word for I am
@DroidDev you
waits for @SPA reply to record breaking ping attack
ping receivd on phone
@DroidDev tanks
in In Praise of Moderators, Jan 19 at 13:59, by jadarnel27
I'm afraid that someday a moderator will kidnap me, because I'm 18 minutes younger than my twin brother, and thus a duplicate.
8:40 AM
@DroidDev ......?
@DroidDev you want to know a secret? you click it, click outside and the counter is gone. No actual need to read the list.
9:16 AM
@Sha :)
@maveň us
@Dro @Dro see @Sha is taking revenge
@SPA :)
@FlamePrincessϡ lol, just started :D
@FlamePrincessϡ USA
@FlamePrincessϡ thanks, but #2 will be nuked from orbit :P
(wrong message linked, now corrected)
You know... if you actually had more money, it not like you have to spend it all for you
10:09 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ oppsss not able to meet u here :P
@DroidDev me backz
@ShadowWizard blode
@maveň bode
@SPArchaeologist bote
@FlamePrincessϡ yup, @Sha is sooooooo meannnnnnnnnnn ;)
@maveň me frontz :P
@DroidDev :D
10:26 AM
@rene if you got time and want some shiny repz, can you construct a "Top Users" query for this question? I was thinking on query showing amount of posts and total score, based on several tags. Shouldn't be too complex for you :D
@DroidDev yup me mean, mean me /cc @Fla :D
@maveň boat
times SERIOUSLY change!!
I don't know what they are teaching to their kids
lol, didn't know you follow this site ;)
I was just gonna ask for your opinion on this, anyway, its in hot questions list, so I wandered off, plus, it was linked in tavern a day or two ago
so, what do you think about it. I might be extra shocked, because I am no parent yet
and don't know about many things about kids
and I'd also like to know archaeologist's ( @SPA ) view on this. Of-course, if you don't mind :)
10:44 AM
@ShadowWizard ship
@DroidDev the second you posted a link to that board and a "WFT" message, I knew you would ask me for a comment.
but now I am updating manually an ontology to fix date format errors and such
@SPArchaeologist actually, it didn't come to my mind at the time I posted. Later, I thought, I should ask for shadow's views on this, because he know better. Then, I thought, why not your views too, because you have different(then ours) views on most of the things and I'd like to know what you think, of-course only if you are free
3 hours ago, by maveň
@DroidDev how s work progress?
If u don't want to tell it's completely okay :D
@maveň sorry, I lost track of pings because of that parenting message. Things are coming up nicely(until know). My colleague is on kinda vacation, so I might have to do his work from tuesday onwards
but, I think I can manage that
right now, I cam trying to decide an approach of sending some data between activities
10:50 AM
trying to weigh memory consumption and speed
@maveň are you safe from help-vamp's haven? :P
@DroidDev I got a trick now... (I enters the room and help my fellow frnds) and get out quickly without knowing anyone :D
@maveň I'll tell two more tricks, 1. Ignore the vamps 2. criticise them ;)
1st one I will going to implement soon ^^ @DroidDev
@maveň great!
@DroidDev I have a option of kick-mute this user in my rooms :D
WAG word
10:57 AM
@maveň I would vote against it. Scolding teaching them is better option ;)
@maveň slip
@DroidDev fracture
@maveň nopes, even worse, tell them to research
@DroidDev hihahahahaaa
or don't give them solution, but, rather give them a link to documentation
@DroidDev then they will be extinct
11:00 AM
@maveň ...and that would just be great
lol yes (Y)
@DroidDev i m working on landscape UI of app
11:16 AM
@ShadowWizard I'll have a look in an hour or so....
11:58 AM
moving onward from simple owl equivalent class inference
now using swrl rules
and in the mean time my brain continues to inference that somebody at w3 had Twily in mind when deciding names.
12:20 PM
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :P
@maveň doctor
all sleeping here :P
@DroidDev dnt sleep...itz harmful
@uni ping pong ;P
@sha @Sha
@SweetWisherヅ k
awaken :P
yo yo yyoooo
zzzzzzZZz.... uh?
no zzzzzzzzzz.. itz aaaaaaaaaa :P
@FlamePrincessϡ whoops, wasn't around. It was 5:10 am or so, I was prolly in the shower :/
12:35 PM
@Frank the ent has awakened.
@SPArchaeologist I gotta head out soon
@Frank Isengard?
@SweetWisherヅ injection
@SPArchaeologist No Rohan.
@Frank the land of the horses ponies?
12:38 PM
@maveň syringe
@SPArchaeologist That would be the Shire.
@SweetWisherヅ needle (most dangerous part) :P
@maveň hurt
@SweetWisherヅ love
@maveň fake
12:42 PM
@SweetWisherヅ real
@maveň reel
@SweetWisherヅ camera
@maveň memories :)
@DroidDev me too :P same pinch
@SweetWisherヅ beautiful
12:45 PM
@maveň me :)
@SweetWisherヅ not (lol)
@SweetWisherヅ defeated :P
@maveň note
@SweetWisherヅ smartphone
12:49 PM
@maveň useless :/
@SweetWisherヅ samsung
@maveň LG
@SweetWisherヅ korea
kyu liya :P
@maveň Hanguk
maven silent
@SweetWisherヅ Hangout
@SweetWisherヅ I don't have :D
12:54 PM
@maveň gtalk
@SweetWisherヅ old
@maveň new
@SweetWisherヅ brand
@maveň buy
@SweetWisherヅ costly
12:56 PM
@SHA Gone :/
@maveň avoid
@SweetWisherヅ help_vamp
@maveň Erum :P
@SweetWisherヅ girl
removed :O
@maveň me
@SweetWisherヅ room
12:59 PM
BYE :)
@maveň private :P
@SweetWisherヅ back :D
@SweetWisherヅ protected
@maveň not now
@SweetWisherヅ sw ghost o_O
1:16 PM
@maveň winterbash past
@maveň method
lol, you have alternative for skype smilies
anyway, you replied to wrong message :P
@DroidDev nope just completing maven "ghost" message
no wag involved
@DroidDev yeah... you are right.....
1:33 PM
Back to work...after wasting about 15 minutes on my browser...
@SweetWisherヅ gone with the wind :-D
And no worry @Sweet your pings were noted, you earned your place in the Revenge List ;-)
@Sha @Sha :)
@DroidDev whatz happenz?
@Frank ohk :)
@FlamePrincessϡ revenge list
@ShadowWizard lol
@DroidDev we are two.. we will also continue :P
1:55 PM
@FlamePrincessϡ unity is strength :D
lol :-P
@DroidDev United we stand... divided we fall
@ShadowWizard :D :)
@FlamePrincessϡ if you want to really annoy Droid, find a mlp related emote icon set and add a pony icon in every ping. Bonus point for animated ones.
for example, there is a set of clapping hands ponies. About 50 different icons, you can use a different one for each message
1:59 PM
@SPArchaeologist I should tell you, I am not easily annoyed, specially when I know that person is trying to annoy me
@FlamePrincessϡ guess my new desktop background
@DroidDev which, which? Image I gave yesterday?
@DroidDev logic
@FlamePrincessϡ Pinkie
@SPArchaeologist promise
2:06 PM
@DroidDev keep
@DroidDev wasn't you the one who stopped at 3? stuck in mind?
@FlamePrincessϡ keeper
@DroidDev Protector
missed :/
@ShadowWizard God
@SPArchaeologist but my reply wasn't related to it
2:11 PM
@rene sure, no rush :-)
@FlamePrincessϡ (of) War
@FlamePrincessϡ Flying Thunder
@DroidDev weather
@DroidDev what? you meant that Pinkie wasn't related to promise?
@SPArchaeologist oh! I never thought of it that way...now I realize
@DroidDev why you replied "promise"?
@DroidDev Cross my heart Hope to fly Put a cupcake in my eye.
@SPArchaeologist :-/
@FlamePrincessϡ rainy
@DroidDev stormy
@FlamePrincessϡ dangerous
@Droid a doubt
2:17 PM
@ShadowWizard the droid has made a precise reference not just to a name but to a specific aspect of the show. I will use this proof as needed.
12 mins ago, by DroidDev
@SPArchaeologist promise
@SPArchaeologist needed for what? :P
@FlamePrincessϡ shoot
@DroidDev for example, calling you "repressed brony". Don't worry, I will ensure to do this only when the max amount of people is around.
@SPArchaeologist lol, repressed is quite a good find :P
@DroidDev In our app, we set proxy for all webviews as per server settings.. But let's say I want to make a setting, that all http requests from my app should go via a certain proxy... Is that possible? (P.S: only within my app, so I can't use System properties like this:)
..... code
@DroidDev thrilling
@DroidDev you was the one "I had to tell my friend that if he looked at the pc ...."
2:24 PM
@FlamePrincessϡ if you can dig deep enough in httpclient class, I think it should be possible.
I think ClientConnectionManager might be the class you are looking for, but not sure about it
@SPArchaeologist haha, you sure do remember things, but that was for watching an episode to check if I'd like it or not. After I did watch three of them, I realized it wasn't my kind of thing, so not pretty much repressed
@FlamePrincessϡ chilling
@DroidDev ice
@FlamePrincessϡ rice
Ice ice Magic.... whirlpooll
@DroidDev wheat
2:28 PM
@FlamePrincessϡ cheat
@DroidDev chit
@FlamePrincessϡ git
@DroidDev hub
@FlamePrincessϡ pub
@DroidDev The Three Broomsticks ;)
3:04 PM
@Sha @Sha
@Uni poke
@Fra @Fra
Wondering where @ProgramFOX is :/
@FlamePrincessϡ Ouch!
@Unihedro :D
what's up?
nothing much
okie dokie :)
night.. happy weekend :)
3:25 PM
@FlamePrincessϡ I was at school.
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
3:41 PM
@SPArchaeologist good job! Who's next? :)
@DroidDev Bar
No associated word found for Bar.
@FlamePrincessϡ broom
No associated word found for broom.
Eh, @Pro bot is borked
@ShadowWizard stick
3:45 PM
@DroidDev pointy
@FOX9000 Ears
No associated word found for Ears.
>>continue ears hearing
@ShadowWizard hearing
@FOX9000 deaf
3:47 PM
No associated word found for deaf.
@Dro try replying deaf too to same message, maybe it just breaks for me?
@FOX9000 what? lol
um, it finds nothing. What?
@ShadowWizard dumb
No associated word found for dumb.
> 502 Bad Gateway
noooo, wag site is down
3:54 PM
@ProgramFOX Bot terminated.
I'll restart it when the site is back up
actually I am watching Code Geass, so please ping me if need be :)
Hey @Stijn! Nice to see you got some time to chat again :) How's your project going?
4:03 PM
@DroidDev Heh, will ping you
Hope the WAG site will be up again soon @Pro :/
It's back!
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
so @Dro watching a movie?
@DroidDev Dumbo
No associated word found for Dumbo.
4:05 PM
@ShadowWizard nope, anime episode series, "Code Geass"
@ShadowWizard bot
@DroidDev forth
>>continue Dumbo flying_elephant
@ShadowWizard 'recent' has a value of -1, which is not a valid message ID. Please provide an explicit ID.
@FOX9000 Come
@ShadowWizard flocking
4:10 PM
@FOX9000 Birds
@ShadowWizard snipe
@FOX9000 ripe
@ShadowWizard quart
@FOX9000 Quarter
@ShadowWizard dime
4:12 PM
wondering what @Fla and @Sweet are doing
@FOX9000 Penny
@ShadowWizard bought
@FOX9000 Shop
@FOX9000 sold
@ProgramFOX sou
@FOX9000 Soup
4:14 PM
@ShadowWizard dish
@FOX9000 Chef
@ShadowWizard recommend
@FOX9000 Yelp
@ShadowWizard stifle
@FOX9000 Stiff
4:15 PM
@ShadowWizard mix
@FOX9000 Hybrid
@ShadowWizard breed
@FOX9000 Steed
@ShadowWizard rider
@FOX9000 Dragon
4:17 PM
@ShadowWizard talon
@ProgramFOX hey. I was just passing by. Almost halfway with the project, still here till end of April. It's sucking the life out of me. WCF, XSLT, lots of meetings, lots of waiting on other people and "met mijn vingers draaien", away from home 13 hours per day on average,...
@ShadowWizard are you playing the word game with a bot?
@Stijn I see.
@Stijn Yep, it's the bot I created and finished in August ;)
how've you been in the meantime
I've been fine, thanks.
2 hours later…
6:22 PM
Gtg, shutting down bot
3 hours later…
9:32 PM
@FOX9000 sharp
@Dro is not here
@Fla is away too
Even @Sweet went away
I have all night to ping @Dro @Fla and @Sweet :D
Will @Fla find the last word?
Will @Dro find it?
10:01 PM
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