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12:44 AM
@ShadowWizard cream
4 hours later…
4:32 AM
@JasonC ice
btw morning, have a great day and week ahead.
@Shadow @Droid @Jason @Frank @Pro @Uni @SPA
4:49 AM
@ShadowWizard hehe, thanks :D
@SilentKiller morning morning
@SilentKiller cold
@DroidDev drinks
@ShadowWizard was away from net.
@SilentKiller booze
btw hows you ?
@SilentKiller me is fine, hows you?
5:02 AM
@DroidDev me awesome dowesome after "nice" party.. ;)
@SilentKiller me see no pics of yours on fb, why so?
btw, did you read about "Kiss of love campaign"
@DroidDev coz yet not uploaded.
@SilentKiller oh!
5 mins ago, by SilentKiller
@ShadowWizard was away from net.
meanwhile, Internet" "Come near me @SilentKiller why are you so away?" :P
5:06 AM
@DroidDev :P * new char(51)
5:48 AM
@DroidDev liquor
@SilentKiller alcohol
6:01 AM
@DroidDev bad
@SilentKiller wrong :P
@DroidDev myth
@SilentKiller illusion
6:52 AM
@DroidDev vision
@SilentKiller future
@DroidDev enhancement :D
@SilentKiller development
@DroidDev coding
@SilentKiller programming
6:59 AM
@DroidDev arrangement
@SilentKiller order
7:12 AM
@DroidDev demand
@SilentKiller supply
@DroidDev Goods
@SilentKiller carrier
@DroidDev cellular phone
how's your project @DroidDev?
@ShadowWizard satellite phone
7:21 AM
@SilentKiller remote (used in remote places)
@ShadowWizard still working on it. I got through somethings and stuck in some other things now
A crucial logic remains
@ShadowWizard desktop (RD)
lunch time guys.... :)
@SilentKiller cee yaa!
@SilentKiller background
7:41 AM
starts screaming, pulling his hair, bashing head on desk
@DroidDev oh, good luck with that then! :)
@ShadowWizard did you just said it after reading my message above?
@DroidDev yup, saw you previous message only now O:
@ShadowWizard seems busy
@DroidDev hey, be careful with the desk! :D
7:50 AM
@ShadowWizard I'll try, but it only depends on logic
@DroidDev process
@ShadowWizard thread
@DroidDev counting on you with the logic ;)
@DroidDev fork
@ShadowWizard made another progress, screaming, pulling, bashing stopped
@ShadowWizard repository
7:52 AM
@ShadowWizard flajjed
you mean flagged?
@DroidDev SVN
@ShadowWizard that's not how you spell "flajjed" :P
@ShadowWizard git
@DroidDev gut
@ShadowWizard nut
@DroidDev bust :D
7:58 AM
@ShadowWizard buster
@ShadowWizard lego
@DroidDev war
8:14 AM
@ShadowWizard world
8:42 AM
@DroidDev earth
@SilentKiller eco-system
@DroidDev green
@ShadowWizard color
8:58 AM
@DroidDev smell
@ShadowWizard odor
seems that people are locking horns again in tavern
@DroidDev eh? who? what? why?
@DroidDev bodily
9:14 AM
@DroidDev I also bought a Fluttershy plush you know...
9:39 AM
No school today and tomorrow :D
good Enjoy..
@ProgramFOX how come?? :D
@ShadowWizard The 11th November, it's The Day of the Armistice, which is a vacation day here. And our school chooses to put one of its free days on today.
Bot started with waiting time set to 10 seconds.
>>time 20
9:43 AM
@ProgramFOX Waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@ShadowWizard HTML (the <body> tag)
@ProgramFOX project
@ProgramFOX good for you!
@FOX9000 deploy
@ShadowWizard post
@SilentKiller assign
9:47 AM
>>delete 2633474
@FOX9000 bug
@ProgramFOX mosquito
@FOX9000 insect
@ProgramFOX adult
@FOX9000 grown
@SilentKiller womanhood
9:57 AM
@FOX9000 brotherhood
@ShadowWizard monastic
@FOX9000 monastery
@ShadowWizard priesthood
@SPArchaeologist what is Fluttershy plush? :P
@DroidDev Something like that^.
10:12 AM
@ProgramFOX you really bought it?
@DroidDev No, it's from Google Images.
@FOX9000 childhood
@SilentKiller disease
@FOX9000 illness
@SilentKiller feigned
10:19 AM
@ProgramFOX oh!
@ProgramFOX but we want @SPArchaeologist to post picture to prove what he (she?! ;)) said :D
@ShadowWizard true :D
10:28 AM
@ShadowWizard I am really really really tempted to post a photo of fyre. Pretty sure no one would get it...
11:28 AM
anyway, I am impressed. Now I don't even need to post a reply to stuck the WAG, @ShadowWizard?
@FOX9000 simulated
@SilentKiller emotion
@FOX9000 feelings
@SilentKiller innermost
11:51 AM
@SPArchaeologist this would be welcome, regardless of understanding it or not ;)
@SPArchaeologist yeah, it gets stuck sometimes just like that D:
@FOX9000 secret
@ShadowWizard motive
@ShadowWizard you know, I am busy in project, WAG stuck shouldn't seem strange to you when I am not around :P
@DroidDev true, and @rene is busy as well );
12:13 PM
@FOX9000 auto
@ShadowWizard very busy....
@rene parking
@ShadowWizard leave the veterans out and room is left with no charm :)
I'm waiting for ice cream in the tavern btw....
@FOX9000 valet
@rene more icecream?? you become greeeedy ;D
@rene monte
12:15 PM
@ShadowWizard yep...
@FOX9000 Carlo
No associated word found for Carlo.
stupid BOT
>>link Carlo firstname
@rene 2 arguments expected, 3 given.
teh edit
12:19 PM
>>link Carlo firstname
@rene Link added.
@Droid are you wokey ? :D
>>reply 2633684
@rene firstname
12:19 PM
@FOX9000 lastname
@cVplZ welcome. :)
did I fall into a trap?
No associated word found for lastname.
@SilentKiller wokey...??
@DroidDev okay.. :P
@SilentKiller I am never okay. I am half mad and my brain is infected with new folder virus :P
@SilentKiller surname
@cVplZ this life is a trap.
12:24 PM
@DroidDev throne
@FOX9000 game
@DroidDev COD Call Of Duty
@SilentKiller battlefield
@DroidDev Stack Overflow
@cVplZ Community
12:25 PM
@SilentKiller wiki
No associated word found for wiki.
@DroidDev kiwi
@cVplZ fruit
@FOX9000 vegetable
@SilentKiller cereal
12:29 PM
@FOX9000 breakfast
@DroidDev abed
No associated word found for abcd.
^ thats not a word
@FOX9000 bead
@cVplZ bells
@FOX9000 ringing
@cVplZ cellphone
12:34 PM
@cVplZ doleful
No associated word found for cellphone.
@FOX9000 fouled
@cVplZ harpy
@FOX9000 pray
@cVplZ blessed
@cVplZ gray
12:44 PM
@SilentKiller dwarf
@FOX9000 midget
@cVplZ tiny
@FOX9000 kitty
@cVplZ dressing
kitty... dressing
KITTY....... dressing
@FOX9000 KITTY ====> HELLO
12:55 PM
>>islink kitty dressing
@rene No, that's not a link.
@FOX9000 salad
@cVplZ fried
@FOX9000 chicken
@cVplZ cream
1:00 PM
@FOX9000 rabbit
@SPArchaeologist terrier
1:20 PM
@FOX9000 dog
@cVplZ puppy
@FOX9000 woof
@cVplZ meow
@ProgramFOX purr
@cVplZ sound
1:21 PM
@ProgramFOX bark
@cVplZ mulberry
the famous mulberry....
because blackberry was to common for them
ok then....
@FOX9000 Enigma Berry
@SPArchaeologist Blackberry
@DroidDev fill
@FOX9000 filly
1:25 PM
@SPArchaeologist horse
@FOX9000 Rapidash
No associated word found for Rapidash.
@SPArchaeologist Rapid
@DroidDev Rainbow Dash
>>delete 2633940
@SPArchaeologist ya, so clever :P
@SPArchaeologist Unicorns
1:32 PM
@DroidDev gallop
She is not an unicorn!
nice hair style
@FOX9000 horse
@ShadowWizard cattle
@FOX9000 bells
1:43 PM
@SilentKiller a stroke of luck actually. Wasn't for some copyright issue, that rainbow hair style wouldn't probably have been.
@ShadowWizard jingle
@SPArchaeologist mouse
@FOX9000 jerry
@SPArchaeologist tom
@SilentKiller hillman
@SilentKiller diamond
1:45 PM
@SPArchaeologist brilliancy
@FOX9000 shininess
No associated word found for shininess.
@JasonC glossy
@SilentKiller fern
@FOX9000 flowerless
1:51 PM
@SilentKiller garden
>>link shininess boobs
@JasonC Link added.
@FOX9000 green
@JasonC bright
@FOX9000 light
1:53 PM
@JasonC ray
@FOX9000 X
@SilentKiller company
2:28 PM
@FOX9000 bad
@ShadowWizard bark
2:42 PM
@FOX9000 tree
@ShadowWizard thicket
2:53 PM
@FOX9000 bus
@Ahmad bumper
@FOX9000 book
Oh, thats game is not for me, I must first translate some words
@Ahmad literature
@FOX9000 chair
@Ahmad table
2:56 PM
@FOX9000 rectangle
@Ahmad square
@ProgramFOX diagonally
@ProgramFOX serious
@Ahmad we all do it, especially with the bot which post vague words many times. All good!
@Ahmad levity
2:57 PM
@FOX9000 redemption
;) @ShadowWizard and its useful for enhancing my language
@ShadowWizard jesus
@Ahmad true, I also learn new words here every day :)
@Ahmad magdalene
@ShadowWizard but you shouldn't mark my question duplicated, but thats OK
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