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5:03 AM
9 hours later...
@ShadowWizard democratic
5:41 AM
@ShadowWizard nothing less was expected from you :D
2 hours later…
7:23 AM
@DroidDev yeah, if you were there it would have been perfect chance for boobs... ;)
@DroidDev Senate
@ShadowWizard don't worry, we will create that situation again. You know, if I can do that with bot, I can do it anywhere :D
@ShadowWizard parliament
@ShadowWizard black
7:41 AM
@DroidDev jack
@ShadowWizard hack
@DroidDev Pentagon
@ShadowWizard hexagon
@DroidDev Octagon
@ShadowWizard Octa-core
@ShadowWizard smartphone
Bot started with waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@DroidDev iPhone
No associated word found for iPhone.
@ProgramFOX overly priced
7:50 AM
@DroidDev true
@ProgramFOX false
@DroidDev boolean
@ProgramFOX flag
@FOX9000 close
@ProgramFOX vote
7:51 AM
@DroidDev senator
@FOX9000 chosen
@DroidDev judiciously
@FOX9000 democratically
@DroidDev government
@FOX9000 leaders
7:54 AM
@DroidDev democratic
@FOX9000 voting
@DroidDev legislature
@FOX9000 lawmaking
@DroidDev state
@FOX9000 assembly
7:58 AM
@DroidDev code
@ProgramFOX java
@DroidDev script
@ProgramFOX jquery
@DroidDev selector
@ProgramFOX selected
8:00 AM
@DroidDev selection
@ProgramFOX criterion
@ProgramFOX approval
@DroidDev edit
@ProgramFOX invalid
@DroidDev rejected
8:01 AM
@ProgramFOX penalty
@FOX9000 fine
@DroidDev muslin
@FOX9000 cloth
@DroidDev oiled
@FOX9000 hair
8:04 AM
@DroidDev auburn
@FOX9000 blonde
@DroidDev shading
@FOX9000 shadowing
@DroidDev tree
@FOX9000 wood
8:06 AM
Got to go for 1-2 hours, will keep the bot turned on.
See you!
@ShadowWizard fibre
@ProgramFOX thanks!
@FOX9000 cable
@DroidDev TV
@ShadowWizard radio
8:07 AM
@DroidDev subspace
@FOX9000 hypothetical
@DroidDev consciousness
@FOX9000 sub
@DroidDev processor
@FOX9000 calculations
8:10 AM
@DroidDev babylonian
@FOX9000 Iraqi
@DroidDev syrian
@FOX9000 refugee
@DroidDev blunt
@FOX9000 arrogant
8:12 AM
@DroidDev scorn
@FOX9000 scold
@DroidDev laugh
@FOX9000 impolite
>>time 0
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 0 seconds.
@DroidDev extremely
@FOX9000 wild
8:13 AM
@DroidDev hyacinth
@FOX9000 plant
@DroidDev planting
@FOX9000 gardening
@DroidDev treatise
@FOX9000 tortoise
8:14 AM
@DroidDev ornament
@FOX9000 decoration
@DroidDev lavish
@FOX9000 expensive
@DroidDev cologne
@FOX9000 colony
8:14 AM
@DroidDev australia
@FOX9000 continent
@DroidDev inhabited
@FOX9000 living
@DroidDev protoplasm
@DroidDev Your skill in WAG has increased by 0.1. It is now 100.0.
8:15 AM
@FOX9000 photosynthesis
@DroidDev oxygen
@DroidDev Won't get any higher. You need a sop for that
@SPArchaeologist is it a complement?
@FOX9000 necessary
@DroidDev paraphernalia
@FOX9000 mandatory
8:17 AM
@DroidDev nation
@FOX9000 country
@DroidDev populous
@FOX9000 people
@DroidDev nomadic
@FOX9000 nordic
8:18 AM
@DroidDev blue
@FOX9000 sky
@DroidDev fleck
@FOX9000 flick
@DroidDev wand
@FOX9000 stick
8:18 AM
@DroidDev firewood
@FOX9000 timber
@DroidDev splintered
@FOX9000 fragmented
@DroidDev explode
@FOX9000 bomb
8:19 AM
@DroidDev nitrate
@FOX9000 oxide
@DroidDev cooling
@FOX9000 refrigerator
@DroidDev tray
@FOX9000 ash
8:20 AM
@DroidDev flick
@FOX9000 fleck
@DroidDev bough
@FOX9000 trunk
@DroidDev elm
@FOX9000 tall
8:21 AM
@DroidDev wiry
@SPArchaeologist his goal is to be number 1, the bot is a useful tool for that :D
@FOX9000 sire
@DroidDev illustrious
/me watch @DroidDev duel the bot
@ShadowWizard at this point of time, when I see no-one participating, I get into rapid fire round with bot. I like that
plus, one thing I am certain of is, that bot will be number one in some time, no matter what
@FOX9000 descriptive
8:22 AM
@DroidDev lyrical
@FOX9000 song
@DroidDev carol
@DroidDev cheers, that's totally legit and the main use of the bot :)
@FOX9000 religious
@DroidDev sentiment
8:23 AM
@FOX9000 feeling
@DroidDev reciprocate
@ShadowWizard to keep game alive :D
@DroidDev yup, that was obvious to me from the very beginning ;)
@FOX9000 invert
@DroidDev homosexual
8:24 AM
@ShadowWizard yup, as I already said, its like casino. Casino never loose :D
@FOX9000 gay
@DroidDev flutter
@FOX9000 shy
@DroidDev antelope
@Vogel612'sShadow feel free to join, better set the time back to 20 in such case though, otherwise it would get confusing :)
@FOX9000 gazelles
8:24 AM
@DroidDev lion
@FOX9000 king
@DroidDev bohemia
@ShadowWizard ~lurking
@FOX9000 rapper
8:25 AM
@DroidDev eminem
Roger David, (born 15 October 1979), known by his stage names Bohemia or Raja, is a Pakistani American rapper and music producer from California. He sings in Punjabi and describes himself as "The Punjabi Rapper" and "the pioneer of Punjabi rap" and the "creator of Punjabi rap". == Early life == Sir was born on 15 October 1979 in Karachi into a Punjabi Christian family.He moved to Peshawar and lived there for 7 years . When he was about 14 years old, he moved to California with his family. He started learning music from his father at a very young age and writing Punjabi poetry around that time....
@FOX9000 favorite
@DroidDev spaniel
@FOX9000 spanish
@DroidDev granada
@FOX9000 grandma
@DroidDev ann
@FOX9000 taylor
No associated word found for taylor.
boh. Magical cache is magical
>>link taylor swift
8:27 AM
@DroidDev Link added.
>>reply 2568708
@DroidDev swift
@FOX9000 car
@DroidDev freight
@FOX9000 fright
8:28 AM
@DroidDev fly
@FOX9000 away
@DroidDev blindly
@FOX9000 folded
@DroidDev plait
@FOX9000 plate
8:29 AM
@DroidDev pastry
@FOX9000 chocolate
@DroidDev pineapple
@FOX9000 guava
@DroidDev leave
@FOX9000 duty
8:30 AM
@DroidDev citizenship
@FOX9000 permanent
@DroidDev settlement
@FOX9000 compromise
@DroidDev postpone
@FOX9000 delay
8:31 AM
@DroidDev execution
@FOX9000 killing
@DroidDev kangaroo
@FOX9000 jumping
@DroidDev spider
@FOX9000 man
8:31 AM
@DroidDev featured
@FOX9000 feathered
@DroidDev folk
@FOX9000 shore
@DroidDev aegean
@FOX9000 sea
8:32 AM
@DroidDev fowl
@FOX9000 owl
@DroidDev pellet
@FOX9000 pallet
@DroidDev canister
@FOX9000 can
8:33 AM
@DroidDev possibly
@FOX9000 maybe
@DroidDev skilly
@FOX9000 silly
@DroidDev wot
@FOX9000 vote
8:34 AM
@DroidDev senator
@FOX9000 parliament
@DroidDev legislate
@FOX9000 legislature
@DroidDev hampshire
@FOX9000 vampire
8:34 AM
@DroidDev taint
@FOX9000 paint
@DroidDev crayon
@FOX9000 wax
@DroidDev moulding
@FOX9000 modelling
8:35 AM
@DroidDev outline
@FOX9000 border
@DroidDev narcissus
@FOX9000 daffodil
@DroidDev sweet
You can perform this action again in 11 seconds - retry / cancel
@FOX9000 sugar
8:37 AM
@DroidDev candy
>>time 20
@FOX9000 crush
@DroidDev Waiting time set to 20 seconds.
I should take some rest now, chat is annoyed with me
@DroidDev rival
@DroidDev lol! :D
@FOX9000 enemy
8:48 AM
@ShadowWizard broadside
@FOX9000 broadcast
@ShadowWizard monitoring
Quick question. Do anyone know if anybody has ever built a constantly running (==hosted somewhere) chat bot? Or are all the bot run on demand by the developer?
@SPArchaeologist good question, try asking in the Charcoal HQ:
The "real" bots lurks in there as far as I remember
@FOX9000 pregnancy
@ShadowWizard accident
8:57 AM
@FOX9000 hole (in the condom)
@ShadowWizard jagged
@ShadowWizard Ever considered changing your name to Shadow Wizzard?
(notice the double Z)
@ShadowWizard lol, that's a joke I still laugh at with my friends. We have added some real personal humor to it and it is only jokeable in really close friends :D
notice to self: avoid Droid close friends.
@DroidDev joke or no joke, it happened to me once! (hole, luckily no pregnancy, I was only 21 at the time!)
9:05 AM
@ShadowWizard wow! I know some guys who use double condoms, just because of the fear of hole. Imagine what they might have been through to do that
@SPArchaeologist hmm.... must admit I did not but that sounds interesting... why should I consider it? :)
@SPArchaeologist don't worry, I don't joke around that much with everyone. People tend to get annoyed or feel insulted, so I just tell insulting jokes when I am with my friends ;)
Them and me take things more lightly than others :D
@DroidDev that's plain silly IMO, you take away all the fun - better not do anything at all. But can't judge... :D
@FOX9000 Jagger
@ShadowWizard joe
@ShadowWizard ya, I tried to reason with them, but in vain.... Now I just laugh at them ;)
9:09 AM
@FOX9000 blow
@ShadowWizard job
guess who's back in game... :D
@ShadowWizard Discworld reference. Atlas, thinking about it, may not be a good idea. The main (recurring) character that used that form of the word wizzard was defined as "the magical equivalent of the number zero"
lol, @SPArchaeologist is bad influence on you, @DroidDev! :D
@DroidDev tackle
@ShadowWizard Again, he manages to ressemble Fizban/Zifnab sometimes
9:11 AM
@ShadowWizard yup, he always tries to change me into a pony ;)
@SPArchaeologist hmm... I read quite a few Discworld books but it was years ago and don't remember any Wizzard but then again, I read only 2 in English and the rest were Hebrew translations.
I'm back!
@ProgramFOX wb!
@SPArchaeologist Fizban is my favorite character in Fantasy books. So much power, so funny.... perfect combo.
9:13 AM
@ShadowWizard just like me :P
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by ProgramFOX
@SPArchaeologist Yes, SmokeDetector runs constantly because it's hosted on Undo's server.
@FOX9000 tickle
@SPArchaeologist ^
@ShadowWizard miss
@ProgramFOX that's cool, can't he host FOX9000 as well?
9:15 AM
@ShadowWizard whispering voice in the wind You must watch Return of Harmony.... Discord is even betteeeer
@FOX9000 failure
@ShadowWizard breakdown
@ShadowWizard He probably could, but I don't have access to his server, so if it breaks or if I have to update it, I will always have to ping him.
@FOX9000 loss
9:17 AM
@ProgramFOX that is interesting.
@ProgramFOX casualty
@ProgramFOX hmm... good point. Well, think it's for the best we don't have the bot 24/7 - it can be too tempting sometimes! :D
@FOX9000 victim
@ShadowWizard innocent
I am thinking of attempting a bot, but it should be a 24/7 thing. I have a game in mind, and a bot would make it simpler.
@SPArchaeologist Cool!
9:22 AM
@FOX9000 virgin
@ShadowWizard bethlehem
that's a weird one!
@ProgramFOX Smokey is written in? Python?
@SPArchaeologist Yup, Python
found it. He is the one
9:24 AM
@FOX9000 drama
>>delete 2569047
(it replied to 'Yup')
@ShadowWizard prometheus
@ProgramFOX yup ;)
@ShadowWizard "Resolving small problems by turning them into big disasters" . Nice power!
@ShadowWizard story
9:25 AM
@ProgramFOX sequel
@SPArchaeologist cool, he's the main character, no less! And I had no idea it's a "wizzard"... shame on me. Now let me think about it.... :-D
@ShadowWizard Are you sure you don't want to give FiM a chance? You seem the type that would love the "Great and Powerful Trixie"
@ShadowWizard So my bot is not a real bot? ಠ_ಠ
@SPArchaeologist well, I'm not sure where to start to be honest D:
@ProgramFOX lol, sure he's real! pets @FOX9000 ;)
@FOX9000 trilogy
9:36 AM
@cVplZ grim
@FOX9000 reaper
@cVplZ harvest
9:47 AM
@ShadowWizard from episode 1 of season 1?
@FOX9000 Moon
@SPArchaeologist eclipse
@FOX9000 Luna
@SPArchaeologist vacuum
BTW, why in the art above Nami hairs are brown? She actually have red/orange hairs....
@SPArchaeologist might give it a try sometime! :)
@FOX9000 pump
10:00 AM
@ShadowWizard pedal
@SPArchaeologist yeah, that's weird! The artist changed the character....
@FOX9000 cycle
@cVplZ shuttle
@FOX9000 bus
@cVplZ slade
10:03 AM
@FOX9000 slide
@ShadowWizard Just remember two things (if you ever will actually try watching). First, the season premiere/closing episodes follow a main plot line, so usually are the less mad ones (unless Discord is involved...). Second, I cannot be hold responsible if you like it.
@cVplZ steel
@ShadowWizard IMHO she is the best in the trio, having an actual backstory - other two are more stereotypical. So, no wonder I noticed.
@SPArchaeologist OK, thanks!
@FOX9000 steal
@ShadowWizard shiner
10:25 AM
@FOX9000 Shinning Armour
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