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5:06 AM
@DroidDev hmm :) gm
@ShadowWizard cool
@ShadowWizard @DroidDev we r still united :P
5:31 AM
@malviň YAY!
@ShadowWizard TERMINATORS!!!
@ShadowWizard The old hero has fallen in many battles this time. With this, he slowly turned around and walked away...
in Secrets, 14 secs ago, by DroidDev
I totally lost my rank in WAG this time, with no expectation of a comeback in near future
5:49 AM
@DroidDev ohhh why?
me 8th :)
@ShadowWizard crime
6:10 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ because, these days, and coming days, I've got no time to play :(
@FlamePrincessϡ Morning!
@FlamePrincessϡ patrol
@Uni Unih Unihe Unihed Unihedr Unihedro
@DroidDev engine
@DroidDev hmmm :/
@FlamePrincessϡ :O
@FlamePrincessϡ unreal
@Unihedro fake
6:34 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ smile
@DroidDev laugh
@Sha @Sha wake up!!!!
@malviň in silent mode as @Sil is not here :P
@FlamePrincessϡ loud
@FlamePrincessϡ nopes I am stuck in codessssss
@Unihedro noise
@Frank lol. noticed word tree first, and thought this must be Frank.. saw on the left side.. and yeah! I was right ;)
@malviň Good for you, code is good for the soul.
6:49 AM
@Unihedro I wandered Laughter is good for the soul!
@ShadowWizard xD
Love can never be bought, I hear... So why do people still pay pay for it, I wonder!
typo :/
Love can never be bought, I hear... So why do people still pay for it, I wonder!
7:04 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ wasn't able to understand a bit about people paying for love. Could you please post some examples of payments?
may be one would be enough :)
@Droid ^
@FlamePrincessϡ sound
@malviň voice
@FlamePrincessϡ Grief is the price we pay for love, but, that's after we are in love or in other words, that's after we have bought it. So, !validExample..
7:10 AM
@DroidDev :O
@DroidDev you are not getting my point.. leave :)
not in condition to explain/argue :/
italic . :P
still Thursday half and whole Friday to go for weekend :/
@DroidDev may be I will argue post lunch :P
@FlamePrincessϡ haha, I was not arguing, I was just trying to understand the quote, because, I wasn't able to...that's it :)
Afternoon :)
7:24 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ signal
@DroidDev traffic
@DroidDev will explain properly after lunch, as right now not in so good condition...
@SweetWisherヅ road
@FlamePrincessϡ trip
@SweetWisherヅ tour
7:39 AM
lunch time :)
8:00 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ picnic
@DroidDev park
I'd so much like to see history of India
@FlamePrincessϡ car
@DroidDev bike
@FlamePrincessϡ awesomeness
@DroidDev attractive
8:07 AM
@DroidDev I can think of something, we pay by being loyal and compromising about certain things, e.g. man who love his girlfriend/wife will do things for her that otherwise he wouldn't have done e.g. wash dishes, change diapers etc :D
@ShadowWizard omg, I am back to square one. Won't those things be after you have fallen in love with someone. I mean, you won't be washing dishes while you are trying to get the girl. You won't even be living together to do that
@DroidDev you miss the point
Love can never be bought = Love has no cost (before falling in love / after falling in love doesn't matter)
I think I should just stop before I start annoying you guys with my questions. Maybe I've never been there
I won't be annoyed. :) You can ask...
@FlamePrincessϡ I think I got your POV
8:13 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ crush
@DroidDev Candy :D
@FlamePrincessϡ sweet
@DroidDev sugar
@FlamePrincessϡ coating
8:17 AM
@DroidDev icing
@FlamePrincessϡ pricing
@DroidDev estimate
@FlamePrincessϡ approximate
@DroidDev fixed
@FlamePrincessϡ rigid
8:24 AM
@DroidDev flexible
@FlamePrincessϡ me
@DroidDev we
@FlamePrincessϡ plural
@DroidDev singular
@FlamePrincessϡ one
8:28 AM
@DroidDev odd
8:39 AM
Again with quote but non in english :P @dro u can translate it :P
Ajib ekta dekhi he zamane me.... Zindo ko girane me aur murdo ko uthane me....
@FlamePrincessϡ even
@SweetWisherヅ also
I find it pretty strange, how people are so united in killing the living and waking the dead these days
@Sweet ^
@FlamePrincessϡ toooo
@DroidDev (Y)
a quote from @Sweet @Shado ^^^
@sha need to be awaken :P
@Sha @sha
8:42 AM
@SweetWisherヅ typo
@FlamePrincessϡ mistake
@SweetWisherヅ error
@FlamePrincessϡ bug
@SweetWisherヅ beetle
@FlamePrincessϡ car
8:43 AM
@FlamePrincessϡ bee
staring angrily
@SweetWisherヅ honey
you could take something from Tales of Ratatosk
@DroidDev whom :P
puts a shadow clone to the task of staring
8:44 AM
@DroidDev anger is not good for health
@FlamePrincessϡ singh :P
@SweetWisherヅ Milkha :P
"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality"
@SPArchaeologist true :)
ZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz, don't wanna wake up :|
@SPArchaeologist will google later
8:45 AM
@DroidDev no. bing it :P
bing is bad :D
Bing is bad, but Bingo Yumitos is Yum :P
@DroidDev nice, but kind of "heavy" don't you think? :)
8:48 AM
I have one quote (self made) in Hindi, too. I can even translate that :P but that will be too "light"
@SPArchaeologist that's a nice quote! What say you, @Dro? @Fla? @Sweet?
@ShadowWizard heavy means? sorry...not able to get most of things today
@ShadowWizard that I agree with
@ShadowWizard yes :)
@FlamePrincessϡ no worries, just post it
8:48 AM
@ShadowWizard yaa but common one... :)
i like something different :)
@DroidDev means serious, talking about death and stuff
Yu bewajah alfazo ki keemat na badhao... Khamoshiyo me bhi kai dastaan hoti he
8:49 AM
Not against it of course, just that it might depress our innocent visitors :D
@ShadowWizard lol
@ShadowWizard oh! ya that's true, but still, it is bitter reality
will you translate @Droid or should I oblige? :P
yesterday, by SweetWisher ヅ
sach bhi tawayaf jesa ho gya he.... talabgaar sab he par apnata koi nahi ..
@DroidDev Reality is not allowed in the Den! :P
8:51 AM
only reality's shadow is allowed :P
Here it's all shiny and perfect :D
@FlamePrincessϡ I wasn't able to find a good enough word for tawayaf. You go ahead :)
@ShadowWizard :)
@DroidDev I just showed that for "bitter reality"
@DroidDev Google Translate doesn't even recognize it's Hindi :/
8:52 AM
@ShadowWizard that's urdu word :P
@ShadowWizard go for it. Then I will steal displace the depressed ones to the Sugarcube.
@DroidDev oh, isn't Urdu some ultra ancient language?
@FlamePrincessϡ Silence is golden :P
@ShadowWizard I propose to use Klingon.
8:53 AM
like Sanskrit ?
@ShadowWizard Hebrew's friend :P
@DroidDev missed my feelings :/
@FlamePrincessϡ Hebrew is just branch of Latin
@ShadowWizard Actually, urdu is mainly used these days for poetic things, hence its used in quote
@FlamePrincessϡ that's how translation kills the original thing :P
What about this one?
8:54 AM
Don't increase importance of words without any reason... Silences,too, have many stories...
^ best where I could reach
     
@DroidDev :P
niiiiice.... become invisible when posted :P
@ShadowWizard Hmm.. I was kidding :)"
@FlamePrincessϡ :D
@SPArchaeologist not invisible, just squares. What is this?
9:00 AM
@SPArchaeologist hmm...that's pretty nice. I vote for it to be added to description as quote
@ShadowWizard o.O u can't read o_O
@DroidDev yeah, but don't think many visitors here know Urdu.... :(
@ShadowWizard if you don't have the font it is squares, but if you have the font it falls outside the row.
@ShadowWizard i do i do :)
9:01 AM
@SPArchaeologist screenshot or it never happened :)
^ that is the actual message. Chat doesn't like the font.
again ᚠ ᚠ ᚠ
Runes are supported?
9:03 AM
Ancient Runes... Miss playing games :(
Miss reading Harry Potter
sniff sniff
@SPArchaeologist If you posted something, which looks like P cut from upside, and second curve, then yes.
@SilentKiller :-o weccum
@FlamePrincessϡ bhelcome
@Dro @SPA @SHA don't sleep.
@uni hiya
@SilentKiller welcome
@DroidDev chenks
@SilentKiller hiya
9:08 AM
@Unihedro howdy ?
@SilentKiller Great!
thats great.
@Dro last word.
@SilentKiller don't know, not playing right now
27 mins ago, by FlamePrincessϡ
@SweetWisherヅ Milkha :P
@FlamePrincessϡ Purple (do not delude me. You know the answer to this one)
9:13 AM
@SPArchaeologist no don't reply to the reply
@SPArchaeologist reply to original message
I know I know
9:14 AM
@SPArchaeologist violet
just posting and fixing afterwards.
@SweetWisherヅ lavender
ninja Archaeologist!
@FlamePrincessϡ sleeping ?
@SilentKiller flower
9:15 AM
@Sil I never sleep, I just put myself in Stasis ;)
Hibernate mode. ;)
30 mins ago, by FlamePrincessϡ
ZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz, don't wanna wake up :|
@SilentKiller nah, that's for bots :D
@SweetWisherヅ leaf
@ShadowWizard node
@SweetWisherヅ nod
9:18 AM
@ShadowWizard noooooo :P
@ShadowWizard Me no ninja. me Unicorn. Ask bot.
@SPArchaeologist around no bot. Not know me, find it where.
@sil in sleeping mode now :P
@SweetWisherヅ exclamation
Jan 19 at 17:09, by FOX 9000
@SPArchaeologist SPArchaeologist has earned the following spells: Force, Pony, Unicorn
9:22 AM
@ShadowWizard exaggeration
@SweetWisherヅ Working SharePoint
@SPArchaeologist unrewarding
@SPArchaeologist spells are not who you are :)
@ShadowWizard that is a point we will have to discuss with @Program. Force is a spell, Pony is a class/rank/style/form.
@ShadowWizard effort
9:42 AM
@SPArchaeologist exhausting
9:58 AM
@ShadowWizard smoke
fighting urge to reply the obvious
@SPArchaeologist Papal conclave
@DroidDev :D
Why did you delete, @malviň?
@ShadowWizard it was showing my reps ^^
@malviň nice attempt, but now @ShadowWizard will know. F̶̝͙͉o̤͈̖̙͞ͅͅr̵͖͕̯̝̳è̡̯̤̤͙̲̥̞͚v͠͏͉̹̩͈é̴̺̘́r̬̼̞̹͔̰̘͇
10:16 AM
for a while though
Welcome back @Dro
@Dro welcome back
back @Dro welcome!
@sha the @dro is already gone.
the @dro is already gone @sha
already gone is the @dro @sha
@sha already gone is the @dro

Double Pinging in its best

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@SPA is right, @dro came for a really short while
@dro came for a really short while, @SPA is right
10:34 AM
seems the living tombstone is also on bandcamp. Nice
@ShadowWizard meeting
@malviň I saw what you tried to post initially! :D
It's too funny to be ignored, but maybe better not onebox it... files.explosm.net/comics/Rob/masturbating.png
Jan 23 at 8:01, by maveň
u can read minds @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard hell no :@
10:39 AM
@malviň no what? not funny or no as not onebox it? :)
@ShadowWizard it was for u
I had promised you that
@SPArchaeologist no one is playin wag
@SPArchaeologist didn't you once say you never click my links? (fearing where they lead ;))
@malviň mating
@ShadowWizard cell
10:44 AM
@malviň well, @Dro is away. @Sil is away. @Fla is away. @Sweet is away. @SPA waiting for a chance. @Frank is waiting for the bot. Who else? ;)
@malviň prison
@ShadowWizard criminal
@ShadowWizard lol
@ShadowWizard the "not posting it" made me suspicious, so I checked the uri. No need to open it to assume uncouth results.
@SPArchaeologist ahahaha, it's just a funny comics. Really!
@malviň mind
@ShadowWizard :)
@ShadowWizard read
@malviň comics
@ShadowWizard characters
@SPArchaeologist so you bought it? :)
@malviň fictional
@ShadowWizard may. But would prefer supporting directly Mat
@ShadowWizard unreal
@malviň perception
11:10 AM
@SPArchaeologist Mat? You mean Phyrnna?
@SPArchaeologist assumption
@malviň wrong
@ShadowWizard no, Matt - the author of the serie of games this was taken from
@ShadowWizard right
@SPArchaeologist oh, lol. well, Paypal for the rescue!
@malviň left
11:14 AM
@ShadowWizard leave
@malviň crying (my son's common response when asked to leave something ;))
@ShadowWizard baby (babies do xD)
kids do too, a lot D:
but on purpose to get their goals!!
@ShadowWizard goals can be anything
11:24 AM
hmm... @SPA this is quite a late reply, stretching the "latest word wins" rule a bit
@SPArchaeologist hmm
@malviň filly
@malviň usually just a candy, but now my daughter wants whole set of new things as well
@ShadowWizard lol ^^
@SPArchaeologist filmy
@malviň thingy
11:32 AM
@ShadowWizard matter
@malviň dark
@SPArchaeologist knight
@malviň bishop
@ShadowWizard horse
@malviň pony
11:36 AM
@SPArchaeologist ass
the image I posted before.
for you too, @mal
you know there are several meaning to this word, @SPA, not all of them "dirty" :)
@SPArchaeologist xD
@malviň Ace
relate pony with ass @spa
@ShadowWizard Axe
11:39 AM
@malviň Golden
@ShadowWizard Age
@malviň Bart :D
Adjective: uncouth (comparative uncouther or more uncouth, superlative uncouthest or most uncouth)
  1. (archaic) Unfamiliar, strange, foreign.
  2. Clumsy, awkward.
Adjective: unrefined (comparative more unrefined, superlative most unrefined)
  1. crude, raw or unprocessed
that is an unrefined way to define a donkey. I stand my point.
@SPArchaeologist :D
lol u got it man
So @SPA no slang for you at all, or only no slang related to ponies?
11:41 AM
depends on the slang.
eh, makes sense :)
@ShadowWizard funny
going to post a reply but then decided I will wait and see
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
I got just now
@malviň lolcat
evades angry pony
11:47 AM
@ShadowWizard logcat
@malviň sushi cat
@SPArchaeologist yushi
@spa back to normal
@malviň Yoshi
@malviň ye hope
@SPArchaeologist cool :)
@SPArchaeologist green
@ShadowWizard takes out a chicken and throws it at the mage. Then yells "Go! it was him who poked you with a stick before"
11:50 AM
@malviň arrow
@ShadowWizard knee
@SPArchaeologist reflex
@ShadowWizard nerves
@malviň we were all new once, yeah :D
forgive me guys :) — malviň Jul 21 '14 at 10:05
11:54 AM
@malviň spine
Q: The nuts and bolts of Stack Overflow

Shadow Wizard Possible Duplicate: Which tools and technologies build the Stack Exchange Network? Just wondering: what is the front end of SO sites? Is it LAMP like facebook? A quick headers check (using whatismyip) didn't reveal any details. The site does hold a huge amount of data and appears to w...

one of my first questions on MSE ^
started with -2 and quickly closed, so it led me to try and become better so I can also find dupes and close. Worked pretty well! :D
what about him, @mal? ^
he is in top of the chain @Sha
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