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4:13 AM
Morning !!
@ShadowWizard room
4:52 AM
@DroidDev my activa.. my brother's pulsar :P
morning good :) all...
@SweetWisherヅ house
5:08 AM
thinking if she should awaken Frank
@Fra @Fra wake up!!!!
@Droid yo!
oops... was just typing and you came :)
@FlamePrincessϡ lol :P
@FlamePrincessϡ full
@DroidDev empty
in Java and Android era on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Drone Dev
aone mind ka bhi use krle thoda sa
anyway...mood status today: rainymood.com
5:20 AM
cool. I am in sleepy mode and mood
@FlamePrincessϡ guess what?? ALLOO KA PRANTHA!!!
@DroidDev eating?
@FlamePrincessϡ jup
:( I want, too....
@FlamePrincessϡ how do you want it? Skype call or something? :P
5:28 AM
@DroidDev want in real :P
as got no time for breakfast today
@ShadowWizard lol, don't you agree with me? :P
@FlamePrincessϡ well...I too ate in company :P
@DroidDev no canteen in my company :)
@ShadowWizard lol, it should be that hard to calculate, 3 or 4? :P
@FlamePrincessϡ same here ;)
lol 3-4.. lolmlolll
@DroidDev same punch :P
punch? isHurt :P
5:32 AM
well...prantha finished :(
well...to enlighten you :P
I look skinny, but ME CAN EAT LOTZ
I am one of those guys, who can eat almost anything and still remain skinny all their life
@FlamePrincessϡ hearts
5:35 AM
princess.isJealous() = true;
@DroidDev feelings
@FlamePrincessϡ isFeelingGood, after all princess is jealous of him :P
@FlamePrincessϡ waste
@DroidDev huh :|
@DroidDev dustbin
@FlamePrincessϡ throw
@DroidDev catch
@FlamePrincessϡ girl
you know, they always keep slipping and felling :P
5:39 AM
@DroidDev me
@FlamePrincessϡ mine (top word)
@DroidDev our
@FlamePrincessϡ together
@DroidDev apart
@FlamePrincessϡ separated
oh! I forgot, @Sha is on weekend today
isn't that a great chance to ping @Sha multiple times?
hmm....let me think about it...
what would it be like, if @Sha opens SE on his phone, just to see about 32412341234341 pings
5:45 AM
@Sha @Sha
will @Sha get mad?
yes @Sha may be angry
Then what will @Sha do?
will @Sha scold us?
but @Sha is already a denling
I don't think @Sha will get mad
Or @Sha will just laugh?
but, what if @Sha really gets mad?
5:46 AM
yes @Sha might not get mad
but how can @Sha get mad?
@Sha is a good person
what if @Sha throws the phone away in anger
after all @Sha is @Sha
@Sha is denling
denlings are all mad
May be then, @Sha will have to buy a new phone
@Sha has made separate room for madness
5:47 AM
and in case @Sha takes a new phone...
hmm...a new phone
should we suggest something to @Sha
should I request @Sha to gift me a new phone, too?
and me too...
Or should I not request @Sha ?
what about it @Sha ?
5:48 AM
Thinking what @Sha will think if I do so?
Will @Sha get mad?
I have grown a liking to these ping bombs @Sha
Or will @Sha think that @Fla is mad?
@Dro is definitely maddest
are you throwing bombs at @Sha ?
that was the third voice of his head
5:48 AM
will @Sha survive this attack?
nope, I am slipping ping bombs under @Sha
O I see.. @Sha do you?
what if @Sha 's phone explodes after receiving all these pings and getting mad at us?
@DroidDev alone
I wonder if @Sha will be mad then
@FlamePrincessϡ always
anyway...that reminded me @Fla
5:50 AM
what if @Sha throws phone in direction of India? :P
since, now we two are only persons in den
@DroidDev forever
I would want to discuss it if you don't mind
that day you said, you always end up hurting people
why you said so?
5:50 AM
Yes.. unintentionally. :(
I don't think so...
plus, not a very optimistic way to think about yourself
I don't think you are a kind of person who would hurt anyone
I know.. but sometimes, my mind just goes blank, and can't think negatively about those whom I love, so end up thinking that about me.
must be pretty messed up situation
I don't think it should be discussed anymore on a public media...so...I'd just say this
don't think those kind of things about yourself
you are not that kind of person
hmm.. It shouldn't be
and trust me, I know, you are not the one, who would hurt somebody
@FlamePrincessϡ and ever
lol, I am getting chat throttled
5:54 AM
@DroidDev ok :)
are you getting ping throttled @Sha ?
@DroidDev never
@FlamePrincessϡ again
@Sha @Sha
wondering if there is something called ping throttled :/
is there @Sha ?
5:55 AM
@DroidDev once
@SPA once said that next goal is to reach 100 pings
did we reach that goal @Sha ?
wondering if @Sha will come online today...
I we didn't, I think we will soon, right @Sha ?
@DroidDev I don't think so
@Sha will come
5:56 AM
@Sha how many pings by now?
@Sha half century done?
right @Sha ?
You can perform this action again in 10 seconds - retry / edit / cancel
that's the first time ever I reached that limit, wondering if anyone else hit that :/
lol lol... me didn't get that @Sha
@DroidDev many times... but not today :)
wondering if @Sha hit that
5:57 AM
what if @Sha hit?
@FlamePrincessϡ why? :/
But what if @Sha didn't hit?
@Sha is already hit with ping bombs
@DroidDev magic :P
@Sha will throw ping bombs later
Lieutenant @Sha is wounded by ping bombs
5:58 AM
@Sha will take revenge
@FlamePrincessϡ ago
@Sha you can ping me on Sat, Sun, Mon
I will wait @Sha
@Sha I am having holidays on those days
so you can pingbomb me @Sha :P
@FlamePrincessϡ yes, he can, @Sha has sunday as working day :P
5:59 AM
@DroidDev later
@FlamePrincessϡ sometime
@DroidDev :P @Sha feel free
do you like anime @Sha ?
@DroidDev rarely
@FlamePrincessϡ occasionally
6:00 AM
do you like Harry? @Sha
wondering when we will do same with @SPA
next is you @SPA :P
@DroidDev eventually
@Sha how are you?
@FlamePrincessϡ after all
@Sha when will you come?
@DroidDev at last
will be back in about 10 minutes, getting too much of you can perform this action again in n seconds
6:02 AM
:) yo...
@Sha I wanna eat ice creammmmmmmmmm
If I search @Sha then I get 71 out of 77 matches
@Sha we are close to goal set by @Spa
just come a bit late @Sha :)
and you will see the century already hit @Sha
@Sha is denling
one of denlings is @Sha
so @Sha is subset of denlings
denlings is superset of @Sha
let me know if @Sha comes so I can run away :P
did @Sha come?
or did he not?
no @Sha didn't come yet
will @Sha come?
or will @Sha be busy?
oh! that's great, we can ping @Sha again
why @Sha would be busy?
may be as @Sha 's son would be playing with him
or may be @Sha 's daughter?
why me not get the countz when I match :/
6:09 AM
87 ;) @Droid and 6 are of yesterday
so if we reach at 110, we are done :P
it means we are near @Sha
@Sha come after a few pings...
I can already see the light @Sha
don't come just now @Sha
if I only had your number @Sha
I'd call you and tell you not to get online @Sha
6:11 AM
I have your email id @Sha
but you won't check your mail @Sha
Oh my bad! @Sha
Will @Sha check Facebook?
@Sha is on vacation
Then @Droid can message @Sha on facebook
nope, @Sha won't even check facebook
6:12 AM
99 @Sha
I know @Sha
and now its 100 ;)
YAY! kaboom, @Sha
And now it doesn't show number @Sha
It says more than 100 @Sha
so after all we would need @Sha to let us know the exact number
you are the first one ever on network to be pinged 100 times without any reason @Sha :P
6:13 AM
@Droid I am worrie... will @Sha get angry?
@FlamePrincessϡ don't worry, @Sha won't ;)
@Sha the Wanted
Can I give title "Wanted" to @Sha ?
what does it means?
Most wanted... In demand :P
do you know about it @Sha ?
6:14 AM
No @Sha might not
@FlamePrincessϡ oh! not cool :P
as its my mind's product
anyway, you can decorate him with any title you want
@DroidDev its kewl, not just cool ;)
@FlamePrincessϡ :/
6:14 AM
really? @Sha
@DroidDev :\ - You can perform this action again in 3 seconds - retry / edit / cancel
@DroidDev :\
@FlamePrincessϡ YAY!!
:P I think our job is done..
is it done @Sha
@Spa set the new goal, and we will target you next ;)
jup, that'z correct @SPA
6:16 AM
@DroidDev :D
15 mins ago, by FlamePrincessϡ
@DroidDev at last
@FlamePrincessϡ in the end
anyway...time for me to get back to werkz :(
same pinch :(
...anyway...a cup of coffee demands the separation from keyboard and mouse
wondering when others will be here :/
@DroidDev dead
@DroidDev hmm...
lol, you are just like me, can't resist the urge to check a new message :P
@FlamePrincessϡ every morning
6:29 AM
@DroidDev hmm?
@DroidDev night
@FlamePrincessϡ I mean, no matter what you are doing, you just have to open the browser and if a new message is there :P
@FlamePrincessϡ good
@DroidDev yo! :P
@DroidDev better
@FlamePrincessϡ future
back to werk
me 3
@DroidDev past
6:45 AM
I dodged bullets while in army, but I could not dodge the pings! :-D
Luckily for you, I got two kids who also love to join forces sometimes and try to annoy me together so I find it rather cute! :-P
And now @Dro @Fla time to start the sweet revenge... ;-)
It won't be quick @Dro @Fla
I am very patient @Dro and @Fla :-)
@DroidDev Actually I got the app so I got it all on the iPhone ;-)
(It usually still 100% at this time so you owe me 11% battery @Dro @Fla ;))
user image
@FlamePrincessϡ ^
If I miss a comment I will blame you @Dro and @Fla :-]
Got to go to have a haircut, but I only started @Dro @Fla :D
@FlamePrincessϡ Tense
7:05 AM
@ShadowWizard that's. so. not. cool. :(
still...them notifications :D
@ShadowWizard lol, what's better than being pranked by friends :D
@ShadowWizard You can put the blame on me (Akon)
@ShadowWizard stressed
@ShadowWizard yo!
@ShadowWizard :)
@DroidDev relaxed
@ShadowWizard shollyyy
me 2 :)
@ShadowWizard don't worry, I'll mail you a solar panel :P
7:48 AM
@DroidDev why not? I rather like it. And I silenced the app long ago, due to "real" notifications arriving at odd hours :D
So it's just showing them on screen, but no sound or vibration.
By the way @Fla @Dro was correct, I usually check SE before FB.
I once tried Facebook app, it's total and utter crap. Sorry crap for comparing you to it! (/cc @Fla @Dro ;))
@DroidDev What's your CEO/CTO number? :D
@ShadowWizard lol, I totally know facebook app is utter crap ;)
@FlamePrincessϡ lol
@FlamePrincessϡ massage
@ShadowWizard you were supposed to know only when you logged in the app
not all the time along
@ShadowWizard you plan on getting me killed, right? ;)
@DroidDev what do you mean? There is push notification for each inbox item
@DroidDev ahaha no, that would be too merciful :D
@ShadowWizard I mean, having the app means that you knew all along about our plan
7:52 AM
You deserve slllloooowwwww and looooonnnnnggg revenge, @Dro and @Fla :P
@ShadowWizard lol, I'll wait
@maveň from now on, you're authorized to ping @Dro and @Fla whenever you like - it's for a good cause :-D
@ShadowWizard lol, I already told him about the ping prank long time ago :P
good noon all :)
@DroidDev yeah, but he wasn't part of it, were you @maveň? :D
7:54 AM
and you know, I can log in any time at night(3 am) and ping anyone to death ;)
@ShadowWizard nope, he wasn't, I doubt he still know what happened here :P
@DroidDev anyone who visited here in the last 7 days, yeah
@ShadowWizard nope, ANYone, I'll just reply to the earlier messages with meaningless messages ;)
@DroidDev eh, easy enough to see by scrolling up a bit ;)
you know, I am the guy with a plan for everything ;)
@ShadowWizard DroidDev told me abt that 2 months ago
7:55 AM
@ShadowWizard its there in starboard too
@DroidDev oh, even the legendary Jason? :D
@ShadowWizard yup, replies give you notifications :D
@Fla wasn't pinged for a while ;)
you are already at it
@DroidDev yup, after 15 minutes of not dismissing them
@DroidDev very true! @Fla should know that too :D
7:57 AM
@ShadowWizard yup, anyway...back to werkz, but I am peeping on that bar(I have adjusted the browser just above the top bar of my IDE, so I can see any pings :P)
@DroidDev I m safe here from vamp's attack :D
@maveň oh! they came back!
@DroidDev good for you! :P
not visiting the room right now
@ShadowWizard mwahahaha
today I can't dare to enter any SO room
7:59 AM
8 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard
@FlamePrincessϡ massage
can't be missed
@ShadowWizard full body
@DroidDev enjoy then
04:00 - 08:0008:00 - 23:00

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