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12:46 AM
@ShadowWizard disturbing
1 hour later…
1:47 AM
>>appear FOX 9000
5 hours later…
6:54 AM
@iStimple disturbance
@iStimple it's not that simple, but if you can reach @ProgramFOX home, turn on his computer and run the bot script, I think the bot will be up and running. ;)
7:06 AM
@ShadowWizard 911
7:17 AM
>>time 20
@ProgramFOX Waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@iStimple Done!
@ShadowWizard Nice, I'm becoming close to the first place :D
@iStimple number
@ProgramFOX yeah, if we merge the bot's posts with yours you're the undisputed ruler of WAG! :D
@ProgramFOX 69 (just a nice number ;))
@ShadowWizard 8
@iStimple Octagon
7:21 AM
@ShadowWizard pentagon
@iStimple Pentagram
Errmm... that was just a test.
7:21 AM
@ProgramFOX think your bot is hungry
@ShadowWizard chalk
@FOX9000 board
It was supposed to reply to @ShadowWizard's message (as it did now), but the method returns 'None' and it posted that.
@iStimple chess
@FOX9000 king
7:22 AM
@ProgramFOX burger
@iStimple fry
hey it's cheating!
@FOX9000 pan
^ rreplied to wrong one
@ShadowWizard pot
Boom, wrong reply deleted.
7:24 AM
@FOX9000 training
@ShadowWizard sports
@ProgramFOX stadium
@ShadowWizard arena
@iStimple gladiator
@ShadowWizard muscles
7:25 AM
@iStimple steroids
@ShadowWizard a-rod
No associated word found for a-rod.
alex rodriguez , baseball player, that used steroids
Got to go now, see you!
7:26 AM
I'll leave the bot turned on.
oh, think better write full name and/or linkify in such case
thanks @ProgramFOX, cya!
@iStimple baseball
@ShadowWizard Babe Ruth
@ShadowWizard bat
@FOX9000 cat
7:27 AM
@iStimple cheshire
@FOX9000 Berkshire
@iStimple Yorkshire
@ShadowWizard lancashire
wondering if bot can do trains
would be nice
7:30 AM
@FOX9000 Hampshire
@ShadowWizard vermont
combo breaker!!
@FOX9000 mormont
No associated word found for mormont.
@ShadowWizard mormons
7:33 AM
@iStimple utah
>>time 1
@iStimple Waiting time set to 1 second.
@FOX9000 Georgia
@iStimple alabama
@FOX9000 florida
7:36 AM
@iStimple pensacola
@FOX9000 orlando
@iStimple frederick
@FOX9000 name
@iStimple mayfair
@FOX9000 fair
7:37 AM
@iStimple complexion
@FOX9000 skin
@iStimple leopard
@FOX9000 alligator
@iStimple crocodile
@FOX9000 hunter
7:38 AM
@iStimple gatherer
@FOX9000 fisher
@iStimple marten
@FOX9000 martin
@iStimple silenus
@FOX9000 silent
7:38 AM
@iStimple watcher
@FOX9000 stalker
@iStimple dreamer
@FOX9000 believer
@iStimple unbeliever
@FOX9000 skeptic
7:39 AM
@iStimple node
@FOX9000 element
@iStimple constituent
@FOX9000 voter
@iStimple ballot
@FOX9000 box
7:40 AM
@iStimple snuff
@FOX9000 stuff
@iStimple duffel
@FOX9000 bag
@iStimple gym
@FOX9000 class
7:40 AM
@iStimple distinction
@FOX9000 distinct
@iStimple articulation
@FOX9000 thorough
@iStimple investigation
@FOX9000 crime
7:41 AM
@iStimple punishment
@FOX9000 offense
@iStimple felony
@FOX9000 serious
@iStimple repercussion
@FOX9000 consequence
7:42 AM
@iStimple entail
@FOX9000 contrail
@iStimple missile
@FOX9000 explosion
@iStimple supernova
@FOX9000 star
7:42 AM
@iStimple neutron
@FOX9000 proton
@iStimple electron
@FOX9000 charge
@iStimple demolition
@FOX9000 building
7:43 AM
@iStimple storey
@FOX9000 two
@iStimple third
@FOX9000 fourth
@iStimple conjugation
@FOX9000 group
7:44 AM
@iStimple argo
@FOX9000 cargo
@iStimple discharging
@FOX9000 charging
@iStimple demolition
@FOX9000 company
7:45 AM
@iStimple insurance
>>time 3
@iStimple Waiting time set to 3 seconds.
@FOX9000 car
@iStimple pullman
@FOX9000 puller
7:46 AM
@iStimple wire
@FOX9000 cutter
@iStimple lugger
@FOX9000 logger
@iStimple lumber
@FOX9000 timber
7:47 AM
@iStimple forest
@FOX9000 deforestation
No associated word found for deforestation.
>>link deforestation depopulation
@iStimple Link added.
>>reply 2361500
7:48 AM
@iStimple depopulation
@FOX9000 human
@iStimple frailty
stress test, cool
@FOX9000 weakness
@iStimple debility
7:50 AM
@ShadowWizard yep working good.. getting some you must wait 7 seconds to post again messages , better slow it down
>>time 20
@iStimple Waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@iStimple yup, guess there is rate limiting behind the scenes to prevent flooding
@ShadowWizard wonder how the bot was able to post them without any issues though?
he's probably more trusted user
@FOX9000 disability
@iStimple beneficiary
@FOX9000 inheritance
7:53 AM
@iStimple armageddon
@FOX9000 end
@iStimple tether
@FOX9000 feather
@iStimple ostrich
@FOX9000 giraffe
7:55 AM
@iStimple zebra
@FOX9000 stripes
@iStimple tiger
@FOX9000 woods
@iStimple thrush
@FOX9000 thrust
7:57 AM
@iStimple waistband
@FOX9000 headband
@iStimple leggings
@FOX9000 tight
@iStimple likely because it's using API
@iStimple muscle
7:58 AM
@FOX9000 flex
i c
@ShadowWizard box
@ShadowWizard forearm
to anyone else in the room, you can play too, we don't play dirty most the time!
@iStimple snuff
@FOX9000 bicep
8:00 AM
No associated word found for bicep.
>>link bicep triceps
@iStimple Link added.
>>reply 2361547
@iStimple triceps
@FOX9000 back
8:02 AM
@iStimple ponytail
@FOX9000 mullet
@iStimple finch
hmm.... wonder how come @iStimple avatar looks so much like the bots?! :D
all right, gonna go, don't crash the bot @ShadowWizard!
@ShadowWizard we both lack creativity i guess
@iStimple cya, dunno if I'll have much time to play but promise to restrain my destructive instincts ;)
@FOX9000 lynch
8:05 AM
@ShadowWizard kyle
@FOX9000 Broflovski
No associated word found for Broflovski.
>>link Broflovski Jewish
@ShadowWizard Link added.
>>reply 2361566
8:17 AM
@ShadowWizard Jewish
9:15 AM
I'm back!
@FOX9000 Jew
@ProgramFOX christian
9:48 AM
>>time 5
@iStimple Waiting time set to 5 seconds.
@FOX9000 Lutheran
@iStimple evangelical
@FOX9000 Baptist
@iStimple methodist
9:49 AM
@FOX9000 southern
@iStimple northern
@ProgramFOX luzon
sorry, 5 seconds to short of time i guess
>>time 11
@iStimple Waiting time set to 11 seconds.
Yeah, it's good if you are alone with the bot, not if there are other people.
@FOX9000 island
9:50 AM
@ProgramFOX norfolk
@ProgramFOX deserted
@iStimple crypto
@FOX9000 encryption
@ProgramFOX algorithm
@FOX9000 (Rubik's) Cube
9:51 AM
@ProgramFOX meter
@FOX9000 kilo
@ProgramFOX calorie
@FOX9000 food
@ProgramFOX digestion
@FOX9000 bowels
9:53 AM
@iStimple stomach
@FOX9000 vomit
@ProgramFOX puke
@iStimple gut
@FOX9000 tug
@iStimple bug
9:54 AM
@ProgramFOX gunboat
@FOX9000 watercraft
No associated word found for watercraft.
>>link watercraft ship
@ProgramFOX Link added.
>>reply 2361650
9:56 AM
@ProgramFOX ship
@FOX9000 sail
@iStimple sloop
@FOX9000 pools
@iStimple heron
@FOX9000 celeron
9:59 AM
No associated word found for celeron.
>>link celeron intel
@iStimple Link added.
>>reply 2361661
@iStimple intel
@FOX9000 chip
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