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3:00 PM
Are you married? how your wife lets you to .... oh ok,
whatever I want to say I am afraid some people get annoyed...
@FOX9000 church
@Ahmad I'm doing my "job" as high rep user by keeping the site clean and organized, if a question is a dupe I mark it as such.
@JasonC bishop
@Ahmad secular
@Ahmad how my wife let me mark questions as duplicates? ;)
3:01 PM
Damn, a road block in my "FOX 9000: farts" quest.
@ShadowWizard no I never argue with that :)))), but it wasn't, I commented thare. but you are right...
@Ahmad You weren't satisfied in the tavern so you take it here? Let it go dude. Seriously.
A little meditation and reflection may be in order.
@FOX9000 peculiar
@ShadowWizard odd
@JasonC singsong
3:03 PM
@JasonC No Never, you treat me well, just was a kidding,, you are right, you are right, down-vote please,....
@FOX9000 rhythm
@ShadowWizard ricky martin
@ShadowWizard physiological
What's the command to up FOX 9000's delay?
@Ahmad Questions that should be closed will be closed. Time wins.
3:05 PM
@FOX9000 philosophical
@JasonC >>time [number here]
>>time 1337
@Unihedron Waiting time set to 1337 seconds.
@Unihedron Dude, let it go.
@Ahmad reflective
3:05 PM
>>time 60
>>time 45
@ShadowWizard Waiting time set to 60 seconds.
@JasonC I'm alright by it, I'm just pointing it out.
poor bot
3:05 PM
@JasonC Waiting time set to 45 seconds.
@FOX9000 mirror
>>time 8
We can compromise.
@Unihedron Waiting time set to 8 seconds.
3:06 PM
>>time 52.5
@JasonC Command contains invalid characters.
>>time 53
@JasonC Waiting time set to 53 seconds.
@Ahmad reflection
@JasonC java
3:06 PM
@Unihedron applet
@Unihedron script
@ProgramFOX language
@ProgramFOX kiddies
@ProgramFOX javascript
@JasonC noob
3:07 PM
@Unihedron hax
@JasonC cheating
@Unihedron husband :D
@ShadowWizard implications
@ShadowWizard desperate
@Unihedron me
3:08 PM
@Ahmad user
@Ahmad facepalm
@JasonC wrong
@Unihedron correct
@JasonC no
3:08 PM
@JasonC jason
@Unihedron totally
@JasonC abstract
@Unihedron class
@Unihedron class
@ShadowWizard object
3:09 PM
lol whoa
great minds....
wag overflow is in full effect
actually it has, but yeah quite rare
@Unihedron oriented
I have an epiphany!
I'm going to go back to coding now. Enjoy your WAG!
3:10 PM
@Unihedron "had" or "am having", with "epiphany"
@Unihedron instanciate

Great minds...

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@JasonC no
3:11 PM
@Unihedron thanks, looking forward to see you back sometime! :D
@ShadowWizard ha
@Ahmad allocate
@ShadowWizard 14 seconds..
@ShadowWizard :D
@JasonC memory
Is there a command to make FOX 9000 remove a message?
@JasonC yes
3:12 PM
@Ahmad fuzzy
>>delete 2634862
@JasonC ^
@JasonC logic
@Ahmad complicated
@ShadowWizard easy
3:13 PM
@JasonC Yes, it's a privileged one.
I'll add you to the list.
@ShadowWizard wold
@Ahmad mold
@ProgramFOX I promise to use all commands responsibly, with the exception of 'link * boobs'.
@ShadowWizard gold
I meant world, :) but anyway
3:15 PM
@JasonC :D
@rene west
@ShadowWizard away
@Ahmad message
3:16 PM
@JasonC packet
@Ahmad UDP
@ShadowWizard local
Bot started with waiting time set to 53 seconds.
@Ahmad global
@JasonC You should have the privilege now.
@ProgramFOX weather
3:16 PM
@ProgramFOX web
@Ahmad net
@JasonC Try to execute >>delete 2634940
>>delete 2634940
@ShadowWizard socket
@JasonC ok, it works :)
@Ahmad connection
3:17 PM
@ProgramFOX failed
@Ahmad broken
@ProgramFOX pipe
@JasonC line
@ProgramFOX point
3:19 PM
@JasonC location
CYA, it seems you are not married, or not feminist, I must leave
Bye @Ahmad
@ProgramFOX coordinate
@JasonC exact
@ProgramFOX pedantic
3:20 PM
@JasonC OCD
@ShadowWizard disorder
@ProgramFOX chaos
@JasonC complete
@ProgramFOX whole
@ShadowWizard shebang
3:22 PM
@JasonC Unix (the #! syntax)
Yeah sorry I kind of dug us in a hole with that last one, lol.
@ProgramFOX linux
wow Urban Dictionary is now in Hebrew
@JasonC open (source)
@ProgramFOX wide
@ShadowWizard broad
3:23 PM
@ShadowWizard That has to violate some Jewish law or other...
@JasonC yeah it look horrible since the terms themselves are still in English
lol, oh man
Having both RTL and LTR languages in same page is very very ugly
@ProgramFOX tapering
@FOX9000 double
3:25 PM
@JasonC twins
@JasonC lol, not really, we have our share of swear words and dirty words in Hebrew and even religious people use them sometimes ;)
@ShadowWizard You forgot a picture.
@ShadowWizard hull
@JasonC nice, but we have a minor here so guess I'm just too careful :D
@FOX9000 ship
@ShadowWizard I need to read miyodeya.se more, for the sole purpose of learning enough to make snarky comments in conversations like this.
@ShadowWizard Lol; I chose bikinis and pleasant smiles to minimize the damage.
@ShadowWizard overboard
3:28 PM
@JasonC go ahead, but that site is really "high level", I once took a look and most of the things there are new to me as well
@ShadowWizard I know. Actually I read it pretty frequently, just because it's absolutely fascinating how intense some of those topics are.
That and aviation are my two favorite se sites to just randomly browse.
@JasonC the damage is already done, I'm afraid :-D
@DroidDev @ProgramFOX Stop corrupting minors.
He's not innocent anymore D:
3:30 PM
@JasonC for me it was Skeptics for a while, lol
Lol, skeptics is fun if I'm high
@FOX9000 bags
@ShadowWizard lost
@rene cause
@JasonC be
3:32 PM
@rene nice
@JasonC dredge
@FOX9000 underwater
@FOX9000 machine
@ProgramFOX factory
@ShadowWizard problem
3:35 PM
meme generator? ^^
@ProgramFOX engineering
@FOX9000 extreme
@rene youth
@FOX9000 innocence
@ShadowWizard childhood
3:43 PM
>>time 20
@ShadowWizard Waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@FOX9000 adolescence
@ShadowWizard infancy
@FOX9000 diapers
@ShadowWizard pants
3:57 PM
@FOX9000 jeans
@ShadowWizard unzip
naughty bot!
@FOX9000 flip
@ShadowWizard lights
@FOX9000 Christmas
@ShadowWizard please report in the Tavern
@rene seasonable
4:12 PM
@JasonC minor? Who is minor? :P
@FOX9000 seasoning
@DroidDev minced
@FOX9000 mined
@DroidDev gold
@ShadowWizard Guess who spoiled it...? :D
@FOX9000 silver
@DroidDev chalice
4:15 PM
>>islink jeans unzip
@ShadowWizard No, that's not a link.
@DroidDev not you, it's like this by design ;)
@ShadowWizard oh!
@FOX9000 pot
@DroidDev killick
@FOX9000 click
4:18 PM
@DroidDev hoof
@FOX9000 woof
@DroidDev shuttle
@FOX9000 space
@DroidDev hyperspace
@FOX9000 deep
4:24 PM
@DroidDev bay
@FOX9000 pirate
@FOX9000 port
@DroidDev nacelle
@FOX9000 aircraft
@ShadowWizard rotor
4:27 PM
@FOX9000 motor
@DroidDev starter
4:39 PM
@SilentKiller Oh, finally found it...
@FOX9000 kick
@rene solidly
5:24 PM
@FOX9000 plasma
@rene propulsion
@FOX9000 thrust
@rene momentum
@FOX9000 linear
@rene perspective
2 hours later…
7:13 PM
Got to go now, shutting down bot.
@FOX9000 Escher
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