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11:15 AM
@SPArchaeologist Paladin
@ShadowWizard armored
@FOX9000 vehicle
@ShadowWizard diesel
@FOX9000 vin
@ShadowWizard la
11:26 AM
@FOX9000 Do
@SPArchaeologist mean
@FOX9000 evil
@ShadowWizard misery
@FOX9000 mystery
@ShadowWizard sinful
@DroidDev transcendent
11:32 AM
@FOX9000 translucent
@ShadowWizard transparent
@DroidDev transgender
ah! let's see the bot reply to this :D
@ShadowWizard me
No associated word found for transgender.
11:33 AM
hehe, I forced it to do that :P
how? :(
@ProgramFOX lol, it was a good one :D
@DroidDev Thanks :)
so "me" was reply that you forced, right?
@ShadowWizard On the command line, I can enter messages for the bot to post.
@DroidDev yep
11:34 AM
@ProgramFOX neat!!
@ProgramFOX you win this one :D
So the poor bot is transgender... got to keep that in mind :D
>>delete 2569448
@ShadowWizard :D
@FOX9000 bot
@ShadowWizard gorilla
11:36 AM
Lol, so FOX 9000 is a gorilla? :D
transgender gorilla bot who follows boobs. now that's an interesting bot you got there! :-D
@FOX9000 guerrilla
@ShadowWizard operation
@FOX9000 atomic
11:39 AM
@ShadowWizard blast
@FOX9000 past
@ShadowWizard recollection
@FOX9000 collection
@DroidDev list
@ProgramFOX array
11:45 AM
@DroidDev index
@ProgramFOX out of bound
@DroidDev error
@ProgramFOX correct
lol, way to go @FOX9000 :P
are you trying to make me jealous by showing your command over english?
>>delete 2569492
>>delete 2569493
@FOX9000 good
11:49 AM
@ProgramFOX bad
@DroidDev spam
@DroidDev habit
@FOX9000 hobby
>>delete 2569506
@DroidDev programming
@ProgramFOX programmed
11:51 AM
@FOX9000 you
@ProgramFOX me too
@ProgramFOX houseman
@FOX9000 guardsman
@ShadowWizard burly
11:55 AM
@FOX9000 Hurly
@SPArchaeologist life
.... and the bot is always failing me.
@FOX9000 Game (of Life)
You should have replied "Perfume" bot.
@ProgramFOX stake
11:57 AM
@FOX9000 skate
@ShadowWizard brill
12:08 PM
@FOX9000 drill
@ShadowWizard precision
@FOX9000 accuracy
@DroidDev threshold
@ProgramFOX stop
@FOX9000 No, I won't stop. :P
@FOX9000 start
12:11 PM
@FOX9000 full
@ShadowWizard enjoyment
@FOX9000 thrill
@ShadowWizard joy
@FOX9000 kinder
@ShadowWizard merciful
12:15 PM
@FOX9000 God
@ShadowWizard blessedness
@FOX9000 holiness
@ShadowWizard soya
Got to go, cya!
Will keep the bot turned on.
@ProgramFOX cya!
@FOX9000 milk
12:24 PM
@DroidDev cocoa
@FOX9000 beans
@DroidDev chili
@FOX9000 chilly
@DroidDev frost
@FOX9000 ice
12:27 PM
@ShadowWizard cream
@ShadowWizard iceberg
@DroidDev lotion
@ShadowWizard towel
@FOX9000 shower
@ShadowWizard slicker
12:29 PM
@FOX9000 sticker
@DroidDev pig
@FOX9000 ping
@DroidDev bullet
@FOX9000 Bill
@SPArchaeologist overdue
12:34 PM
@FOX9000 fine
@DroidDev ree
@FOX9000 bee
@ShadowWizard busy
@FOX9000 server
@ShadowWizard side
12:36 PM
@ShadowWizard file
@DroidDev beef
@FOX9000 stroganoff
@ShadowWizard count
@FOX9000 Earl (another noble title)
@ShadowWizard somerset
@FOX9000 england
12:43 PM
@DroidDev norman
@FOX9000 woman
@DroidDev ageless
@FOX9000 really
@DroidDev pissed
@FOX9000 off
12:46 PM
@DroidDev kick
@FOX9000 lick
@DroidDev thumb
@FOX9000 Fonzies
No associated word found for Fonzies.
anyone here to help
with meta question
12:58 PM
:2569818 eloquent
I want to change ma login ID I followed this but It's not showing other account :( not even able to login with new account
@SweetWisherツ I think, experts are not present here right now, You might have a better luck in Tavern
@DroidDev asked there too..but dint get reply so asked here ... btw now Got q reply :)
@SweetWisherツ yup, I saw that, I think you'll get solution there :)
Hopefully .. :(
1:04 PM
I'm back.
@ProgramFOX Great! Welcome back!
@ProgramFOX welcome back!
On another computer though, so I'm not able to restart my bot when it breaks.
@ProgramFOX Yes, I'm alive.
@ProgramFOX no Remote Control?
1:05 PM
@ShadowWizard nope
By the way, I added the >>islink command.
>>islink 42 The_answer
@ProgramFOX Yes, that's a manually added link.
@ProgramFOX thats great!
@SPArchaeologist snack
>>islink flutter_shy
@DroidDev 2 arguments expected, 1 given
1:06 PM
Ugh, I have no fancy userscript here to quickly see the ID of the message to delete.
>>delete 2569888
@ShadowWizard midnight
>>islink taylor
@DroidDev 2 arguments expected, 1 given
1:07 PM
umm, it needs two arguments @DroidDev
@DroidDev one word can have many linked words that's why it needs 2 arguments
@ProgramFOX oh! I missed 42 in your example, silly...
>>islink taylor swift
@DroidDev Yes, that's a manually added link.
>>islink Twilight_Sparkle 42
@SPArchaeologist No, that's not a link.
1:08 PM
not yet, my bot, not yet....
>>link Twilight_Sparkle 42
@FOX9000 train
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
@DroidDev morning
>>islink Twilight_Sparkle 42
@ShadowWizard Yes, that's a manually added link.
@ShadowWizard overnight
@FOX9000 sleep
1:09 PM
@ShadowWizard love
@DroidDev marriage
@ShadowWizard officiate
@FOX9000 ceremony
@ShadowWizard dedication
@FOX9000 domination
1:11 PM
@DroidDev tyranny
@FOX9000 Muammar Gaddafi
it is funny to think about the image @DroidDev must have of me. Based on his ego and what he probably think about FiM I expect he is thinking of someone very similar to one piece Mr. 2....
the best part is that I am actually more similar to Gabriel from Castlevania LoS
so many alien references, no time to google :(
@DroidDev Libyan
@ShadowWizard desert
1:17 PM
@FOX9000 storm
@ShadowWizard hail
@DroidDev masthead
@FOX9000 mustard
@ShadowWizard curry
@FOX9000 spicy
1:21 PM
@ShadowWizard cooked
@FOX9000 boiled
@ShadowWizard gooseberry
1:37 PM
Going back home, cya!
@ProgramFOX cya! I thought you were at home :/
1:50 PM
@FOX9000 seeds
@DroidDev millet
@FOX9000 grass
@DroidDev leaved
@FOX9000 left
@DroidDev plateau
1:53 PM
@FOX9000 victory
@SPArchaeologist crown
@DroidDev diadem
@FOX9000 jeweled
@DroidDev brie
1:59 PM
@FOX9000 cheese
I'm back!
@DroidDev flavor
second time the bot eats my chance to reply Chao to cheese
@SPArchaeologist mwahahahah from bot's side :P
@FOX9000 sweet
2:05 PM
@ShadowWizard anthem
2:15 PM
@FOX9000 national
@DroidDev economic
@FOX9000 stability
@DroidDev strength
@FOX9000 physical
@ProgramFOX so, are you at home now?
@DroidDev intellectual
2:18 PM
@DroidDev yup
@FOX9000 mind
waiting for No associated word found for yup
@ProgramFOX less
@DroidDev objectionable
@DroidDev Won't happen, because I also posted 'mind' :P
@ProgramFOX :(
@FOX9000 doubtful
@DroidDev strife
2:21 PM
@FOX9000 strike
@DroidDev bullet
2:33 PM
I broke the game :(
Bot can't handle more than one word...
@DroidDev motorcycle
@ShadowWizard bike
@FOX9000 wheel
@ShadowWizard skid
@FOX9000 mark
2:37 PM
@ShadowWizard sark
@FOX9000 bark
>>islink mark sark
@ShadowWizard No, that's not a link.
@ShadowWizard woodpecker
@FOX9000 pecker
@ShadowWizard wood
@FOX9000 morning
2:41 PM
@ShadowWizard balmy
@FOX9000 Balmer
No associated word found for Balmer.
@ShadowWizard Johann Jakob
:2570811 zone
@FOX9000 Green Hill
2:47 PM
@DroidDev mathematician
(@SPArchaeologist your reply was a dead end)
@ShadowWizard invent
@FOX9000 machine
@ShadowWizard genesis
@FOX9000 mega drive
@SPArchaeologist Sega
2:49 PM
No associated word found for Sega.
@ShadowWizard Vocaloid
No associated word found for Vocaloid.
@SPArchaeologist synthesizer
@ShadowWizard cell
3:04 PM
@FOX9000 Perfect
@SPArchaeologist pure
@FOX9000 Heart
@SPArchaeologist unburden
@FOX9000 free
@SPArchaeologist absolve
3:29 PM
going home
@DroidDev cya!
@FOX9000 absorb
@ShadowWizard secrete
3 hours later…
6:23 PM
7:08 PM
@FOX9000 secret
@ProgramFOX confiding
@FOX9000 trust
@ProgramFOX dependence
@FOX9000 rely
@ProgramFOX excavation
8:03 PM
@Shmiddty welcome to the Den! :-)
@FOX9000 Dynamite
8:47 PM
@ShadowWizard Boom!
9:05 PM
@rene Zbeng!
@ShadowWizard Comics
@rene superman
@ShadowWizard spiderman
1 hour later…
10:18 PM
@rene spider
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