10:31 AM
Hey there!
sorry if I seem a but pushy about this
So you succeeded to make me think seriously about posting something, but I better have more focus first.
@JourneymanGeek nah, all good. :)
Which is fine - I don't think anything we'll do will have a short term/immediate change
Would it fit as answer on your latest question, or you mean asking this as something new and separate?
Something new preferably
10:33 AM
@JourneymanGeek optimistic as ever. I don't think anything we'll do will cause any change, ever. No short and no long. lol
the latest question is.. a bit strange, I had 3-4 coincednces involving it, and I figured its best to get it out of my brain :D
That's why I don't really try anymore.
If I didn't believe there was potential for change, I'd have burnt out, or gotten jaded or worse a very long time ago :D
And more importantly, that what the community was/could be is worth spending a little effort on
Thanks. So what I'm thinking to ask is about involvement of community managers with the, well, community they manage, and why out of 9 there is only one that their actions are really public. But at the moment can't find a good way to ask such a thing, plus there's what Phillpe said about the things we don't see.
So he can just throw it again, without giving any actual answer.
And points I can focus on? Make it have better chance to get response or... wishful thinking... cause a change?
You might have already
10:39 AM
Already what?
> Only two actual Community Managers, this does explain the lack of communication between the company and the users. Pity. (Neither of them is active in MSE or interacting with the actual users. The few who did were laid off, or "promoted") –
What're your expectations here
@JourneymanGeek good point lol. Didn't really think beyond that rant and being upset.
I guess I can't ask to have more CMs who are "just" CMs i.e. hire more just for that.
Sure you can
Neither to "downgrade" existing CMs of course.
@JourneymanGeek sure, but it's not realistic.
I wouldn't consider it a downgrade, more of - balancing out CMs who're working on the background, stratergy and tickets, and CMs who specialise in direct community engagement
10:43 AM
So perhaps focus on making it more clear what is the role of those 9 CMs, make it less cryptic and "they do things you don't see" - so show us what they do.
What you think?
While it won't help directly, it can quench some of the frustration.
"@Philippe no fair and not true? Perhaps. But those are facts for me personally. The few community managers whom I personally saw active are no longer working for SE, except one. Of course I can't know what all those nine are doing all around SE, in private with selected users or mods, etc. – "

Which is *true*
Acknowledging the back end work is important
10:45 AM
But if I'll know more about that back end work, it would help.
Consider - rather than any CM is 'less' - talk about what you think worked before
Thats tricky what I know/suspect I can't share
@JourneymanGeek Shog worked before. Literally. ;)
i.e. we just need more like him.
So bring up those qualities, and ask that they try to optimise for those in future
Yaakov too, when working as a bridge.
@JourneymanGeek hmm that's fair.
And don't worry TOO much about the details
the community will pick up on what you missed.
10:47 AM
I also have a nice metaphor, of SE and the actual users each on separate island, and no bridges between them these days.
Else we're doomed
Use it :D
I will!
I'd also say a mistake a lot of people make with meta posts is wanting it to be perfect
I'm a perfect example of how you can write an imperfect meta post, and fix it up later
@JourneymanGeek nah, that mistake I usually don't do, I know my posts aren't perfect and accept it. :)
@JourneymanGeek usually it's not even needed, it's fine the way it is.
Well gtg got to pick son from basketball training that will be over in 2pm. Cya, and thanks! :D