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Q: What to do with students requesting deadline extension due to the death of a relative (but without a doctor's note)?

ProcyonicI am currently working as a teaching assistant for several courses in STEM in the US at the college level. During the past two semesters since Covid19 started, I have noticed that whenever a deadline is approaching, on or close to the day of the deadline, a student will inevitably email the instr...

Q: Has the distribution of income and wealth in the USA got much more skewed towards the rich in the last 4 decades?

matt_blackI recently asked this question about a statistic quoted by Kurt Andersen designed to illustrate the current wealth distribution in the USA in his book Evil Geniuses. It provoked a great deal of (unintended) discussion as I only wanted to check whether his illustration was correct. But he makes ma...

Q: in/at one fell swoop(=at one time) What's fell here?

Brandonin/at one fell swoop (=with a single action or movement, all at the same time) What's fell here? I think 'swoop' is a noun and if it should be modified, then 'past participle' or adjective should do it. Let's look at the below. 'fell' is past of fall and infinitive of 'fell'. No adjective element...

Q: Why didn't early color TV sets accept RGB input?

SchezukEarly PCs generated RF signal, and later Composite video or S-video, to use a TV set as monitor. Why didn't color TVs of those days expose a analog RGB interface for direct connection from VCR/PC or any other local device? There must be some stage in the TV where chroma-luminance signal has alrea...

Q: My landlord claims I didn't pay rent even though I can prove I did - What can I do?

Risa BusingI got a letter from my landlord saying I missed 3 month rent. The letter said if I do not pay those 3 month rent in cash, she will take me to the court and evict me. I paid rent every month and never missed so I am very confused. I paid with personal check every month and all checks are already c...

Q: Aren't Afghans keeping track of their birthdays?

d-bAccording to this article (not in English) (not paywalled version) (Google Translate translation) the man in the article has a problem with his visa because he used a fictitious birthdate (as advised by the authorities) when arriving at the border because he didn't know the actual date he was bor...

Q: Why are there so many Dutch words that sound similar to Russian words?

HetlenxSome examples: Dutch Russian English appelsien апельсин orange broek брюки pants dam дамба dam jacht яхта yacht kajuit каюта cabin matroos матрос sailor meubel мебель furniture paprika паприка pepper rugzak рюкзак backpack stoel стул chair storm шторм storm straf штр...

Q: What is the rationale behind making it illegal to hand out water to voters in line in Georgia?

LShaverFrom S.B. 202 (emphasis added): No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, fo...

Q: Could I ask my supervisor to help me coding an implementation of a scientific paper's algorithm

marc nicoleI am stuck at an implementation of a scientific paper's algorithm, could I ask help from staff to code a part with me or even my advisor to do so? Thanks for the clarification.

Q: Non spectroscopy related uses of fourier/laplace transform in chemistry?

Hugo Moeller NielsenThis is my first post here, so please correct any mistakes related to my question (if any). I'm just now learning about the Fourier transform, which seems like a pretty useful tool, and I know it has uses in spectroscopy (e.g. FTIR) since that is what google shows when searching for applications ...

Q: Four TeX processors (as described in TeX by Topic)

facetusI started reading TeX by Topic by Victor Eijkhout. He starts from describing four engines: The input processor. This is the piece of TeX that accepts input lines from the file system of whatever computer TeX runs on, and turns them into tokens. Tokens are the internal objects of TeX: there are c...

Q: Is a neural network essential for deep learning?

desertpureoliveI received preliminary materials on deep learning in my class. It was written as follows. This raised me the question of the basic meaning of the word deep learning. Deep learning is a machine learning method using a multi-layer neural network. Is a neural network essential for deep learning? ...

Q: How often will this test fail?

Jonathan AllanPreamble There was a unit test in our codebase which was shuffling a string of [A-Z]+[A-Z] and then using the first twenty characters of that shuffled string. It failed quite a while after being written due to no repeated character being present in those twenty and we wondered how often such a te...

Q: When was the last time that an incandescent light bulb was launched into space?

uhohCertainly the first crewed spacecraft had some incandescent light bulbs for indicators, thought for cabin illumination the higher efficiency of fluorescent lights was often exploited. The question First use of an incandescent light in an un-crewed spacecraft? covers spacecraft not intended for cr...

Q: How do Christians who reject pre-fall death reconcile their views with the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event (66 million years ago)?

Spirit Realm InvestigatorMany Christians believe that creation was cursed because of Adam & Eve's fall into sin, and that death entered creation because of the fall but not before. In other words, the idea of pre-fall death is rejected. I personally believe that this is a very reasonable position to hold from a Scriptura...

Q: Why isn't this estimator unbiased?

PeacefulSuppose we have a IID sample $X_1, X_2, \cdots, X_n$ with each $X_i$ distributed as $\mathcal{N}(\mu, \sigma^2)$. Now suppose we construct (a rather peculiar) estimator for the mean $\mu$: we only choose values from the sample that are greater than a pre-decided value, say $1$, and then take the ...

Q: Must you tell the truth about your marital status on a passport application?

Britt NievesI have a friend that’s married to an Indian from Pakistan. She is from NYC and wants to put single on her passport application, will there be any trouble? She is a US citizen born and raised in the Bronx.

Q: How to replace certain backup files on a website every 30 minutes?

Arnold RothsteinI have a website built with WordPress, unfortunately somebody hacked it several times, deleted my adsense code and put his own adsense. I tried many security techniques, changed database name, did some stuff to prevent anybody from editing files through admin panel etc... But this guy infiltrated...

Q: Bitwise operations in Bash not working as expected

PourkoI ran into a strange problem. To demonstrate, let's take the largest unsigned number on my machine (printf "%X \n" -1 gives me FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF – i.e., 16 Fs) and try to shift some bits.  First, shift to the left: printf "%X \n" $(( 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF<<4 )) FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF0 printf "%X \n" $(( 0x...

Q: What is my environmental poison?

Hukk2010I have a small number of people (300ish) that live in marshlands/bog/wetlands environment. They are infertile, live about two thirds of a normal lifespan, and have hallucinations, poor memory, lethargy. Remove them from the environment and they recover mentally, although the physical symptoms can...

Q: Do Player characters know they are under the effect of a Death Tyrant's Negative Energy Cone?

Jason Tompsett-InceMy players will be going up against a Death Tyrant very soon. The Negative Energy Cone states it is an invisible cone. Does this mean player characters won't know they are affected by it?

Q: How can I make my class immune to the "auto value = copy of proxy" landmine in C++?

AshI have a fairly complex maths library I'm working on, and I have discovered a nasty bug when client code uses auto. Halfway through creating a minimal reproductive case to ask a question about it, I realise I can reproduce something similar using the standard library alone. See this simple test c...

Q: Missed apple pruning window

ArronicalI have a 5 year old spur bearing apple tree, Christmas Pippin variety. I’ve missed the winter pruning window, and it’s just starting to bud, so definitely no longer dormant. I’ve pruned the last 2 years since I’ve had it, but it definitely needs some more shaping. There are a few branches startin...

Q: Double it? Then half it! But multiply it? Then divide it!

mathIdea from the doubler challenge, this may be more difficult. The program should output a positive integer or decimal point value higher than 0. If I duplicate the source code, the output should half the original integer or decimal point value. But the trickier part is: If I duplicate your code an...

Q: Plausibility of an atmosphere on the furthermost planet of a solar system

El NitromanteAtmospheres like Earth's or Mars would freeze and precipitate towards the surface if the planets were to be moved very far away from the Sun, since the light that reaches that far is incredibly dim and provides close to no heat. Could a planet, say 44 AU away from the Sun, have a volcanic atmosph...

Q: Why does the VICE "load" command skip the first two bytes?

Bart FriederichsI am studying assembly of the C64, and of course using VICE to do so. VICE has the load command to load data straight into the C64 RAM. I reckoned I could use that to put machine code into RAM and run it from there. The weird thing now is that the load command seems to skip the first two bytes wh...

Q: Awake – a cryptic crossword

JafeThis crossword is a tribute to the 1994 album Awake by Dream Theater.1 No knowledge of the music itself is required for solving. Some clues are missing a part which has been replaced by two question marks (??). Before solving, each of these must be filled with a different track title from the alb...

Q: Men having long hair is a sin?

user42444"Does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears his hair long it is a disgrace to him, whereas if a woman has long hair it is her glory, because long hair has been given her for a covering?" (1 Corinthians 11:14-15)

Q: How were the elect elected in Romans 11:7?

Spirit Realm InvestigatorRomans 11:7 (ESV): 7 What then? Israel failed to obtain what it was seeking. The elect obtained it, but the rest were hardened, How were the elect of Israel elected? Why were the rest not elected?

Q: Why does 「もう待てないよ!」 mean "I can't wait any longer"?

古手梨花I've just learnt that the expression 「もう待てないよ!」 has similar meaning in English as "I can't wait any longer", but how to interpret 「待てない」 from a grammar point? Shouldn't the "te-form" of 「待つ」 be 「待って」like in 「待っててね!」? And why 「待ってない」 doesn't mean something like "I'm not waiting (right now)", since...

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