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A: How can I sort users by how many of my questions they close voted?

reneI'll leave the ethical discussion about how this analysis can be (ab)used to others and focus just on how you can obtain this data. SEDE has a table PostHistory that stores in a row with PostHistoryTypeId = 10 the successful closure of a Post. (Close votes or flags that didn't lead to an actual c...

I've gotta disagree with you choice here to provide this information. Even though the reasoning here was supposedly curiosity, Providing this information can make it that much easier for those who want to abuse it to find it and that's not something I think should be encouraged. Also I can't think of a single positive outcome that could come from this information. Obviously this is your choice, but I'm using my choice to downvote this.
Put another way, if this query showed you as being a clear top close-voter, would you still be as willing to have provided that information?
@FranckDernoncourt It's not you that I'm necessarily worried about (I don't know you at all though). My primary worry is that this post is now publicly searchable which makes it exponentially easier to gain that info for those that want it and want to abuse it. Before someone would have to write the script themselves or search on SEDE. And, to repeat, I don't think any positive outcomes could come of having this data that would outweigh the risk of abuse.
@rene Normally I'd completely agree with adding data to the pool of knowledge is beneficial. However, knowing who voted to close only one person's questions helps doesn't add anything useful to the community's knowledge that I can see.
@Rubiksmoose I disagree that trying to hide public information because someone might interpret it poorly is a good idea. The information is rarely the problem. It would be better to educate the person doing whatever horrible thing it is you think they will do with that public information than to bury our head in the sand an hope they never find it. If there's a problem it is almost never better to try to cover up the problem by hiding what could cause it instead of fixing the problem. If people shouldn't see this info, we should make it so they can't.
@ColleenV There's a difference between hiding the data and going out of our way to provide it that I think is highly relevant. There are lots of little bits of the system that many experienced users are aware of that could be abused and we generally do avoid going out of our way to overtly advertise them because it causes issues we then have to fix.
@Rubiksmoose Why do you think there's a difference? If I write a query in SEDE for my own use, anyone can find it with a search. Trying to solve a problem by hiding information is rarely effective. If there's a problem with someone having that information, we should fix the problem not refuse to teach people.
@ColleenV Visibility for one. Many fewer people are aware of SEDE at all compared to MSE and even fewer that are willing to try to navigate it's rather rustic and frustrating interface to get and what they want. I'm all for teaching people stuff, I'm not in favor of teaching people stuff that will cause issues. But clearly we disagree. I think it is a fundamental difference so I don't think we're going to make any headway in overcoming it. (plus I've hammered poor rene's inbox enough already)
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@Rubiksmoose What is the worst thing someone could do with the information? Honestly, I think the anticipation of a problem is worse than the actual problem is likely to be.
@ColleenV Sure, that is always a possibility. The worst that can happen is that some ticked off user with a chip on their shoulder want to blame someone for closing stuff and goes and harasses some poor close voter that was likely only doing the right thing for the site. Obviously mods can put a stop to the behavior, but I see no benefit to providing data that would encourage it either. But since this information has no positive uses I also see no harm in withholding it given that risk.
@Rubiksmoose A user who will harass someone over closing their questions will do it regardless. Close votes are not anonymous.
@ColleenV Of course they aren't anonymous. Nor should they be. But there is also no (zero, nada) beneficial use for this info to be easily available. It will only enable the raging of users. There is simply no point to providing this info.
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Seems you two (rene and Rubiksmoose) settled it so this room is also kinda 'done'.
And honestly none of us are going to convince the other. Agree to disagree kinda thing. So I'll also disengage at this point.
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