7:49 AM
I am here
8:00 AM
I am stiil unable to get what you exactly want

Check if this works for you
8:19 AM
Sorry I went away
see what I want
Yes show me the image of expected output if possible
I want that 0, 1 and 2 to be the headers
So it should be Select Name, Select Position, Select Office
Ohh ok got it now
or just the header
Like Name, Position and Office
Are the columns dynamic?
Updated the codepen link
check now
8:39 AM
one moment
What did you add
Can you send me the exact place that fixed it?
Yes check line number 8 in js section
You are wonderful
Thank you so much for this
I wish I could tip you for this. You just saved my ass
No problem, happy to help
Is there a way I could check the font name?
On the select box?
All fixed
8:56 AM
Not sure about the font name, if you need to set some other font, you can do that
but would need to debug to get the font name