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New room
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So, what's up?
I am aginst mith proposal can you review my answer. (Proof Read) I paste it here about strike.
I am RO on sobotics . No more active RO at a moment.
@Shree OK, post and I'll take a look
You can also delete after you post, I'll still be able to read it
Question is on sobotics Team
I'm not on that Team so can't see it
Post here. :)
I post question + answer .
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I'll miss context but I can review grammar, etc.
@Shree Oh, nice.
Would SOBotics be willing to participate in a temporary Stack Overflow moderation strike?
Want description ?
Nothing to hide here
You asking me or is this part of the question?
You can copy&paste it all in one message
(won't be formatted thoguh)
It's headind I write my answer you need answer details for context ?
hmm.. try as-is, if something will be missing I'll ask.
As most of us know, there's been a lot of drama between Stack Overflow, Inc. and the core userbase recently. Stack has been ignoring the community and treating us as if we're expendable.

We've tried talking. We've tried meta posts. We've had community members meet with Stack Overflow staff in person. We've tried social media. Nothing has changed.

That's why yesterday, I proposed that we make it very clear to Stack Overflow management just how much they depend on us.

If the Stack Overflow mods, Charcoal, SOBotics, and SOCVR all pause activity for a week, Stack Overflow the site will take
Question ?
Answer need to proof read:
It's my personal opinion , not related to sobotics, answer is "NO".

I have no resourse at learn. Nothing availale that time, it's my StackoverFlow no more no less. I dont know they are SO,Inc but Stack Overflow teach me and I am here.I respect that domain.

Stack Overflow history show me I am 'Member for 8 years, 8 months' . I have 10+ year experiance on programming.

Every company have up and down time . It's there down time , I understand your feeling's , respect your feelings and agree with your feeling but answer is still 'NO' .
Fell free to remove and add some context :)
I try to support sorry . Still mehhhh but
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Cheers, I'll take a look.
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Dont mind my spell :P
Needed a lot of work, but here you go.
TL;DR: In my personal opinion, which is not related to sobotics, the answer is "NO".


I have no other resource to learn from. Nothing available at this time, at least. I respect Stack Overflow, and I'm here because it taught me a lot. Not Stack Overflow the company, Stack Overflow the Q&A site.

Stack Overflow history show me as 'Member for 8 years, 8 months'. I have 10+ years experience on programming.

Every company have up and down time. Now it's a down time for Stack Overflow. I understand your feelings, I respect your feelings and agree with your feelings but answer is still 'NO'.
Not sure about the meaning of your last sentence, feel free to "roll it back".
(about CM)
@Shadow9 Thanks. I know it's hard.
before edit mith post about CM
I am also in contact with a Stack Overflow employee in relation to this strike, to coordinate with them and make sure that it has the effect desired.
But delete this one
@Shree can't delete or edit anymore. Two minutes passed.
I think I delete last line : )
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I mean Mith delete that line when edit
Anyway, good luck with whatever happens.
Thanks . I am going to post that. Thanks a lot.
No problem, let me know if you need further edits. You can also hit me up on Discord, without the SE app I don't get real time notifications anymore if I'm not near computer.