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A: The truly right answer needs protection, high profile malice users need punishment

poigeSo what I've gotten from comments. Even here some users would be violating Code of Conduct. stop bothering everyone here please Drama queen — Rude / unkind. Both comes from the same person. He's not seeing "anything violating Code of Conduct" here. seeing a mod act professionally ...

Not that fast @fbueckert. What if I'd tell you that there was another post that during discussion had similar rudeness made by aforementioned moderators and flagged (by me) as violation of code of conduct? Things start look different, right? It's been deleted as well, but hey, all's been recorded, right? ;) So nope, it's bulling
The system would have been working if those moderators would get suspended. Otherwise it looks more like they can clear up theirs dirty deeds easily and then down vote another posting as revenge
@poige - You are calling users, moderators when they are not actually moderators. The comment you provided a screenshot of, that user, is NOT a moderator. However, their comment isn't out of line, your question does indeed read like a rant.
@fbueckert added image with a part of screenshot. That's back it up with facts — they've started this bulling a bit before "single user". I didn't violate a thing out of code of conduct though and where my reps now? ;-)
@Ramhound in fact I started with calling them as "high profile users". But ok, I stand corrected. Does it change theirs ability to down my another posting's answer out of revenge? I don't think so
@poige - The user in question, which you quoted, had a valid reason for the downvote. Your question/answer does indeed read like a rant, it is filled with misconceptions, somethind a moderator attempted to point out in an answer to this very question.
@Ramhound namely what "misconceptions"?
@Ramhound what is the posting you're talking about now?
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@poige - On a personal note, I don't often find answers which contain commentary to be helpful, "Meanwhile you still can let us know whether ..." is something I would consider a comment.
@Ramhound ah, ok, you're talking about absolutely different posting and yet you're sure you know what
@poige - The answer by the only moderator that has submitted an answer to this question. You stated you believe the users, who downoted your answer were all moderators, that isn't the case.
@poige - "yet you're sure you know what" I have absoltely no idea what your trying to communicate.
@Ramhound wrong. I've said it's started in different posting, not "single user". The screenshot is of that different posting
there was another posting where they've messed up and violated code of conduct
How can I be wrong about my own opinion?
More tests are coming eventually. If it worked for you in different releases please let me know in comments. Meanwhile you still can let us know whether it worked for you or it didn't I've found out that Wikipedia now has the very same command in its article "Single user mode" as an example for macOS and it also states that it suits for "OS X El Capitan and later releases of macOS" is a comment. I downvote answers which contain comments.
Once again
There was another posting
On completely different subject
5:56 PM
It's in your current answer.
This is my current explanation to you even
To the very answer, you are complaining received downvotes.
And was another one
Where they violated code of conduct
it's happened before, my screenshot shows a but of this
Did you flag their comments?
Instead of replying to these violations?
Do you see flag on screenshot?
That was my reply to theirs violations
So it's all cleared and hidden now :)
But then I replied to my posting about "Single user"
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But their comment had a ring of truth
And very rapidly it become getting down votes
The fist one said that I'm wrong cause it's said "on subsequent reboot"
Perhaps because of the commentary you are submitting as an answer.
It's hard to tell if that screenshot is from your meta rant here, or your actual question.
I pointed out that with - "-s" it changes
perhaps you're biased?
Your answer on meta is complete nonsensical. I cannot make heads or tales out of it
5:59 PM
and I'm submitting not that "comment" only
With regards to what?
This "comment" was added later
Oh, that'll go over well for a discussion. Just dismiss those that disagree with you as, "biased".
"More tests are coming eventually. If it worked for you in different releases please let me know in comments." is still a comment
nope, just biased means biased
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I don't have any skin in the game
and this is not the whole text
so what?
Of course you do
Otherwise you won't be in the game
So you don't want feedback to improve your answers in the future to avoid downvotes you apparently don't agree with
Yeah, which gives you a way to ignore any arguments you don't want to refute. Hard to believe you're trying to understand in good faith.
Instead of claiming everyone is downvoting you without a valid reason.
you're lying now
I didn't say that :)
6:02 PM
I said some high profile users
I don't know how seriously you're lying but the fact is you're
1) You have no idea who downvoted you, unless they tell you.
show me my words saying "everyone down vote it"
2) You have no idea why they downvoted you, unless they tell you.
Everything else is pure speculation, and irrelevant.
I obviously meant (everyone who is downvoting your contribution)
I was just trying to point out
6:03 PM
Even if they tell they can be telling a lie. obviosuly
Those votes could be valid
But the fact is "correct answer" gets downvoted
Like the votes I issued against your question and answer, due to the fact, I cannot makes heads or tails out of them.
Both answers are correct.
After another posting has shown those users violating code of conduct
It's not a compeition
6:04 PM
The votes are still valid, no matter how, "correct" your answer is.
At this point, it feels more like arguing semantics than trying to figure things out in good faith.
I don't care about those who violated the rules. Their comments were deleted, Moderators I assume performed the appropriate action
So if you find it's normal that correct answer w/o any violation gets downvoted?
then there's something deeply wrong here
something very deeply wrong. ;)
I dowvote answers which contain comments all the time
You don't have to like the downvotes. You do, however, have to accept them.
They are not your votes. They have the right to cast them, and is presumed valid.
In an effort, to get those answers improved, I don't find commentary helpful.
6:05 PM
I'm not going to accept a thing :)
That's weird thing
Is it official position of Stackexchange?
Or you're just expressing your own weird opinion?
Is what
That correct answers w/o violation should be downvoted?
I don't find answers which contain, commentary, to be helpful. I am no in violation of any rule by doing that
6:07 PM
I'm not asking what do you like about comments in posting
I'm saying "correct answer" gets downvoted
Your habbit in regards of comments in it is your own business
It's not documented in rules even
All I know is your meta question quality is extremely poor.
I cant make heads or tails of your answer.
if it's all you know good bye then
Your answer while you believe it to be correct, the community, clearly does not agree
I don't know why you're discussing things you don't know even
Which is fine, because if you were to accept that answer, you would have gain more reputation then you would ahve lost
6:09 PM
Discuss meta posting then only
So frustrating
6:28 PM
Then don't accept it. You'll just have a rough reception, as evidenced here, and on your question. SE works better when you're willing to keep an open mind.